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Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. This could ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.
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Dec 28, 2015

in no particular order)

01:25 Exponent - the nuances of tech strategy - Submitted by Max Flight of,, and

2:48 Up In Your Business - brings in inspiration to help you to create a business - Submitted by Chris Lewis of

4:33 School of Podcasting - All Things Podcasting - Submitted by Craig from and 08:06 Kenn from

09:53 Ask the Podcast Coach - Your Podcast Questions Answered - Submitted by Dan Lovallo from

11:18 We Choose Respect - Teaches kids to be respectful - Submitted by Erik K Johnson from

13:35 You Must Remember This - Golden Age of Hollywood - Submitted by Emily and James of

16:40 Canada Land - A deep dive into the media world in Canada - Submitted by Francis McGrogan from

19:10 The Mentee - surround yourself with heavy hitting mentors - Submitted by Gretchen from

20:10 Learning Leader - focuses on leadership in every field - Submitted by Gretchen (Schultek) Bridgers from

20:40 Duncan Trussell Family Hour - have a good laugh every once in a while - Submitted by Harry Duran of

21:56 Mat Men - I love wrestling and this network - Jeff Bradburry from

22:30 The Morning Stream - a great mix of humor, news, music, pop culture - Submitted by Jeremy Denise of

23:33 Bowery Boys - New York City history - Submitted by Jessica Bailey of

24:34 Art of Manliness - Great advice for Men - Submitted by John Overall of Wordpress Plugins A to Z

26:18 Finding Christ in Cinema - tease out the bits of movies that relate to Christ - John Wilkerson of

28:10 Grit and Hustle - full of interviews with startups who've had overcome all kinds of obstacles - Submitted by John Livesay of

28:47 The Ferderalist Radio Hour - They talk politics. They talk policy. The host is is absolutely brilliant - Submitted by John Tsarpalas of

30:38 48 Days to the Work You Love - shows tough love to his listeners and doesn't sugar coat things for them - Submitted by Judy Graph of

32:04 Snap Judgement - great stories, music behind it, the history, and other off the wall stuff - Submitted by Ken Kastler -of

32:55 Steal the Show - the most unorthodox marketing program - Submitted by Kim Kracji of

33:53 Mac Power Users - their recommendations have never steered me wrong - Laura McClellan of

36:30 Mad at Dad - If you're married and if you have kids, you probably go through the same thing - Chiaki Hinohara of

40:19 $100 MBA - - the perfect combination of book smarts and street smarts - Submitted by Michel Nelson 0f

41:35 Art of Likability - educational podcasts that are also entertaining - Submitted by Michel Nelson 0f

42:45 Stacking Benjamins - interesting stories around the finances - Submited by Steve Stewart of No Debt, No Credit, No Problems

44:44 Writing Excuses - really gets deep into the craft - Submitted by Maya Good of

45:50 Podcast Talent Coach - amazing information that has really helped me improve my show - Submitted by Steave Stearns of

47:43 Security Now! - information that comes out is very timely and relevant to my day job - Submitted by Rich Warfield of

50:05 Tim Ferris Show -  He interviews top performing people from all different categories - Submitted by Scott Johnson -of Computer Tutor and Ultrafinishers

52:03 99% Invisible - Talks about all the obscure, unique things - Submitted by Sharon Marrel of

53:25 Daily Tech News - excellent technology information that I find extremely interesting - Submitted by Al Holtz of &

55:01 Thomas Jefferson Hour - life through the eyes of Thomas Jefferson - Submitted by Terry Noorda of

56:05 New Media Show - Great Content You Can't Get Anywhere Else - Submitted by Dave Jackson (me)

Have a Great 2016

Thanks to everyone for a great 2015. I look forward to watching the growth of podcasting in the future. If you'd like to have episodes of the School of Podcasting show up on your iPhone go to and subscribe today. If you're on an Android you can Subscribe on Android. If you'd like to get the show notes delivered to you for free, sign up for our newsletter.

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Dec 21, 2015

Because of My Podcast the Creator From the Blacklist Gets Interviewed on Podcast

Troy produces numerous podcast, but today he is talking about the Blacklist Exposed podcast he had the creator of the hit NBC show contact Troy on twitter and ask to come on the show. While he was on the show he made announcements that were then used in Press Releases that had all the press releases pointing at Ttoy's site Tory point out that:

  1. The Creator of the Show Called THEM.
  2. It took three seasons (it didn't happen over night).
  3. Make great headlines.

Evaluating Your Podcast Year

My stats are basically flat from the start of the year to the end of the year. I had a bit of an upswing in the middle of the year, and I'm up a bit from last year (kind of following the trends of podcasting up about 3%). Here are some things you can look at:

  1. See what episodes were downloaded the most
  2. See what episodes had the most comments
  3. See what pages had the most visit (check your Google Analytics)
  4. See what got shared the most ( I use Social Warfare for this)
  5. Then look at what didn't do well.

You want to do more of what seemed to resonate with your audience and less of what didn't. Seems obvious, but without a time to evaluate what is working you could be going deeper into the wrong direction.


Top Ten Episodes of 2015

The Journey of Podcasting Starts with a Single Episode- Profitcast's The Real Brian

Taking Phone Calls On Your Podcast

What to Do If You Can't Pick a Podcast Topic

What Podcasters Can Learn From David Letterman

Podcasting's Most Frequently Asked Questions

Making a Living Talking about Horses - Glen the Geek is Never Boring

Audio Technica BP40 - Electrovoice RE320 - Audio Technica ATR2100 USB Microphone Shootout

Jeff Brown Shares 26 Years Of Experience Behind the Microphone

8 Ways a Stranger Can Help You Grow Your Audience


Honorable Mentions

The Most Addicting Social Platform Ever

What Every Podcaster Should Know About Stalkers

Is Soundcloud A Legitimate Option for Podcasting?


New Tools I Started Using this Year

Intelliplayer is a great tool that allows you to add calls to action to YouTube Videos, as well as get more stats than you get in Youtube.

Convert Kit  - A great email marketing tool that gives great insights into your email subscribers

Nimble - This is the tool I use to keep in touch with the members at the School of Podcasting and Consulting Clients

Social Warfare - Sharing buttons on steroids for Wordpress.

Simple Podcast Press - For me, the best "Advanced Player" out there. The ability to add an email sign up form AND any button I want, makes it a no brainer.

Cover Genie Pro - Makes great covers, ebooks, and a whole lot more.

*Note some of those links are affiliate links.

Tools I Will Stop Using It may be cheap, but I'm getting zero return for my money.

Lead Pages - Great tool, but the tools I'm using it for (squeeze pages) I can do with Convert Kit. I was going to use their lead digits, but I then realized that I would be marrying myself to the service as my phone number would be in my old episodes.

The One Thing

Other things I've noticed looking back at this year is a pile of training materials that I never went through. I bought them to "watch later" and then went on my ways doing things in a manner that I'm sure could be more efficient. I've used Asana for years. It's a great free project management tool. I've never really mastered the software and its capabilities. This will be the first thing I work on in 2016. Get organized and then identify the ONE THING that I will do next. I've heard about the book The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results on how you should pick the NEXT thing that you will be working on and do it. Then the next, then the next. All the while making sure yo are only working on ONE THING.

Don't Forget to Celebrate the Accomplishments

While I could look at the things that didn't work this year (podcasting for free proved -as I thought - to be a bad experiment), don't forget to look at the things you tried that worked (using for Ask the Podcast Coach has really made that show fun). By focusing on my next meal, I've lost over 20 lbs in the last three months. Check out apps like the Gratitude app, or the Way of Life apps to help keep you focused and engaged.

In Between The Stats

While we can focus on the download numbers, and the amount of revenue we generate, this week showed me my greatest asset. My audience. After many years of therapy and making each other miserable, my wife and I dissolved our marriage. I wasn't looking for a pitty party when I announced it on Facebook, but the support that flooded in via email, voicemail, etc was baffling. I felt like George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life." I've had numerous pep talks, and some great conversations. I'm as fine as one can be in this situation. I'm waiting for the dust to settle, but I'm looking forward to a much more quiet future.

While I've now been married twice (and for all purposely, my last), I have no children. I have ex-step children who I do miss, but nobody will be carrying my genes. Again, not looking for a pitty party, but just stating the facts. I have always felt like podcasting was a calling. It just fits me like a glove. It allows me to be creative, to teach, to help, and to use technology. It scratches every itch there is to scratch for me.

So I look forward to creating deeper connections with my audience in 2016. I look forward to being focused, and finding more effective ways of getting the word out about the School of Podcasting. I look forward to serving you as we move forward.

Ready To Launch Your Podcast?

Join the School of Podcasting and get instant access to step by step tutorials, a private Facebook group, and "office hours" webinars where you can get your question answered live in addition to email support. If you're not happy within the first 30 days, I'll refund your money. Sign up at

Dec 14, 2015

Creative Ways to Get Your Advertisers to Promote Your Podcast

Glenn made quite a splash when he was on the show earlier this year (it's the most shared episode on the site).

