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Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. This could ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.
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Mar 16, 2014

Today we take a look back at 400 episodes (you'll hear all the old intro voice overs and the progressions I've gone through), and we talk about when it's ok to tweak your format. We have a discussion with Erik K Johnson the Podcast Talent coach on structuring your show, and writing a mission statement for your podcast.

Because of this Podcast - Rev. Kenn Blanchard [5:50]

Rev. Kenn Blanchard from Black Man with a Gun called in to let me know that he thanks THIS podcast for helping HIS podcast touch people. You can find Kenn's podcasts at and the

Student Testimonial from Gale [9:04]

Thank you for your School of Podcasting. I wish I had found it sooner I would've save myself thousands of dollars. I bought equipment and took a much more expensive class that was helpful, but I could've done it a lot cheaper with you. You taught me some finer points that I didn't learn in that other class. Some of the way things are done would've been better if I had followed your advice. Thank you f or answering my email. I know I've sent you a couple emails and we've gone back and forth, and you're always there and I appreciate it. If I know anyone who wants to podcast I direct them to you. Gale -

Managing Your Content Flow [11:30]

Erik K Johnson of comes on to talk about when it's ok to tweak your format. Dave remembers some occasions at churches when they've bent the format. Erik talks about creating a mission statement for your show. This helps you define what content you will (and will not) cover. If you use different resources, perspectives, and resources to cover your topic. As long as you continue to stay on topic. Should you put your "main" topic at the beginning or end of the episode? Eric feels that if we follow the format of entertainment shows, the big guests come on last. They are the finale of the show. People will wait to hear the big names. If you're worried about people not making it to the end of the show, then you need to redo the content at the front of your show. If you're doing an hour long show, you should probably be preparing for an hour before turning on the microphone. Make sure your content is on topic. Chit chat is ok, as long as it ties in with the mission of your show. Revealing yourself to your audience is critical, but if it's not on topic (like Dave's music today) then it should be left out.

Erik K Johnson Joins the Podcast Review Show [31:00]

Erik will be joining the Podcast Review Show along with my wife. If you are looking to have your show reviewed, this could be a great coaching session. Here is the flow: You pick an episode for us to review. We listen to it, and take notes. We get you online live and play our favorite clips, and part we think need tweaked, with you LIVE. It turns out being more of a coaching call then the previous review. Because we get that interaction with you, we hope to provide better feedback. Check out Erik's show planning worksheets.

The Abduction [38:39]

Dave's show is hijacked by a crazy morning zoo crew "Binky and the Whiz". Yes Corn Nuts is a real product. [41:20] Remember your show is global and try to keep your audience in mind.

The 911 Call [43:08]

Dave tries to get help from a slightly inquisitive 911 operate.

School of Podcasting The Musical [45:25]

For the fans of the television show "Glee," it's School of Podcasting "The Musical." Featuring the hit songs: My Feed is Not Valid Today Mr. iTunes I'm on Fire with John Lee Doomis Libsyn Rocks You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's better than Cats.

The Rescue [46:35]

You should always talk to your audience like you are speaking to ONE person.

The Conclusion [47:39]

You can use sound effects to boost the Theater of the mind. You can bring your stories to life. Dave's plays a clip of a 6 year old David Jackson playing radio. Thank you so much for listening, reviewing the show, for joining the conversation.

Dave Plays the Guitar [ 56:45]

If I was going to play some old music of mine, I wanted to play something that tied to podcasting. I picked the Song "Take Your Pain," as I want to help you avoid the headaches from spending too much money on equipment, and creating content that won't engage with you  audience. If you're looking to join the School of Podcasting, you can do so by clicking here. There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Mar 9, 2014

Today on episode 399 we hear how people are getting press credentials with their podcast, we have an interview with Tony from Patreon which is a service that

Because of my Podcast - I have Press Credentials [2:34]

IVYENVY_ITUNES_300Today Corey from Ivy Envy podcast explains how his show on the Chicago Cubs has allowed him to get press credentials from some of the minor league teams, which allowed him to interview the Owner of the Chicago cubs (how cool is that?) Tom Rickets. This is a great example of "scaling/niching down" your content. Instead of doing a podcast on Baseball, do it on the Major leagues. Not just the major league, but a certain division. Not just a certain division, but a specific team. Not only the team, but the minor league team, the PA announcer, and all the behind the scenes information that someone who is truly passionate about that team would love. Corey is going to explain how in the future he got a major league rule changed. COOL. Check him out at or subscribe in iTunes.

