Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. This could ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.

Some Podcasting Basics Are Worth Repeating

In today's episode we talk about how I often revisit some concepts about podcasting. Today I get an email from a listener that points out that I repeat myself over and over. Looking back, I see his point, but I also know that new podcasters make the same mistakes over and over and over (hence causing me to repeat myself). Here are some basic podcasting truths that will never go out of style:

1. Build your website using a Web hosting company (use the coupon podcastcoach at Host Gator to save).

2. Put your media on a media host like or (use the coupon sopfree to get a free month at both places).

3. Have a great looking album artwork.

4. Don't use another platform (blog Talk Radio, Tumblr, etc) as your "main" website

5. There is a huge difference between a $8 microphone and a $99 microphone. There is NOT a huge difference between a $99 microphone and a $300 microphone (in my opinion).

6. When in doubt ask your audience.

7. Don't get into podcasting to make some quick cash

8. When you connect with your audience, they will download your back catalog.

9. Podcasting takes time. A 15 minute audio podcast takes about an hour from start to finish to create (roughly speaking).

10. Some times you get what you pay for when the prices is free.

Because of My Podcast - I Exchanged e-Mails With Jay Mohr [2:00]

Brainstorm from the Cannabis Community Project explained how he got free tickets from Jay Mohr by just reaching out to the comedian/movie actors/radio host and to his surprise he got a direct response from Jay himself. Now he can truthfully say that Jay Mohr has been involved with his podcast. 

Does Dave Repeat Himself Too Much? [6:15]

In response to the listener who emailed and said I repeat myself too much, thank you so much for the feedback. I will try not to do that in the future. There are some topics I will repeat (see the list above for a short list) but I will try to not stretch 15 minute topics into 45 minutes. I was unaware of this. I would love any additional constructive feedback in the comments (below) or just send them directly to me.

What I've done in the past and will continue doing in the future is I find other people to share their experience that reinforces the opinions and facts that I shares on each episode.

I Have An Idea - The Next Step of Podcasting [13:50]

I had a caller on the Ask the Podcast Coach show who was very excited about starting a podcast (we've all been there) but couldn't really say WHAT his podcast was going to be about. Many of us have been in Michael's shoes and we focus on the tools of podcasting. We ask about microphones, and wordpress themes. We ask about promotional tools like twitter and facebook. The problem is we don't have a podcast yet. We have nothing to record. We have nothing to upload .Podcasting starts with content. So if you are in this boat ( I want to podcast, but I'm not sure about what). I would recommend listening to the episode where I talk about getting your podcast in sync with your goals, and then write down 10 topics for 10 episodes. This will help you identify if you are really ready to start a podcast.

Don't get distracted by the tools. The tools you will use to distribute your content. They are worthless without the content. Make the content first, then start working toward how to distribute the podcast. Don't look at distribution, and then figure out what you're going to create.

Podcast Rewind [21:10]

I appeared on the Timelines of Success Podcast with Bill Conrad.

Podcasters Roundtable - Best Practices


Why You Don't Use Your Web Host as a Media Host [30:00]

The SDR ShowI have been saying how its a bad idea to use your web host (a website that provides a service to build a WEBSITE on) as a MEDIA HOST (a service designed to deliver and track the delivery of audio or video). I was contacted by Ralph Sutton of The SDR Show (Sex, Drugs, & Rock and Roll) because Ralph was using Dreamhost as his website host, and as his media host. H e even asked them if it was ok, and they said "Sure." One month later and his dreamhost had turned into a nightmare. He was getting thousands of downloads per episode and his server was taking a beating. Consequently, his host wanted him to upgrade. The upgrade would be $150 a month to be on a private server because he was getting too much traffic.

Luckily, Ralph contacted myself and a representative from Libsyn and we switched his media to a media server and now instead of spending $150 a month, Ralph is spending $20. Had this continued, there is a good chance his website company would shut him down. At that point you've developed a nice audience only to have your reputation tarnished by trying to save a few bucks.

Ralph Did The Work of Podcast Promotion

Ralph didn't look for the giant switch that would turn on one thousand listeners. He flipped those switches that turned on one new listener one thousand times. He crafted an email message and then customized it and sent it to everyone he knew on facebook. He then asked his friends who work in the rock industry if they would tell their audience about the show.

