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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Jun 8, 2014

Today we talk with Christopher Brian Jones of about what its like to run a podcast network. We learn about some of the struggles he has had along the way, how he builds a relationship with the hosts on the network, abd creates a shared vision and brand. You will be amazed at how focused some of his shows are. If you are a fan of Star Trek, you definitely want to check out or if you are an iTunes user check out Want to comment on the show call in your comments at 888-563-3228

Because of My Podcast - Bill Hutchison

Bill Hutchison is a missionary living in Australia. He produces the YWAM Podcast. Due to his wife having some medical issues, Bill can't leave her alone for long periods of time. However, because of podcasting, Bill can still reach a global audience. He is able to share his relationship with Jesus Christ. Here is a map that shows how many countries that listen to the School of Podcasting global_podcast_audience

Podcast Rewind: Your Elevator Pitch [6:20]

I will be interviewed on a future Episode of the Purpose Rockstar podcast because my friend Kenn Blanchard was on an episode. When Derek (the host) ask Kenn to explain his three podcasts he had a quick pitch for each one. It was cocked and loaded and ready at a moments notice. I thought, "Wow that was cool" so I'm sharing it with you and asking the question, If someone asked you about your podcast do you have a short description (sometimes called an elevator pitch) of your show ready to go? Check out Kenn's Book "Black Man with a Gun" at

Insights into the Podcast Network [

Today we talk with Christopher Jones of the network. Christopher has a background in media (magazines), media (he was a media buyer), design (he built his own website) and more. He shares his insights on how he started out wanting to do video podcasts, but took his one video show and turned it into 16+ audio shows including: The Ready Room Trek News and Views To the Journey (Voyager) The Orb Warp Five Literary Treks Matter Stream Hyperchannel Deck Eight Captain's Log Commentary Trek Stars

Media Issues

At first Christopher used his website host as a media host. When he got popular, that host told him he had four days to move over 700 episodes. He later moved to Amazon S3 (which always sounds inexpensive, but as you get billed for every single download - and you have a lot of episodes - it adds up to three (possible four) figure hosting bills). Christopher recommend as he now pays one price for his hosting - no matter how many downloads he gets. You can get a free month at using the coupon code sopfree. Choosing Hosts Christopher goes through a detailed planning process when launching a new show. He makes sure there is enough content to support an ongoing show (if not it may just be a segment on another show). He uses his "round table" podcast to get to know potential hosts. Getting the right people is a large part of being a successful network. Leave Your Ego At the Door Chris treats all of the shows at as equal. They all get the same exposure by being in the "all inclusive" feed. When he chooses a host, he is looking for someone who is all about: 1. Representing Star Trek in a professional manner 2. Boosting the network - not their specific downloads (not all about them) 3. Is open to other opinions, and can discuss different opinions in an open and honest discussion (without getting personal). Connect With Christopher @cbryanjones