Patreon Helps Content Creators get Paid and Build Community [6:35]

patreonAnthony Privitelli is the head of Creator Relations at Patreon. Patreon is similar to a crowd funding tool like Kickstarter, except its ongoing. You can have it set up to have your patrons (your supporters) pay you a monthly contribution. This may have you feeling the pressure to produce content (when you're not feeling creative). This monthly option may be a good fit for those who produce a lot of content and don't want to charge their patrons numerous times per month. The other options is to get paid per post. Your patron can set a limit if they want (so if you put out 30 posts in a month they can cap their support at 5). You post can be audio, video, or anything downloadable. They do not host the media. Tom Merrit (formerly of this week in tech) is making around $9000 a month. He has over 3000 patrons The D6 Generation is making $232 per episode with 74 patrons The Angry Chicken is making $176 per month with 43 patrons. Mike Falzone is making $371 per podcast with 49 patrons (side note he uses podomatic is in a world of hurt as his audience is too big - see I told you Podomatic is the Devil).

Typical Video Strategy

You can create a video and post it on YouTube (free) and mark the video as "unlisted" so that only people with the link to that video can see it (so you give the link to the video to patreon and it displays on your Patreon page - and you specify its for patrons only.

Hot Spot for Amounts?

The average pledge is $7. The hot spot is between $1 and $5 per post.

Anthony Privitelli Video Interview

Here is the Hangout On Air that I did with Tony, and you will see a little behind the scenes of my account.

My Amazon Account Has Been Banned For Life[31:18]

I wrote about this earlier in the week. My advice would be to NOT redirect your audience to Amazon through any kind of special link. In listening to some of the "bigger" podcasts, they all tell people to go to their website and click the banner. Its not as easy, but they are still associates and I'm not. You can read more about this here I still have affiliate programs through BSW, Same Day Music, and BNH so I will be updating my site.

How to Avoid Podfading - Dealing with Negativity[42:14]

When you put yourself out there, not everyone will like you. That can be a hard pill to swallow. Here are some tips to help you with negative comments. 1. You can't please everyone. 2. Label any positive responses you get via email. Print these out and make a folder. You could hang these on the wall. 3. Remember you are in control of the podcast. In some cases the person may have a point. HOWEVER if they want you to steer your podcast into a direction that you don't want to go, it's YOUR podcast. If they leave, that's OK. 4. George Hrab shared on his podcast how one of his listeners explained how his day was going horrible, and he listened to George's show and his show cheered him up. That's huge.

New Edison Research on Podcasting Stats

Pandora is top dog for online streaming radio. iHeart Radio is making a dent. Most people still listen to the radio in the car, but portable media (phones, mp3 players) are still growing in this area). 500% increase of Smart Phone ownership 78% of people 12-24 own a smart phone. 68-78% of people have a smart phone. More and more people are listening on portable devices and NOT on their computer. The computer went from 64% down to 46% while smart phone consumption went through the roof. 39 million Americans listen to podcasts a month. That's just Americans. The average podcast listener listens to 6 a week. Podcast continues to grow every single year.

Jan 12, 2009

Today I talk about which is a free service that you can use to put polls on your blog. I like the looks of these polls.

I also talk about the new OPEN PODCASTING webinars at the School of Podcasting. You can see the schedule at

Logical Weight Loss Podcast at
You can get $5 off the Diet Power software at

Ready To Start Your Own Podcast?
Come get your very own Personal Podcast Coach by going to

Dec 24, 2008

Here are my likes and dislikes of 2008

In 2008 I was glad to see the enhancements of great tools for podcasters. Wizzard put out their new player, and Paul Colligan and crew continue to add more features to premiumcast.