Stating the Obvious: Ralph has a radio background and a syndicated show across the US. he also has access to guests who are/were famous. This helps, but none the less these people would now have known if Ralph had not told them about his podcast. He did it in a personal way, and utilized the  relationship he had built up over years of being in radio.

Ralph had some stickers printed up and went to places where his target audience hangs out and passed out stickers. He went to where his audience was, made some contacts, and told them about his podcast. He use to have someone paint his logo on her back. He used this image to announce t-shirts.

Advice to Doing Podcast Interviews

Ralph does not write out questions, but topic he wants to know about. He wants to avoid the interview being an interrogation. He wants it to be a conversion. He plans how he will start the podcast, and from there he tries to have a conversation.

Be Ready For Traffic

Ralph switch to for his media and his problems went away. (use the coupon sopfree to get a free month at Libsyn). He then hired Dave to move his feed from one website to another.

What Caused the Problem With the School of Podcasting Website Last Week

Just because you can add domain after domain after domain on your shared web host doesn't mean you should. It is OK to do this as long as you don't use up more than 25% of the server's resources. I had 18 add on domains, and I was taking up 87% of the server's resources and consequently, my media host emailed me that they were shutting me down, and before I could upgrade it was too late. Does this mean every podcaster should NOT use shared hosting? No. Shared hosting should be fine for 95% of the podcasting community. When you do see yourself getting close to exceeding your resources, don't wait to upgrade.

In the end, I took a huge hit for two days as my websites were down. What did I save? $50-ish

Join the School of Podcasting 

Join Now - Start a Podcast<

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Today we talk about different successful people who took years to make it to the top. We also interview Nick Loper as he reflects on one year of podcasting and how its changed his business. We have an awesome Because of my podcast story that you will love about the yes music podcast. Go to for details

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In episode 418 we hear a great story about how a podcaster who loves the band Yes gets to interview one of the original band members. We catch up with Nick Loper who has been podcasting for a year (and author of the book Work Smarter:  350 Online Resources) . I fill you on on some pretty famous people who didn't get famous overnight.

Because of my podcast: Kevin Mulrine of the yes Music Podcast [3:02]

After three years of doing the Yes Music podacast, Kevin was able to interview one of the original members of the band. How did this come about? Some of his fans wore t-shirts promoting his yes Music Podcast, one of which went to a meet and great for the band. This lead to the band's publicity firm calling Kevin and offering a phone interview. This shows the loyalty of the fans (wearing their shirts to the concerts) and to the power of the nice (the band recognizes they can reach their fans through Kevin). Check out Kevin's show at

How long does it take to build a Podcast Audience?

More and more people hear about John Lee Dumas and they want his success in his time frame (9 months). While this is (obviously powerful if you have his resources) it is not the norm (don't you have thousands in the bank?). I saw in a facebook group that a podcaster had produced FIVE episodes and was disappointed. FIVE? Not fifty, or five hundred, FIVE. So I wanted to share some stats with you to give you some perspective.

SEVEN YEARS A Small band forms in 1959. They played crapping clubs for three years building their craft. They changed their name a few times. They decided all would contribute vocally They were UNIQUE,  and stood out, yet were passed by almost every record label. In their third year they had single hit the charts that made it to #17. Four years after having all four members in place the band had their first number single with Please Please Me. The band? The Beatles

FOUR YEARS A TV Show launches in 1989 The show aired, and the network NBC offered it to Fox who turned it down. The show’s schedule was interrupted in 1991 due to the Golf War The original pilot was not picked up as a series and was burned off in a summer slot on July 5, 1989 NBC executives remained high on the show and tried again with four episodes in the summer of 1990 The low-rated series then left the air for another couple months and returned in April of 1991 It didn’t reach number until SEASON 6 The show? Seinfeld.

THIRTEEN YEARS A comedian starts doing stand up at the age of 20. He gets not respect. He quits. Eventually changes his name, and his act and comes back 20 years later. He performs for 7 years barely making it. He gets a big break in 1967 and gets on the Ed Sullivan. Was that his peak? No. His peak was 13 YEARS later in the 1980 when a little movie called Caddyshack came out. The comedian? Rodney Dangerfield.

