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Apr 4, 2016

Because of My Podcast: My Audience Fixed My Website

Cale from was having a problem with his website (using Wordpress) when an audience member offered to help out. It turns out the audience member works for the creators of Wordpress.

The DBS 286X vs Aphex 230 Master Channel

Before I even start, you do NOT need either one of these to start podcast. It's a nice piece of icing on the cake. It makes you sound better, but you will not gain a single subscriber by using these. If you have poor content, great sounding garbage is still garbage.

I've got the older version of the DBX 286 (I have a 286A which has now been replaced by the 286S). Likewise I recently picked up a used Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel (which is now replaced by the Aphex Channel Master

What's the difference?

Cost: The Aphex is 999, the DBX is 199. So you are looking at $800 in difference.

The Aphex's gives you more options in regards to inverting polarity, changing the phase polarity. It also offers a low cut filter.

The Aphex noise gate is super easy to set and sounds great. You simply talk and turn the dial until a red light illuminates, and then turn the other knob to scale back any background noise. I love the sound of the gate more than the DBX. Anytime I set the DBX to be aggressive, the cutting in and out was a bit more noticeable. Yes you can hear the Aphex's gate, but to me it's less noticeable.

With the DBX you have low and high enhancers. You have the same thing on the Aphex, but you can choose what frequency to boost. You also have a parametrix equalizer so you can find a frequency that you either want to boost or cut from your voice and the determine how much you want to cut/boost. This is the same for the Aural Exciter on the Aphex. It does what the DBX does with more control. You can "tune" what frequencies you want to boost on the high end.

I never will get de-essers. I know what they are supposed to do, I don't hear any difference on either unit. I swear this is a feature that manufacturers build into units so they can charge more.

While appreciate what the unit does, for the money, I would recommend the 286 for most people unless you really, really want total control. 

Video Podcasting? How Would I Go About Doing This?

I currently don't do any video podcasts, but that doesn't mean I don't think they are worth doing. I just know they take more time. So how would I do it if I did?

Video Podcasting Software

If you're on a mac, try Screenflow or even iMovie.

If you're on a PC check out Sony Vegas or Camtasia.

What Format?

I would create my video for my podcast (downloads)  you are exporting a "LD" version for phones, so you could go 640X480. You can do this in QuickTime if you want to as there are tons of presets. I would try to stick with mp4 if possible as it seems to have less conflicts. You take this format and put it in your RSS feed, so it goes to subscribers. You might put at the begining of the video that to see ah HD version go to your website (and provide a pretty link so they don't have to search for it)

The Format For Your Website

Now you create an HD version (1280X720) that you can upload it to YouTube (it's free, let them eat the bandwidth) and put that video on your website. Now your subscribers don't hate you for sending a 5 gig file to their phone, and your visitors get an HD version that also happens to be on the #4 search engine.

Podcasting Lessons I've Learned From My Cat

I'm a dog person. Always have been. I inherited a cat in my recent divorce, and I love Bernie, but I do hate cleaning the litter box. I actually hurt my back cause I was leaning over so much, and for an extended period of time. I just hate, hate, hate, cleaning the litter box. I did it about once every 5-7 days. I thought to myself, "Dogs are so much easier as I don't have to deal with this." Then it came to me.

What a pain it would be if my dog only got to "do his business" once every 5-7 days. In thinking about it, I would take my dog out three to 4 times a day. So I started treating my cat like a dog, and checking his litter box in the morning, when I got home, after dinner, and once before bed. Now it takes me seconds to clean his cat box and it's not a big deal.

So what does this have to do with Podcasting?

If you wait until the last second to record your show, you're going to have to do all the prep, recording, editing, promotion, at the same time. It's a lot of work, and it can be overwhelming. So instead, start planning it earlier in the week. Start writing show notes during the week and flushing out the best parts of your topic. Then later record it, and edit it. Then publish on another day. By doing a little every day, it's not that big a deal, and it's not so cumbersome of a job. It will avoid burning out and quitting your podcast.

Advertising Platforms is rolling out this week. has been our for a bit. has been around since 2006. has been around since 2004 (you need at least 5K downloads per episode with Libsyn)

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