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Jul 6, 2014

While there are no rules to podcasting, most would agree that there are best practices. Most experts believe it starts with your audience, and providing content that they want ton consume. So today we showcase how you CAN do whatever show YOU want to do.  

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Are there boundaries for "Best Practices?" - Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft [5:20]

I approached Cliff this week to come on the show after voicing my opinion about "chit chit" in a previous episode (where I answered a listener question). I've known Cliff for years, and I thought it was stupid to talk about his show  (not the person) without actually stating his name. As I said last week, I'm not judging Cliff. We do have a difference of opinions on personal stories in podcasts, so I asked him to come on and share his insights. I want to see if there is anything I can learn. So I ask him why he would share personal stories in a show that many might expect to be all about podcasting. The beauty of podcasting is you can do you show however you want.

Last week without naming him, I commented on how I thought Cliff's latest podcast about relaunching a podcast had about 60% content and 40% non podcasting commentary. In the interview Cliff explains that he felt the 12 minute story about having the cabling redone in his house was not chit chat and done for specific reasons (thus the percentages would be different).

Here are some of the topics we discussed

Who made these rules? [7:30]

Cliff's story about rewiring his house [11:05]

Cliff's show prep [13:30 ish]

In some cases the content exists on a website and listeners are too lazy to find it [16:10]

Don't "should" on me, and providing an audio table of contest [17:00]

Don't take away Cliff's Voice [18:15]

How to Handle Negative Review [19:30]

Cliff's Half a Million Dollar Income [20:00]

Why Do I Share Stories? [24:30]

Allowing Your "Not so Great" Side to be seen [26:20]

Can't Live Without Content [28:20]

Cliff Shares Everything [30:28]

It's your Show - It's Your Format [31:25]

Cliff Ravenscraft - Life Coach? [32:00]


Main Points:

Don't get too worried if ONE person complains, this is ONE person. Focus on the people who are enjoying your content. 

Cliff does put an audio "table of contents" at the beginning of his show so people know what to expect.

Cliff knows his audience well and gets lots of feedback

Check out Cliff's Podcasting A to Z Class and use the coupon code " jackson " to save $500 off. 


Last 5 in 5 from Mike Dell [41:50]

What were the last five podcasts you listened to from Mike Dell who produces the Podcast Help Desk show

Penn's Sunday School

Thomas jefferson hour

New Media Show

Podcast Answer Man

Airline Pilot Guy


Listener Feedback [48:20 ]

Elsie and Jessica from the new She Podcasts Show chime in the on the episode where we talked about charisma.

Elise and Jessica really enjoyed the episode about personality and Charisma. 


Short on Podcast Ideas - Use Amazon?

If you're not sure what the next episode should be about, try using Amazon as a search engine. Go to and search for your show's topic (for me it would be podcasting). Then use the "peak inside" option and look at the table of contents for these books. You might find some of these chapters make good podcast episodes. Once you have an idea, do you research, inject YOU into the episode, and make it your own (don't just steal an idea, put your slant on it). Another strategy would be to have the author on your show.