I like the fact that in 2008 whenever I spoke to a group and ask "Who has ever heard of podcasting" almost all hands were raised, and almost as many when I would ask "How many have actually listened to a podcast?" That trend is continuing.

I disliked that in 2008 my audience didn't seem to grow as fast as it did in 2007. It was a slower, gradually climb as apposed to 2007 which had more spikes. On the other hand I'm doing less to promote my shows.

In 2008 Podshow changed their name to Mevio, and changed their payment plan to me. I can't discuss the details, but as I'm listing it as a dislike you can figure out how it affectd me financially. What I do like about Mevio is they have given me the potential to earn more money using their sponsors and my own in the future and I now own 100% of my show. So there is a mixed bag that will hopefully blossom.

In 2008 I am sad to see and hear podcasters selling out for much less than they are worth. In many cases an advertisement will be in your show for life. I had one company offer to pay me 7 dollars for a link on my site. A link that had to be permanent, and more insane things that totally devalued my listeners and visitors to my website. While I have made decent money using affiliate marketing and podcasting, I am bummed that so many people want to use the CPM method which only works if you have mammoth audiences. Which leads to me one of my biggest disappointments

In April I was told that Podango was working on fixing their show builder lite software that helps you create your podcast on the fly. Then if you get a new sponsor, the new sponsor is inserted into the back catalog. This is HUGE for people trying to sell advertising . While their system is easy, and if you have the time to republish all your old shows  - it work, but I'm frustrated that their system (which from what I understand was much more fragile than expected when they purchased it from Gigavox). I'm even more frustrated that no company has developed a competitor for the podcaster with a few hundred listeners, and would love to have a dynamic version of their podcast.

I like that the uber-hype of podcasting has crescendo'ed to a bit and people are realizating that in the same way that VCR's didn't kill the movie business, Podcasting is not killing radio. People are starting to understand that Podcasting is a phenomenal channel (just like email, fax, and print) to get your message out to the world. It also is probably one of the most effective and cheapest.

I disliked that when the economy took a hit that I had members of the School of Podcasting left. However, I did like that in the midst of the panic, more companies hired me as a podcast consultant to just "do it for them."
While I don't own an iPhone, I am very happy people can download a podcast without even being near a computer. This is HUGE.

My biggest dislike was having three websites hacked, and one gmail account hacked (that for the record I've know been without for 14 days)

My biggest like was emailing, communicating, tweeting, with great people like you, and the members of the School of Podcasting.

I recently updated all of our wordpres tutorials to show version 2.7 and in the process streamlined much of the learning curve at the School of Podcasting. If you've been thinking of signing up, now would be a great time. Don't forget about that coupon code SANTA to save 25% now through the end of the year. There will be no extension.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for listening, and contributing over this year. I would deeply appreciate your feedback at dave "at" or call in your comments at 888-563-3228 or go to for the many other ways of chiming in with the podcast. I would love to hear your thoughts on 2008. Comment out at the blog, and let me know.

Speaking of that, I will be taking next week off and I will be switching my feed from one website to another. Now the good news is 99% of you have subscribed to my feedburner feed and shouldn't notice any change. All I'm doing is switching the original RSS feed (which came from Libsyn) and substituting my RSS feed from the School of Podcasting. I've migrated all of my old posts and when you go to you will now go to the School of Podcasting instead of the old Libsyn site. In doing this I've already seen an increase in traffic to my site. Hopefully it won't cause any issues with you my loyal subscribers.

Thanks to all. Have a safe and happy Chrsitmas season, and have a blessed new year. Please start living a life worth podcasting about, and until 2009 - class dismissed. 

Dec 15, 2008

This show originated from where you can save 25% off using the coupon code "SANTA" now through the end of the year.

My Gmail Account Was Hijacked.
I was very surprised when I couldn't login to my gmail account that I've had for two+ years. Confused, I went through the hassle of having my password sent to me. The problem was when I went through this step it sent my password to an email address that wasn't mine. Huh? That's right I had lost control of my gmail account.

