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Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. This could ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.
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Feb 20, 2017

Today I share some insights after talking with 

Jason Norris of Podcast Logical

Chris Holifield of I Am Salt Lake

Lee of This is Rammy

Ken Blannchard from Upper Marlboro (and black man with a gun)

We hear what it is like to start a local podcast including:

The struggles to interview local "Mom an Pop" businesses

Is it easier/harder to get a local sponsor?

How they developed their format

How they are promoting the show.

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Feb 13, 2017

Comments? Call them in 888-563-3228

Today we talk with Glenn Rubenstein who is the author of the book Podcast Advertising Works. Glenn worked at the TWIT podcast network in both ad sales and as the company’s Director of Marketing. He is also the founder of Adopter Media (

World Radio Day Get Hindenburgh Journalist For $1.90

You can purchase Hindenburg Journalist for $1.90 (Not a typo, typically $95) and help fight hunger. You can upgrade to their pro version for $215 (usually over $300). Need help learning the software? Check out the School of Podcasting's  Hindenburgh Journalist for Podcasting Course

Because of My Podcast - I'm Going to Spring Training for Free

Corey Fineran hosts the Ivy Envy Podcast, and shares how his audience is paying for him, his co-host (and their families) to go to the Chicago Cubs spring training in Arizona (in addition to making some great keepsakes for their studio).

Podcast Advertising Works - Glenn Rubenstein Interview

Glenn has been working in Ad Sales in podcasting for many years and today he shares some insights into:

What mistakes podcasters are making

What a future of dynamic advertising could look like

How to overcome common objections when trying to sell advertising

The book Podcast Advertising Works is great for someone who is trying to sell advertisements on their show.

If you want more about advertising and monetizing your show. Check out the Episodes with Jessica Kupferman, and Glenn The Geek Hebert

What Do You Mean When You Say Edit Your Podcast?

Today I'm going to play some clips of a podcast (friend of mine, who has come and said he should've edited) to help demonstrate things you should consider editing out of your show.

Michael Butler knows his episode was going down a dark path (he has spoken about this on his show). Luckily for those who know Michael and the Rock and Roll Geek show, we found it funny.

Mentioned In This Episode

Podcast Advertising Works 

Rock and Roll Geek show

The Bitterest Pill  Check out Dan Klass' book Podcasting Solutions

Adopter Media

Hindenburg Journalist Radio Day Promotion

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Feb 6, 2017

Today we have a serious subject that isn't so much about getting more downloads, and new cool gear, but the fact that your podcast can make a difference. I've helped people save money on fear, and help them launch podcasts. I've helped them find ways to grow their audience, and give them insights into creating better content on the Podcast Review Show. I've helped a listener of my Logical Weight Loss podcast lose 100 lbs. None of those compare to the email I received from the producer of Kuldryn's Krypt podcast.

Honestly, in September of last year, 2016, I had resolved get my affairs in order and to end my life on Halloween night, the greatest day of the year. I was introduced by complete chance to you. I was on Spreaker, did a search for podcasting and you came up. I chose to listen to you because my birth name is Ryan Jackson and I have a brother name David. Keep in mind I had never heard a podcast prior to this and I have no idea how I or why I was even on Spreaker's website...but I was and there was you were. I am a Patron because you gave me the tools to start my own podcast but more importantly you, YES! YOU! "The Dave Jackson, provided me with something to live for. My podcast isn't great, it isn't even good, BUT IT IS MINE and it provides me with the outlet I need to help other's and once again have a purpose in this world. It is just a very simple fact-if I had not found YOUR podcast when I did, on October 31st, 2017 11:55p.m. a bullet from a Taurus .38 Special would be ending my life. Thank you for never giving up and fighting through...I'm sure through your divorce and the issues with your family it hasn't been easy but Dave, I am will continue to be literal living proof that it's been worth it. Thank you!

So today we are going to talk about setting expectations, and crushing it, etc.

Suicide Among Entrepreneurs is a Problem We Should Talk About

30% of all entrepreneurs experience depression, according to a study by Dr. Michael Freeman, a clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco. Depression among entrepreneurs is way higher than depression among Americans in general, which is estimated at about 7% — although that number could be even higher because of the stigma associated with talking about it.

Of the 242 entrepreneurs surveyed, 49% reported having a mental-health condition. Depression was the No. 1 reported condition among them and was present in 30% of all entrepreneurs, followed by ADHD (29%) and anxiety problems (27%). That's a much higher percentage than the US population at large, where only about 7% identify as depressed.


Here are just some examples
In May 2015, 31 year old Austen Heinz, CEO of Cambrian Genomics took his own life.
In July, 29 year old Faigy Mayer, CEO of Appton jumped off a New York rooftop.
26 year old Aaron Schwartz, a partner at Reddit, hung himself in 2013.
47 year old Jody Sherman, founder of Ecomom shot himself that year.
One of his colleagues, 24 year old Ovik Banerjee, followed a year later.
22 year old Ilya Zhitomirskiy, CEO of Diaspora, took his life in 2011.

In Las Vegas one project had three suicides. In an article The Downtown Project Suicides: Can the Pursuit of Happiness Kill You?  they mention Jody Sherman (4/13), Ovik Banerjee (1/14), and Matt Berman (4/14) – all people involved in the Vegas Tech phenomenon.

Some people are smart enough to see the writing on the wall. Rand Fishkin stepped down as CEO of Moz in part because of his depression.Rand Fishkin

In 2010, suicide was the highest cause of death for people aged 15-49, in the developed world. That’s way above death from lung cancer and murder.
In 2013 Newsweek pointed out that the suicide rate in America had been increasing since 1999.

Why Is This Happening?

We get caught up in the should philosophy. I should have more downloads, more sponsors, more whatever. The bad news is your comparing yourself to someone's numbers who are potentially altered. We look at all the people "Crushing It" on Facebook, Twitter, and nobody sees the struggle. Should is fraught with guilt and remorse. It implies that you can’t change things.

So when we feel we are "falling Behind" we start to put poison in our bodies in the form of fast food, and other items that have no nutrition. We then cut back on our sleep to prove we are committed. In this instance when you need to be at the top of your game, you are filling it with junk, and robbing it of sleep. This is like buying cheap gas and punching a hole in your gas tank. Eventually the car is going to come to a quick stop.

We are told to DREAM BIG, and if we just focus on our dreams they will become a reality. This puts us into an anxious state, and that is NOT the time to be making decisions. Then we all get INSANELY Focused on our launch, and how we are going to come out of the gate at this breakneck speed, but then we are supposed to KEEP this pace. Anything less than a sprint is a lack of dedication. Think of joining a marathon an hour after it started. There is no way to catch up, but if you run the marathon that is still an undeniable feat. It is still something amazing that takes months of preparation, dedication, and is something a small percentage of people could accomplish. Yet you feel bad, because you're comparing yourself to others.


How to Get Help

None of this is intended as medical advice. If you need help, there are people waiting for your call, both friends and professionals:1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

A new Y Combinator-backed startup, 7 Cups of Tea, is trying to tackle one common problem: the affordability of help. When founders are running out of money for their company, that's rarely when they can shell out for a visit to a psychologist or other mental-health professionals.

Tim Ferris talks about this in his latest book and he's mentioned it on his podcast that he has struggled with depression. His advice is to adopt of attitude of gratitude.


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Jan 30, 2017

Once a month this year, I'm going ask you a question and use those answers for an episode. I want to get to under you more, and in general get a better understand of what you like and dislike. This month I asked, "What are those things that make your go "Uggh" when listening to a podcast. They might make your even unsubscribe. SPONSOR: Emerald City Productions Get your first four episodes edited for $15 each (and only $40 after that – for shows up to 30 minutes). Just go to companies are charging $99 an episode)

What Makes You Unsubscribe From a Podcast?

Failure to Get to the Point

4:10 Haley Redke ( is not a fan of not getting to the point, and people that interrupt their guests. 5:33 Tracie Bonnick also hates when the podcast hosts hates it when the host of the podcast doesn't let the guest talk 6:05 Glenn the Geek Hebert of Horse Radio Network was on Podcast Junkies and said he hates it when the podcast hosts just runs down a list of questions 6:39 Brian Weber ( hates it when people don't get to the point 7:15 Ishamael Colderon - Hates long intro 7:43 John Wilkerson ( ) hates a super long intro 10:00 Daryl hates a ton of ads at the beginning (Joe Rogan?) as in three minutes of nothing but ads. 11:00 James Aaron of hates people talking to hear themselves talk. 11:53 From new Father Daniel J Lewis (YEAH NOODLE BABY) from the Audacity to Podcast said, "I go "ugh" when a conversation with a guest starts with "getting to know you" stuff. I don't care about the guest's background until after I care about their message."

12:40 Riding the Volume Knob

13:10 Kathe Kline from Rock Your Retirement goes nuts when she has to keep adjusting the volume 14:30 John Hilman hates it when the hosts and guest have WAY different volume levels. 15:50 Emily from The Story Behind Podcast - Four People Around One Microphone makes her turn off the show immediately. 17:20 Kuldrin Fire ( ) hates the word, "Right" and having to ride the volume knob, and he hates when hosts put down other hosts.

19:50 Inside Jokes

20:15 Emily from The Story Behind Podcast when they forget they have new listeners and talk about things from past episodes 20:53 Mark Des Cotes from the Resourceful Designer  (and it when TV Show podcasts refer to the actress name only (and not the character) 22:23 Emily from The Story Behind Podcast hates people who are note authentic and giant commercials.

Experts Who Don't Know What They're Talking About

24:00 Connie From the Small Business 101 Podcast couldn't believe the advice she heard about starting a business 27:00 Hall of Fame Podcaster Danny Peña from Gamer Tag Radio hates it when Podcasts about Podcasting promote the importance of New and Noteworthy (see ) 27:30 Cedric Green hates it when people Curse.( - coming soon). It unprofessional and you can't listen to it with kids in the car. 28:35 Emily from The Story Behind Podcast judges harshly when easy to remove ums are not removed. 30.17 Michael Blakston (Road Noises Podcast) hates mouth noises


32:00 Boomy Room Noise

33:14 Cheri Fields (Christian Science 4 Kids) had some show that were so boomy she couldn't understand the podcasters due to the room noise 35:07 Nivek Thompson of Real Democracy Now Podcast - hates when the host sounds like they are in a barn. 35:50 Chris Hache ( - If your podcast is not pleasing to my ears you are gone!

36:25 Things You Say That Drive Me Crazy

Try Price (Completely Comics) hates when a podcaster will "be right back." 37:12 Rob Kerns from Living the Vet Life - When a podcast is filled with complaints, but there are no solutions proposed. 38:55 Steve Stewart - hates it when people don't edit, and when people kinda, sort of, maybe, think about, taking action. 41:27 Cheri Fields (Christian Science 4 Kids) the ultimate pet peeve is when people can't listen to your show cause it doesn't work.

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Jan 23, 2017

Today we go deep into running the business that is The Horse Radio Network. We talk with America's Horse Husband Glenn "the Geek" Hebert

SPONSOR: Emerald City Productions

Get your first four episodes edited for $15 each (and only $40 after that - for shows up to 30 minutes). Just go to (other companies are charging $99 an episode)

Because of my Podcast: Ravi Jayagopal

Ravi is the man behind Digital Access Pass which is a great membership script if you're looking to turn your Wordpress Website into a Membership site.

Ravi shares how starting his Subscribe Me and Cut to the Chase Podcasts has boosted sales, introduced him to new friends and resources, got consulting clients, and created doors where none existed.

Check out Ravi's "Subscribe Me" Book, His Subscribe Me podcast, and his Wordpress Player "Cool Cast" Player

Glenn The Geek Takes Us Behind The Operations of The Horse Radio Podcast Network.

What a typical day looks like

The rules of setting up additional shows

What media group is RIPE to start their own podcast

What Glenn does with his advertisers to keep them engaged

Check out Glenn at

Glenn was on the SOP talking about Sponsorships

Mentioned In This Show

Dealing With My Grief Podcast February in Florida

Podcast Engineering School (Chris was on a previous show)

Digital Access Pass

My Podcast Reviews

Confessions of a Wannabe PodcaSTAR: The Biggest Podcasting Myths Busted

Honestly: My Life and Stryper Revealed

Divi Wordpress Theme

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Jan 16, 2017

Because of My Podcast Dana Gould

I was reading an article where West Word was interviewing Dana Gould (Who I find hilarious) and they asked him he still does his podcast (the Dana Gould Hour) while now running/writing the show Stan Against Evil. Here is what Dana said,

I cite the podcast as the things that literally made everything else possible. It keeps my name out there and connects my audience. I think the reason that I’m still allowed to work in clubs is because my podcast has nurtured and cultivated my fan base to the point that people show up. Because if people don’t show up, you don’t get hired. And I think the podcast is very much responsible for that.