7:02 "Glenn the Geek" is America's Horse Husband and founder of the Horse Radio Network recently had a special holiday program where they streamed live for 12 hours. Here are some stats:

12 Hours Live
20+ Hosts
30 Scheduled Guests including Charlie Daniels, Robin from Disney World, Monty Roberts and American Pharoah Trainer Bob Baffert
Crashed live feed during Bob Baffert, everything else worked all day
Over 100 listener voicemails with songs, poems and holiday greetings.
200 calls during the day (Not all got on air)
Gave away $3,000 in prizes including $1000 Grand Prize
17 Sponsors

Strategies For Doing a Radiothon

He started planning months in advance when he was face to face with the sponsors.

Sponsors who won't sponsor on a weekly basis, may be interested in doing a "one off." (who later turn into a weekly sponsor).

Glenn uses to take phone calls and streams via

He put it in the contract that the sponsors had to publish the radiothon on their Facebook page.

He utilized relationships to get great guests. Glen says "It's not who you know, it's who knows YOU."

He got his audience involved who sent in songs, poems, shout outs and more (it took 20 hours to edit together).

They got Charlie Daniels by using the contact form on their website.

They had a title sponsor who was mentioned every hour. Another advertiser sponsored the email section. Other advertisers were tied into give aways.

Results of Horse Radio Holiday Radiothon

He mad 50% of what he makes in a month in ONE day. It was a lot of work.

He picked up new sponsor who decided to sponsor this one day, are now sponsor weekly.

Proof You don't have to have huge numbers to sell advertising. You have to have huge numbers to sell to Ford and Chevy.

For more information about the Horse Radio Network check out

Podfest Event

29:55 Podfest is in February at Tampa Florida at

For the 2nd year in a row, Podfest is the gathering place for long time podcasters, new podcasters and those who are thinking about starting podcasts.  It's a special forum that brings you actionable and strategic education, unique opportunities to connect and collaborate with your fellow podcasters and speakers and access to the best podcasting resources out there!

Use the coupon code earlybird before the end of the year and get $100 off.

Because of my Podcast: Glenn The Geek

2:10 Glen mentioned a kickstarter program for a product that fit his audience. Glenn mentioned them on his show, and they were able to meet their funding target (with one audience member giving them $1000) and now that product is sponsoring Glenn's show.

Brian From Profitcast

Brian was asked to moderate a panel and interviewing the actors of his favorite TV show.

I'm a Verb!

38:27 On Profitcast Brian has now made my name a Verb. As in "I'm going to Dave Jackson this..." (meaning I'm going to interrupt a voicemail to talk to the person).

Streaming Radio Stations

Live365 has a new tool for Podcasters to Create a streaming radio station. They are charging $89 but you get unlimited listeners. Their system is easy to use and more complex than a system using the Centova system (I currently use Listen2myradio). I do like the way you can drill down and see where people are coming from, and they have a system in place for you to make money with your stream (at the rate of $2 for every thousand ads that are played on your station). You can also make money with having people sign up to be a VIP. It's interesting, but I'm not sure the average podcaster will chip in $89 for all the bells and whistles when you can $37.50 for 50 listeners. On my live streaming station,  over the last 30 days I've had 66 listeners with the highest number listening at the same time of 10.

Mentioned on this Show


Hindenburg Journalist Software

Launch Your Podcast

Check out

Dec 7, 2015

The Podcast That Has More Audience Participation Than Any Podcast I've Heard

Rob Walch is the VP of Podcast relations, but he started off 11 years ago as the host of Podcast411. In 2007 he started the then Today in iPhone (later changed to Today in iOs to include the iPad) and Rob has more audience interaction than any podcast I've ever heard. Here are some things I noticed about his show.

  1. Rob mentions and ASKS for feedback and provides his email address and phone number many times through the episode. He states it, and moves on.
  2. He gets his community involved by asking them to contribute original music and artwork
  3. He offers them free apps from developers looking to promote their app to their target audience.
  4. He offers objective viewpoints (he's a fan boy, but realizes integrity easy to lose, and hard to come by) about Apple products.
  5. He uses his sponsors so he can talk about them first hand.
  6. When someone sends in feedback he religiously refers to this person by name.
  7. He reminds his audience that he is "going back to the mail bag" to remind them to e-mail in their comments/questions
  8. He doesn't pretend to know it all. If he doesn't know it, he throws it out to the audience to answer (and they do).
  9. He uses a Google community (with 2500+ members) to community outside the podcast
  10. He uses the same segments for each show, and yet every show is different due to news, apps, and upgrades. So you know what to expect, and still have no idea what to expect.
  11. Every episode is served with a side of snarkiness. Rob is sarcastic and that is the part that I love about the show. His segment "How wrong were they" is always good for a chuckle.

I play a small "behind the scenes" conversation I had with Rob back in January of this year when we were talking "Twitter bombing"

1:10 Because of My Podcast I'm on FM Radio - Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk

Mike Dell from Podcast Help Desk explains how his podcast lead to him getting a job as a regular on a local Radio show. Find Mike at

Nov 30, 2015

Increasing Your Podcast's Audience Engagement With Better Calls To Action

We love our audience, and we want to connect. We want them to take steps to deepen their level of engagement. We want them to take actions. These often include:

Subscribe, Rate & Review in iTunes

Follow us on Social Media

Join our Email List

Buy products

Shop At Amazon

and that's just a few.

Determining Your ONE Call To Action

Your call to action will be unique to you. We all have different needs, and different motives. There is no one size fits all, but in the end you need to STOP and THINK, WHAT IS THE GOAL OF THIS PODCAST. Them figure out the roadmap to get your audience from point A to point B. If you are in podcasting "Just for fun" you probably still want people to tell their friends. That is a call to action.

Now if I was to honest here, I would say I want everyone to join the School of Podcasting. I need to look at this realistically. This may be the first time you've been on my website, or heard my show. That seems a bit forward don't you think? You don't ask someone to marry you on the first date, so you might not want to close the deal on the first contact with you audience. The cool thing is it is YOUR call. You want to ask someone to marry you on the first date, you can do that.  But you might be less intimidating to have them sign up for your email list. From there you have another opportunity to provide value. Notice what I said here, you have an opportunity to serve your audience.

Figure out where you want to go, and the figure out how you're going to get there. It sounds easy, but you might find it difficult. The bottom line is you need a plan.

Tips For Creating a Call To Action

  1. As I said before, you need to figure out what you want your audience to do
  2. Be clear and concise
  3. Be repetitive if necessary
  4. Tell them HOW (sure you know how, but they may not)
  5. Make it E A S Y (don't make them hunt for buttons, or type insane website addresses)
  6. Eliminate competitive calls to action
  7. Explain how they will benefit (not how you will benefit)
  8. Explain exactly what will happen
  9. Explain why they need to do this now
  10. Remove the Fear. Try to avoid words that might seem much of a commitment. BUY NOW vs Add to Cart. Maybe we should be asking people "Get the back catalog" instead of "Subscribe." Explain how they can cancel at any time, and it is free.
  11. Place it in two places on your post. One near the top of the page ("above the fold" and once near the bottom).

In the end, a call to action should convey value, and provide a sense of urgency.

Because of my Podcast - Jeff Steinman

Jeff explains that how launching a podcast boosted his book sales, brought him more traffic, and boosted his interview skills. You can find Jeff at

How To Quit Working: A Simple Plan to Leave Your Job for a Life of Freedom

Podbean's CrowdFunding Platform

For the sake of this argument, let's say that the bar is set at They are the first at an ongoing crowdfunding platform. Others have come and gone, and they are still here. Podbean (a media host) recently launched the ability to have crowdfunding. I went over to check it out. Here is what I found.

  1. It's easy to setup, but in some cases impossible to edit.
  2. With Patreon it's super easy to create a post (think of it like a Facebook Wall) and choose who can and can't see that post. I don't see that option. With Podbean you have a comments section that doesn't seem as robust.

When I watched their video on this, I did notice that their example video shows that all the rewards are outside of the crowdfunding area (bonus content, newsletters). I have an email into Podbean for clarification. I noticed on their demo video someone asked the same question (how do I create a piece of content for a certain support level) and it hasn't been answered.

Podbean does have some badges (something I wish Patreon would provide) that make it super easy to copy and paste and have them appear on your website. the one feature that Patreon has that Podbean didn't event mention is scarcity. In other words you could setup a reward amount and say "Only 5 people can be VIPs." I didn't see this as an option in Podbean.

One of the issues I had with Podbean is not their fault. I was using Feedburner for the Podcast I setup. Feedburner (shocking) had a problem with the artwork. Podbean pulled this artwork (or lack thereof) and uses that in your listing. There is no place in Podbean to change that. With a properly working feed, I wouldn't have had this issues, but I had no way to edit it. After I updated the feed, the image never appeared.