But What About Radio People?

Howard Stern (one of the most famous radio personalities in the US) started in 1981, but wasn’t syndicated until 1986 – FIVE YEARS

Rush Limbough started in radio when he was a teenager. He played music for a few years and quit radio. He came back to radio in 1984. He wasn’t syndicated until 1988 – FOUR YEARS

In the Beyond Powerful Radio: A Communicator's Guide to the Internet Age - News, Talk, Information & Personality for Broadcasting, Podcasting, Internet, Radio Valerie Geller states it takes three years to develop an audience.

So get into podcast because you want to reach the world, talk about your subject and enjoy meeting like minded people. It is going to take the following to grow your audience:

1. Content that connects with your audience.

2. Episodes delivered over time that achieve step 1.

3. Time

4. Publicity efforts to find your audience, go there, make friends with your audience, and them them about your show.

I Guess I Could Lie To You

I guess I could lie and say everyone who gets into new and noteworthy in iTunes will soon be cashing big giants checks, but its just not true. People who tell you different will take your money (typically lots of it)  and you will be the person at episode five stating , "Show me the Money!" because it won't be there.  

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I've heard it over and over, I want to podcast - I'm just not sure what I'm going to talk about. I recently went through Ray Edwards Rapid Writing Method(a great value) and if you've listened to the show you know I'm a big Michael Hyatt fan and today I pull a page out of the Ray playbook and some insights from Michael Hyatt's New Media Expo presentation to help you pick a topic that works for you. If you have a comment you can chime in on the show by using the information on our contact page, or call 888-563-3228. If you're looking to start podcast join today. Join Now - Start a Podcast

Because of My Podcast They Lost 300 Lbs [1:52]

Today we get a second story from Cliff Ravenscraft (we interviewed him last week) and he shares how his podcast helped inspire someone to lose 300 lbs. How cool it that? Last 5 in 5 from J.D. Stutter Happy Camper Radio - Skip & Daniel - The Classic Tales - BJ Harrison - Useless Information - Steve Silverman - 99% Invisible - Roman Mars - The Mic & Denny Show - Denny Brownlee -

Podcast Rewind [9:22]

Dave Appeared on the Podcast Report Dave appears on the Audience Hacker Great Example of the Power of Podcasting on Podcast Junkies

Picking a topicPicking Your Podcast Topic

I'm using two things I've learned from two people I respect. Ray Edwards is a master copywriter, and Michael Hyatt is a king in content creation that connects. Choosing Your Topic - Idea Matrix What are things you like? What are some things you are good at? What are things other people say you are good at? What are things you hate? What Will Your Podcast Do? I am ________ . (what do you do?) I help _(target audience)_______ do or understand ________ so that __(how they benefit)_____ for me it might be: Dave Jackson I am a teacher I help intimidated adults overcome their fear of technology so they can impact a global audience in a positive way for both parties. If you would like more free content about this topic check out the show about making sure your podcast goals are aligned with your goals  

Mentioned in the Show

Porter's Podcast Action Coaching Airplane Geeks Oh Beep Food Craftsmen (Ryan Parker) She Podcasts Podcast Junkies

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While there are no rules to podcasting, most would agree that there are best practices. Most experts believe it starts with your audience, and providing content that they want ton consume. So today we showcase how you CAN do whatever show YOU want to do.  

Learn how to podcast by Joining the School of Podcasting

Are there boundaries for "Best Practices?" - Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft [5:20]

I approached Cliff this week to come on the show after voicing my opinion about "chit chit" in a previous episode (where I answered a listener question). I've known Cliff for years, and I thought it was stupid to talk about his show  (not the person) without actually stating his name. As I said last week, I'm not judging Cliff. We do have a difference of opinions on personal stories in podcasts, so I asked him to come on and share his insights. I want to see if there is anything I can learn. So I ask him why he would share personal stories in a show that many might expect to be all about podcasting. The beauty of podcasting is you can do you show however you want.