Full article

Dana Gould Hour on iTunes

Dana Gould Hour on Stitcher

Spreaker Unveils Beta Ad Revenue Share Program is a podcast media hosting company that has the added bonus of being ale to stream your podcast live. The recently rolled out an ad revenue program. The program right now is beta, and only for US users. It allows you to have a 30 second preroll ad (meaning it is the first thing that starts your show, it goes before the show - pre-roll). There is some new terminology

Requests - The number of times your episode is called (most of us would refer to this as a download, but in this case Spreaker is streaming the file)
Impressions - This is how many times an ad was in your request

Currently impressions will only appear if you're using the spreaker player on your website (again, this is beta, more features coming)

You won't have ads through your RSS feed

Some advertisers have a geographic specification so that they only run ads in certain area. I had an ad for a college in Cleveland Ohio (I live on Akron)

Podcast Glossary "L"


Levelator is a free program (mac and PC) and allows you to drag a file into the software and it will adjust the volume level to be consistent. For example if you have an interview and you are louder than the guest, the Levelator software will adjust the audio of your guest to match your volume. You can find it at


Liberated Syndication (libsyn) pioneered the system to host and publish podcasts in 2004. And since then has grown to the largest leading podcast network with over 2.6 billion downloads in 2014. Libsyn hosts over 25,000 shows with 44 million monthly audience member. Find it at (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month)

My Podcast Launch Kit

I had someone said to me, I don't want to think about it, I trust you. Tell me what to do.

Well, there is no one size fits all, but here are some things that I recommend:

I say use a self hosted Wordpress Website. I do not like Blue host, or dreamhost, I am moving my things to which is my reseller account for Godaddy. I've also used Hostgator.

I use Libsyn for my media hosting and distribution. I used them 10 years before I started working for them in 2016.

For my Wordpress theme I use Appendipty themes which run on the Genesis platform, or if your situation is a website that has a podcast, I like the Elegant themes Divi (which I will be using on this website later this year)

The Actual "Launch"

I would record a few episodes. This lets me see how much it takes to get create an episode, and then it lets me decide what my publishing scheduling.

I would ask some people who are my target audience to listen, and get feedback. The goal is to ensure you are delivering value that makes people do one (or more ) of the following:

  • Laugh
  • Cry
  • Think
  • Groan
  • Educate
  • Entertain

I would have a few "in the can" (which means recorded but not released) if possible so that if life happens you can still publish without missing your schedule.

Publish an episode or two (I don't believe you need  3, 5, 8 episodes - unless you have content coming out of your ears) and then list them in the following directories

  • iTunes
  • Stitcher
  • Google Play Music
  • TuneIn

Most apps like pocketcasts and overcast pull from iTunes.

Then you tell everyone you know, use email, social media, etc. You might try creating a Thunderclap campaign, and then use social jukebox or to promote your episodes as they go out

Sponsored By Emerald City Productions

Get your first four episodes (up to 30 minutes per episode) edited for $15 each. From head to toe you will sound great. Go to

Mentioned In This Show

Mark Neslon Show

Thunderclap campaign

Dana Gould Hour on iTunes

Start Podcasting Today

School of Podcasting - Podcasting Courses

Jan 9, 2017

Because of My Podcast: My Family Was Fed A Giant Meal

Cale Nelson of Ham Radio 360 sent in a great story where a listener told him NOTt to make dinner the Thursday before Christmas. Then sent Cale a giant box of Barbecue. When you've got a houseful of kids, and your wife is happy because the food is excellent, and she didn't have to cook it - it's a big win.

Check out Cale's show at

Starting a Podcast Your Customer Wants To Hear

Should your business have a podcast? Probably. It's a great way to get in front of your target audience no matter where they are. I was asked to be on a new podcast coming out today (my episode is in the future) and its from Tim Sinclair. You may or may not know that name, but I'll reveal who his is in a second. I just checked out his site and then it hit me. This is a great example of using a podcast for your business.

Tim Sinclair is the CEO of Ringr . This is an app and service that allows you to record both sides of an interview. If you're worried about doing a "mix minus" then you may want to check out this service. Plans start at $7.99 a month for the basic, and $18.99 for the premium. For more information go to

The people that use Tim's technology interview people and want a good recording. There are two ways to learn things. You can be shown how to do it right, or your can bring in those two famous trainers that seem to help everyone. You may know them as Trial and Error. They are not very efficient, but their lessons cut deep. You want your podcast to do one of these things

  • Laugh
  • Cry
  • Think
  • Groan
  • Educate
  • Entertain

If you have your show do more than one of the above, you're headed in the right direction.

So what Tim did is launch a podcast filled with fun, entertaining stories that can be educational as well. The podcast is called My Worst Interview Ever.  He has interviewed people like Cliff Ravenscraft, The Mobile Pro Shawn Smith, The App Guy Paul Kemp, XM Radio’s Doug Hannah, Blubrry’s Todd Cochrane, Libsyn’s Rob Walch, syndicated radio host Brant Hansen, Dave Jackson, Dan Franks, Jeff Brown, Daniel J. Lewis. The stories I understand are hilarious. The first episode is John Lee Dumas talking about his worst interview ( a rock icon famous for selling coffins).

So when creating a podcast, one strategy is to create a podcast that your target audience wants to hear. Tim identified his audience and has come up with a fun and entertaining way to produce good content without making his show a giant infomercial. Remember, nobody tunes into an infomercial on purpose.

The next thing I like is Tim is already in iTunes and Stitcher. He doesn't seem too worried about the magical happy place of New and Noteworthy and his first eight weeks. With content like this, I bet he'll get listed because he didn't name his show wtf this week in cold cases on fire.

He also made sure  NOT to make it giant Ringr commercial. He does a quick mention in the middle. He understands the idea is to build an audience first.

Check out his show at and check out his service at

A Not Great Example

The Penzu podcast is meant to help promote their company ( which I love and use)

Nobody is looking for "Penzu" that doesn't know then) so how is this supposed to bring in new people?

They are using Soundcloud as their platform (who are leaking money). Switch to and your back catalog comes for free during the first quarter of 2017, and get a free month using the coupon code sopfree 

Their titles look awful. 

There is no description. 

They only have seven episodes (which is fine), but they have the podcast in their software (so their customers have had "episode 7 in their platform all year)

Back to the Basics Of Your Website

I recently did the "Favorite Podcast Ever" show where you sent in your favorite podcasts and explained why they were your favorite. I always then go to the website of those show and share that someone thinks you're the best. I am amazed at some of the things I find. Before we get into those, you do need to decide what your website is for. By this mean I mean if your podcast is to drive leads to your business, then you might have a giant sign up form. If you're trying to grow your community, you might really be sending people to your Facebook group. So in the end, there is no one size fits all. However, there are two things I hear over and over and over. I hear, "I want more downloads, and I want more interaction." When I go to the websites of these people, there are no links to subscribe to their show. There is no easy way to contact you. One person I had to tweet at (and their twitter account was waaaay at the bottom of their screen). 

I had someone who was going to hire me to help him get more subscribers. I went to their website, and said you don't need to pay me for this, but there isn't a single subscriber button on your website. 

Ready To Start Podcasting?

Join the School of Podcasting or Schedule some One on One Consulting

Jan 2, 2017

Here it is 2017. Congratulations you made it through another year. Some of you were going to start podcasting last year, some of you go back to 2015. Some of you, are going back even further. Today I want to give you some ideas and strategies to launching your first podcast.

What Do You Need To Start Your Podcast

  1. An idea
  2. A microphone
  3. A media host
  4. A website (optional, but STRONGLY encouraged)
  5. Some artwork for iTunes
  6. A description
  7. To get into itunes you need one live episode.

Take A Mulligan

So here is a strategy that some people on accident, and you can do on purpose. I call it "The Mulligan." This comes from golf. When you hit a bad shot, you call that shot your mulligan, and you throw down your new ball and swing again. It is basically a do over. Some very popular podcasters like Hall of Fame Podcaster Mignon Fogherty, Lauria Petruci, even Adam Curry (who helped invent podcasting) didn't hit pay dirt till he was on his THIRD podcast. So start a podcast about anything, it doesn't. You could do a podcast about the weather in your city, just to go through the motions and learn the tech. Once you've got it down, cancel everything, delete all the files, and go back and do one for real. Take a mulligan on purpose.

When I played in bands, often the best recordings were the one where the engineer told us he wasn't recording. There was no pressure we were just doing a sound check. With no pressure we often would come up with a great "take" and end the song and say "I wish we would've recorded that" (and luckily in some cases they did). If you start out with a show you don't care about you can get a show up and see it really doesn't take that much to record and publish a show. (Getting people to listen is really the hard part).

What About The Expense?

I graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelor's Degree in Education specializing in Technical Education. Just the books for a semester are an estimated $450. The actual classes are $5473 semester (typically three months) if you're going full time (Source). When you sink $100-$300 into a podcast (FOR A LIFETIME), that is a small investment. Moving forward your will be spending $30 a month (typically). Cut out a few sodas and snicker's bars and you've got your money. Keep in mind, The money you are spending is an investment in you.

But What If You Want To Actually Take a Real Swing?

You've probably heard about S.M.A.R.T. Goals. This stands for

Time Bound

So instead of "I want to start a podcast." You need to get more specific.

I want to start a podcast about Raising Llamas . This is more specific, but I'd like a little more specifics and some time.

I will Google other Llama podcasts to see what names might be available by January 15th.

Michael Hyatt (one of my favorite Authors - I read Platform every January) has a "Best Year Ever" course and he throws in two more items.

Exciting - You wouldn't set a goal that bores you.

Relevant - I'm going to do a daily show, even though I have two jobs, a wife, and a set of twins.

By adding these two, you are creating smarter goals.

Why Should I Podcast?

You have something to say: You're yelling at the dashboard in the car, or swearing outloud in the super market as you think, "ugh I could do this better.." Here are some more.

  • You want to be seen as an expert
  • You want to reach a global audience
  • You want to build a community
  • You want to sharpen your presentation skills
  • You want to build your brand
  • You want to promote your products
  • You want to boost your speaking career
  • You want to have fun with like minded people
  • You want to make some additional income.

But, But, But, But......

I'm not sure exactly what format. - - Your Podcast is a recipe - not a statue

I hate my voice - This is normal as your are hearing your voice for the first time through your ears (only) with no vibrations from your skull.

I'm not a nerd - Yet you attach files to emails, turn down the volume in the car, press record on the DVR (so you know file management, audio mixing, and recording)

I might look stupid - It's not radio. It's not live. The only way you will sound stupid is if you release something that sounds stupid.

People might say negative things - Every day people say negative things about your driving, etc. Yet you still drive. Don't let your fear stop you from doing the thing you love.

Did you give out presents this year at Christmas? We are not always 100% sure they were going to be loved? Yet, we give them anyway.

Here is a little truth, when you first start, nobody is listening anyway.

Don't think about the thousands of people listening (cause it's not ) think about talking to ONE person. While helping one person may not change the world, it could change the world for that one person.

Some of My Favorite Quotes on Starting

You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great. -Zig Ziglar

When you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. -Thomas Jefferson

The distance between dreams and reality is called action -Anonymous

Don't wait until you are ready to take action. Instead take action to be ready. -Jensen Siaw

Don't talk, just act. Don't Say, just show. Don't promise just prove. -Unknown

Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit. -Edwin Louis Cole

An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention. - Dr. Steve Marraboli

The best way to get started is to quit talking & begin doing - Walt Disney

Take Some Action

Notice something about the following words


If want to get a reaction, that is satisfying, and gets some traction towards your goals, you have to TAKE ACTION.

The start is what stops most people. Week after week I get people who are telling stories of things they couldn't have done if they hadn't started podcasting. So today I urge you to start something right now that your future self will thank you for. Stop worrying about what could go wrong, and start focusing on what could go right. Don't let your fear decide your future.

What you do is not who you are. If you say, "But I'm just a (insert your job)." That's WHAT you do, but WHO YOU ARE is a MESSENGER with something to say because you know there are people who could benefit from it.

Sometimes the worst place you can be is in your own head. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Because of My Podcast: Edward O'Donnell

Ed is the host of In The Past Lane which is a podcast about history.

Because of my podcast -
1. I've been able to interview Pulitzer Prize winning historians about their latest work. History Nerdapaloosa.
2. my college (the real job) just built me a new state of the art podcast studio! It's not just for me, of course, but because I was up and running as a podcaster it spurred them to do it.
3. I've been invited by Chris K to be part of PodFest 2017 (day 1).
4. I snared an audition for a new program on The History Channel - in part because they checked out my podcast and seemed convinced that I'd be funny and free spirited and not just knowledgeable about history. If anything comes of this, it will certainly be my big time "because of my podcast" story!

Mentioned in this Podcast

Start podcasting at the School of Podcasting

Speakermatch (service to help speakers find events to speak at )

Gleason Documentary on Amazon

Podfest Podcast Podcasting Event in Orlando Florida (coupon code Dave)

Podcast Movement podcasting event (use coupon code sop10)

Podcast Baby Steps Free Video Podcasting Course

Dec 26, 2016

This Year SOP Listeners said the following list was "Their Favorite Podcast"

This means if they could only listen to ONE, this would be the show. Here they are in alphabetical order

4:00 Adam Carolla Show -

4:42 Bloodround -

6:58  Freakonomincs -

9:18 Hollywood Bable On -

11:35 Kate’s Take -

12:34 Medication Oasis -

13:25 Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail -

14:23 Mike Row’s The Way I Heard It -

15:54 Mixergy -

17:00   Mysterious Universe -

17:54 Mystery Show -

20:11 Old Pre-Meds -

22:10 Radio Labyrinth -

23:12 RED Podcast -

24:25 Retired Exited -

25:30 Rock Your Retirement -

27:25 She Podcasts -

29:20 Spawn On Me -

30:47 Stacking Benjamins -

35:42 Stuff You Missed in History -

39:05 Ted Radio Hour -

40:17 The Audacity to Podcast -

41:25 The School of Podcasting -

42:50 Trecks in Sci -Fi -

46:55 Tumble -



Amanda from the Great Beer Adventure

Brian Entzminger, host of the Engaging Missions Shows at

Bryan Goodwin with

Cale Nelson from

Chris Hache of the Noshing Nova Scotians podcast

Glenn “The Geek” Hebert of the Horse Radio Network http:/

Hall of Fame Podcaster Danny Pena, founder and co-host of Gamertag Radio (

Henry Shapiro of the Retired Excited podcast

Jason Bryant from Mat Talk Online

Jason Norris of Podcast Local from On the Go FM.