Like Most Humans - I Stuck With the Comfortable

I have a Patreon account for the School of Podcasting and another one for the Ask the Podcast Coach show and I understand the Patreon platform. They also seem to be working on adding more features to the Patreon platform.

Create Clammrs From Just About Anywhere

Clammr has been adding features. Clammr is a tool that allows you to share up to 18 seconds of audio and put it on twitter, Facebook, email, etc. Anyone can listen to the whole episode, or like it and receive the details of the audio clip via email. Recently they announced the ability to integrate with the PowerPress player (something I will report on in the future), but they also had it easy to create clammrs by sharing an audio clip and sending it to clammr. In my testing it seemed to work a bit more reliably if Clammr was open already and then you went to your podcast player and clicked the share button.

From there you will record your audio and be taken to the clammr app where you can fine tune it before publishing it to your clammr account. For more information go to and to here what people are clammring, check out the clammrcast top 20 countdown.

Ready To Start Your Own Podcast?

 School of Podcasting

Nov 23, 2015

I've been talking about your podcast from TOP to Bottom over the last couple of weeks. Sometimes its good to go back to the basics and reexamine our shows. The first week we talked about Headlines (the title of your show notes), and I provided a free guide with tools to help you write better Blog Post Titles. Last week we talk about the importance of your introduction and how it is your first impression. This week we are talking about the meat and potatoes of the meal. Your content.

Because of my Podcast Jason Marshall

Jason from the We Don't have Cookies podcast  tells a story that has lead him to get a job on radio, as well as appearances on television all because of his podcast.

Be Part of Our Last episode of the Year

Answer the question, "My favorite podcast is.." and explain WHY leave your answers HERE (deadline 11/31)

I've mentioned the book [easyazon_link identifier="0849921902" locale="US" tag="sop2-20"]Secrets of Dynamic Communications: Prepare with Focus, Deliver with Clarity, Speak with Power[/easyazon_link] available at Amazon which is a great book for shaping your content. I've always said that before you press record you should ask yourself, "What about this topic is going impact my listener enough to want them to tell a friend?" If you can't answer that, then maybe you shouldn't press record.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Do I have a crystal clear objective about this topic. How do you get crystal clear about a subject? By knowing your audience and what they need or want to hear.

What points do I need to make to obtain my objective?

Don't worry about what they think about YOU, instead think about THEM.

Get To the Point

With Thanksgiving right around the corner when I to my Grandmother's house it was great seeing all my cousins, it was great smelling all the food, it was great eating crackers or whatever little munchies they had out out, but for the most part I wanted the TURKEY and HOME MADE MASHED POTATOES. It was the same at Christmas. My Grandfather would read the Christmas story before we opened presents (a tradition my brother continues). Then we had to sing some Carols. THEN, FINALLY we would open presents.

Your audience is here for the presents.

What do you have a hard time waiting for?

Nov 16, 2015

Last week we talked about the importance of headlines, and I gave you a free resource to help you make better headlines. Now in Podcasting you headline is your "Show Notes" title. You can get the free resources at

Your Podcast Introduction

People are busy. We hear activity like a badge of honor. How are you ding Bob? BUSY! I'm backed up. I don't get to take lunch. I'M SWAMPED! So with this in mind it is my opinion that your intro should get to the point quickly and answer the following questions:

Who am I listening to?

What is this?

Why do I need to listen to this now?

Get to the Punch Line?


Put Yourself in the Shoes Of Your Listener

When they do a search in Google, or iTunes, etc they see your information and they are asking:

  1. Should I listen to this podcast.
  2. Should I keep listening to this podcast?
  3. Will I come back to listen to this podcast

Today I play intros from the following Shows

The Podcast Report

Podcast Producer

5 Minutes in Church History

317 Podcast

Your Intro is Important

Mark Ramsey said at the new Media Expo that unlike radio, every podcast listener starts at the beginning. Make yours count, hit them hard, hit them quick, and let them know what they are going to get.

[clickToTweet tweet="Does your podcast intro move people to push STOP" quote="Does your podcast intro move people to push STOP"]

Get Exposure For Your Show

26:45 November is almost over. Each year I ask you to answer one question. What is your favorite podcast and WHY. Be sure to tell us where we can find your podcast (and what it's about). I'm really interested to see WHY. You can record/upload your answer at There may be a prize involved......

Andrew Hellmich Refused to Podcast For Free - And it's Paying Off

27:48 Andrew Hellmich is from the Photo Bizz Exposed podcast ( and does a podcast about boosting your wedding Photography business. Andrew launched a premium version of his show - when he launched. He knew the podcast would take time away from his business, and with a family to feed he couldn't podcast for free. The other thing Andrew does well, is provide value. He knows people will not pay for horrible content.

In this interview you will hear:

Andrew has hundreds of people paying for his membership

He didn't start in the direction where he landed. He didn't wait to get it perfect. He launched and tweaked.

His current strategy is to have 5 episodes available for free, and if you want access to the back catalog you need to pay Andrew $20 a month.

Passive income is not always passive.

Andrew has been podcasting for three years (this didn't happen overnight)

You will hear how Andrew is not afraid to try new things.

Andrew loves using Hindenburg Software to edit his podcast.

Do You Need a Good Podcast Introduction?

If you ever wonder where I got the female singers, or who did the intro to Andrew's show check out Music Radio Creative you get the top voices from all over the world, and years of experience. They can help you shape your message (for those who are marketing challenged). It's a great service.

Ready To Start Podcasting?

Join the school of podcasting and avoid the common pitfalls of podcasting. You will learn

  • How to shape your topic
  • What is the best equipment to choose (Without blowing a fortune)
  • How to build your website (or resources to have someone else do it)
  • How to record your show and get it into directories like Apple iTunes
  • How to promote your show and get exposure

You also get access to our private facebook group, and monthly  "office hour" sessions where you can get free consulting.

There is a 30 day money back guarantee. If you join and are not satisfied, I will refund your money.

Nov 9, 2015

This is an abbreviated list of headline samples from the book "Writing Riches" by one of my favorite authors and podcaster's Ray Edwards. If you buy his book, buy some paper and pencil along with it.

This topic starts at 6:35

  1. The How To Headline (how to write headlines that will bring you more downloads)
  2. The Testimonial headline (I wish I had found Dave Jackson sooner - I could've save a lot of money)
  3. The Give Me headline (Give me 10 days, and I'll get your podcast into iTunes)
  4. The Reason Why Headline (The to 3 reasons people fail at launching a podcast - and how to over come them)
  5. The Probing Question Headline (Do you know the five things that cause people to unsubscribe podcasts?)
  6. The Dominant Emotion (Are you tired of putting out an episode and getting ZERO feedback?)
  7. The Command headline (Be the influencer that leads change in the world)
  8. The If-Then Headline (If you can upload a picture on Faceboook, then you can upload a media file your hosting).
  9. The Warning Headline (Is Soundcloud Going Out of Business?)

A headline grabs attention, draws listeners to press play, communicates the big idea, establishes credibility and joins the conversion that is already happening in your audience's head.

Common Mistakes That Podcaster's Make With Episode Titles

They put the phrase "Episode 123" at the BEGINNING of the headline. 

Nobody cares if you're on episode 6, 60, 600, or 6000. What they care about is how you are going to make them laugh, cry, think, groan, educate, or entertain them.

If you MUST do this (I understand it makes it easy to search on your website) put it at the end. You can see in the image to the left that you don't get to see what the title is because half of it is EPISODE XXX.

The worst offender of this is (unfortunately) the web based version of iTunes. It gives you very little room for your headline.

They Put Very Little Thought Into the Podcast Episode Title

This is the SECOND/THIRD thing people see when they find your listing (the first being your show artwork/Title of the Show). I know I am super guilty of waiting till I'd done recording the episode, editing, tagging it, listening to it "one more time," and writing the blog post. You're tired, you're excited (maybe), but you are "this close" to being done and you just "throw anything in there" just so you can press publish.

If you think about it, from the 1890 to the 1940's they had paperboys who would shout out the headlines to entice people to purchase a paper and get the rest of the story. They weren't scream edition #417!

If the podcast title is bad, the podcast will not be heard. Unheard audio impacts no one. (a twist on a John Caples quote).

How To Write Good Podcast Episode Titles

Typically Headlines do one of the following:

  • Making a promise.
  • Drawing a picture.
  • Stating a fact.
  • Asking a question.

Try these steps

  1. Start with your audience. Cosmopolitan magazine knows their audience.
  2. Write your show notes first. Then write the title. Prime the pump that is your brain.
  3. Write several headlines. If you want to read them out loud.
  4. Pick the most important benefit and include that benefit in the headlines.
  5. Include the product or problem, or guest in the headlines
  6. Often email program like Mail Chimp have A/B testing tools so use two headlines and see which one gets more clicks.

