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Sep 5, 2016

Today I am excited to have Jen Briney of the Congressional Dish podcast on my show. Jen reads legislation that is going through the house of representatives. She then reports back to you with no slant on democratic or republican slant but more of a intelligence vs moron slant. Her passion to help people understand what is happening right under our noses oozes out of her. Any conversation about politics will make it obvious.

Congressional Dish is so good that at times I have to turn it off. It makes me upset and I need to punch something. Yes, it's that good. Jen also makes it entertaining. While she tries to restrain herself she does have any cursing replaced with the sound of a golf club. This stops her show from being explicit, and adds just a pinch of comedy to the show to keep it light.

Her goal is to have the people use the control we have as American voters and vote these losers out of office. Here are some of the reasons why I wanted Jen on the show.

  1. Her success didn't happen over night. She's been doing this for four years.
  2. She hasn't been afraid to try new things and new formats
  3. She realized that she could do a great show, or go crazy. This meant no reading EVERYTHING. She realizes that if there is no Jen, there is no show. Consequently, the show is better, Jen is better, and we all win.
  4. She started with horrible equipment, and later upgraded. She didn't let equipment stop her from launching her podcast
  5. She is a great example of taking control of her show, and doing it the way she wants to do it.
  6. She shares today that dealing with haters takes long term vision. It's also easier said than done.
  7. She wants to have a paywall where she can do more experimental episodes for her die hard fans without potentially costing her new listeners.
  8. Her content has lead to getting almost 10,000 downloads per episode - and she's just now starting to promote the show.

We talk a little politics and play a clip that Dave found very funny. As Jen explained it, we all have buttons that can be pushed. A listener wrote to the show and began telling Jen how she could grow the show to a much bigger audience if she would work on "her tone." Well this is something she heard growing up and set her off. She grabbed a microphone and off she went. She liked the raw emotion of the clip and got a lot of support from her audience (When Dave did this he almost got sued).

Check out Congressional Dish at as we as in iTunes, or download the Congressional Dish iOs App as well as Android App

Because of Her Podcast

Jen has been on the Jessie Ventura show on TV, and she has been asked to speak at Podcast Movement. 

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