Jayson Sacco of the Outdoor Adventures with Jason

Jen is one of the founding co-hosts of the Anomaly Podcast,

Jonathan Christopher, host of the Career Eden Podcast

Jonathan Messenger of The Alien Adventure of Finn Caspian show

Kathe Kline of the “Rock Your Retirement" podcast.

Katie Krimitsos of Biz Women Rock

Kim Krajci of Toast Masters 101,

Lee Silverstein of the Colon Cancer Podcast

Randy Cantrell who is the host of the Grow Great podcast

Rob Kerns of Living the Vet Life podcast

Stargate Pioneer of the Gonna Geek Network

Steve Stewart at You can find Steve at

Tyler Sheff of the Cash Flow Guys podcast

Zen Runner of


What are you top podcasting pet peeves? Go to and let me know


Go to

Dec 19, 2016

Because of My Podcast I Got Media Passes - Cheri Field

Cheri Fields has at least 7 children, and produces the Creation Science for Kids Podcast

What Podcaster's Can Learn From

Amazon is an amazing company. Recently I purchased an Amazon Echo, and Later and Amazon Dot. These devices allow me to do things through voice activation system known as Alexa. You can control Alexa with an Amazon Echo, an Amazon Dot, and Amazon Tap, and now you can control your Amazon Fire TV.  If you're interested, check out my Buyer's Guide.

The item that made me purchase the Echo? The ability to say “Alexa, add eggs to the grocery list.” The more I examine the Amazon company, the more I believe there are tips we podcasters can learn from them.

Amazon Makes It Easy To Find Stuff

Their search is at the top of their page. You don’t have to search for the search. Amazon understands their customer may want a number of things, so they make it easy to find.

Podcasters you need a search button that is easy to find, if you provide topics that are more of a reference. Podcasters you could use categories to create filter to only show those episodes that are categorized a certain way.

Customer First Mentality

Any research into amazon and you will read how they make all decisions based on serving the customer. They are spending money on items that will better serve the customer. So when you are thinking about purchasing some equipment for your podcast you need to ask yourself who the purchase is serving, you or your audience?

Amazon project lead Ian McAllister has described a sort of reverse engineering that happens frequently at company HQ. “We try to work backwards from the customer, rather than starting with an idea for a product and trying to bolt customers onto it,” he wrote on

When someone approaches you to to be a guest on your show, you need think, “Will my audience want to hear this content?”

Personalized Recommendations

There are plugins that can add related links to other episodes on your site. So when someone listens to an episode about Topic A there could be links to more Topic A shows at the bottom of the post. There are plugins such as Yet Another Related Wordpress Post Plugin (which has lots of features, but can be a bit of a resource hog), and Related Wordpress Posts is a lighter weight plugin with an easy setup. If you’re using Appendipity themes, this is a built in feature

They Don’t Always Win, but They Try

I completely forgot that Amazon launched a “Fire Phone.” That tells you how much of an impact it had on the phone space. They’ve done quite a few things that didn’t land well.

It wants to infiltrate people’s lives to such an extent that they can’t imagine living without it — that they don’t even try to imagine living without it.

We always joke that "No one will punch you in the face," here at the School of Podcasting. Your podcast is a recipe, not a statue.

One of the cool things about being cloud based, is they are constantly adding new features to the Alexa system

Keep Your Pages Loading Fast

After analyzing the ratio of sales to website performance, Amazon discovered that for every 100ms of page load time there was a 1% decrease in sales. So how fast does your website need to be? Many usability experts propose that the ideal page load time is 2 seconds or less. You can easily test the page load time of your own website by using free tools such as

So podcasters be careful loading tons of plugins if you're using WordPress. Some of those may slow down your site.

Make it Fun

Google the phrase "Alexa Easter Eggs" and you will find a giant list of goof things you can get Alexa to say. There are

Make it Easy

The one thing the Amazon Echo and Dot do is they make it super easy to ORDER STUFF. With a few phrases, "Alexa order Angel Soft Toilet paper" it is pretty much on the way. She will state what size the package is and the price and ask me if I want to order it. There are safeguard can put in so your kids do order every thing under the sun.

Podcasters who are saying thins like, "Find me in iTunes" are missing a golden opportunity to lead their customers by the hand and show them exactly how to subscribe to their show. One of the things I did as a young grocery clerk was if someone asked where something was, I would take them to it, and make sure they could reach it. I wanted to see that product go into their cart. I would also ask if there was anything else they were looking for before I returned to whatever I was doing before. Make it easy.

You can do this by finding your show in iTunes, and right clicking on your art work and copying the link then add a button to your site and attach that link to the button (there is a tutorial for this at the School of Podcasting

Amazon's Ultimate Goal - Routine

Amazon wants to be your right arm. They want to be integrated into your life. When I recently traveled without my Amazon Dot, it was weird not to wake up, check my to do list, get the weather, and hear my custom news.

If you can podcast on a regular schedule, you become part of your audience's routine.

Podcast Glossary "K"

I couldn't think of any "I's, or J's" so we are moving o the the K's.

kbps - This is stands for kilo bits per second. This is a measurement that you use when you are exporting your files. Typical settings are

128 kbps - Stereo (if your primarily music)
96 kbps - mono (for those doing speech, and want a slightly better sound than 64 )
64 - kbps mono (same as 128 stereo, but mono)

When exporting you do not want to use VBR (variable bit rate) as you mp3 file may not play on all players.

Podcast Rewind - I Was On the SoloPreneur Hour with Michael O'Neal

I appeared on episode 509 of the Solopreneur Hour with Michael O'Neil. We talked a little music, we talk about my early days of training people on office equipment, getting fired after busting your butt, and how I ended up in Podcasting. Check it out HERE

You can hear Michael on this show sharing how he stands out from other podcast when I interviewed him on episode 542

Podcast Launch the Mark Nelson Show

Mark is going to help you with your negotiating skills. Check out his show at or Subscribe in iTunes

Mentioned in This Show

Glenn-Hebert- Dave-JacksonComputer Tutor Podcast

Solopreneur Hour

Podfest.Us (use the code Dave to save)

Alexa Cast

Amazon Alexa Buyers Guide

Building a Better Dave (questions website)

Horse Radio Network

Ready To Start Podcasting?

Join the School of Podcasting. You get

16 courses

Priority Email Support

Group Coaching

Private FaceBook Group

30 Day Guarantee 

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Dec 12, 2016

Call the Show 888-563-3228

Because of my Podcast Cale Nelson

Last week, a listener contacted me via email. He is one of my Pateron Supporters. He said he noticed on my Pateron page the goal for buying a new Mixer.

He went on to inquire about which mixer I was interested in. I sent him a note back telling him about the 12 ch Behringer mixer I had been saving for (which was the lowest cost mixer with Faders I could find on Amazon-I'm a FM Radio Throw-back and prefer faders).

In his subsequent email, he stated he wanted to purchase a Mixer for me-and he'd buy the Behringer if that is what I had to have, otherwise he preferred to buy me a Yamaha MG12.

After picking myself up from the floor, and maybe or maybe not drying one or both of my eyes; I said the Yamaha would be a fine choice.

The board arrived today, I'm still flabbergasted, and completely humbled. I have the best listener(s) on the planet!

Cale Nelson

Be the Best Podcast Guest Be the Best Podcast Host

Maybe it's Friday and I am just tired after so many hours of programming this week but if you send me an interview request that includes the following I will not even respond to you.

1: you must have a hour for the interview

2: you must have headphones

3: you must have a quiet space

4: We request all guest to share our podcast on social media

I must? I must? You are asking me for an interview and you say I must? Plus, if in your initial email request you say I should share it to my social media, I will never respond to you. I will share it to my social media if I think it is valuable to my friends, family and audience. Show some respect when you are asking for interviews. Wow. Whew, ok now I am going take a break this weekend! Have a good one everybody!

Stop Chasing Influencers

Jared Easley is one of my My Favorite People on the Planet. I do't interact with him much, but when I do, I'm always glad I did. His Book Stop Chasing Influencers: The True Path to Building Your Business and Living Your Dream had a TON of useful advice that came from the real world. Here is a quick excerpt.

A majority of the influencers and A-listers on his guest wish-list did not have time or interest in being on his new show, which had zero listeners. The guests who were gracious enough to give him the time for an interview were not inclined to share it with their audiences. Finally, the guests who did give him their time, and who also shared the show with their networks on social media, did not translate into a large Starve the Doubts audience that listened to the guest interviews and subscribed or stuck around as well.

So if you're looking for GIANT numbers by having GIANT names, that is not going to happen.


Host Tips

If you of alot of interviews, you're going to lose your mind without a scheduling tool I love Acuity Scheduling. If you're looking for a free (scaled down) tool I've heard good things about

Let the guest know WHY they are there. WHO they are talking to, WHAT they will be talking about and HOW long the interview will be.

Go to their website and get the bio, headshot, etc. Then ask for what is missing.

Do some research (if you want, listen to other interviews, check out their Facebook page, twitter), and come up with some questions. This list of questions (for me) will be used as "game plan" but not as an interrogation

Email the day off (if not before, or better BOTH) the interview to remind them of your appointment.

Make sure they know to get the best microphone available, and to have headphones on.

Find out what website your want to promote. Where are we sending people?

If they don't sound good (meaning their sound is distracting from the content), stop and ask them to get a different microphone, different position, etc. TRUST ME, you will not want to release this to you audience. Who do you want to upset, your legions of followers or ONE guest. You will spend a lot of time trying to clean up bad audio, and some times you just can't.

When the guest arrives let them know its not live (unless it is) and that if they mess up you can do it over. Let them know that if you pause, you may be looking for the next question (and you're not looking for a longer answer).

Erik K Johnson has a great tip and says to come up with a great first question to get the interview pointed in the right direction.

Make sure you know how to say their name (sometimes you find them on YouTube and learn how to pronounce their name)

Michael O'Neal has a great tip in his Art of the Interview Course. If you know a guest loves to tell the same story over and over, use it in the intro, and now they can't repeat it.

Don't make them sit through the whole show if it's done live. If it's a live call, then bring them on 5 minutes before they go on the air.

Michael O'Neal said (when he was on this show) to promote the guests stuff first, then they are happier to be on the show, promote the episode, and they aren't looking for opportunities to promote because you already did.

After the interview is over -before you it stop - ask them if there is anything they'd like to change.

When the interview goes live, make it INSANELY Easy to share your stuff. Give them links to the mp3 file, to your episode on your website, and a graphic. Realize they may not share it at all, and that's OK. They did their job, they provided content. You can use tools like Click to Tweet so you give them one link and it sends the tweet.

Podcast Guest Tips

Don't give one word answers.

Listen to an episode to understand a bit about the show, the vibe, the audience.

Get the best microphone available in your house (I suggest the Audio Technica atr2100) and wear headphones (even if it's earbuds)

Email the host the day of the show

Show up on time.

Have one sheet that explains you, your bio, websites, social media, and attache a headshot.

If you're promoting something, see if you can give people access to your product before the interview.

Try to customize your answers to their audience.

Don't go crazy with the hosts name, and compliments on "That's a good question" (unless it was an actual good question).

Nobody tunes into an infomercial on purpose. Bring Value.

If the episode would bring value to your audience, promote it on twitter, and any other venues you feel comfortable.

Podcast Glossary "H"

htaccess file

A file on your website that dictates how your website functions, and what files are accessible

Hindenburg Journalist

This is one of my favorite tools to edit audio with. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistle of Adobe Audition, but it also has much less confusion.

Mentioned In This Episode

Erik K Johnson

Jessica Rhodes

Michael O'Neal

Start Podcasting Today

Go to and use the coupon code listener

Dec 5, 2016

Branding and Marketing Your Podcast: Lauren Nelson Interview

Today on episode 543 we talk with fellow podcast Lauren Nelson who is the Marketing Manager for She produce the audio drama podcast "The Box" and share her insights on how podcasts ban boost their marketing efforts to stand out.

Realize there are no rules to podcast. For Lauren she takes as much as she needs to tell her story, and that's it.

Your iTunes artwork is your first impression, have someone who is a graphic person create yours.

Consistency can boost your brand by never missing an episode, or by announcing (if you take a break) your planned absence.

People may want t-shirts, mugs and other "Swag" items, so keep this in mind when making your artwork.

The Apple company broke the rules in their advertisements (so have companies like All Spice)

Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Thin about how "a show about nothing" is one of the top televisions shows of all time.