Automate the Process

There are tools such as Headlinr and Freshtitle ($37) are two tools where you enter a subject and they spit out numerous examples of potential headlines/Episode titles. Freshtitle comes with Title Analyzer that rates your headlines and critiques this for you. The Yoast SEO plugin does something similar (and it's free). Headlinr is a browser extension (chrome only), and Fresh Title is software for the Mac or PC. If you're interested in knowing more about Headlines, sign up for my headline resource kit that has videos of these software titles as well as free ebooks and more.

Free Headline Guide

I've created guide to some of the best resources to help you create great headlines. These include free ebooks, Demos of headline automation tools, and some of the best blog posts by Headline experts (I did all the Google for you).

Click here to get the guide.

Because of My Podcast: Jim Collison is a Microsoft MVP

2:30 I host Ask the Podcast Coach every Saturday at 10:30 AM with Jim Collison from It's quite a hoot! We both love to talk  podcasting. Last week Jim shared the story of how he became a Microsoft MVP, and it turns out it's because of his podcast.

Do you have something that wouldn't have happened except for your podcast? Share your story and get some added exposure and be heard on this show (I might turn these into a book next year). Contact me.

Google Play Discussion Continues

This topic begins at 22:50

Steve Stewart chimes in on last week's episode about Google play. He is SUPER HAPPY that the #1 search tool is going to promote his show FOR FREE. As for the terms of service, they are there to cover Google's butt in the event someone gets stupid.

Libsyn Launches New Plugin

Podcast Rewind

This topic begins at 30:05

Ideas for Podcasting Episode 5

Podcastonomics Episode 5

Libsyn Launches new Wordpress Plugin


If you are someone who has been usingPowerPress for a while, then do NOT switch

Ready to Start Podcasting?

Jin the school of podcasting and if you're not happy any time within the first 30 days, you can cancel your subcription and get a full refund.

Nov 2, 2015

Any time my podcast can get in front of more people I'm happy. From what I've heard on the Feed Podcast where a Google Rep was interviewed here is what is what we think is going to happen. 

Google will pull an episode and host it on their servers (but they won't be a media host) The reason for this is they have control and reliability (come some people do stupid things like put their files on a website host instead of a media host).

They reserve the right to put ads after your show, and you will get nothing an like it.

There will be a directory, you will be able to direct people to a location

There is no set date besides "as soon as possible"

It is just in the USA for starting.

There are specific Google tags (just like iTunes Tags), but you can submit a feed and it will use the iTunes tags.

There will be stats.

They are not splitting your file into bits.

They hope to feature your show when people search for it. They want to give you what you want - when you want it. This is probably why they paid $35 million for Songza (a company that generated custom playlists) back in 2014.

Their artwork spec is from small to HUGE, so for now use your 1400X 1400 artwork that you use for iTunes.

You can add your podcast at

Here are the Terms of Service for Google Play

Check out No Agenda Show for more in depth Media Analysis

So How Do I Feel About Google Coming Into Podcasting?

Anytime my podcast can get in front of more people, I'm very happy.

As I've been online for a while, I've seen Google products come and go (Remember Google Buzz?). So while I'm excited, there is nothing for me to hold, touch, smell, and critique. Am I upset that they are going to host my files? No.

Do I wish they would just pass through my files from Libsyn? Yes, but I understand why they are not. We all have our fingers crossed that they use better encoding that Stitcher (which makes you sound barely listenable).

Am I upset that an advertising company is going to play ads after my show and I get none of that? No. (and I'm not surprised). As long as I can say what I want in my show and use it to direct people back to I'm fine. Even Google has to pay the bills.

So at this point, I'm "Hooray! - um, I think..."

Terms of Service For Other Hosting Platforms

Blubrry (use the coupon sopfree to get a free month )
Content Producers agree that the content in you shows are free from speech that advocates violence or speech that promotes hate. The Company reserves the right to immediately remove any media content from its Websites that in its sole discretion is deemed to violate the restrictions of this paragraph. (use the coupon sopfree to get a free month)

Any attempt to directly monetize Your Content via third-party ad networks or other outside business agreements at the expense of Libsyn without written approval from Libsyn is prohibited. If you choose to monetize, Your Content, you agree to utilize Libsyn Service to enable monetization including but not limited to in-content advertising, iPhone applications or sale of Your Content which may include additional requirements for revenue sharing or fees for use depending on the Service.. To request permission to monetize Your Content via third-party ad networks or other outside business agreements at the expense of Libsyn, please email

Spreaker (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month)

In connection with your User Submissions, you further agree that you will not: (i) publish misrepresentations that could damage Spreaker or any third party; (ii) submit material that is unlawful, defamatory, libellous, slanderous, threatening, pornographic, obscene, vulgar, harassing, harmful, hateful, abusive, racially or ethnically offensive or is otherwise inappropriate; (iii) post advertisements or solicitations of business; (v) impersonate another person or entity or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity; or (v) post User Submissions that would be harmful to minors in any manner.

In any case of violation of any of the above user submission rules and requirements or as required by law or regulation, Spreaker reserves the right to take court action and/or report users to the relevant authorities, for instance but not limited to when a user submission becomes subject of a copyright infringement note.

Podbean (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month)

Podbean service makes it possible to post audios, videos, photos hosted on to outside websites. This use is accepted. However, pages on other websites which embed audios, videos, photos that hosted on must provide a link back to from each embeded content to its Post page on Free Account is intended for personal use ONLY. Professional or corporate users please use one of our paid services.

99% of the time the terms are there for the provider to cover their rear end. 

Patreon Best Practices

22:01 Today we are joined by Taryn Arnold the community happiness representative of to take another look at Patreon ( spoke about Patreon in March of 2014 on Episode 399). They are "THE" platform when it comes to reoccurring crowd funding. When Joyride went out of business they directed their customer to Patreon.

Patreon is like a virtual tip jar for your audience to support you. Unlike Paypal (which can have issues when your listener's credit card changes or gets updated, and also may not notify you when a donation happens).

Patreon is working to add discovery to their already vast set of tools.

Patreon is a community building tool - not just a paywall. People who are succeeding at Patreon are treating it as a community tool to interact with their audience (make it two way - not just you putting stuff behind a pay wall).

$3.5 Million is being processed a month to creators.

There are roughly 25,000 active creators on

Let me do the math for you 3,500,000 / 25,000 - $140 per active user (roughly...)

Be sure to add a link to your Patreon account in you email template so you never forget to mention it.

Most people are doing a monthly setup (instead of a per post item). If you are doing items less frequently, it may be better to set up your account as a "per post."

39:52 Some people like are putting the content they give away for free in Patreon. This makes a singular place for your community to find your content and interact with you.  Pete Hollans makes 7,767.05 per video

It costs zero to start using they take somewhere between 4% - 6%

The $5 and $10 pledges are used the most (the average is $7).

You might want to make a few posts that anyone can see so that people who are browsing your items can get a free sample of your content.

[clickToTweet tweet="Patreon is paying 3.5 million a month to creators" quote="Tweet This: Patreon is paying 3.5 million a month to creators"]

My Favorite Podcast Is

I am accepting submissions for my annual "My Favorite Podcast Is" episode. This is where you can get extra exposure for your show. Here is what you do:

Go to (you can upload a recording, you can record your message using the Speakpipe button, or call the toll free number).

Let me know the name of your show, where we can find it, and what it's about. Then let me know what your favorite podcast is AND WHY. If you know their website that would be awesome as well. This will be used in the last episode of the year, and turned into a book on Amazon (so more exposure).

Castermind Is Now Accepting Applications

If you want some personalized podcast coaching, with the benefit of a mastermind/accountability group, submit an application to part of my Castermind podcast group.

Ready To Start Podcasting?

Join the School of Podcasting risk free for 30 days. If you're not 100% satisfied I will refund your money - no questions asked. Prices will be increasing in 2016.

Mentioned in this Show

Podcaster's Studio & Podcaster's Roundtable

No Agenda Show

Congressional Dish

Oct 26, 2015

I'm going to be going over podcasting in the next few episodes. So many people think it starts with a microphone (which is a logical start), but it doesn't. It starts with an idea. It might be an idea that is fueled by a need. That need may be to help people. It may be to make them laugh, cry, think, grown, or inspire them. You want to connect with impact. This is where your podcast starts. It starts with an idea.

Taking Your Podcast Inventory

This topics starts at 14:21

  • What do you like?
  • What are you good at?
  • What do other people say you're good at?
  • What do you not like?

According to the Book Secrets of Dynamic Communication you are either intending to persuade or enable people.

Persuading People

Everyone _______ should _____  (i.e. Every coach should podcast).

Enabling People

Every ____ can ______. (i.e. very coach can podcast).

Even sports shows are insinuating that everyone can/should cheer for their team. A comedy show might be getting you to think about something in a different (funny) way.

Why Would People Listen to Me?

This is a common response. After all it's easy to focus on ourselves. We are our favorite subject after all (right?). So instead of focusing on what people will think about you, think about what you are giving them? It's usually not scary to give someone a gift they know they will love, so why should delivering content that will positively impact them be scary.