Now when I go through the procedures to have my account returned, I get this message from Google, "Thank you for your report. For account security, we limit the number of requests that can be processed about the same account. Please wait a few days and try filling out the form again. "

I loved the Gmail service, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

Thanks google can you be a little more vague? In the meantime I've set up a new email (connected to my website) and a feature where people can upload audio comments.  See it all at

Wordpress Tip
If you have a large archive, go into your widget and have it displayed as a drop down menu. This tip came from Dave Moyer of the Wordcast Podcast at

New Listener Survey

Jul 28, 2008
This show originates from This is show number 146

Today I play with my new DBX 286A compressor/deesser/enahncer/noise gate that I bought from I really like it (its around 200, I got it for $150).

Previously I was using a Behringer Composer Pro XL which I got for $99

I typically by my gear from Same Day Music as there is often free shipping, and (unless in New Jersey) no tax. If I can't find the product there I go to BSW

When playing with new gear don't be afraid to twist knobs and see what sounds better. Likewise don't always judge what you hear live, but listen back through your stereo (so you can pay attention to listening only and not talking). I'm really happy with the unit except its mono, and there is no on/off switch (no big deal).

From Dan Lewis at and
1. Podcast Answer Man -
2. Sci Fi Show
3. Woot
4. The Onion Radio News Network -
5. Journey Inside my Mind -

If you are ready to start your own podcast, come and visit us at

Jul 22, 2008

Today I dip my toe into the Video Podcasting pool. I was lucky enough to secure one of the new Flip Video Cameras.

This camera takes great video no matter what lighting you put it in (if you have extreme back lighting it may be a little dark, but let's be realistic..). I took video at dusk and it looked much brighter than it actually was in real life.

The great thing is you can take up to 60 minutes of video. It has a rewing and fast forward on the camera for reviewing the video. You can easily delete video that you don't want to keep. It also has a built in 2X zoom. It runs on a rechargable battery that gets charged when you plug the camera into your USB port. The USB interface pops out when you flip a switch. It also has the ability to be put on a tripod. The microphone pics up audio great from the front, and while it's not as clear from the back its still easily understood if you are commenting from behind the camera while shooting video.

If I had used my old camera I would record to super 8, then have to transfer the video to my computer. So if I shot 60 minutes of video it would take (roughly) 60 minutes of time to transfer to my computer.

With the Flip camera, I plug the camera into my computer, and I can drag and drop the files into my favorite editing program. This took about 3 minutes instead of 60 with my old camera.  If you don't have editing software, there are some basic video editing software that comes with the camera that allows you to pick where the video starts and stops as well as you can put background music to the video.

It also has some features that make uploading video to you tube uber easy.

So what would I change?
I like that you can plug it into a video source (like a TV) to watch the video. I do wish I could plug it in and use the TV as a monitor. You can't do this. When you record, the video is only display on the display on the back of the camera. The other thing I would change is to put a retractable lens cover. The camera comes with a "nifty" puch to carry the camera, but I would rather have a lense cover. My last thing (and this is kind of outside the scope of the product) would be to have the ability to use it as a web cam. That's not really a fair criticism. It's more of a "add to the dream list."

It retails for around $139. For me, if you're looking to get into video podcasting, and you want to be mobile, you're looking to do something fast and quick, it's a no brainer. I know I will be doing all sorts of "Dave around town" types of videos. If you're are going to want to mix in music, or plug a microphone directly into it, then you will need to look for another camera, and hit a bank machine, on the way to Best Buy.

Check it the Flip Mino Video Camera at

Jul 14, 2008

Paul Colligan has a great post about building a podcast audience. So many people "If I build it they will come." Not so. Get ready for relentless marketing.

Today I talk about and other ways to build that audience. It amounts to this:

1. Find out who your audience is (put a form on your website).

2. Find out where they go, read, eat, sleep, shop, etc

3. Go there and tell them about it.


Ready to jump in the Podcast Pool? Check out and start podcasting today. We have step by step tutorials, live help, and great resources.

Jul 7, 2008
This show originates at This is show 143.

