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Oct 7, 2007

I give me insights into the expo. We give away the Behringer Podcast Studio Podcasting Package to Arthur Vanderbuilt (congrats and thanks for being a member).

Reflections from the Expo
Nicest guy I've never met
before goes to Dave from

Coolest Piece of Technology (for Schools at least) (in a booth)
Zoom H2 (most popular recorder)

Best Night Out on the Town
Fred Castenada

LAST 5 in 5
Courtesy of Dan Klass
1. The Twisted Pickle
2. Norm Augistine
3. Coverville
4. Cush Things I say
5. The Hollywood Podcast
6. Verge of the Fringe

According to the Podcastjunky UK I am the 9th most recognizable voice in Podcasting. I talk about this in my blog at

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