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School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast

Apr 29, 2007

In this podcast we throw out some podcast promotion tips, why "hard sell" podcasts are stupid, and some new free services for podcasters.


1:30 Feedback from Taylor Marek about a promtion that was being run by Dancing With Elephants ( ) full details about promotion can be found HERE 

4:48 Giving away an ipod Shuffle.

Apple Store will cost you about 80 bucks.

5:50 Feedback on the "Graffitti tip" from Mark Anderson

9:50 Other Podcast Promotion Ideas.
Book Mentioned: Tricks of the Podcasting Masters 

10:25 Find your podcast in the iTune directory and play with "also subscribe to this podcast."


12:19 a great way to collaborate online and NO SOFTWARE TO LOAD, NO monthly fees, NO huge sticker price. Try it for free at


13:55 Free Services For Podcasters (link to this site)

Want to start your own podcast? Check out our main stie at

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