Communication is about the person (singular) who you will be helping, persuading, instructing, entertaining them.

So How Do You Know If Your Podcast Will Impact Your Audience?

You need to live in your niche. You need to hangout where your audience hangs out. This could be Facebook groups, Google Groups, Linkedin Groups,, etc. You need to go to where they are, and see what they are talking about. You can read books about our subject, and read blogs as well. You can watch movies about your subject. This is one of those "simple but not always easy" kind of things. There are no shortcuts.

Once you know who your podcast is for, you know WHAT to talk about.

Why Are You Getting Into Podcasting?

There are many reasons:

  1. Be Seen as an Expert
  2. Reach a Global Audience
  3. Find Like Minded People
  4. Boost Sales of Your Own Products
  5. Boost speaking confidence
  6. Engage Your Community
  7. Make additional income
  8. Fun with friends and family.

The WHY is the rudder of your podcast boat. It helps direct the content in the direction that will help you achieve your goal. It your message and your goal are out of sync then you will find it harder to achieve success.

The Main Hurdles of Podcasting

There are many things that stop people from podcasting. Here are what are feel are the top 10 excuses.

  1. Nobody will listen to me
  2. I hate my voice
  3. I just need "one more thing"
  4. People might say negative things
  5. I'm not a geek
  6. I don't have time

We all know that speaking in public is the #1 fear among humans. This means at a funeral, you'd rather be the person in the casket then the person delivering the eulogy.

A Podcast Is A Recipe

My wife makes a kick butt spaghetti sauce. To watch her make it, one might think she has no idea what she is doing. She doesn't measure anything. She has some core ingredients, but at some point she starts adding a little of this, and a little of that. She samples the sauce, and tweaks some more. In the end, it's awesome. It took her years to perfect it.

Every now and then, we will be eating at the table and she will announce that it still needs _____. To her it's missing something. Meanwhile the rest of us are on our second helping as we loosen the buttons on our pants.

When you aim for perfection and miss, you land on really, really good.

If you never serve your sauce until it is perfect, people will starve. In a world of Kardashians and Celebrity Wife Swapping, MY GOD ARE WE STARVING FOR GOOD CONTENT.

Don't Fuel The Stupidity Fire

Podcasting starts with an idea - not a microphone. If you've not figured out WHAT you are going to podcast about and take the step to purchase equipment, you are fueling the stupidity fire. Why? Because it becomes a reminder that you still haven't launched. It puts pressure on you. Now that you've spent money, you NEED to podcast so you don't look stupid purchasing a microphone.

Why you don't want to feed the stupidity fire is you will have enough voices in your head that fuel your lack of self-confidence. This is natural. Unless you have a background in talking in public, you're not going to be confident in your decision to start a podcast - AND THAT'S OK.

With this in mind, don't purchase your Podcast Equipment just yet.

Write Down Three Ideas For Your Podcast Episodes

Do a quick exercise and write down what your first three episodes will be about. Don't worry about the length, format, artwork, etc. What will you talk about. You don't need to script it out, we are just brainstorming. What would your audience like to hear?

When you get that done, do it again. Turn off the TV, NetFlix, YouTube and brainstorm potential ideas for your show.

Once you get that done. You have planted the seed of a podcast. Choosing a name, a website, etc will be in the future, but you have identified that you have something to say, and can create content. Don't over-think this. You can start a podcast.

Other Topics in This Episode

2:23 Learn to Subscribe - Website to send people to learn how to subscribe to your podcast. You can copy the code and put the tutorial on your website.

3:55 Soundcloud is breaking their customer's podcasts. Thanks to Mike Dell of Podcast Help Desk for chiming in on the Ask the Podcast Coach show. Want to support the show? Become and Awesome Supporter 

9:14 New Media Expo apologies for the lack of Virtual Ticket.

36:26 Web based recorder for Google Chrome ( I will be testing this in the future ). I will also go back and look at Squarespace to see what's been updated.. Podbean has crowdfunding. I will be checking this out. (get a free month at using the coupon code sopfree).

40:23 my podcast mastermind group is now accepting applications. If you are looking for an accountability partner, constructive feebdack, then check out and fill out an applications (for people who have a podcast). If you are looking for feedback on your show check out the Podcast Review Show

43:08 What is your favorite Podcast and WHY? I do this every year. I want you to tell me about your show, and where I can find it. Then I want you to tell me what your favorite podcast is, where I can find it, and WHY. I will transcribe this and put it into a book (so exposure for you), and then play your message on the last show of the year more exposure for you). If you're interested, go to

Ready To Start Podcasting? 

Start Ricks Free at

Oct 19, 2015

Today we have a few tools to peak at. One allows you to record your podcast or go live, the other allows you to add your sessions to your Wordpress website, Ray Edwards will teach you how to write better pages, and the last one allows you to book guests.

Spreaker Studio For Windows and Mac

Spreaker has been around a while, and if you are looking to do live streaming this is a great platform. They also are great if you don't want to go live. Their new Spreaker Studio software enables them to move away from the Web Based version they had before that relied on flash technology (which was not compatible with iPads, iPhones, etc). They have had Spreaker Studio apps for a while (also impressive) and now there are desktop versions to go along.

Connect More Than One USB Microphone With EASE.

This has been a problem that wasn't easy to solve in the past. Now if you have multiple hosts with two USB microphones you can easily connect up to three USB microphones into ONE computer. It's pretty amazing and easy to setup.

It also integrates with Skype. This takes adding some additional software, but it takes just a few minutes and it worked like a charm. The best part is there is plenty of documentation so you don't have to guess what to do.

You can create playlists (great for people doing podcasts of music), you can fade from one song to the next, there are buttons that you can assign sound effects to (again with plenty of documentation and tutorials).

If you are person who does their show live, you also have a chat system right in the software.

The only thing you need is a Spreaker account to get it to fly.

You can get a free month of spreaker media hosting using the coupon code sopfree.

Simple Live Press Blab Automation Tool

Right now is HOT. This is a FREE platform that makes it super easy to create a live show and have guests pop in and out. It's new and in beta, but it has promise. Hani from Simple Podcast Press (a great plugin for podcasters looking to build their e-mail list) has come up with an easy way to have your videos from import into your Wordpress site.

You can set it so you have to approve them before they are put on your website or have them automatically posted. You can add buttons again to grow your email list, your followers on blab, and more. The best thing is Hani. He is open to suggestions as the plugin has been out less than a week. My request would be to allow me to replace the video with a YouTube version later (to build my views on YouTube).

For more information go to Here is a quick video I created showing off how easy it is.

Bookly Appointlet Plugin

There are tons of services like Appointlet, and Schedule Once for managing bookings. Most of these have a monthly fee (around $10). I discovered the Bookly plugin and it is super powerful. It ties in with you Google Calendar, and you can control every. This includes the color, your services, your staff, you payment options, your hours of availability, holidays and more. Here is a quick video

Ray Edward Copyrighting Course

I'm a HUGE Ray Edwards fan, and he is giving away a ton of free content on how to write better text on your blog. This could be to grow your business, or to grow your audience. He is a MASTER, and I always walk away feeling smarter after listening to him. To check out Ray's free tutorials go to

Launching With Multiple Episodes Does Not Automatically Equal Downloads

There are people on the Internet who are saying "If you launch with 8 episodes (or 3, or 5) you get 8 downloads when someone subscribes. This is absolutely false. Once a person is subscribed, they need to go into the Podcasts App (or iTunes or and manually download you back catalog. As podcasting gets hotter and hotter, there will be more people jumping into the space that may not giving great advice.

Interview With Hanah From PodClear/

Speaking of Blab, they recently purchased and today we get some behind the scenes insight into Blab from Hanah. For more information go to



Oct 12, 2015

Why I Switched from the Podcasts App to Overcast

The last update from Apple broke their own software, and it left it there for at least a week. Never give your customers a chance to find an (alternative because they will). The creator of Overcast recently made it availabel for free (you can donate to help cover the cost $1 a month). Here are the features I love about it.

  1. If I share something I can not only share the episode, but send people to the location I am currently at.
  2. I can listen at surprisingly fast speeds and still understand the content
  3. A 60 second skip button that when I click on it repeatedly takes giant jumps to skip through bad content.
  4. It syncs via the internet so you can listen on your iPhone, switch over to your iPad and pick right up where you left off. You can even listen on their website (
  5. I can see how much storage each podcast is taking up.

In the end I love it, and according to the app I've saved 2 hours using the Smart Speed feature.

VoiceStak is SpeakPipe on Steroids Let's You Capture Video Testimonials and Feedback

8:20 I love Speakpipe and I've been using it for years. This is a great tool to allow you to capture audio from your audience. You can then use it to build your email list, and you get notified via email when a new message arrives. there is a free plan for Speakpipe, and then plans start at $7/month.