Last week without naming him, I commented on how I thought Cliff's latest podcast about relaunching a podcast had about 60% content and 40% non podcasting commentary. In the interview Cliff explains that he felt the 12 minute story about having the cabling redone in his house was not chit chat and done for specific reasons (thus the percentages would be different).

Here are some of the topics we discussed

Who made these rules? [7:30]

Cliff's story about rewiring his house [11:05]

Cliff's show prep [13:30 ish]

In some cases the content exists on a website and listeners are too lazy to find it [16:10]

Don't "should" on me, and providing an audio table of contest [17:00]

Don't take away Cliff's Voice [18:15]

How to Handle Negative Review [19:30]

Cliff's Half a Million Dollar Income [20:00]

Why Do I Share Stories? [24:30]

Allowing Your "Not so Great" Side to be seen [26:20]

Can't Live Without Content [28:20]

Cliff Shares Everything [30:28]

It's your Show - It's Your Format [31:25]

Cliff Ravenscraft - Life Coach? [32:00]


Main Points:

Don't get too worried if ONE person complains, this is ONE person. Focus on the people who are enjoying your content. 

Cliff does put an audio "table of contents" at the beginning of his show so people know what to expect.

Cliff knows his audience well and gets lots of feedback

Check out Cliff's Podcasting A to Z Class and use the coupon code " jackson " to save $500 off. 


Last 5 in 5 from Mike Dell [41:50]

What were the last five podcasts you listened to from Mike Dell who produces the Podcast Help Desk show

Penn's Sunday School

Thomas jefferson hour

New Media Show

Podcast Answer Man

Airline Pilot Guy


Listener Feedback [48:20 ]

Elsie and Jessica from the new She Podcasts Show chime in the on the episode where we talked about charisma.

Elise and Jessica really enjoyed the episode about personality and Charisma. 


Short on Podcast Ideas - Use Amazon?

If you're not sure what the next episode should be about, try using Amazon as a search engine. Go to and search for your show's topic (for me it would be podcasting). Then use the "peak inside" option and look at the table of contents for these books. You might find some of these chapters make good podcast episodes. Once you have an idea, do you research, inject YOU into the episode, and make it your own (don't just steal an idea, put your slant on it). Another strategy would be to have the author on your show. 


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This podcast is the sharing of my opinion as well as what has shaped that opinion. I would love your feedback you can use my contact page, or call in your comments at 888-563-3228


If you're looking to start a podcast, join fear free (as we offer a 30 day money back guarantee), and mix together your podcast recipe today. JOIN TODAY


When you start a podcast, there are a couple of things that will dictate how it sounds, looks, and what topics are covered.

Breaking the "Rules of Podcasting

In the past I've given tips on how you should get to the point when starting your podcast, and try to avoid too much unrelated chit - chat. For me the best recipe of podasting is:

1. Provide content that moves your audience by making them laugh, cry, think, groan, educate, or entertains them.
2. Use personal stories to help explain the topic at hand.


I learned about audio running the sound system when I was 13 at my church. You would learn that I grew up in a church and I've been around audio for many years. That is a relevant personal story. The story that my sister stubbed her toe is not.

Email From Tina Smith

I received an email from Tina from the Savvy Home School Moms Podcast

Question for ya....Have you ever listened to this show?