I read about this on Leesa Barnes' blog how Terry Fallis won 10,000. He previously couldn't get an agent (which he now has). Congrats Terry.

I mentioned today that Todd Cochrane had said a typical podcast episode is "done" after 72 hours. I miss spoke, while this is true in most  cases it is not in all cases (especially if you material is not timed based). But if your podcast is (for example) news related, people may not want to listen to 6 month old news stories. You can hear Todd's presentation at Podcamp by going to

Thanks to George from for reminding me of this point.

The CEO of Wizzard Media is predicting 1.5 - 1.8 billion downloads, and double to four times the ad spending of the past year for 2008. (source: )

How Do You Record a Skype Interview?

In the past I've said "get it off your computer" and use a portable recorder. This still  is the safest way. However, I've been using and many people at the School of Podcasting are using Power Gramo which you can download for a free trial. The nice thing about Power Gramo Professional is it splits the interviewer and interviewee into separate channels (which makes editing the interview easier). I then use Skype (using Skype Out) to call people's phones. It's better if they have a skype account, but not 100% mecessary

Skype is Not Always an Option
In some areas there is no cable modem connection to the Internet. What do you do in that case is get some sort of "JK Audio" product. You can find these at BSW. These can be expensive. For microphones and such I like as they do not charge tax (unless you are in NJ).

Podcasting Time Saving Tip
One of the most time consuming parts of podcasting is organizing and posting your show notes. Did you know that you can put your show notes in Wordpress (or and save them without publishing them to the public. Then when the show is finished, you can take out any part of your notes that don't fit, and BOOM! instant show notes. The key to this is to NOT click the publish button, but to click the SAVE button. Then when you are rady (and your audio/video is link to the post) click the publish button.
Jul 1, 2008
I went to Podcamp Ohio. It was great. WE RAN OUT OF ROOM. My hat is off to Angelo and everyone involved with organizing the event. It was so smooth, and they handled everything (what a great problem to have - not enough room!).

Todd Cochrane had a great presentation about getting sponsors. HE also stated that typically a podcast episode sees traffic for 72 hours and then it dies off drastically.

I was not really use to the "group talk" style of some of the presentations (and it leaves room open for assertive people to take over the conversation).
I will definitely be going to more podcamps when my schedule permits.

I sat in on a webinar from Paul Colligan. They have added a feature of making membership site at and after watching his presentation I was able to set up a membership site in about 5 minutes. The great thing is some membership scripts allow you to make a "roped off" area, and others allow you to create premium RSS feeds, and premium cast allows you to do either or both. Check it out at
Jun 16, 2008

Today I've got a BAD cold, and my throat is killing me. I share some stats from the latest report on Podcast consumers.

Podcast Listening is up 5 % both video and Audio
30% of regular Internet Users have downloaded a podcast
Video is catching audio podcasts with a 1 % lead going to Audio

What is the age of the podcast listener?
53% Male 47% female
25 to 34 (21%)
35-44 (21%),
45 to 54 (20%)
12 to 17 (15%)
18 to 24 (13%)
55+ (10%)

Last 5 in 5 from Dan at

School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements (this podcast)
Marketing Over Coffee ( )
Eds Mixed Bag ( )
Media Bullseye ( )
Six Pixels of Separatation ( )

Jun 9, 2008

This show originates at

If you are using a live podcast system like you need to be prepared to keep your show on track. I've listened to a few live podcasts, and someone will come in and "Crash" your podcast and start talking about their podcast which is completely unrelated. YOUR LISTENER  doesn't want to hear about their podcast. I've heard podcasts that get completely derailed. Don't forget to keep yoru listener in mind, and be assertive, and point out that the "Crasher" is off topic.

Testimonial from J.R. Stanley of

Meet the Members
Today we meet one of the members of the School of Podcasting. It's Mark Wade of the Mark is using the Alesis Multimix 8 USB mixer (but he doesn't use the USB feature). He is also using an Audio Techniica 2020 and the free Levelator software.

Using Google Analytics to Obtain Wordpress Stats

Today we are talking about Google Analytics which you can find at and a great plugin for Worpdress that makes it very easy to install Google Analytics code into your blog.