VoiceStak is a similar product that does everything Speakpipe does AND it allows people to send VIDEO messages (up to 5 minutes). You can integrate it to send videos straight to YouTube. It also has no limits on the number of messages you can receive a month, or how many you can store. The pricing starts at $17/month, but there is a very interesting option to purchase a lifetime option for $197 (so after 11 months you are basically using it for free). This might be handy if you have a business and you're looking to create a testimonials page. You could easily send people over to your site and using their computer, phone or tablet, they can leave a video message.

You can use this on any number of sites, and you can place the widget anywhere you want. For more information check out

Jason Bryant Turns His Passion and Expertise Into a Career with Podcasting

Jason Bryant has had a goal of working as a sport commentator his whole life. Starting as a teenager in his high school he has slowly been given opportunities and taken advantage of each one. His hard work, dedication, and passion created impactful results. What results? He was asked to participate in other events. As the old saying goes, "Lather, rinse, repeat." After getting caught in the crossfire of media politics again, Jason decided he would strike out on his own. He was listening to Satelite radio and heard one coaches show, and another, and another. He thought to himself, "I could do a show like this for wrestling."

Jason contacted me, and hearing of Jason's experience and history, I asked, "What's the worst that could happen?" So Jason went to his school and got his first client. Fast forward and you see Jason doing 12 shows and running at Wrestling network at Here are some things we learned today.

  1. Jason knows his audience, so he had an idea of what to charge. However, it took him a year of tweaking to get it to where he is today. He didn't wait until everything was perfect.
  2. By getting his first client (going to those people you have a relationship with) it became easier to get his second and third.
  3. Jason who states, "I'm not a salesmen," has been helping potential clients see how they could run sponsors on their show and that money would pay for their podcast (and go right into his pocket). So the "non-salesmen" is helping his clients sell their podcast. So when you say, "I'm not ___" you may have those skills but no know it.
  4. Jason realized that its better to provide good content less frequently then a daily show that sucks.

For more information about Jason check him out at

Are You Thinking of Starting A Podcast?

There is so much information out there about podcasting, some of it is great. Some of the information about podcasting is painfully outdated. Don't be one of those people with a drawer full of microphones they never use. Start your podcast in the right direction, with the right tools, and much less stress. Check out today.

Oct 5, 2015

Got Feedback? Call 888-563-3228 and get your voice on the show.

The top two things I heard from clients consists of:

  1. How do I increase interaction
  2. How do I grow my audience

Increasing Interaction With Your Podcast Audience

  1. Show up. Do you best to create a consistent schedule. If you show up, then they will make you part of their routine. This isn't mandatory (Dan Carlin is awesome and put out an episode every few months), but I would consider it best practice.
  2. Have someone who has never been to your website try and contact you. I AM AMAZED and people who do not have a page with a CONTACT link. Don't get cute and make it "buy me a cup of coffee" or "Interact" make the button/menu item say CONTACT. Why? Because it is what people are looking for.
  3. Let them choose the method of interaction. You can see if you go to my contact page that you can email me, call me (using ), or use the speakpipe button. You're choice. I've eliminated any reasons that you might have to contact me.
  4. One way to increase interaction is to ask for some. That's right, ask. If you want to know what they think, make it the last line of your show notes and ask them to leave a comment on your website or you can do what Michael Hyatt does and point them to his Facebook page. He who doesn't ask, doesn't get.

How Do I Grow My Podcast Audience?

I've spoken about this in numerous episodes: see here, here, here , and here . You need to Make contact that impacts your audience, GO to where they are, make friends, tell them about your podcast). Today I want to throw in something I am again not seeing on websites.

  1. A play button. If you want people to listen to your show give them a play button. This is one of the reasons I like Appendipity themes. If you want it, you can have a GIANT play button at the top of your page (see for an example). People are not going to get hooked on your content if they can't find it.
  2. When you create content that impacts your audience, they are going to want to tell their friends. Make sure you have buttons that make it easy to do it RIGHT NOW. There are tons of plugins that can add share buttons (they are built in to the Appendipity themes). One of the best plugins is Social Warfare. This plugin is super functional and SMART. You can specify exactly how things get shared on the Internet. Another feature rich sharing plugin is Monarch from Elegant Themes if you are looking for a free tool, check out sharaholic in the Wordpress directory.

International Podcast Day Recap

Today we talk with Steve Lee of Modern Life Media and the co-founder of International Podcast day (Dave Lee, Steve's son is the other co-founder). Today we hear from Steve how:

We had a much more global audience with people from around the world joining in on a live 30 hour live streaming podcast.

Apple was involved and was tweeting out items this year

Many communities were "doing their own thing" to promote International Podcast Day.

Thanks to Steve and Dave for giving us a central spot to "start the conversation"

Podcast Rewind

I recently appeared on the PodupPod Podcast

I appeared on the Moneycast talking about my different revenue streams and my book More Podcast Money

Podcast News

According to a new report released by comScore, almost one-third (29%) of adults with smartphones listen to a podcast at least once a month.

In the 18-34 year-old range, the figure rises to 41%.

The data indicates that 18-34-year-olds are more likely than the average smartphone-owning adult to listen to podcasts on their device at least once a week, 26% vs. 18%.

Ready to Start a Podcast?

Check out

Sep 28, 2015

Are you trying to start a podcast but you can't seem to come up with something that is entirely new? Today we talk about how there are very few items that are entirely new. The iPod was just an upgrade of the Discman. The Discman was just an upgrade of the Walkman. The Walkman was just an upgrade of the 8-track tape. Typical something original is really  a few items that are old that have been combined with something of yourself to make it appear original. 

Because of My Podcast I Was Asked to Appear on TV: Wayne Henderson

Wayne Henderson deos a podcast about the Green Bay Packers, and he and his co-host were recently asked to appear on a TV show to talk some smack with some fans of the Seattle Seahawks.

International Podcast Day September 30th: Get Planning Your Podcast For Free

I have a fwe things going on to celebrate International Podcast Day:

  1. My "Planning Your Podcast" course at Udemy is free from now until 10/31/15. Use the coupon code ipd15
  2. I will be hosting an hour of live podcasting sharing "because of my podcast" stories and taking your questions

Castermind Group Podcast Coaching Now Accepting Applications

If you are looking for an accountability partner/mastermind, my "Castermind" is now accepting more podcasters. Here is who this is for and what to expect

  1. This is for the person who already has a podcast launched (if you need to launch your podcast, Join the School of Podcasting)
  2. This is a group coaching, so some of it will be answering questions, but it will also have a short lesson to help you build your audience.
  3. Each Castermind will consist of three people and myself.

If you are interested in applying, go to

The Courage to Be Creative Keynote Session from Podcast Midatlantic

I also appeared on the Podcaster's Rountable where we asked the question, "Why haven't you started podcasting?" This is similar to the talk I gave at Podcast Movement with a bit more emphasis on being creative. There are so many options when it comes to making a podcast. I look at them as ingredients. These are things you can mix together to come up with a unique show.


Short Term / Evergreen

Solo / Co-host

Mobile / Studio

Short / Long


Scripted / Imrov

Interviews or monologue

Your Delivery

Stereo / Mono

Fact / Fiction


Comedy / Serious

Expert / Journey

Local / Global

With all these ingredients I find it frustrating when people decide to name their show Librarian's On Fire? It seems an easy way out. What's next, the On Fire Answerman? Look, that's just my onion but I think we can do better.

"It is better to fail in originality, than to succeed in imitation. He who has never failed somewhere, that man can not be great. Failure is the true test of greatness. - Herman Melville

Originality does not mean thinking something that was never thought before; it means putting old ideas together in new ways.

The Only Way to Know How to Do a Podcast - Is To Do a Podcast!

There are some truths:

  1. It's harder than you think
  2. You will hate your own voice
  3. You will get more positive feedback than negative
  4. You will attract like minded people
  5. You will inspire, educate, and entertain people

But you can't do it without pressing record. Here is a tip I learned as amusician to take the pressure off.

Record your first episode, but realize that you will NEVER release it. This takes the pressure off, and you may find that without the pressure you are aren't half bad...

Start Podcasting Today

Sep 21, 2015

I was lucky enough to get to hang out with Jeff Bradburry of the Teachercast network at Podcast MidAtlantic. Jeff is helping teachers utilize technology (like Podcasting) in the classroom. I first met Jeff on a Podcaster's Roundtable and was amazed as he is doing everything LIVE. The one thing that impresses me with Jeff is he truly understands his audience. These (in some cases) are people who have struggled with technology, and are now looking to embrace it and improve the lives of students. Jeff understands that a teacher may call "audio on a podcast (no RSS feed" a "podcast" (when by definition it's not) but instead of splitting hairs, he stays focused on the goal (inspiring learning in the classroom with technology). 

Go Have a Baby or Three

Jeff Bradbury TeachercastJeff was at an event when his wife went into labor. She was three months early, and Jeff had his hold booth setup. As you can see to the right. Jeff's booth is first class (GO BIG OR GO HOME). So you might be just a little nervous about running out the door and leaving all your equipment behind. His audience knew Jeff's situation (pregnant with triplets) and told him over and over "Go, we've got you covered" (and they did). His audience trusts Jeff, and in this case he trusted his equipment to his audience. 