They are HUGE. No seriously, HUGE. Two moms host a weekly show about the craziness of being a working mom...been publishing episodes since the youngest was newly born....I believe she's 8 or 9 now?
They do a retreat every year called "The Escape" and hundreds of women converge on a hotel somewhere in the country (it changes annually) to relax and get away from their hectic, "Manic" lives as mommies. Chevrolet sponsors this for them every year, and sponsors their show regularly as well! They've also had Sleep Number as a sponsor. I'm sure they've had many other sponsors over the years. I've only been listening the past 3 years or so. 
They are actually the show that spurred me to start our own show, because it's so casual and made me feel like podcasting seemed very doable. And almost every show is JUST chitchat. They don't even always plan things, as far as I can tell from some of their jabs at themselves. I suspect there is SOME prep, notes taken on topics they want to cover....but in general, it sounds pretty off the cuff.
But they are funny, and they always have stories to tell and their audience ADORES them, judging by all the voicemail they regularly play on the show. 
I totally love what you teach and have learned SO MUCH from you, and will continue to be a huge fan....just wanted to share a show that really breaks many of the rules you and your guests set out for a good show format. :)  Just proof that there are always exceptions to every rule!
I was just listening to them, and then to your show where you were talking about how someone's show was talking about the weather, and how chitchat like that is not a good idea... and was thinking about how we repeatedly get listeners writing in and telling us how their favorite part of our show is the beginning they feel like they are sitting having coffee with friends. They tell us it's like taking a peek into our lives, and they like that. I imagine some like to commiserate with similar ups and downs, and other find it interesting to peek at a life unfamiliar to them.
I suppose it really depends on how it's presented. I find the Manic Mommies show really interesting and amusing...even though I'm not a work-out-of-the-home-mom, and don't send my kids to public school and we don't do any sports (those 3 things are the main content of the Manic Mommies' show)...I always look forward to listening to their show, and I know many people say the same thing about our show.  But if it were presented in a boring way, I can totally see that not working. But shared by people that have a chemistry and share things in a fun way, it can actually work. And work well!

Liked Minded People

I am not manic, or a mom. Consequently, this podcast didn't do a whole lot for. I am excited to hear that Chevy is sponsoring podcasts (so obviously they are doing something right). In the bots of the podcast I listened to the Mommies talked about Sunburn children, baseball playoffs, and more. They talk about trying to juggle working, family, relationships. Can any women identify? When their audience hears their podcast, they soon realize, "I'm not the only person who feels this way." They can identify with these people. Since they deliver stories in really interesting and amusing ways, this is the same ingredients but a different recipe.

Question One: Who Is Listening?

As the manic mommies podcast is gear (primarily) toward women, the communicate in a way what I call their "natural tongue." From a male standpoint (and pahleese I'm doing generalizations here) that means LOTS of details. It connects with their audience, and makes them feel at ease. I once traveled outside the US. I loved the places I traveled, but there was a sense of "Ahhhhhh" when I touched down in the USA. I was home. I was comfortable. I'm assuming Mommies may have this feeling when they listen to this podcast.

Podcasting is Not One Size Fits All

Tina is correct, this podcast does sound different than the podcast I talk about. It should. I'm not their target audience.

What is My Beef With Chit Chat?

Here is what I'm basing my belief on:

1. We are all busy.
2. Radio is awful primarily due to the MAMMOTH amounts of commercials (38% here in Cleveland).
3. Other Experts Say they are not about talking about yourself, and wasting time with chit chat.

a) Epic Content Marketing - Joe Pulizzi - "Your audience doesn't care about you."
b) Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently - By John Maxwell "Get to the point".
c) Chris Brogan (create of Podcamps) "What doesn’t work well is when people misunderstand the tools and aren’t really producing something; instead they are just having a chit-chat. There are a lot of people who think pressing record is the same as creating content. I always tell people just press record and get started, but somewhere along the way you’ve got to try and up your game, and make something worthwhile. (source)
d) Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World - "The point is it's not about you. It's about your audience, what would THEY find compelling." Michael Hyatt.
3) Pete Peaves - Podcaster's Roundtable - The #1 overwhelming  pet peave was not getting to the point. (see video)

So to calrify, my beef is not with "chit chat" it's with unrelated chit chat. I once listened through a 17 minute monologue about how the host hated the musician Bob Seger before they ever got to the actual topic.

Talking About Yourself IS working for some people

There is a popular podcast consultant who recently admitted they had not done their usual show prep. They had very legitimate reasons, and in my opinion should've skipped two episodes that were (in my opinion) 100% all about the host (I found very little take away). I really like this host as a person (super nice person)their show was not meeting my expectation of delivering content about podcasting.  This week they stated they were returning  to their typical 60 minute show which included:

A "short" 13:24 monologue about their life

A short 11:27 comment not related to their topic.

That means their show is 24 minutes of "off topic" content or 40% (meaning 60% he was on topic). This technically is worse than the 38% here on Cleveland radio during "drive time" in the evening.

This person's business makes a six figures. How does they promote his business? Podcasting. According to the host, he apparently has an audience who is interested in hearing his personal life details.