When you sign up for Google Analytics, you end up with a piece of code that you would normally put on every page of yrou website. With the wordpress plugin, you place it into the plugin and the plugin puts it on every page of your site. I will be producing a video on how to set this up for members of the School of Podcasting


Jun 1, 2008

This show originates at

Today I look at my stats from the first episode of 2007 vs the first episode of 2008. To make things fair, the first show published in 2007 has had 517 days to download so I divded the 2007 by 517. The numbers for 2008 were divided by 152 (as this is June 1).

School of Podcasting 2007 1400 Downloads (2.7 a day)
School of Podcasting 2008 801 Downloads (5.3 a day)

Musicians Cooler 2007 1689 Downloads (3.3 a day)
Musicians Cooler 2008 1032 Downloads (6.8 a day)

Building a Better Dave 2007 1617 Downloads (3.1 a day)
Building a Better Dave 2008 915 Downloads (6.0 a day)

This averages to an increase of 98% from 2007 to 2008


I also looked at my stats from the now podfaded Podcast Promo Show.

It seemed that Libsyn numbers were higher by about 29% than Feedburner numbers. Here are some examples

Feedburner showed 29 downloads to Libsyn's 34
Feedburner showed 27 downloads to Libsyn's 37
Feedburner showed 30 downloads to Libsyn's 47

So the range of my 57 shows was from 13% - 57%

My conclusion? Pick one and go with it. I use Libsyn cause in theory "Everything comes back to the host." I like their stats, and I can get stats without involving another redirect to my mp3 file.


If you are looking for more informatoin about visitors to your blog check out the Google Analytics Plugin for Wordpress .


If you're interested in participating in our weekly roundtables check out


May 23, 2008

Today I give thanks for all who have paid for my freedom, and we get some emails from folks like 

Emails from

:// - blog:


Jeff Roney

Check out our new Video and More Show,
Magical Definition TV Episode 2

New World Army, a futuristic audio thriller

Our Lost TV On-Location Videos

I also talk about some widgets that are pretty cool for your blog. You can find them at Jeff is using to post to multiple blogs at the same time.

May 19, 2008

Are you just getting started? Are you ready to launch a successful podcast? Check out our new Quick Start Package at

You get:
6 month subscription $120
1 year blog hosting at  $24
Wordpress Blog Set up and cusomitzation - $160
Intro/Outro Recording $80

All this for $299 Sign up at

Back Catalog - Is Anybody Listening To Old Shows?
My first Show "First Podcasts Always Stink" that were recorded back in October of 2005 have been downloaded 106 times in May of 08, 159 in April of 08, 154 in March of 08, 131 in February of 08. (That episode has been dowloaded 2947 total).

Meet the Members
Brian from suggested we get to know the members of the School of Podcasting, so today we meet J.R. Stanley of and the podcast

J.R. is using a Sure KSM27 Microphone and an Edirol UA4FX USB Interface which he likes for the tube emulation.

The Interview We Did Today with J.R. was actually "Time Shifted Interview" where I send a question, he records an answer. We repeat to fill in a quick "Meet The Members" section.


May 12, 2008

Today’s episode comes from our weekly meetings that we have at the School of Podcasting. The question is what is the difference between a post and a page in Wordpress?

 A post will be at the top of your blog until you enter another post. A page is something you enter and it can only be viewed if you link to it. (There is a way to have it show up on the front age by going to settings > reading and choosing to have the page be “static” on the front page.

 Why Wordpress? It creates an RSS feed for you, and IT’S FREE. If you need an inexpensive host for Wordpress check out

Fred from
aggrees that there is no age limit to podcasting. He is 59, and he encourages all “baby boomers” to get involved with podcasting. Fred uses my service to set up his blogs at and  (and more projects coming).

May 4, 2008

This show (download show) was originally recorded last week 4/25. In the hussle and bustle, I never published it. You can read about my "Passing out" at

Audience Feedback
Vince from agrees that you are never too old to podcast (as he is a baby boomer).