Lauren's Favorite Marketing Podcasts
Smart Passive Income
Marketing Over Coffee
Duct Tape Marketing

Special Podcast Marketing Guide

Go to free guide promoting your show, and your design needs.

Blue Yeti - A Hands On Review

The Blue Yeti is quoted WAY TOO MUCH as a great podcast microphone. It is a condensor microphone, and if not used properly can make really bad sounding recordings. It can pick up what is right in front of it, what is behind it, or everything around it. You want to "Cardoid" setting for your best  recording of a solo podcaster.

To avoid sounding like you’re in a tunnel you need to turn the gain down, and get close the the microphone. When you do this, you will have what most people call “popping p’s” when you say worse that start with P’s, B’s, H’s, etc as the from your mouth goes into the microphone. The solution is to purchase a pop filter. Due to it’s unique size you need a specialized pop filter. You can purchase the Blue Pop Filter for $59, or you can grab a perfectly good one for $22 from Auphonix . The other thing you need is a shock mount. The reason for this is ANY touching of the desk that the Yeti is sitting on will pick up the vibrations. So you can purchase the shock mount from Blue for $56, or this one from for Auphonix for $30. So the price of a Yeti goes from $89 to somewhere between to $$141 to 204. The shock mount is going to need a stand so I recommend either the Rode PSA1 ($99) or the Heil PL-2T ($130)

This is why the Audio Technica ATR2100 is the Best Podcasting Microphone NOT the Blue yeti.

The Audio Technica us a dynamic microphone (which means it will pick up less noise than the yet)

While the stand that comes with the ATR2100 is very simple, it will pick up less thumping (but I would still recommend a shock mount. This unit is a shock mount and pop filter in one for $9.

Because its more of a “traditional” microphone you are a little more open to pop filters and shock mounts.

The ATR2100 works via USB and XLR ( can work with a mixer) so if you’re flying solo, or need to plug into a mixer you’re good to go.

So to get the same features you would need a Blue Yeti ($199), Pop Filter ($22), Shock Mount ($30), so would be out $251. Where is the ATR2100 is $77, the pop filter shock mount is $9, so you would be out around $86.

Podcast Glossary "G"

Grageband is a free software on the Macintosh platform that can be used to create a podcast. While great looking and equipped with some powerful tools, I feel its great for assembling podcasts, but not the best for editing out “Ums, and ya knows.”

"Glenn the Geek'd it"
Glenn "the Geek" Hebert runs and is doing a great job getting advertisers on his show. He gets sponsors to help promote his show and other actions. An example Jim Collison got a sponsor to pay for a custom app and said, "I Glenn the Geek'd it." To hear Glenn talk about his techniques check out

Podcast Rewind

Podcast Roundtable "Getting Your Show Out To Your Audience"

The Pub "Investigative reporting costs thousands of dollars"

Because of My Podcast - My Network Has Grown

Nick Snapp of the  The “Make it Snappy” Productivity Show has had his network of resources and friends grown since starting his podcast. He even got to Puerto Rico with a film documentary and film John Lee Dumas of Check out Nick's Show at

Mentioned in This Show

Alexacast - Get the most out of your Amazon Echo

Best Podcasting Gear - Find out the best podcasting gear


Start Podcasting Today

Go to

Nov 28, 2016

Today we talk with Michael Oneal. Michael has over 500 episodes of his Solopreneur Hour, and also a co-host/producer of the Hines Ward show. Michael talks about how standing out leads to better relationships which lead to better opportunities. He also talks about his new "Art of the Interview" course.

Sponsor: Emerald City Productions

Your first four episodes edited for $15 each, and after that, it's only $40. Think of the time your will save, and think about how good you will sound. All the ums, and yaknows will be gone. All of your volumes will be even, and the equalization will be just right (not too much bass, not too thin) Check them out at

Because of my Podcast: Jim Collison Caught the Attention of the Department of Labor

3:06 Jim Collison does a podcast for his job. Also at his job he works with high school students in an intern program. The country needs more programmers. Gallup is making it happen. He got interviewed on the program (see the video at, but what caught the ears of the State of Nebraska Department of Labor? The Audio podcast.

So because of Jim’s Podcast, he got a meeting with the Department of Labor for the State of Nebraska.

See Jim’s podcast for Gallup at

Jim also does his podcast which you can find at

Michael Oneal Stand Outs Above the Rest

9:51 Michael Oneal comes up with stuff that is awesome, and the beauty of his information is that it is stuff you can put into action immediately. Here is an example. If you are doing an interview with someone and you don't want them to use the "same old stories" in this interview. What do you do? Use those stories in your introduction, and they can't use them in their answers. They are forced to come up with NEW answers. BRILLIANT.

He has a new course called the Art of the Interview which you can find at

Michael started out as a web designer who has lived all over the country and has had some great experiences. He is a professional drummer and has acquired skills in all sorts of areas.

He filled in on the David Wood Show, started his own show and within a year was making a six figure income. Today we want to know how he did it. 

Michael stood out by giving Pat Flynn an iTunes gift card, and late taking him to lunch (after slowly building the relationship) then DIDN'T grill him about business (he zagged when everyone else zigged). This "non-grilling" talk then stood out from every conversation that Pat usually has at lunch. So Michael turned that into the Solopreneur Hour Show and how he has over 8 million downloads.

Michael produces/hosts a show with Hines Ward Show from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Today you hear how relationships got Michael in the door that had been closed.

Michael spent 90% of his bank account to buy flowers for John Lee Dumas, and it resulted in a great friendship that has lead to Michael partnering with John with different projects.

Michael turned down coaching because he didn't feel he was a coach. His audience showed him he was missing an opportunity.

He didn't launch with giant platforms. He got to know his audience by talking directly with his community and launched with a private Facebook group. This private Facebook Group has now evolved to Michael's Solo Lab

28:02 Michael is launching a new show about Hi End Stereo Equipment because he likes talking about it. He's not thinking about sponsors. He's not thinking about downloads. He's thinking he enjoys super high-end audio equipment and wants to talk about it. Now think about that. THIS AUDIENCE (hi-end stereo equipment) HAS MONEY, AND they don't have a problem spending it. He didn't over think it. He didn't do months of research. He wants to talk about it, so he did. As he said on his Solorpreneur show, "I'll figure the rest out later."

Most shows are awful because they are started not on passion, but on the idea of monetization and making big bucks. So when life happens, and you run out of steam, your episodes suffer.

The Art of the Interview

30:00 Michael trains people that "Patterns Become Products" and that is what inspired the Art of the Interview Course that Michael recently launched. People kept asking him for it (a pattern) so he turned it into a product;

Here again, Michael took steps to stand out. He made three separate courses in one.

He recorded the course in a video format

For the audio version, he didn't just strip the audio from the video. He recorded different audio to maximize the audio format.

He had some take transcripts of the audio, and then tweak it into a Kindle book.

He does a "directors cut" version of one of his toughest interviews. You get to hear Michael "Armchair Quarterback" the interview.

More Ways To Stand Out

38:01 Michael shared the stories of gift cards and flowers, but Michael shares GREAT tips on making sure your guest will promote your show

People don't take the word "host" serious enough.

As many podcast listeners don't listen to the end of the show, don't wait to plug the guest at the end of the show (please note that is why I plugged Michael's courses at the beginning of the interview).

Michaels Resources

Solo Media Ninja Course

Michael's Coaching Program

Michael's Free Course on Attending Contentions

Michaels Solo Lab

Art of the interview course

Solopreneur Hour Podcast

Dynamic Ad Insertion Is Awful

45:20 Dynamic ads allow you to populate our back catalog with advertisements. I play a clip from a show, and the transition from content to ad back to content is mind boggling. has announced that they partnered with Podomatic. While this is interesting, what we need is not more podcasts. For those that want to monetize, we need MORE SPONSORS.

Mentioned In This Show

New Media Show

JKM Agency (Podcast Advertising)

Ryan K Parker from the Food Craftsmen

Alexa Cast (New Test Podcast From Dave Jackson about the Amazon Echo)

Podcast Consulting Sale (ENDS SOON)

Use the coupon code backfriday now through the end of the month on one on one consulting

Purchase 60 minutes of consulting and get a free month at the School of Podcasting

Nov 14, 2016

Today we are going to get our gear on. All you gear heads are going to love this. We are going to talk about some of the best places to purchase gear, we are going to talk about mixers, and we are going to compare three microphones that are under $100

Because of My Podcast - I Had to Quit My Podcast

John Dennis is the co-organizer of the Thrive Make Money Matter conference, and the moderator of the Podcasters hangout Facebook group. He is also a podcaster with with smart time online, or he was until his podcast brought him so much business he had to stop podcasting to take care of his customers. AMAZING!

Best Places To Shop For Podcast Gear

Isn't the quick answer, "Amazon, DUH"? Not always. Here are some places to check out.


When it comes to shopping for selection and price, it is hard to beat

Now for the record, I am an affiliate for Amazon. However, you will hear where this may not always be the best place to purchase your gear. If you want to shop via Amazon, please use our affiliate shop at The other advantage Amazon has is if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get free two day shipping

Same Day Music

If you were going to purchase an Electrovoice RE320 Microphone you might be tempted to go to Amazon where the price is $279. Did you know that Same Day Musichas the Electrovoice RE320 microphone for $299 and they have non-new versions for $269 AND you don’t have to pay tax on your purchased unless you live in New Jersey.


BSW ( ) is all about audio and broadcasting so they have some niche items that you may not find in some places. They also run specials and have bundles that you won’t find at some places. For example if you wanted to go totally pro and buy an Elecrovoice RE20 Mic, 309A Shockmount, BSW Broadcast Microphone cable & REPop Filter Package it would be $479. If you bought the equivalent at Amazon.

B & H Photo

Their prices are typically about the same as others (occasionally more expensive), but if you can’t find it in another place, chances are you find it at BNH. For example they have a package for the RE2o that has a cloud lifter.. The other thing you will find at BNH (and you will have this at BSW) is a knowledgeable staff. For example one package with the RE20 comes with a cloud lifter which boosts your signal (which is a pretty good idea). They have another package that has the RE20 and the DBX 286 preamp (a totally pro setup)

Podcast Stock Test

If you were using a microphone like the Heil Pro40, or a Sure SM7B, these need a lot of gain to work properly. One Solution is a piece of equipment called a "Fethead" so I went to the above mentioned place.

BNH – Yes $89

Same Day Music – No

Amazon – No (suggested a cloud lifter)


So like I said, it helps to know where to shop based on what you are looking for.

Do I Need a Mixer

What is an Audio Mixer?

If you and your co-host are in the same room, and you are playing music in your podcast the purpose of the mixer is to allow you to adjust (mix) the audio levels of you, your guest(s), and the music so the listener does not have to ride the volume knob and make constant adjustments.

Key Word Here is NEED

When I say NEED here, I mean “Can’t do it without it.” You can always find a use for a mixer, but I’ll explain when you NEED one, and when you WANT one (there is a big difference). Keep in mind that the simpler you keep it, the less headaches. The more you add, the more things that can go wrong.

When You Need a Mixer?

If you have multiple people in the same room. Everyone should have their own microphone, and that should go into a mixer.

If you are mixing in live music and sound effects.

When You DON’T NEED an Audio Mixer

If you are recording a solo podcast and you are going to add any music or sounds in later.

When You DON’T NEED a Mixer, but Probably Could Use One

If you are doing a show with a co-host or guests who are remote. You could record this with an ATr2100 microphone and a portable recorder (and use Skype as the mixer)

Best Podcast Microphones For Less Than $100

Today I test the following microphones:

Samson Q2U

Audio Technica AT 2005

Audio Technica ATR2100

Overview: For the most part, if you look at the specs of these microphones they should sound very close. They all are dynamic (pick up less room noise), and you can plug them into a mixer, or directly into the computer using USB.

Out of the three the AT2005 looks the best. In regards to which one sounds better I rank them in the following order

  1. ATR2100 - TOP
  2. Samson Q2u - a little warmer
  3. AT 2005 - Still sounded good

Realize sound is subjective and some microphones sound good with one voice, and not so good with another. This is where a mixer can be handy (even if you're flying solo).

BOTTOM LINE: These are all fine choices, and you won't regret purchasing any of them. The big take away, is you don't need to spend $1600 to start a podcast.

Great content can save poor audio, but great gear will not save horrible content. Once you get your microphone, focus on the your audience and the content.

One Final Note: So many podcasters recommend the Blue Yeti. Is it a bad microphone? NO. Is it a good choice? NO WAY!. Why? It is a condensor microphone and condensor microphones pick up a ton of room noise (I know I have not one, but TWO in a drawer). It's always interesting when I hear someone recomend the Blule Yeti, it is often with the phrase, "I use that one when I started out." One other point, the  [easyazon_link identifier="B002VA464S" locale="US" tag="sop2-20"]Blue Yeti USB Microphone - Silver[/easyazon_link] is $149. It would be great for gamers who don't want to wear a headset.

Podcast Glossary "E" Part Two

Mark from the Resourceful Designer had a comment stating I skipped a bunch of "E's" in last week's show, so here they are. Let it never be said that Dave Jackson is not up for some constructive feedback. You can find out more about Marc at
Episode zero
Episode zero is a podcast episode that is often a simple introduction episode used as a placeholder as you need one live podcast in iTunes.