And you know what? That's OK. Its HIS SHOW.Platform

Different Strokes for Different Folks

I play the guitar. B.B. King can put a ton of soul into one note. Yngwie Malmsteen plays so fast your ears can't keep up.

Yet, its the same guitar.

You may talk and talk, and talk, and talk, about your personal life.

I choose to refrain.

Yet its the same mp3 format.

What you provide to your audience is based on your unique characteristics that make you - YOU. Based on the unique characteristics of your AUDIENCE, you may be surprised what they want to hear/see.

 The Key Ingredients of a Podcast

 In the book Platform by Michael Hyatt he talks about making "Wow" content. For me, I recognize "WOW" content when I don't want to turn off the podcast and come in the house. I choose to sit in the car and listen until the end of the story. He says this in the book

"It Exceeds the audience's expectations

It touches the heart on a deep level

It captures your attention to where you tune everything out (I'm paraphrasing on this one).

The information HAS to be shared. You can't contain it. "

How you package that material will be based on your experience, personality, and insights. If you're having success, my guess will be you have elements of these and you're probably delivering it in an entertaining fashion.

I Prefer Not To Stiff Arm My Audience

stiffarmWhen I go to Wal-Mart, the door greeter doesn't say "Welcome to Wal-Mart" and then stop me from entering.

They let me on in. They don't give me a bunch of information I'm not interested in.

I know what I need, and that's why I'm at Wal-Mart.

Please let me get to what I need.

 "It's All About Me????"

If you're new to the show, Dave was attempting to be entertaining this morning. He neither thinks he is a myth or a legend. He typically gets right to the point. Today he did this to prove a point. If this was your first show, please come back next week.


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Today Joe Saul-Sehy of Stacking Benjamins Podcast ( Who read the book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV and thought, "This could apply to podcasting." We also get a "Power of podcating" story on how I heard about a book called Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less that was recommended by fellow podcaster Jon Buscall of the Online Marketing and Communications podcast at

Looking to Start a Podcast? - Join the School of Podcasting

Come for the education, and stay for the community. You will get step by step tutorial about every aspect of podcasting. You get support from Dave Jackson as well as out awesome School of Podcasting community. Order worry free with our 30 day money back guarantee.


Because of a Podcast - I bought a Book

I head Jon Buscall interview Joe Pulizi about his new book Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less. Jon said that he liked the book so much that when he got done listening to it, he instantly went back and listened a second time. This made me stop what I was doing, and order the book on Audible immediately. (You can get a free book by signing up for a trial at if you don't like the book you can exchange it for another one).  I look at Jon as a trusted friend. So what happened here. Jon got a content expert on his show. Jon made what Michael Hyatt calls "Wow" content. Jon looks great. I tell you about this great interview and book. I help you find great content. You are grateful. Joe the author, Jon the interviewer, Dave the podcaster, all benefit as do you the listener. Why? because it is quality content. Because of episode after episode that Jon has produced. Trust is built. That trust can be leverage for monetary gain as long as you always protect your listener. It is always about them (not you).

How to Use Audible as A Sponsor

One you have 10 episodes on your website (as they are looking for serious podcasters) go to and you can promote audio books on your website and earn a commission when someone signs up.

What Podcasters Can Learn From Television Morning Programs

Today we talk with Joe Saul-Sehy about the book Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV about what podcasters can learn from television. Joe was on the morning television show before Good Morning America. Joe asks podcasters to think about the setup of the show to match their audience. Stacking Benjamins PodcastChemistry is discussed in this book on how Good Morning America beat the today show after they had been #1 for 16 years. People really connect with the hosts. Joe and his co-host O.G. and their relationship. You hear how Joe and O.G. had their podcast through a few different formats and name - they didn't quit. Joe prefers to get to the point and makes thing "snappy" on the Stacking Benjamins Show People want to be entertained while they are consuming content about the topic they came to learn about. The Today show got "cocky" while Good Morning America started asking the questions the audience wanted to ask. CBS has been growing faster by any other network by ignoring what the other networks are doing and doing what they want to do (longer interviews, no weather person). They are doing their own thing. You can out Good Morning America the actual Good Morning America. In the same way, you can't John Lee Dumis the actual John Lee Dumis. He will always better better and being John than you are. Instead focus on being you. If you have a big guest on your show, go listen to other interviews of that person and make sure to ask different questions. Don't be afraid to ask for bigger guests once you have some interviews under your belt. This can lead to publicists helping you find guests.

