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Mar 27, 2023

There is a giant button at the top of your listing in Apple labeled LISTEN. When someone clicks it whatever comes out is going to shape their first impression, and it will influence how long they let this play. I listened to podcasts for 14 hours in the car this weekend as I drove to a speaking gig in Nashville. Bad audio is becoming more and more apparent in this space (especially for "indies" and I thought I would help us understand what it sounds like and what tools are available to help fix it.

In This Episode

How to politely let potential guests know their audio is unacceptable.

How you can sound amazing for less than $100

The importance of microphone placement.

Why A-List Celebrities are the only people allowed to "dial in" to your show.

Tools you can use to get rid of reverb and level out the audio and remove noise.


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Question of the Month: Do You Subscribe to Paid Podcasts?

Louis from Love Thy Lawyer sent in the question, "Do you subscribe to any premium podcasts?"

Louis supports

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Mark Vinet from the History of North America asked a few people and nobody was paying for podcats.

Dr. Sarah Clak from the Kind Leadership Show pays for a few shows because she wants more content from these shows, and wants to support people who are doing fact-based content that she can trust.

Zo from also has not found any podcasts that deliver enough value to support financially.

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You can set up your show to receive streaming crypto using the steps in this video. Then your audience can use one of the New Podcast Apps that are enabled to send you money. The key point is THEY set how valuable you are. 

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Tools For Cleaning Up Audio 

The best way to

Studio Sound (in Descript) - Great at Removing Room Noise and More

Adobe Enhance - Great at removing reverb/room noise and generally clean up.

Deverberate Plugin - Removes Reverb - Noise Reduction, Volume Leveling, Mastering (try it for free)

Auphonic - Noise Removal, Leveling

RX10 - Suite of Tools - Expensive - For the Serious Editor

Not Tested (but not bad) Deverberate inside of Adobe Audition