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Oct 10, 2022

People talk about how hard it is to find guests for their show. I think a more accurate statement is "it's hard to find a good guest for your show." Today I have directories where you can list your show (and yourself) to help you connect with the podcasting space. 

Dave's Fun Text Tool

I'm testing TextMagic (aff) because there is no monthly fee. There is a $4/month fee for the phone line, and they charge you 4 cents per text I send. I'm not using this for marketing, I am using it to auto-respond when people text the words (with follow or new to 833204405) you will get a text from me. I'm using Text Magic (aff link). 

Previous Episode on All thing Interviews

Previously I did an episode 678 about interviews from both sides of the microphone. 

Keeping Track of Who and When You Contact Potential Podcast Guests

The tool is used for this is Less Annoying CRM which isn't so much about building sales funnels as it is a way to keep track of your contact with people. There is a free CRM from Hub Spot but there is a bit of a learning curve.

Here is a List of Places Where You Can Find Guests For Your Podcast

For Podcasters: Invite relevant experts and other podcasters to be guests on your podcast. For Experts: Get booked on great podcasts to expand your reach and audience. I have received more quality interviews from this resource than any other guest booking service. is the world's only marketplace to find professional guests and platforms. Got some publicity as this incorporates the ability to charge to be on a show, or charge a fee to appear on a show.


You can use Padverb to discover new, exciting interview guests. Our site lists more than 10,000 influencers organized by professional category, such as authors economists, journalists, etc. You can also search profiles by name and browse interviews by keyword.


Imagine Your Favorite Online Dating App, But Instead Of Using It For Finding Dates, You're Booking Podcast Interviews. We Use The Same(ish) Technology For Automated Matching!

Anchor Guest

Create your profile as a podcaster, guest speaker, or both!

Getting booked as a podcast guest has never been this simple. Podcast hosts can easily browse our network of speakers and make direct contact with them for bookings

Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, collaboration is the key to reaching your goals. That’s why at Audry, we bring hosts together to help them grow their audiences and find new ways to communicate.


The Easiest Way To Get Booked on Podcasts

Radio Guest List

We help radio talk show, podcast, online radio show, satellite radio, and TV program hosts, bookers, and producers to find new talk show guests, authors, and experts to interview "on the air" – easily and for free!

Perfect Podcast Guests

Podcast producers, podcast hosts, & schedulers get free access to top-notch industry experts, authors, thought leaders, executives, & entrepreneurs to be guests on YOUR show

Command Your Brand


Guest Booking Agencies

Interview Connections

We will find and book the right guests on your show so you can focus on hosting your show and growing your audience.

Interview Vallet

We help amazing brands grow their business with Podcast Interview Marketing.


Let us schedule your podcast interviews on the world’s top podcasts

Expert Bookers

We ensure you get outstanding customer service and quality bookings because we work one-on-one with you.

Podcast Bookers

We Deliver More SEO & Lead Generation Power Than Any Other Podcast Guesting Service. Period.

as of 10/2022 prices start at $600/2 interviews


Podcagent is your best podcast booking agent partner to deliver you the best connections for your business. (from their website)


Podino is the agency that inspires and makes world a better place

Podcasting You

Raise Capital, Generate More Exposure, and Increase Their Networking Opportunities By Appearing On Top-Rated Podcast

Guest Booker


Podcast Guesting Pro

Podcast Guesting Pro is a dedicated Podcast Booking Agency that works with B2B thought leaders. We help you reach new audiences and build your authority. We operate as your own dedicated PR Team. Based on your profile, we find and then book you on high-quality podcasts aligned to your key topics. We manage all the Podcast Pitches, follow-ups, and onboarding.


Help a Reporter

HARO connects journalists seeking expertise to include in their content with sources who have that expertise.

Response Source

Hundreds of journalists send requests through ResponseSource each week

Fore more resources see


This month the question is from Patrick from the Big Seance and he wants to know:

What standard or tradition in podcasting do you tend to ignore and why do you do it differently?

Don't forget to say the name of your show and website, and a little bit about your show.

I need your answer by 10/28/22

Leave Your Answer at

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