Effects are things you can add to your audio such as reverb, echo, compression.

Equalization is a fancy word for adding bass, treble, etc that affects the tone of your audio.

Enunciation is talking in a way that everyone can clearly understand what you are saying. So instead of saying “I’m doin’ allrigh….” you would say I’m doing allright.”

Ecamm Call Recorder
Ecamm Call Recorder is software for the Mac platform that allows you to record skype conversations. Some people refer to the software with just the phrase “ecamm.”

Evernote is a free software that allows you to organize…. Well anything you want. You can have text,pdf, images, these all then sync to all of your devices. As you can share information with other people, this is a great tool for collaborating on show notes. You can learn how to use Evernote quickly in the Organizing Your Podast Course.

Email List
An email list is a software (typically a web based company such as MailChimp, Aweber, Convert Kit and many, many others) that enable you to put a form on your website. Your listeners can sign up to get updates via email. You then can go in and right one email that goes to all of your subscribers.

It's a Boy - Derek Daniels Launches a New Podcast

One thing I don't do enough of on this show is spotlight new podcast from members of the School of Podcasting. So this week I'm spotlighting the Derek Daniel Podcast. Find it at real people doing real life.

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Nov 7, 2016

Lee Silverstein got a call on New years Eve to let him know he had cancer and needed Chemotherapy. Lee is the man that gave "The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary" film it's name. He is a messenger for his audience. He delivers stories that provide hope, information, and inspiration. Check him at out

Today's Show it brought to you buy Emerald City Productions

SPECIAL DEAL: Four episodes edited for $15/each. Then after that, it's only $40. They will edit out ums, etc. remove noise, adjust volumes, and make you sound fantastic. For more information go to

Lee Silverstein Delivers Hope With His Podcast

Lee Silverstein started a podcast that he wish he had when he was told he had stage four colon cancer. Lee has been battling cancer since he was five years old, and he considers himself more than "A podcaster," but a messenger. He delivers hope, information, and inspiration. Today we hear:

  • Feedback from his audience that brought Lee to tears
  • How Lee has secured three sponsors by finding products that fits his niche perfectly
  • How Lee had strict criteria for his sponsors
  • What pitch Lee uses to get sponsors.
  • A "Because of my podcast" story that you HAVE to hear.

Mentioned in this interview

Lee's Colon Cancer Podcast

Glenn the Geek from Horse Radio Network

Hear Glenn be interviewed on the Sop

Pofest in Orlando go to

Podcast Glossary "E"

Episode zero

Episode zero is a podcast episode that is often a simple introduction episode used as a placeholder as you need one live podcast in iTunes. 

In my opinion, I would do more than introduce yourself. We always want to deliver value in our podcast episodes, and right now your audience doesn't know you, and probably (to be honest) doesn't care who are what you are. They are asking, "What is in it for me?" Be sure to give them something that makes them wish there were more episodes.

Why My Eleven Years of Podcasting Sets Me Apart

I recently discovered another "Podcast About Podcasting," and was checking it out. I'm sure the host is a fine person that loves their family and wants to help their audience. Some people come into the space, and only repeat the favorite memes at the time and never go about checking if they are true. So I threw up in my mouth a bit when I heard them perpetuating the same old podcasting tips that are just wrong. This included

The Blue Yetis is a great microphone (it is if you are in a very, very, very, quiet room - which 99.9% of podcasters are not - so it's NOT a great microphone)

You only get 8 weeks to be in new and noteworthy (TV show podcasts go in and out of New and Noteworthy all the time)

You should launch with at least three episodes so when people subscribe you get three downloads (this is false. It does not happen automatically. Your listen would have to choose to download the back catalog)

My friend Ravi from Digital Access Pass as well as two podcasts ( about membership websites, and Cut to the Chase )has a new book out called Confessions of a Wanna Be Podcast Star that goes over many of the myths that a puked out over and over.

In the book he covers these myths and much more. Now for the record, Ravi uses a Blu Yeti, but thankfully in his book explains how you need a really quiet room (which he has). I was quoted quite a bit in the book, as well as other podcast consultants. In some cases, Ravi did his own investigation and provided screenshots to show the results of his research. I read it over two nights and found it an easy read, will be pointing people to it in the future when I see they have been sucked into the bad advice train that comes through the Internet on a regular basis.

Take Aways From DC Podfest

This was a great event for me. I met so many people who I had never met and were brand new to podcasting. The event was run very professional, and all the speakers were great in keeping to their time slots.

One of the coolest phrases to describe what we do as podcasters. We are digital influencers. Put that on your business card.

I heard about Amolto from Mathew Passy from which is a skype recording software for the PC (that I will need to check out).

Keep your interactions from Social Media. So for me, I had some people say some very nice things about my presentation on twitter. Take a screen shot and put those on your website. a cool site for Royalty Free images which I have added to This site has Free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects. All pictures were photographed by Ryan McGuire and free of copyright restrictions.

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Oct 31, 2016

Hindenburg Journalist Noise Reduction

The latest version of Hindenburg Journalist Software (slowly becoming one of my favorites for people who "Aren't too technical"). They have a new noise reduction feature that is super easy to use, and actually not bad. 

Here is a video of it in action

Grow Your Audience Using the  KFC Approach

If you live in the US, and maybe outside you are familiar with a certain Colonel Sanders who started Kentucky Fried Chicken. You also notice that over the years they have introduced grilled chicken and changed their name to KFC. This name change provides less emphasis on the word FRIED which in the world that is becoming somewhat more educated on better food choices might serve their sales better.

Today I'm going to share what KFC stands for based on a book I'm listening to How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less by Nicholas Boothman. You can get the audiobook for free by going to (If you want to be an affiliate for audible, go to )

The part is Know what you want out of podcasting. I've said before that you need to know WHY you're getting into podcasting. If you don't, you'll never make it through the how. Are you looking to be seen as an expert? Then maybe you should do some Q & A. Are you looking to get people to know and like you, then maybe it's time to ditch the interview format and talk directly to your audience. If you're trying to get a message out, then come up with a hashtag so you can track your progress. The other thing this does is it helps you know if you're being successful or not, or if you're even on track.

The F in this instance stands for find what you are getting. When I get feedback from people, they seem to like my style. They say I seem laid back, and I break things down into easy bite size chunks. They appreciate the fact that I occasionally try to get your to laugh. In the past, I've told you about and and how I've used those services for surveys. My favorite tool for this now is Google Sheets ( You can easily take this spreadsheet tool, and with a few mouse clicks turn it into a survey for your audience.
Unlike the previous tools I mentioned, it is free, and there are unlimited questions and unlimited responses.

But what if the feedback you're getting isn't what you were expecting. What if things are going in the wrong direction.

You've heard me quote Ryan K Parker of for years. I quote it because it's true. No one will punch you in the face if you change your podcast. In fact, look at any long running series on TV, and you will see how things evolved. Many times that was because what they found out was that their ratings were going the wrong way.

Not it takes courage to be able to have people leave your feedback. If you go back to the beginning, when you KNOW what you want out of podcasting, you will be willing to tweak it to get what you want, as you give your audience what they want.

Many Streams Make Up  A River

Launching my New Godaddy Reseller Account

Recently we've been talking a fair amount of about sponsorship, so I want to restate something. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUR PODCAST. If you are looking to have some income one of the things you might consider is instead of  trying to get a big giant paycheck, get a lot of small checks.

Earlier this year I added some features to the School of Podcasting and raised the prices quite a bit. It turned out those features weren't exactly what people were looking for. So, I tweaked some things, and adjusted the pricing. I also looked at the financials of the SOP. Part of the expenses for the School of Podcasting is my ongoing addiction to buying domain names. Yes they are only $9.99 a year at (more on that in a second), but when you have over 100 domains, that adds up. My solution was to eliminate the middle man. I became a reseller for Godaddy. So if you need web hosting, domains, SSL certificates, or any other web related services, you can go to and support me, and have the power of Godadddy.

I Was Won Over With Support

It wasn't just the domains that got me to put my eggs in the godaddy basket. I helped a friend setup a website using Bluehost. Now for the record I have a few websites on Bluehost. This is because I always try to use what I recommend. He hit a bit of a snag, so I told him how they had good service. He got on the phone, and I got on the live chat. As a person who works in support, I may be a bit more critical, but it was not fast at all. He finally got someone on the phone who was sticking with their script. We got our problem solved, but it took the better part of 90 minutes.

I've been promoting Host Gator for years. I've used them for over 15 years. I've always thought their support was better than Bluehost, and still do. Over the last year, what use to take 3-5 minutes to get a live chat person to answer a question was turning into 5-20 minutes, and then I often felt like they were holding 5 different chats at the same time. Not horrible, but not great.

When I tried out Godaddy, I was floored by their support. Over the years they called me to show me how I could save money with their company. No really catch when they called. They just saw my current situation and wanted to let me know if I did things a certain way I could save a few hundred dollars a year. When I get on their chat, I usually have someone within a few minutes and I get my questions answered. So I have a website I'm hosting on them, I didn't have any problems, so I became a reseller. I'm sure they are not perfect, no host is, but their support won me over.

Currently if you want to order web hosting specifically designed to be lighting quick with Wordpress, I have a special going where you get

  • 2 websites
  • 30GB SSD storage
  • 400,000 monthly visitors
  • One-click staging site
  • SSH / sFTP
  • Search engine optimization plugin
  • Malware scan & removal
  • Standard SSL Certificate - 1 year free ( renewed annually)

For $11.99 for more information go to

Why Mystery Show Was Cancelled by Gimlet

When this show first aired I stated that this show was well produced, but in the end the content was stupid. 

That's why the show got cancelled. See my original review.

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Oct 24, 2016

Today I share my story on how I secured a sponsor for my show. I'm doing this as an experiment as I prepare to update my book More Podcast Money Next year. I also share the behind the scenes of what it was like to take on a sponsor. There are some things that I have to tackle mentally.

Emerald City Productions - Our Sponsor

1:15 Emerald City is running a special go to and tell them you are from the School of Podcasting and have your first four podcasts done for $15 an episode.

My Favorite Podcast Is

2:50 I'm working on the last episode of the year where we all share what our favorite podcast is (you can only pick one, and no, it can't be yours). Then be sure to tells us a little about it, and WHY you like it. Also, be sure to tell us a little bit about your show and where we can find it. So its free promotion for your show, and later I get these transcribed and turn them into a book. The deadline is October 31. Go to

Getting A Sponsor For Your Show

4:30 Today I share my story on how I secured a sponsor for my show. I'm doing this as an experiment as I prepare to update my book More Podcast Money Next year. I also share the behind the scenes of what it was like to take on a sponsor. There are some things that I have to tackle mentally.

Getting A Sponsor For Your Show
Today I talk with Jessica Kupferman who has been selling advertising for a very long time (back in the day on banner advertising) and has been podcasting since 2013. I know her best for her show which she does with Elsie Escobar (it's a fascinating take on podcasting from a Women's point of view).

Jessica just launched an add agency that helps sponsors find podcasters, and podcasters find sponsors. Here are some of the insights from today's discussion

You need to know how many downloads you get per month

If you don't have a ton of downloads, but you have an active community, that may enable you to secure a sponsor

You don't need a media kit if you don't have one. Jessica can create one for you.

If you're pricing per episode, you might as well flush your money down the toilet.

The smallest contract/campaign she sells is three months. She will go two months if there are no other options.

Podcasters should be open to having the sponsor on the show to help create content.

In regards to platforms, sponsors are looking at Twitter and Instagram followers.

You just need to create a report once a month

Never lie about your stats. Not only does it make you look bad, but it also makes podcasting, in general, look bad.

How do you figure out what to charge for your podcast?

The current standards for CPM is $15-$100 which is why it doesn't work for most podcasters and is the worst way to sell your show

Can unique genres get a sponsor? (i.e. Science Fiction movie reviews)

To be considered for adds go to

She also is a co-host for She Podcasts

The Mental Side of Podcast Advertising

34:00 When you take on an advertiser, you have a couple of things to consider.

You need to make sure your sponsor fits your audience and is something you can talk about honestly. When you promote something that you don't believe in, that is (in my opinion) the definition of selling out.

Make sure you are aware what you will be delivering, and then deliver it.

Remember who your TRUE audience is. Having multiple audiences can be a struggle. My audience is you. You've been with me for almost 12 years. If I pay too much attention to promoting the sponsor, I lose the true audience (again, you). If I don't pay enough attention to the sponsor, I lose the sponsor. The problem is I'm being paid for a 15-second spot. I recorded the spot four times last night, and the first one went over two minutes long. I figured out what I needed to say, and figured out how to see it as quickly as possible. This first ad was a bit longer as I needed to introduce you to the sponsor. I've always liked he way Gimlet media does their advertisements, and I plan on borrowing as much as I can. If you are a regular listener, you know I like to think outside the box. Just know, this can mess with your brain. Remember you worked hard to get an audience, and advertisers will come and go. I have never heard one, but I've heard stories about Leo Laporte going on for what seems days when he does a spot for Audible. If you don't pay attention to your listeners, then there will be nobody to hear your advertisements.

What if you have a Patreon account? Well if you are delivering extra value to your patrons, then this shouldn't be a problem. They are getting what they pay for. Also, Patrons are people who want to support you. When they hear, you are benefiting from an advertiser they may be all for it. Just don't be surprised if someone stops being a patron because "You don't need us."