Podcast Reviews 50% Off Ends June 30th

If you are looking to get your podcast reviewed by Dave Jackson (me) and Erik K. Johnson the podcast talent coach. Use the coupon sop50 at

Mentioned On This Show

School of Podcasting Episode on Editing My Podcast Reviews Stacking Benjamins on iTunes

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Today we talk with Christopher Brian Jones of about what its like to run a podcast network. We learn about some of the struggles he has had along the way, how he builds a relationship with the hosts on the network, abd creates a shared vision and brand. You will be amazed at how focused some of his shows are. If you are a fan of Star Trek, you definitely want to check out or if you are an iTunes user check out Want to comment on the show call in your comments at 888-563-3228

Because of My Podcast - Bill Hutchison

Bill Hutchison is a missionary living in Australia. He produces the YWAM Podcast. Due to his wife having some medical issues, Bill can't leave her alone for long periods of time. However, because of podcasting, Bill can still reach a global audience. He is able to share his relationship with Jesus Christ. Here is a map that shows how many countries that listen to the School of Podcasting global_podcast_audience

Podcast Rewind: Your Elevator Pitch [6:20]

I will be interviewed on a future Episode of the Purpose Rockstar podcast because my friend Kenn Blanchard was on an episode. When Derek (the host) ask Kenn to explain his three podcasts he had a quick pitch for each one. It was cocked and loaded and ready at a moments notice. I thought, "Wow that was cool" so I'm sharing it with you and asking the question, If someone asked you about your podcast do you have a short description (sometimes called an elevator pitch) of your show ready to go? Check out Kenn's Book "Black Man with a Gun" at

Insights into the Podcast Network [

Today we talk with Christopher Jones of the network. Christopher has a background in media (magazines), media (he was a media buyer), design (he built his own website) and more. He shares his insights on how he started out wanting to do video podcasts, but took his one video show and turned it into 16+ audio shows including: The Ready Room Trek News and Views To the Journey (Voyager) The Orb Warp Five Literary Treks Matter Stream Hyperchannel Deck Eight Captain's Log Commentary Trek Stars

Media Issues

At first Christopher used his website host as a media host. When he got popular, that host told him he had four days to move over 700 episodes. He later moved to Amazon S3 (which always sounds inexpensive, but as you get billed for every single download - and you have a lot of episodes - it adds up to three (possible four) figure hosting bills). Christopher recommend as he now pays one price for his hosting - no matter how many downloads he gets. You can get a free month at using the coupon code sopfree. Choosing Hosts Christopher goes through a detailed planning process when launching a new show. He makes sure there is enough content to support an ongoing show (if not it may just be a segment on another show). He uses his "round table" podcast to get to know potential hosts. Getting the right people is a large part of being a successful network. Leave Your Ego At the Door Chris treats all of the shows at as equal. They all get the same exposure by being in the "all inclusive" feed. When he chooses a host, he is looking for someone who is all about: 1. Representing Star Trek in a professional manner 2. Boosting the network - not their specific downloads (not all about them) 3. Is open to other opinions, and can discuss different opinions in an open and honest discussion (without getting personal). Connect With Christopher @cbryanjones

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Are you dreading your podcast? Are you not happy with the results you're getting. Today we ask some questions to help you get your ducks in a row. We help you see if the goals for your podcast are aligned with the content that you readers want to hear. We also look to see if the goal of your podcast is in alignment with your life. This is episode 411 and I deeply apprecaite you taking the time to listen. I would love to hear from you. You can reach me at

Cedric the Entertainer Launches a Podcast "Whole Damn World"

Cedric the entertainer has launched his own podcast to talk about "this crazy world." He is a farily well known name (he's appeared in movies, does stand up, and recently hosted "Who wants to be a millionaire.").