Audacity Feedback?
Steve from does not use Audacity, but ubercaster (for the mac) had him losing an episode.

Blog Views and Blues
This is a new podcast from Rich Palmer ( ) and he turned me on to

Wordpress 2.5 Bugs
In working with the bugs, I can seem to get the image media manager to work. If i'm lucky enough to get an image to upload without error, I can't get to a screen to where I can insert it into the post. I did find I was able to to do this if I stopped using Internet Explorer and switched to Firefox and it worked. So if you are a big IE fan, then you may not want to update just yet. I've been using the Image Manager plugin.

More Fun Tools is a desktop Twitter tool. It works on both Mac and PC.

From an easy to customize wordpress theme at It makes it very easy to turn on or off the text on yruo header (as well as upload a custom header. It's widget ready, and if know a little html, its easy to tweak the colors. If you need help with the "technical stuff" please see me at

Apr 21, 2008

Today we talk with Richard Harrington and Mark Weiser authors of the book Producing Video Podcasts: A Guide for Media Professionals.

If you are a audio podcaster looking to get into video, it can help those looking to do it on a shoe string budget or the person looking to invest some big time equipment.

For more information about the Authors and the book go to

The book is available at


Apr 14, 2008

Today we talk with Scott Sigler who was the first person to have a Podcast only novel. People became addicted to it as the only way to get it was through his podcast. Later he published this book (Earthcore) and a second book (which went to #2 at and he continues to write and release books (giving the ENTIRE BOOK away in a podcast with each release). His latest book Infected was given away as a pdf prior to its release? Did it effect sales? Nope. Once again Scott was at the top of his genre.

In this interview Scott talks about how he got the word out about his novel/podcast, why it makes sense to give it your book away, and how you can use podcasting to start your own word of mouth campaign.

For more information about Scott go to
You can buy his latest book inftected at

You can see how he is utilizing social media like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube below.

To join the school of Podcasting go to

Apr 7, 2008

Today I talk about some of my reflections from speaking at the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop. I also play a promo for 

There is no age limit on Podcasting. I know of an 8 year old who has a podcast, and I know someone who is in their 60s who is doing a podcast. So if you are saying to yourself, "I'm too old to podcast" you are robbing yourself of a great way to share your wisdom.

To understand bandwidth think of your kids or grandchildren. They may have a phone plan that covers X amount of text messages. When they go over the limit they are charged for each text message over the limit. When you have a website you are given a set amount of bandwidth measured in either megabytes or gigabytes. If you go over your limit your host will charge your, and in some cases they may shut your site down. This is why I recommend or if you need free go to

Storage for your media files is also limited. Think of storage like a filing cabinet. You can stuff more and more files in your cabinet, but eventually it will get full.

Podcamp Ohio is 6/28/08 for more information go to

I have been talking about podcasting at podcast conventions. This really doesn't make sense if I'm trying to find people who need to learn how to podcast as most of the audience is already podcasting. I need to find people who need publicity. While I can keep up with technology at the New Media Expo, and meet all of my friends, if I want to find people interested in learning how to start  a podcast, then the New Media Expo may not be the most efficient use of my publicity dollars.

Mar 31, 2008

Today I explain why you had an episode show up a few days early. I also explain that I'm not going to be speaker at the Expo in Las Vegas (but will be going to Podcamp Ohio ).

I also talk about post dating Podcasts and the easy mistake you can make that will have things going out immediately (oops).

Dave Sholes got a free month at the School of Podcasting by sigining up for the Podcast Secrets preview call at

I also share some of the tips from out weekley roundtable at the School of Podcasting ( )

Mar 24, 2008

Today my friend Paul Colligan from Podcast Secrets is on the show. Paul is a full time podcast consultant and Internet Marketing guru. While we are all at work, Paul is out testing new technologies, new strategies, talking with other successful podcasters, and taking lots and lots of notes. Then once a year he offers a class (available at my partner link at ) where he reveals what he has learned.