Go Inspire a Conference: Your Show Started THIS...

Jeff had gone to a conference and spoke about it, and it turns out his audience was listening. They were so inspired by the idea they started an edcamp in their city. So there was no event, Jeff starts a podcast and BOOM now there is an event where there was none. Not only was their an event but a group of people enjoying it, and improving their lives. Why? Because Jeff started a podcast. 

Being Seen as an Expert

Jeff has worked with some major brands (Microsoft, Pearson) and Jeff always bring his "A game" and takes advantage of every opportunity that comes his way and that has lead to him getting a new job and allowing him to move to a better location for his new (larger) family. 

I love it when the good guys win. 

Go check out Jeff at

Voxer App Turn Your Phone Into a Walkie Talkie

Jeff did a quick demo for me at Podcast Midatlantic and I was surprised how addicting Voxer is a free app that allows you to create a group "chat" where you can share audio, video, and text. It's pretty cool and I could see people making private chats for their listeners. For more information go to Here is a quick video overview:




International Podcast Day Gratitude Award

You have until the end of the week to nominate yourself. This is not based on voting or audience size, but how much your audience is thankful, by how much their life has been changed by YOUR show. Nominate yourself at

Clammr Are Super Easy to Create with Simple Podcast Press

Clammr is a free app that makes it super easy to share short clips of audio (with links to your full episode). Now users of the Simple Podcast Press plugin (which already add subscribe buttons, email subscriptions and more has a clammr button which makes it SUPER easy to create a clammr from your website. This makes it super easy for your audience to share your content on the clammr. For more information check out Simple Podcast Press

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Appendipity Themes for Podcasters


Ready to Start Podcasting? 


Sep 14, 2015

Quick Takeaways from Podcast MidAtlantic

Patience is a gentle version of courage - Kathy Kelly Special Mouse Podcast

Podcasting Changes Live - Jeff Bradburry and Scott Swanson

Watch other Media Types - Jeff Bradburry and Anythony Minaya

Tell great stories - everyone

Being Creative is fun.

Podcasting Changes Lives

I'm definitely having Jeff on my show in the future. The great thing that happened this weekend is person after person would share a "because of my podcast" story and I need to have them on the show. Jeff does the teachercast, and he helps educators (as a teacher himself) utilize technology in the classroom. He was great to hang out with, and he mentioned that if you help a student that's great (1 person), if you help a teacher that might impact 20 students, if you help a superintendent, that could impact thousands.

Scott from Muppetcast shared a story (I need to have him on the show) where a Jr High boy was getting beat up at school because he loved the Muppets. Scott's show showed him that he's not a freak, and it's OK to like the Muppets.

What Podcaster's Can Learn from Johnny Manzel

johnny_manzel_moneyI live in Cleveland, Ohio. Out sports teams are not good. We have tremendously talented people like LeBron James and Johnny Manzel, but still we can't win. Last year out football team the Cleveland Browns draft Johnny Manzel with their first round pick. Johnny rubbed his fingers together in a way to say, "I'm going to get paid." It became his signature. It appeared in Johnny's mind that he had achieved his goal. He had maid it to the NFL. The bad news is that is not THE goal of a football player. THE GOAL is to win the Super Bowl.

Johnny had a reputation as being a person who was more interested in parties than play books. He always seemed a bit unprepared. This was his first year, but Johnny was now a professional football player. In this league you either carry your weight, or you are traded. As more and more stories of Johnny (more or less) goofing off came to the surface (welcome to being famous), it really appeared that this kid had his priorities out of whack.

Paul Colligan has an episode where he said, "Starting A Podcast To Hit iTunes “New And Notable” Is Like Launching A Business To Get Into The Phone Book." This is a classic, and it ties into this analogy. The goal of a podcaster is not to be in New Noteworthy, the goal is to impact your audience. Your goal is to bring value. For some, the goal is to create revenue streams that help supplement their income. When I wrote my book "More Podcast Money" getting it into Amazon was not the goal, the goal was to help people set realistic financial goals with their podcast. Amazon is a tool to help me do that.

The 8 Week Myth About iTunes New and Noteworthy

8 Week Lie

In the book Podcast Launch (by John Lee Dumas) a very unfortunate paragraph states that you "Have a mere 8 weeks to be featured within the best podcast advertising real estate on the planet." This needs tweaked. It should read, "You can only be considered NEW for 8 weeks, you can be considered Noteworthy any time." Because of this unfortunate paragraph people are spending all their and effort focusing on getting into New and Noteworthy. This is very much like Johnny Manzel focusing on getting into the NFL. It's not the goal, it's a milestone. In the same way that being drafted into the NFL equals success (as many people get cut, and many first round draft picks never measure up to their potential).

You can get into iTunes (I outline the 27 steps here), and to get into New and Noteworthy you pretty much need a pulse.

Legal Podcast Music

I was told about a new service from Mike Stewart that features a large group of music cleared to be used on your podcast. I play some clips on my show today, and you can find out more at their website. The package contains 150 – 60 second royalty free music themes with license to prove to YouTube or anyone you have my permission to use my music for your videos and podcasts. All the music tracks organized by tempo, feeling and emotion to make underscoring a breeze and easy to fit the them to your video. The music is the product of Mike Stewart (the Internet Audio Guy). he is also a musician with a Gold Record to prove it.

I purchased this package as I am familiar with Mike who had a service for a while where you would get 5 themes a month. I've used Mike's music in my podcast for years. There are lots of different genres from Country, Easy Listening, Rock, Holiday, etc. Most of the tracks I enjoyed. The rock themes (not all, but some), are a bit dated sounding to me (like they could be on the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack). When you purchase a package, you know they aren't all going to be winners.

Doing the math on this, by just breezing through the different genres I would say I would use 70% of these. There are 150 tracks so that means I would use 105 tracks. The music is $37 for all 150 tracks so that would be ($27/105) 35 cents a track which is much less expensive than the .99 you will pay at (aff link). If you used all 150 track the price would drop to 25 cents a track.

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Appendippity Themes

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Sep 7, 2015

What Podcaster's Can Learn from Johnny Manzel

I live in Cleveland, Ohio. Out sports teams are not good. We have tremendously talented people like LeBron James and Johnny Manzel, but still we can't win. Last year out football team the Cleveland Browns draft Johnny Manzel with their first round pick. Johnny rubbed his fingers together in a way to say, "I'm going to get paid." It became his signature. It appeared in Johnny's mind that he had achieved his goal. He had maid it to the NFL. The bad news is that is not THE goal of a football player. THE GOAL is to win the Super Bowl.

Johnny had a reputation as being a person who was more interested in parties than play books. He always seemed a bit unprepared. This was his first year, but Johnny was now a professional football player. In this league you either carry your weight, or you are traded. As more and more stories of Johnny (more or less) goofing off came to the surface (welcome to being famous), it really appeared that this kid had his priorities out of whack.

Paul Colligan has an episode where he said, "Starting A Podcast To Hit iTunes “New And Notable” Is Like Launching A Business To Get Into The Phone Book." This is a classic, and it ties into this analogy. The goal of a podcaster is not to be in New Noteworthy, the goal is to impact your audience. Your goal is to bring value. For some, the goal is to create revenue streams that help supplement their income. When I wrote my book "More Podcast Money" getting it into Amazon was not the goal, the goal was to help people set realistic financial goals with their podcast. Amazon is a tool to help me do that.

The 8 Week Myth About iTunes New and Noteworthy

In the book Podcast Launch (by John Lee Dumas) a very unfortunate paragraph states that you "Have a mere 8 weeks to be featured within the best podcast advertising real estate on the planet." This needs tweaked. It should read, "You can only be considered NEW for 8 weeks, you can be considered Noteworthy any time." Because of this unfortunate paragraph people are spending all their and effort focusing on getting into New and Noteworthy. This is very much like Johnny Manzel focusing on getting into the NFL. It's not the goal, it's a milestone. In the same way that being drafted into the NFL equals success (as many people get cut, and many first round draft picks never measure up to their potential).

You can get into iTunes (I outline the 27 steps here), and to get into New and Noteworthy you pretty much need a pulse.

Podcasting and Stalkers

When I was growing up my sister gave too much information to a guy she met on the bus. The next thing I know, is she is getting really creepy phone calls. We eventually had to work with the phone company and the local police (and his mother) to get him to stop calling. It was creepy

Talking in Generalizations Today

Let's not get to tied up in being 100% accurate today? What I mean by this is most stalking situations are men stalking women. In some cases it's men who are creepy. In many cases it's the women who are being too polite. Men are from Marz and Women are from Venus is not entirely accurate. There are always exceptions to the rule. Today, let's generalize and be OK with it.