Speaking of that, realize that someone will not like the fact that you have advertisements. There is nothing you can do about that. Focus on the one who stays.

Podcast Rewind

38:18 I appeared on the Rock Your Retirement show talking about Alzheimer's disease

I appear on the new Cut to the Chase from the friend Ravi from Digital Access Pass. This is business advice with not fluff (hence cut to the chase ) so it is some of my best podcast advice in one quick blast.

While I have appeared on Podcast Junkies, I wanted to point you to the episode with Jonathan Oakes of Triva Warfare (who I've been on his show). It was just a great show where you hear Jonathon talk about how he shaped his show over time, and ever has a cool because of my podcast story. Check it out

Podcast Glossary


Blubrry is a media hosting company (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month). They are also the people who make the PowerPress plugin. The PowerPress plugin will work with any media host (although it does full integration with blubrry) such as Podbean, Libsyn, Soundcloud. We will talk about PowerPress later when we get to the P's, so for now Blubrry is a media hosting company.

A compressor is an effect you can add to your audio. In its simplest form, it makes louder things softer, and softer things louder to ensure a level audio output. These can be applied in software, or they can be physical pieces of hardware such a DBX 286

CPM is a pricing model used by the Radio industry. With CPM you get paid a certain amount for 1000 listeners. So if you have a CPM rate of $6, and you have 20,000 listeners you would pay the radio station 6 X 20 = $120. CPM rates in Podcasting typically start at $20 and go up. Some reporting as high as $60 or more. For most podcasters (without thousands of downloads) CPM is not a viable model to making money with your podcast

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Cast Interview Recording Service

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Oct 17, 2016

Comments" Call 888-563-3228

I've spoken about Corey Fineran before and how his Chicago Cubs podcast Ivy Envy helped get a rule changed in Major League Baseball. Corey's boss saw the impact podcasting creates and talked Corey into starting a podcast for his job.

Corey's podcast helps high school students with special needs transition into the workplace. It went over well. It lead to him starting Next Up (His own business) Here are some key points:

They tried it to see if it would work.

They got feedback from their audience, and listened to it, and acted on it.

They updated their equipment after they proved the concept.

Corey's goal is to help as many students as possible. His niche (students with special needs) is often overlooked, or has no budget. So he created the content that was needed. One night it was speaking with his brother in law (who is well versed in running a business) and they realized that he could reach more students and have a larger impact if he did this on his own, and start his own company. So Corey:

Used his brother as a resource to launch the business

Converted his current employer into his first customer

Used his mother (an accountant) to help with taxes

Growing His Business

Corey found that educators are not used to being "pitched." The tried and true strategies of mass emails, cold calling, etc were not going to work. So he did what any good podcaster would do:

He went to where his audience was.

He started attending events where he could talk face to face about his products and services.

Common Podcast Lessons and Truths Translate to Business

Listen to your audience and be open to suggestions

When you have a great podcast people will spread the word about your show

When you can, the best way to get feedback from your audience is face to face. It is also the best way to start building those relationships.

While your audience can become your brand advocates, so can your family (so make sure they know what you are up to).

Save at Podfest

Us the coupon code earlybird at

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Oct 10, 2016

Today we have some lessons from fast food that apply to podcasting, and I talk about zagging when everyone is zigging,

Bernie's Greatest Hits

1:58 My cat is pretty popular on this show as he chimes in all the time. When I went to Pittsburgh last week apparently he got a record deal. He's releasing "Bernie sings the hits"

Someone Is Doing a Show Like Mine - So I Didn't Start my Show


One of the most frustrating parts of being a consultant is seeing someone who has the right stuff to create a podcast, but they are more skilled at finding reasons not to press record than actually pressing record. Today I have two points I want to make

Someone will come to me and say, “I want to do a podcast about ______” but someone is already doing a show like that. The first thing I say is to go to iTunes and see when their last episode was published. Many times the person has already hung up their microphone.

But what if they haven’t?

Let’s look at McDonald’s. Here are some interesting facts (well facts according to Wikipedia). McDonald’s was not the first hamburger chain. A&W was first in 1919 followed by White Castle in 1921. McDonald’s didn’t come about until 1940.

Fun facts:

McDonald’s started as a barbecue joint. They found that hamburgers were more profitable. So they started in one direction, and then followed what their audience wanted. I always say your podcast is a recipe not a statue. You can change it any time you want.

White Castle developed the supply chain and automation to have a nationwide food chain way before McDonald’s did. But when McDonald’s did, they didn’t recreate the wheel. They looked at what others were doing, and borrowed the best, and tweaked the rest.

Now when burger king came along in 1953 did they say, “I would open a restaurant but someone else is doing “Assembly line” hamburgers? No. They didn’t recreate the wheel, and they tweaked it (adding flame broiling and “have it your way” at Burger King).

What is the one thing that is common here? Well in the US apparently we can’t get enough of hamburgers. If you throw some meat on a bun and squirt some ketchup on it, we will eat it. In America I think if you put enough ketchup on anything we will eat it.

They saw their competition and looked at ways to innovate. Breakfast was introduced. Bigger hamburgers like the Big Mac were introduced in 1967. Later the innovation of the drive through window.

So if someone is doing a show like yours, WHO CARES! If you think it will be fun, if you think people will enjoy it, DO IT. The WORST thing you can do for yourself in podcasting is COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS.

Podcasting is like golf, while there is competition, you are really only competing against yourself.

Now to my second point, and this builds on innovation. Todd Cochrane recently launched a new Podcast Legends show and it is interviewing podcast pioneers (people from 2004 - sorry Chris Hardwick is not a Pioneer) and one of the things I forgot about (I started in 2005) was the WHACKY shows that just made you go WHOA!?!

Yeast Radio was by Madge Weinstein and was one of the most subscribed to podcast in 2005. Madge would say outrageous things about the government, about her hygiene (she was often bloated), and in general said things often people only think. She was an angry, jewish, fat, Lesbian. There was one other small twist.

Madge was a dude (Richard Bluestein ).

One other thing, if you could handle the language, Madge was pretty darn funny. Madge was the queen of tuning in because you didn’t know what to expect.

The really cool thing was there was NO WAY that this would EVER be on radio or TV. It’s kind of what made podcasting special, unique, and intimate. Madge is still going strong at

One person did a show called the daily download where he recorded his thoughts while using the bathroom...

Dave Slusher from the Evil Genius Chronicles mentioned how one podcaster had a show called Podcat where he would play clips of other shows intermingled with clips of his cat.

Why did people do this?

Because THEY COULD. There was no radio, no FCC, no program directors, and it was YOURS. If people didn’t like it, WHO CARES. Podcasting was much more of an art form. People grabbed their stick microphone and press record, because they had something to say, and they could be creative.

I think we’ve gone too far from those days. Now we over-think podcasting as if our lives depended on it. We are all preparing as if this is going to be a full time job some day because it might be. That is true.

Maybe We Should Zag?

I was listening to the Start Up Podcast where they have a team of 18 people per podcast (roughly), and when they launch a show it sounds painful. It sounds like there so up tight about it. I guess they should be as they are doing this as a business. But let's look at women singers. Back in the day Madonna stood out for singing in her underwear. No EVERYBODY sings in their underwear. So now there is  someone sings with a bit more passion, keeps her clothes on, and has oodles of talent that lead to her selling 31 million records (Adele). She stands out because she's not doing what everybody else is doing. Maybe, just maybe it's time to stop doing a "This week in," or "On Fire", or "Three guys one brain" shows. Maybe, just maybe we should all spend that extra time figuring  out if there is something we can do that might make us stand out (realizing that there is no way to do something 100% original)

Fun Fact: According to a CNBC story 60% of restaurants fail in their first year. This is a company that is serving FOOD. That is something every single person on the planet NEEDS (not wants).

Now we have podcasting that only roughly 30% of the planet even knows we exist, and people think they are going to make six figures talking about their love of Barbarella and other fun movies. I hate to be skeptical, but that might be a tough road. This is what is bothering me.

Just because you can’t make a living with your podcast shouldn’t stop you from starting it. If you would have fun with it, then start it and have fun.

When you look at the people making big bucks in podcasting, and you stress our about it you take the fun out of, well, FUN.

That my friends is a crime

My Favorite Podcast Is (2016 Version)

22:52 It's that time where I ask you to answer a very hard question. What is your favorite podcast? You can only pick ONE (no ties). Then (more importantly) WHY IS IT YOUR FAVORITE? You can CLICK HERE, and let me know (and be included in the last episode of the year, and in the 2016 version of the book).

Podcast Glossary "B"


Bit Depth, Sample Rate, Export or Encoding Rate
I want to use the analogy of a camera here. Let's say you are taking pictures at a Nascar Race, and there is a wreck. One person has a camera that takes 10 pictures per second, and the other person takes 5 pictures per second. Who has the better representation of the wreck? The sample rate is how many times your recording device (computer or portable recorder) "takes a picture" of your voice. The standard is 44.1 which means it takes a picture 44,000 times per second. Can you go higher? Sure, but there is a minor problem. Most everything is created at 44.1, and when you mix with other sample rates, those will need to be re-sampled. Not the end of the world, but in the end remember most people are going to listen to this in their car or ear buds. The details you gain are not really worth the hassle (in my opinion).

So what is Bit Depth? If we stick with the analogy of the camera, the Sample Rate is how many times per second the recording device "takes a picture" of your voice, the Bit Depth is the megapixels on the camera. Most people record in 16 bit. Can you record in 24? Sure. Is it needed? Not in my opinion, but if you ask engineers who do music they will disagree.  In photography bit rate it is how many colors are used to make up a picture, so more bits would be a better reproduction of your audio (but again, we are getting into overkill).

You want to record in a "lossless" format. Lossless means the sound you record is what you hear back. It does not lose any quality. That's the good news. The bad news is these files are HUGE. So when you record you want to record in WAV on a PC or AAC on a Mac. This keeps the best quality. But you don't want to force your audience to use these big giant files that destroy data plans. So we encode them as MP3 files which are much smaller and still sound good.

So I want to use the analogy of painting a house now to explain encoding. The sample rate is how much pain it on your brush. The encoding rate is how fast you move the brush across the house. If you go too fast no paint gets on the house. If you go to slow, you get too much paint, and it may run. There are three formats that are used frequently.

128 Kbps Stereo. This is sometimes referred to as "CD" quality. That is debatable, but it is the highest acceptable rate (IMHO). Meaning anything above this is too much, and you are just wasting storage space, bandwidth, and the difference in audio is almost unnoticeable. (So anything above 128 is too much paint on the brush)

64 Kbps mono. This file is half the size of the 128 kbps but has no stereo separation (which if your show is mainly talk, is not a big deal).

96 kbps mono. This is used for people who feel the extra bits make the files sound better.

You could also say that 64 mono / 128 stereo "Cover with one coat" of paint. Anything below 64 (32 kbps ) you don't have enough paint on the brush (and you get hiss, and bad audio).

Podcast Rewind

Ham Radio 360 had a listener download his back catalog and listened to him for two weeks.

Mike Murphy Unplugged - Has the Adobe Audition listening to his show (last week we mentioned that you never know who is listening)

Glenn Hebert from Horse Radio Network

Podcaster's Roundtable -Listeners to Subscribers

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Oct 3, 2016

Today we in this episode:

We have a great because of my podcast story that has someone getting paid to do something they would do for free

We tackle some of the podcast jargon starting with the A's

We revisit the File For Download debate in a podcast smack down!

A tale of sleazy guests

And we remind you that you never know who is listening.

Because of My Podcast Lucas Apps

Podcast leads to relationships, and those relationships lead to opportunities. Those opportunities can lead to more relationships (you get the idea). Lucas ended up getting paid to do something that he loves - because of his podcast. Check out Lucas’s show at

Can I Podcast With a Built-in Microphone?

8: 53 If someone invites you to go golfing. The host shows up with their golf club, and another friend shows up with a pool stick, and you show up with a hockey stick. Sure you can attempt to golf with a hockey stick and a pool stick, but compared to the other people who are using the proper equipment it is going to be obvious that you are not using the right equipment. This doesn't mean you need to spend $1600 on equipment. You can start with an Audio Technica 2100 with a pop filter and mic stand for $93 (full disclosure is my amazon affiliate site).

The Wrong Podcast Gear Can Mess With Your Head

I did an hour session for International Podcast Day and to make a long story short, I brought along a microphone (as I was on the road) and then locked it in an office. I HAD to use my built in microphone. I was embarrassed. While I think most of my presentation was OK, I would be the first to admit that this was not my best presentation. I had notes in front of my, but in my head, I just kept hearing a voice in my head shouting that I sounded like a hack using a built-in microphone. Had I had access to the Audio Technica 2100 with a pop filter, I would've been relaxed and more focused.

I Can't Believe ____ Is Listening to my Podcast!

14:20 Try not to use the word "only" when talking about your audience. I "only have" 20 downloads.

Check out Podcast Legends by Todd Cochrane Here is the Episode where he talks about his phone call with Steve Jobs.

I share a story about talking with Michael Hyatt at the New Media Expo and finding out Michael Hyatt listens to my show. Check out Michael's Book Platform

Sting explained on the Tonight Show how he had three people in the audience of a "the Police" show. He interacted with them and made it very intimate. It turns out two of them were DJs who started playing their music.

