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Jan 28, 2008

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Today we have an interview with Evo Terra who is the Author of Expert Podcasting for Dummies (as well as Podcasting For Dummies) and one of the master minds behind (Please note a new updated version of Podcasting for Dummies is coming out this fall).

In today's show we talk about what to expect from Expert Podcasting For Dummies (you are read the Table of Contents at ).

We also hear how Authors are giving away their ENTIRE book and still making money. (some very interesting numbers on the number of books sold, and how podcasting is leading to being publsihed).

Find out "All things Evo" at his site


Evo mentioned buying a domain. You can buy a .com domain name for $6.95 a year using the Godaddy Promotional Code "cooler3" at


I first heard a great interview with Evo and Fred Castenda at The Struggling Entrepreneur at


Have a show promo? Submit your podcast to the Podcast Promo Show coming 2/14/08 at I also have an article "15 Tips For Better Podcast Promos" avaial at the Podcast Promo Show Website


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