Updates On Last Week's Show About Podcast Media Hosting (4:00)

I email as I could no longer find the direct link to the mp3 file to put on my website. Their response was dig it out of the RSS feed and sent me a link to my RSS feed, and a screenshot of where the file was. This is not convenient, and furthers my thoughts that this is just not ready for prime time. They have been in beta for THREE YEARS. Also I said that a media host should NOT mess with my file. What I upload is what I want to download. If a visitor uses the download link they get your file (great). However, the file that is included in the RSS feed has it's name changed to a rather lengthy name. I was testing this on my Jillian Michaels Fan cast and the original file was titled, "jmp43_052914.mp3 "  and the file available for download is "152162769-podcastcoach-podcast-review-show-ask-the.mp3" which to me is messing with my brand. Mike Phillips of let me know that if you Google the address to podbean it comes up as a virtual office. Lawyers often will use these to look more official than they might be at the time. I'm not saying that this is what is doing, but I do find it odd. If you missed it, you can check out last week's episode.

How Do I Update My Wordpress Theme? [7:08]

Justin from is using Opimizepress and is thinking of leaving this file and wants to know how to move to a new theme. In some cases you can simply switch themes in the wordpress dashboard. A wordpress theme is like, "Clothes" for your website. The content is the same, but the look is different. One way to test things before publishing them is to use software like WPSimulator (affiliate link) that allows you to run Wordpress on your PC computer. Once you get it finished, you can upload it to the web. Another (cheaper) alternative is to buy a domain name, and create what others call a "Staging" site. Then once it's done here, you simply move it to the "real" site. In some cases you web host will allow you to have more than one domain under the same account.

Live Training Classes - Podcast Equipment and Podcast Reviews[11:25]

The next live class in the "how to podcast" line is How to choose the right podcast equipment. It is going to be Saturday June 7th at Noon EST (if you can't make that time you can get the recording). For more information go to Erik K Johnson and I do a Podcast Review Show, and we are looking to stockpile a bunch of reviews so we are offering 50% off with the coupon sop50 when you go to

Backblaze Saved My Podcast[14:26]

logo-backblaze-bigAs a computer instructor I know how to manage the files. I'm here to tell you I had a folder just disappear. It was weird. I didn't accidnetally drag it into another folder. I didn't accidentally delete it (it was not in the trash can). Luckily I use and I was able to go get all the files (transition music, artwork) for my podcast and restore the files. It was very weird, but by far the best $5 a month I will ever spend. I know Scott Johnson of (a future guest) uses MyPCBackup

Connect with Other Podcasters

UK Podcasters August 6th

Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (BST)

Birmingham, United Kingdom Tickets are £12.00

Podcast Movement

August 16-17 in Dallas Texas (I'll be speaking at this one). Tickets: $129

Is Your Podcast Out of Alignment? [19:04]

Why Do You Want to Get Into Podcasting? To Reach a Global Audience To promote your product or service To Network with like minded people To be seen as an expert To Educate To Inspire To Entertain To make money What Do You Want To Talk about? This should be something you want to talk about all the time, you think about all the time. Who Do you want to listen? The more detailed a picture you have, the better your content will. What do I hear about the why? People were missing something, I wanted to add to the conversation I had a background in radio. –This is why you are capable, but not why you should start. This is why if you start, you’ll be slightly ahead of the game. A person has experience as a public speaker. They decide to “nice down” and do a podcast an interview small business owners. They want companies that are between 1 and 20 employees, and do less than 1 million a year. They want to hear about the trials that the small business person went through to build their business. They might even focus on business local to their area. What does your content do for your audience? How does it make them feel? What do you want people to do with your content? What does your content do for your audience? Do You Have the Time to Do it RIGHT? Plan on spending four minutes for every minute of podcast. That’s to create the show. How much time is left in your life to promote the show you just created? Does this mean you don't podcast? NO! It means you make shorter episodes (or publish less frequently). What – Your topic, your passion, Who – Your audience. What do they want to hear? What do you want them to DO with your content? Why – Position the topics that your audience wants to hear so that they are aligned with your goals. How – Does the format (interviews?), length, and publishing schedule align with your life and goals for the podcast.

Is your Podcast In Alignment?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter? If not, what needs tweaked? Let me know here

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