Cal Nelson of Ham Radio 360 had Adam Curry (one of the people who helped invent podcasting) listens to his show.

The Libsyn File For Download "Discussion"

24: 15 A few episodes ago Mike Dell (a friend of mine who I've known for years) stated my advice about when and when not to use "File for Download" on the Libysn platform was "bad advice." Mike is a great guy, and we are going to have to agree to disagree on this. The fact that I work for Libsyn as a support person and he works in support for is probably not a coincidence.

Two years ago (roughly) I had severe problems with my Wordpress install. One of the things I did was move my RSS feed (which was getting pounded at the time). Luckily at the time I had been publishing my episodes on Libsyn (and copying and pasting the link) into Powepress. Now because I set these episodes up using the "Add New Episodes" in Libsyn, when I switched my feed from PowerPress to Libsyn, my Libsyn feed looked just like my PowerPress feed.

Last week I talked about how using File For Download option in PowerPress is not a great idea. People Like Pat Flynn and Cliff Ravenscraft have recommended that strategy. That makes sense for them as they have multiple podcasts and they are using ONE libsyn account and using their Powerpress. But they are missing out on some automation that would not hurt their WordPress install.

So here is my point, if you go to Libsyn and create an episode as an episode (not a file for download) you are not hurting your podcast at all. Some might argue that you are creating a second feed and that could be confusing. To this I say, for 11 years I've been having to hand hold people to subscribe to ONE feed, let alone two. Some might say that this might damage my SEO. To this I say, I've been using the Internet almost since it was invented, and I have NEVER pulled up an RSS feed in a search result. Google Chrome doesn't display RSS feeds in a way that makes then readable, so why would Google pull up something you can't read?

A file for download is meant for people who want to restrict access to a file. A classic example is someone who has a podcast, and they also have a membership site. They only want members to have access to this file. In this case, they can upload the files as a "File for download only" and only the people who have the direct link can access that file.

So when you upload a file in Libsyn, you CAN use the Add New Episode option and have it do zero harm to your Wordpress feed. You can copy the direct link into PowerPress. Much a like driving around with a spare tire doesn't harm your car, having a second feed available doesn't hurt your Wordpress install (you'll only use it if you need it). PLUS you can also have that episode go to Twitter, Facebook, LikedIn, YouTube, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Tumblr, and more. When you make a file for download, you now have to promote to those sites using another tool. So you are missing out on a TON of automation.

To those who think, "Who would watch an audio file on YouTube?" according to Tory Heinritz of the Black List Exposed podcast people who are deaf. Because YouTube attempts to transcribe the audio in the video,  deaf people can now read your podcast (with some noticeable imperfections).

Get a free month of hosting at or using the coupon code sopfree

Podcast Glossary

36: 46 Today we will tackle the terminology beginning with A

Audio Interface (XLR to USB/FireWire)
You will hear phrases like XLR and quarter inch, 3.5 MM USB, and Firewire. So let's cut off the fat. Firewire was a connector used on old Macintosh computers and no longer is used on new equipment. XLR and Quarter inch are typically ways to plug things into a mixer. An XLR has three holes in it to line up the plug. A quarter inch is a thick plug about the size of your pinky finger. A 3.5 MM connector is better known as a headphone jack. If you are looking to purchase a mixer you want an XLR input jack for every person. USB is another way of connecting things primarily with computers. To use these in a sentence, the Sure SM58 microphone plugs into your mixer via an XLR jack. You can connect the Audio Technica ATR2100 microphone using its XLR jack or via its USB jack. If you think of extension cords, some have two prongs and others have a third prong.

Audacity is a free software that runs on Mac or PC that is used by many podcasters to create podcasts. It has many, many options. Most of them you will never use.

Audition is a software from Adobe that runs on a Mac or PC that you rent to use each month. It has some features that make it easier to use than Audacity, and it is considered by some to be "More Professional" but that is up for debate as both are very powerful. Audition has many, many options. Most of them you will never use.

Auphonic is free software (for PC or Mac) with premium options that you can run your audio through, and it will remove noise and adjust audio levels. Auphonic is great for interviews where one person is louder than the other, or you recorded yourself, and you were too quiet. Find it at

The Levelator software is free (for PC or Mac) that adjusts the volume of your file to be equal. So if you have two people and one is quieter, it will boost the quiet person to match the volume of the other person. You can find it at

Sleazy Guest Who Hijack Your Website

44:27 Jon Buscall shared a story on episode 48 titled "Integrity" of his Online Marketing and Communications podcast about a guest who kind of used a special link to overly promote themselves on Jon's website. It was so intrusive that Jon eventually pulled his episode. It's a very fascinating story. Maybe in the future we will have to spell out the common sense details to guests who come on our show and explain how they are allowed to link to our websites.

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Mentioned in This Episode

Platform by Michael Hyatt

Podcast Legends by Todd Cochran

Podcast Junkies Podcast

XV - King's X

Sep 26, 2016

Becuase of My Podcast - Rick Seizemore of VRStudio Workforce

 Rick Seizemore from VRStudio Workforce shares how your podcast will help you land guests, and those guests can then point people to your website. Your site then becomes an audio business card that can capture people’s attention. This is what the VR Workforce Studio Podcast Does

Is Podcasting A Ponzi Scheme?

I got an email from a friend of mine who has kind of "had it" with podcasting.

He said, " I have recently done some calculations and have come to the conclusion that the hours spent podcasting would be better spent doing other things, like narrating audio books and maybe even some work around the house. I am doing a weekly video show via Skype, being streamed live on YouTube. I use Wirecast to make it look professional, and I have been releasing the audio as a podcast. I stopped the podcast side this week.

I said when I started podcasting a couple of years ago, I would do a serious review at the two-year mark, and have concluded that while I have learned much I will be using for audiobooks, and am glad I did it, to continue would be a waste of time. Here's the part you probably won't agree with:
In the 80's Amway came through this area, and a lot of people joined and got hyped up (me included). After a while, it became clear that a lot of people at the top were making money, but it depended on a constant supply of fresh "believers" to fuel their incomes. People who started early were making money, but the thousands below were being Nickle and dimed and were doing nothing but financing those above. It worked as long as everyone believed they could make it.
Podcasting today is a similar type of pyramid structure, where everyone who started before 2007 or 2008 are making an income off of the believers below. (I find your motives pure, and I appreciate that.) It is VERY important for those below the median numbers (Around 120 according to Rob), to believe there is no discovery problem. That way they keep paying their $20 a month to Libsyn, buying books, Wordpress plugins, and tools for podcasting and going to conferences.
No matter how good your content is, the average basement independent has about 0% chance of ever being heard the first time by hardly anyone who doesn't know them already or is only 1 or 2 degrees separated. This is simply due to saturation.
The main people who make it now either are famous already, are starting a full-time business that happens to involve podcasting and has 6 figures to invest, like JLD, or are part of the corporate invasion. There may be an isolated incident here and there where it happens, but it so rare it doesn't bear mentioning. It is simply too late for the average independent show by a person working a full-time job to make an impact beyond a few niche listeners.
I was also dismayed to find the same "entrepreneurs," using many of the same books, and the same hype milking the same types of people. There is a sucker born every minute. They find them, use them, discard them, and move one since there are always more suckers on the internet. An example: a well-known personality in podcasting who was putting out yet another book solicited all of us to submit articles for it. We of course, had to buy the book to see if were in it. We weren't. Not one of us. The book had already been written and included older interviews that happened long before he solicited for articles. He simply lied to get us to buy the book. It worked, and we were the suckers. Well, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
I calculated how many listeners I would have if gained one new one each month, and how many hours I would spend editing and putting out the content I already have from the video show. My conclusion: I hope to retire in 3 years or so.  36 new listeners. Over 600 hours of podcast editing during that time.  BTW, I am not getting 1 new listener a month.
Contrast this with the one audio book I have narrated so far. It didn't sell. Only 11 copies so far. I have made $50 from that. What would happen if I spent those 600 hours over the next 3 years doing audio books that don't sell, and get royalties for the next 7 years on each?
Allow me to soften this by saying I have always found you and your efforts on behalf of the little guy podcasters to be the most honest and trustworthy of all. Your human-ness and transparency is wonderful, and I would love to spend time with you in person but neither of us have that time to devote to it. Thank you for all you have done and you continue to do for us bottom feeders. POWER TO THE SHRIMP!!
My Response
In looking at your stuff here would be my comment.
I'm not I would've put everything into one stream. I understand the extra cost, but I wouldn't have done it that way. I knew the name of your show and couldn't find it because all of your shows were under the name of the network in iTunes. That is a recipe for failure. It's hard enough to find a show when the name is correct.
I'm sure you found putting out so many episodes was a LOT of work. Anyone who starts out and gets no money in return (if that is the goal) means, "lots of work with $0 = burnout."
The bottom line (boiling it down) is the same reason I do podcasting over playing in a band. The band is days (months) of work for $50 if I'm lucky. If I practice two hours a week for six months to learn enough songs and do that for year that is 104 hours of practice. But wait, each gig is 4 hours. If we play every other weekend for ten months that is twenty gigs so another eighty hours (184 hours total). Those twenty gigs pay $50 each (20X50 )= 1000.   1000/184 =$5.34 an hour. If I say I "play for free" and remove the 80 hours of performing (and loading gear) that is still $9.64 an hour.
I'd rather stay home, not put up with drunks, and save my back and make more (or less) the same kind of money.
Some reports that 80%, 90% of businesses don't make it, others say 33% don't make it.
When I look at someone like John Lee Dumas he is the poster child for "Yes you can make money with a podcast." In the same way that the Beatles are the "Yes you can make money in music," not everyone with a guitar and long hair is the Beatles.
I don't believe there is a discovery problem. There wasn't a discovery problem for the Serial Podcast. Liz Covert at Ben Franklin's World has over 1 million downloads and she only has 100 episodes.  She doesn't have a team.
I agree that a ton of podcasts are coming out each week, but when a horse race starts, there are tons of horses coming out of the gate. Someone is going to win.

The Recipe of a Successful Podcast

1. Know who your audience is and what they want.
2. Give it to them on a consistent basis
3. Go to where they are (get out from behind the microphone)
4. Make friends with them.
5. Tell them about your podcast.
You said, "It is simply too late for the average independent show by a person working a full-time job to make an impact beyond a few niche listeners. " Podcast is only consumed by 30% of the planet. We are just getting warmed up.
Used in this Episode (in no order )
Hall of Fame Podcaster Godfree from
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Harry from
Daniel J Lewis from
Ray Ortega from the Podcaster's Studio (courtesy of the Podcast Engineering School)
Erik K Johnson from Podcast Talent Coach
Paul Colligan from the Podcast Industry Report
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Glenn "the Geek" Hebert from Horse Radio Network
Brian from
Adam Ragusea from The Pub podcast
Jordan Harbinger from the Art of Charm
Dan Benjamin from
The Wolf's Den Podcast
Eric Fisher from Beyond the ToDo List
Mark from Late Night Internet Marketing
Rob Walch from The Feed Podcast and Today in iOs
Elsie Escobar from She Podcasts
Jessica Kupferman from She Podcasts
Michael Sharky from The Talent Show  
ick Seuberling 
Jared Easley and Starve the Doubts ( Check out Stop Chasing Influencers)
George Hrab of the Geologic Podcast

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Sep 19, 2016

Rachel Smets is the author of Awaken Your Confidence and stops by to share some insights into building your confidence. You can find her at as well as @rachelsmets and Facebook. and YouTube

We talk about overcoming imposter syndrome, and how telling someone "just start" doesn't work. Here are three things you can do to help boost your confidence:

  1. Don't compare yourself to others.
  2. Start Small
  3. Failure is Feedback

On this Week's taping of the Ask the Podcast Coach show Carlos asked, "how do i become a popular podcaster when i was the most unpopular kid in high school?" to this point to the following people who were not popular in school:

Steven Spielberg says, " “I was a nerd in those days. Outsider, like the kid that played the clarinet in the band and in orchestra, which I did.”"

Taylor Switft says, " I remember when I was in school, the whole reason I started writing songs was because I was alone a lot of the time. I’d sit there in school and I’d be hearing people like, ‘Oh my god, this party that we’re going to is gonna be so awesome on Friday. Everyone’s invited except for Taylor

Charlize Theron - “I didn’t have any boyfriends in high school. I had a massive, massive crush on this one guy. He was a couple of years older than me and I did not exist in his world.

Selena Gomez " “I was bullied every second of every day in elementary and middle school.”

Lady Gaga " “Being teased for being ugly, having a big nose, being annoying. ‘Your laugh is funny, you’re weird, why do you always sing, why are you so into theater, why do you do your make-up like that?’"

Jessica Alba " “I’d eat my lunch in the nurses’ office so I didn’t have to sit with the other girls. Apart from my being mixed race, my parents didn’t have money so I never had the cute clothes or the cool back pack.”"

Cameron Diaz " “I’m a dork! When I was high school, I was a total goon! All the kids used to make fun of me. I was like all skinny and gangly and guys were like no thank you.”

Jennifer Garner - I was a real nerd. I wasn’t the popular one, I was one of those girls on the edge of the group. I never wore the right clothes and I had a kind of natural geekiness. I was in the school band and I think that has a bit of a stigma at the age of 13. If you’d asked me what I wanted to be, I would have said something like a librarian.