Not sure if this call is for you? Then go to and find out about the call happening April 2nd (after April 2nd you can find out about the class) that gives you a preview of the information that they will be covering. This way you can decide if this class is for you. You see, Paul doesn't want you if you're not serious. This is for people looking to make a six figure income from Podcasting. He is going to be telling you how people ARE DOING THIS now (not how this might work, or this should be tired, this is how people are doing this in 2008).

So if you're interested sign up for the call at and send me confirmation and I wil lgive you a free month at the School of Podcasting. If you sign up for the class, I will give you a free year at the School of Podcasting.

Mar 17, 2008

Show #129 originating from

Today we get the answers from last week's poll about USB interfaces and using Audacity.

Thanks to:

Joe from
Anthony from 
Mike from
Warren from
Terry from and
Larry from
Sally from
Daryl from 
Jay from creator of Cloak and Tracker

75% use a USB interface
75% use Audacity.

Most feel Audacity is stable, and people using USB microphones seemed to lve them while people using USB interfaces seem to find them a bit of a hassle (especially if this is on your main unit).

Items mentioned:

Blue Snowball USB mic $99
Samson CO1 USB Mic $90
Alesis MultiMix 8 USB Mixer $149
Alesis Podcast Mic (comes with mic, heaphones, software) $99
Behringer UCA202 USB Interface (connect from your mixers tape out) $30
Zoom H2 Portable Recorder $199
Behringer USB Podcast Kit (includes mic, headphones, mixer, usb interface, software) $100
Rode Dynamic USB Podcaster Mic $230

Rich Harrington and Mike Weiser authors of the book "Producing Video Podcasts." Buy it at

Mar 10, 2008

In a recent "Roundtable" at the School of Podcasting where members from the School of Podcasting get together and share tips and insights into all things podcasting we go to talking about using USB interfaces. People loved their USB microphones, but it seemed to be a trend of people getting USB interfaces, and then not use them.

Also, back in 2005 people that used Audacity often had an "Audacity crashed" story. That was a while ago, and Audacity has been upgraded and I'm looking to see if it is indeed more stable (as I haven't heard a story about Audacity in a while).

Please CLICK HERE to take the quick survey (using ) and let us know about your experience with USB devices and Audacity.

Also we are running low on Podcast Promos at

Thanks in advance and next week I'll tell you what I learn.

Sites Mentioned

Feb 25, 2008

This show originates at

If you want to have a sponsor for your show, you need to be a SALES PERSON. New to sales? Check out Zig Ziglar or Tom Hopkins but you need to have a system in place to PROVE to the advertiser that YOU brought them traffic, and that your listeners bought their products. So you should:

1. Have some sort of stats system. I use Libysn stats, or in the case of some podcasts I use stats from

2. Have them create a "landing page (this could look like their home page, but its' just a different address). So it could be" now they can go into their stats and see how many visitors came from your show.

3. Have them offer a deal. This could be a coupon, a discount, SOMETHING that ONLY YOUR LISTENERS get.

4. Track the number of links from your site to their site. This is easy with a tool like Jay Jenning's Cloak and Tracker software (and very, VERY, easy to setup).

So now no matter what happens, if a person goes to their site (After hearing it on your podcast), if they purchase something (using the coupon), or if they click on an image from your site (which should be a bargaining tool) to go to their site - you can track the traffic, and hopefully prove the results.

The advantage of sponsors that you find on your own is you get all the money. You don't have to split it with people. The potential bad news is you might feel yourself editing yourself so you do offend any potential sponsors. This is why some people are turning to the Premium Podcast Solution.

I call this the "Chic Fil-A" way to podcast. Chic Fil-A in the states often gives out a sample piece of chicken so that you go buy a whole sandwich. Podcast pioneer Dan Klass of the Bitterest Pill has just adopted this model. After podcasting for two years he will produce one free episode (the sample chicken) and four episodes a month of "premium" content (the whole chicken). He is using for this (A great system).


Watch Dave's Video on Carbonite that allows you to back up ALL of your files for $50 a month.


Are you looking for a Podcast Expert? Looking to get into Podcasting on a budget? I've got step by step tutorials that will show you how to podcast at

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