Kate Winslet - Winslet was bullied and teased for being chubby. Her nickname at school was Blubber, and she was once even locked in the art cupboard

Miley Cyrus - At school, there was an “Anti-Miley Club” full of “big, tough girls” who were “fully capable of doing [her] bodily harm” and went above and beyond in their bullying pursuit. Cyrus was once locked in a bathroom during class: “They shoved me in. I was trapped. I banged on the door until my fists hurt. Nobody came.” Other incidents included challenging Cyrus to a fight, which only ended when the principal stepped in. And when Cyrus wasn’t being physically abused, she was being teased, with classmates telling her, “Your dad’s a one-hit wonder. You’ll never amount to anything — just like him

President Bill Clinton - As a junior high schooler, he was picked on relentlessly for being a “fat band boy” with bad taste in clothes. He was also known as a band geek.

Michael Phelps - He was taunted for his “sticky-out ears” and lisp, as well as his long arms, which ultimately took him to greatness.

Tom Cruise - His Dad had the family moving a lot to find work. Tom says, " I was always the new kid with the wrong shoes, the wrong accent. I didn’t have the friend to share things with and confide in.” And at each school, he faced the fresh experience over and over again. He was small for his age and easily pushed around."

Walt Disney He was fired by a newspaper editor because, "he lacked imagination and had no good ideas." After that, Disney started a number of businesses that didn't last too long and ended with bankruptcy and failure. He kept plugging along, however, and eventually found a recipe for success that worked.

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A Podcast Can Be A New Start

When you start a podcast all of the stupid people who didn't know the "true" you are gone, and you can start from scratch. Don't let your past dictate you future. Podcasting has boosted the confidence of many leaders in their field who say the practice of talking into a microphone. It has helped people be better speakers as they are familiar with coming up with presentations.

So jump into the podcasting pool. The water is warm and friendly.

File For Download Only and Other Mistakes Others are Making

If you are using (if you're not use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month) there is an optoin called "File For Download Only." This is useful for people who have membership sites, or VIP groups and they don't want the general public to have access to the file. The only want certain people to have access. The problem is two very popular consultants are telling their clients to use this all the time, and that is just bad advice. While this works for them (where they have multiple shows, and other outside circumstances) its not a good idea for most. Here is why:

  1. If you want to use any of the automation at libsyn, you've somewhat shot your self in the foot
  2. If you go back later and want to add this feature it's not easy.

So as you Mom use to say "If Johnny Johnson jumps off a bridge are you?" I ask, "Just because Cliff Ravenscraft uses file for downloads only, doesn't mean you should as well). 

Keep Your Wordpress Website and Plugins Updated

I had a handful of people contact me this week when the name of their podcast changed to "No Title" in iTunes. The reason? They were running an older version of the PowerPress plugin. Now the PowerPress plugin is not bad, but you HAVE TO keep it up to date alone with your Wordpress install. If you don't you are asking, no, BEGGING people to hack you and give you headaches. Then always have a backup of your website. I use Backup creator. I've used Backup Buddy.  I'm looking into ManageWP which just joined Godaddy.

Why I'm Changing the School of Podcasting

I recently changed the School of Podcasting to try a "Scarcity" strategy. To make a long story short, it didn't work for me. I apprecaite all those who wanted to help my business, but as a teacher the one thing I want is eager students. Now when I get them I have to tell them to wait 9in some cases months) until the site reopens. For more details, read this post on my blog

International Podcast Day is September 30th

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Sep 12, 2016

Today I'm fresh back from a trip to Podcast Midatlantic where I spoke on a panel about podcasting. On Sunday I had some time before I flew home so Rob Greenlee and I Went to see the Liberty Bell in Independence Hall in Philadelphia. There are some things that learned in this visit that I thought we could apply to podcast.

- When there is no great entertainment, people will flock to ANYTHING. Case in point the Liberty Bell, an old large bell with a giant crack use to go on tour and people would FLOCK to see it. In today's society, the bar is set pretty low in regards to content so you can stand out pretty easy
- The Liberty Bell was flawed. Yet, people came out in droves to see it Did it sound impressive? No, I watched a video, and no it didn't but what it did do was stand for something. People came to the event, but more importantly, wanted to pay tribute to it's ideals. The ideals of the liberty bell is what is strong and stirs emotions. It's not the technology.

The creators of the Liberty Bell has never made a bell so large. It shows, x-rays show how there are cracks throughout the bell (and that's why you won't here it ring) when you ring the bell you only make it worse. The lack of knowledge didn't stop the creators from doing their best. In the end, I'm sure they felt they failed, but by creating something, they gave their audience a gift.

- After a tour of independence hall (where a large amount of the early forming of America occurred), I learned how they all collaborated together to put together the declaration of independence. Article Five of the United States Constitution detailed the two-step process for amending the nation's frame of government. The constitution was put into place on March 4, 1789. If they had waited until it was perfect, the Constitution wouldn't have been adopted t until May 7 1992 (the date of the last amendments). As of 12/2014 approximately 11,539 proposals to amend the Constitution have been introduced in Congress since 1789. The point being you can "Amend" your podcastwhenever you want.

- The bell first cracked when rung after its arrival in Philadelphia, and was twice recast by local workmen John Pass and John Stow, whose last names appear on the bell.  When I was there on 9/11/16 reflecting on 9/11 there were people there all over the world. There are probably millions of bells across the world. Some of them are bigger, sound better, and yet here people flock to see an old broken bell because of what itstood for Liberty.

More Great Take Aways From Podcast Mid Atlantic

I was greeted by Heather from Craflit who presented me with a custom t-shirt that has *psbs and my logo. What does PSBS stand for? Podcasting since before serial. Heather was just as cool in person as she is online. The fact that someone would go out of their way to make me a custom t-shirt was amazing. It these tings that leave me speechless. Heather is a truly amazing person. A mind like hers you don't find often in this world.

Mich O'Neil from the solopreneur hour had a great top for interviewing people. How do you avoid having a seasoned guest come on your show and NOT spew the same lame answers? You put their answers in your introduction. You disarm them. Now they can't reference those "traditional answers" and they have to dig deeper into their bag of answers for something new.

Mark Asquith from took what I've been saying, "Ask your audience what that want" and sharpened it. Ask them what they NEED. Awesome.

Jessica Kupfeman of She Podcasts who help people get sponsors through her showed that people love an underdog. Poor Jess had lost her voice, but we were all pulling for her as she tried to present with her lack of pipes. Her content made up for the lack of tone and quality of voice. This works in person, I'm not sure it would work as a podcast.

Your might have a perspective that nobody else has. On Sunday 9/11/16 I had breakfast with Rob Greenlee from Spreaker, and Heather Ordover from Craftlit. We kind of shared some thoughts on 9/11 as it was the 15 year anniversary. Heather's perspective was like no other I had ever heard in 15 years. Why? Because she lived it. The plane engine from the second plane fell on the roof of her school. At one point, she turned to see the second dust cloud as it covered her. Her husband knew she was in the cloud. He was watching it on TV. You are a unique person. Only you have your history, perspective, and experiences. It gave me goosbumps.

Christian Lee and CJ - What My Son is Learning From Podcasting

Chrisian Lee does a podcast with his 10-year-old son. It's called What are we watching. Chrisitan (a standup comic) was very entertaining and dropped some great knowledge including:

His son is learning how to push on when technology lets your down.

He is getting to talk to celebrities.

Their podcast has lead to some conversations that were needed. They opened the doors to some much-needed conversations.

He is comfortable with technology, and working in his school.

He is building his confidence.

Because of My Podcast: Jim Collison

(Starts at 1:56 )Jim Collison does show for his job (how cool is that). Jim was recently given an award for his work on the podcast (demonstrating that his podcast is making him a more valuable employee), and when Jim goes out to meet his audience he is somewhat swarmed. Congrats to Jim. Dave and Jim do the Ask the Podcast Coach show every Saturday Morning at 10:30 AM EST at

Jim's show for his job are at Http://

Jim also is the man behind the Average Guy Network

Dave Jackson Talking Podcast Success

I appeared on episode 19 of the Podcast Fiend show talking podcast success

Check it out at

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Sep 5, 2016

Today I am excited to have Jen Briney of the Congressional Dish podcast on my show. Jen reads legislation that is going through the house of representatives. She then reports back to you with no slant on democratic or republican slant but more of a intelligence vs moron slant. Her passion to help people understand what is happening right under our noses oozes out of her. Any conversation about politics will make it obvious.

Congressional Dish is so good that at times I have to turn it off. It makes me upset and I need to punch something. Yes, it's that good. Jen also makes it entertaining. While she tries to restrain herself she does have any cursing replaced with the sound of a golf club. This stops her show from being explicit, and adds just a pinch of comedy to the show to keep it light.

Her goal is to have the people use the control we have as American voters and vote these losers out of office. Here are some of the reasons why I wanted Jen on the show.

  1. Her success didn't happen over night. She's been doing this for four years.
  2. She hasn't been afraid to try new things and new formats
  3. She realized that she could do a great show, or go crazy. This meant no reading EVERYTHING. She realizes that if there is no Jen, there is no show. Consequently, the show is better, Jen is better, and we all win.
  4. She started with horrible equipment, and later upgraded. She didn't let equipment stop her from launching her podcast
  5. She is a great example of taking control of her show, and doing it the way she wants to do it.
  6. She shares today that dealing with haters takes long term vision. It's also easier said than done.
  7. She wants to have a paywall where she can do more experimental episodes for her die hard fans without potentially costing her new listeners.
  8. Her content has lead to getting almost 10,000 downloads per episode - and she's just now starting to promote the show.

We talk a little politics and play a clip that Dave found very funny. As Jen explained it, we all have buttons that can be pushed. A listener wrote to the show and began telling Jen how she could grow the show to a much bigger audience if she would work on "her tone." Well this is something she heard growing up and set her off. She grabbed a microphone and off she went. She liked the raw emotion of the clip and got a lot of support from her audience (When Dave did this he almost got sued).

Check out Congressional Dish at as we as in iTunes, or download the Congressional Dish iOs App as well as Android App

Because of Her Podcast

Jen has been on the Jessie Ventura show on TV, and she has been asked to speak at Podcast Movement. 

Mentioned In This Show

Please support The Messengers Podcast Documentary. They are sooo close to reaching their crowdfunding goal. Goal chip in a few bucks, and then tell a friend to go to

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This is show #530 of the School of Podcasting and originated at

Aug 29, 2016

I can handle some people explaining their strategies of launching a podcast, but there are some things that are just blatantly WRONG. Here are a couple that get my goat.

Episodes Get Downloaded When People Subscribe

If you simply launch with only one episode on your first day, and someone subscribes to your podcast, then you only get one download. BUT, if you launch with five episodes and they subscribe, then you get five downloads, which will help to raise your rankings within iTunes.

This is not true, and easy to test. Go to and subscribe and see if my back catalog automatically downloads.

You Only Get 8 Weeks to be in New and Noteworthy

Podcasts based on TV shows go in and out of New and Noteworthy all the time

50+ Honest Reviews Will Get You Into New and Noteworthy

Nope. It's subscribers that really count. Not that reviews don't mean anything, but subscribers appear to carry more weight. Also boosting people to the top of the charts before they have found their own voice doesn't work.

Case in point Philip Phillips.


Exactly (season 11 winner of American Idol).

They talk about generating buzz, and getting people to talk about your show. You want to do this every week you are podcasting. You want to bring value on a consistent basis.

Here is a video that explains why I know these are not true

Rob Walch at Podcast Movement said the following things about New and Noteworthy

  • His KC Startup podcast was featured (front page) of iTunes and saw a bump of about 300
  • His son's podcast Porter's podcast saw a bump of about 1000
  • He said a front page listing will get a bump of anywhere from 200-a couple thousand.
  • Podcasters who game the system to be #2 in the Education category and rarely got over 200 downloads per episode (most were around 100ish).

The sad thing is people are never launching because they can't get the recommended number of podcasts (3,5,8, 30) ready to launch. Just launch.

Losing Your Audience in Jargon and Inside Jokes

We are all too close to the trees to see the forest and depending on who you audience is, we need to remember that we get new listeners all the time. When we start using jargon (words that only people with experience in you field, or potentially an inside joke ) you can leave them confused. This makes them feel like an outsider, and potentially tune out. Recently on an episode of the Podcast Review show both myself and my co-host Erik K. Johnson were lost in the hosts use of big words and inside jargon. Now, maybe we aren't their target audience but it really took away from the experience. 

Being a person who grew up in the church Christian people who are trying to reach the world when they start spouting things like "Lion of Judah, Bathed in Blood, Alpha and Omega, evangelical, Holy Ghost, born again, unspoken prayer requests (which just means someone in my family messed up again). Be a "Proverbs 31 woman". The list goes on. 

I asked my buddy Cale Nelson from HamRadio360 to come in and share some jargon. 

Tascam US-32 

Tascam MiNiSTUDIO Personal US-32 Audio Interface for Online Broadcasts is a brand new interface for podcasters who are looking to broadcast live and have the ability to mix in (up to) three sounds. There is also the ability to add effects. Most of the effects are pointless (make your voice deeper, higher, reverb, echo, distortion). 

This is kind of exciting as this particular

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