Dr. Steve Albrecht

Dr. Steve Albrecht has worked with the San Diego police for years where he spent six years in the Domestic Violence Unit, and he handled over 1,500 cases. He is internationally recognized for his expertise in high-risk HR issues. he has authored many books on the subject of work place violence. Check out  Dr. Steve Albrecht's Books and

The bad news about the Internet is when you put information out there, it's out there (pretty much forever). If you don't want naked pictures of yourself (celebrities) on the Internet, then don't post them. For me, I have a Facebook profile for my podcast, and one for my family and fiends. I share different items with different profiles.

Some questions we answer:

When is sharing personal information too much information?

What should I do if someone is crossing the line?

When do you get the police involved?

All I said was I liked her Steaks...

It was the first day of a new job. My boss introduced my to Angie Salsbury. I said, "I like your steaks" (making a silly joke). The next day I was told I would have to apologize. At first I thought my boss was joking, but he wasn't. So I walked over and stated I didn't mean to disrespect her and moved on. She actually was a great person, but I had no idea where she drew her line and I crossed it.

The bottom line is (Gentlemen if I can have your attention please), we don't know where the ladies draw the line. I've worked with women who said things that were so over the top sexually explicit that it would make a prostitute blush. We all have our limits. The bottom line is we have to respect each other's boundaries.

Don't Be Polite

Ladies, I love that you are so loving an caring. This is not one of those times when you need to worry about hurting someone's feelings. You don't have to be mean and call names, but you need to say in clear and precise words that you do not want any further interaction with this person. Do not leave any room for doubts.

Don't Let This Episode Stop You From Starting A Podcast

There are weird and creepy people who need help every day. You stand next to them at the grocery checkout. You sit next to them at the movies. This is not a huge problem in podcasting, but as more women get into podcasting I wanted to make sure we were all on the same page. I wanted to let you know what to do, and how to act, and who to call if you think you might be having an issue.

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Aug 31, 2015

Periscope and Podcasting

Periscope is a live streaming service from Twitter. It's pretty cool. My step-son is at Perdue and last week we got to see his first performance with the band via periscope. I had 36 people watching my cat in a baby's sleeping shirt. During the week I would open it up and just talk about whatever hit me. It's an interesting way to connect with your audience. In general, the video is recorded and can be viewed for 24 hours. You can download the file and upload it to YouTube or whatever service you would like to use.

How Do I Get My Mixer Into Periscope?

I used an iRig device originally meant for guitar players to plug their guitar into their iOs device but it works for me. You will need a 1/4" to 1/4" patch cable to go from the mixer to the iRig, and then the iRig into the phone.

There is an iRig2, but it is overkill. Also when it comes to patch cables, as you will be doing this near your mixer, this is probably a case where a shorter cable is better.

Like most podcast equipment questions, there are about a billion different tools you can use to do this. The bottom line is, have something to say. If you don't bring value, you won't have people coming back to hear what you have to say.  It's one thing to just hop on and test it out, be sure to mention that. For me, I like firing it up and having one topic, saying it, and get out. In the immortal word of James Brown, "hit it and quit it." - The Crack Cocaine of Social Media is completely addicting. It also is a streaming service like Periscope except you can (if you choose) to let up to four people join you. There is a chat room where people can chime in and ask questions. They can also request to be part of the stream. I tried this last Saturday on Ask the Podcast Coach. Typically this is a call in show where my co-host and I talk and occasionally take a phone call. It's awesome as you are never sure what you are going to get .  I think in the year that I've done that show we've had one caller, and one waiting twice. Last Saturday I had four people in the cue wanting to come on. 

You still have control over who is and is not on the stream. You can mute people, or band them from the blab. You can start a blab on your computer (so it's easy to connect your mixer or microphone)or on your mobile device. It's best to use Chrome when you are on the computer. You can choose to record it (or not). If you record it, when your blab is over, you get a link to the audio file  (mp3 file - 320 kbps stereo) or the video. When I compared the audio from Blab the to the WAV file I recorded on my portable recorder, the WAV file didn't win by much. vs Blog Talk Radio

It's also not fair to judge at this time because is free. They have tons of video and audio on their servers, and trust me, they will eventually have to charge to keep this engine rolling. 

Blog Talk Radio has really step up their game. Their audio is now 128 KBPS stereo. You (and your gusts) can connect directly to their system. It creates AWESOME sounding audio. You can have your audience call in via the phone. They have a chat system, and you can direct people to your show on Blog Talk Radio, you can also implement their system on your site. It is super easy for people to connect with you. With that said, the buzz on completely smokes Blog Talk Radio. The interaction, the exposure of people tweeting, for me - in my experience - with my audience, it was like the difference between college football and the pros. Both are great, but was just a much faster pace. 

Blog Talk Radio has the ability to have a call screener, and that you do not have at so be ready to eject the first person who comes in screams Bobba Booee! 

For me, I do love being able to see the person's name, and have links to their profile on Twitter (so I may end up following you). 

They plan on adding the feature to allow you to embed the blab on your site. 

Currently blab is lacking in the stats category. You can see how many people attended your blab, but you can go back later and see how many people watched the relay. 

Blog talk radio will win if your audience is not technical. If they are looking for businesses in the yellow pages. If you have a computer with a microphone, a smartphone, it's just too easy to join a blab. As the platform gets more popular it will be harder to find a blab, but for those people relying on the phone Blog Talk Radio is still the answer. 

SoundCloud is Being Sued

I spent some time investigating Soundcloud a few weeks ago. I would strongly urge you NOT to put any eggs in the basket. Their "Super cool player" no longer works on Facebook. They lost 29 million dollars last year, DJ's are puling their music, Sony music is pulling their music, and now they are being sued.  In my opinion, it's dead site walking. 

Because of My Podcast: I Met Burt Reynold and Made Him Cry

Bobby from Live Nude Puppets loves Dom DeLuise, and because of his podcast he has an agent that is looking to help launch a live nude puppets animated show. This lead to Bobby being in the same room as Burt Reynolds. Bobby is a HUGE Dom fan, and went and spoke to Burt about it, and both got choked up thinking about Mr. DeLuise. Thanks for sharing Bobby, and congrats on topping the charts on the Clammrcast Top 20 Coundtown.

Podcast Rewind

Gary Vaynerchuck on Chase Jarvis Show

Podcasters Roundtable on Tough Decsions

Red Podcast Podcasting and Your Business How to Do it Right

Podcasts Are Like Dogs

Saturday my wife called to let me know our German Sheppard Koda needed to be put to sleep. His health had been going downhill quickly, and now he could barely walk. He was 110 lbs. He was my gentle giant. It was a very sad day. I was thinking this morning as I walked into the kitchen where Koda used to sleep. The kitchen looks so much bigger with him gone. Dogs are a lot like podcasts. 

You Never Know What You're Going to Get 

You can read up on breeds, but until you bring the puppy home you never know what you actually have. My step-daughter has two rescue dogs. The one would eat the house. By that I mean she would leave to go to work, and come home and part of the door frames were torn to shreds. 

There is More to Getting It Off The Ground Than Expected

When you get a dog, you think you need food. Oh yeah, and bowl. Wait, I better pick up a leash. Oops, almost forgot the brush. Oh, the little guy should have some sort of bed or blanket. I should also pick up a chew toy or 20. 

I've mentioned how there are 27 steps to list your podcast up and into iTunes. The good news is once it's in iTunes the other episodes only require about 8 steps. 

You Learn Lessons The Hard Way

When I had a shi-tzu I learned that if you don't shave their butt their hair grows over their there is nowhere for the poo to go. Likewise that time you had the best interview ever only to see that you forgot to press record on your recorder is a lesson most of us learn the hard way. 

Once You've Got The Routine Down - The Relationship Begins

Once the dog is trained, and you have them on somewhat of a routine you start to get to know their personality. You start to build that relationship. With podcasts, the launch can be a bit overwhelming but once its up and you can focus on content you get into a rhythm. You start to get that trickle of feedback, and you start to build that relationship. In the same way that you trust that your dog isn't going to eat your house, you audience trusts you to bring good content. 

You Will More Than Likely Try More Gear

Sure the dog loves his nylon bone, but when you put him in the backyard and through a frisbee and he caught it a new passion was unveiled. With podcasting you may want to take a stab at, or adding a co-host, or recording mobile, you will try different things. Somethings are awesome. Sometimes the dog looks at you after you through the frisbee with a face that reads, "Do you expect me to go get that?" 

Your Health Will Start To Fail

Am I saying a year in podcasting is like seven years? Maybe. Maybe that's why most podcasters don't make it past 7 because it's really episode 49. The passion you had for your subject starts to fade. Maybe you've said all there is to say on that subject. Maybe your are not in the same place you were when you started. The only thing that says the same is change. 

You Will Know When It's Time

Last week we spoke with Donovan Adkisson who said, "It just wasn't fun." That is why he is taking a hiatus from Podcasting. His life changed. His priorities changed. He is not in the same place.

When It's Gone You Look at the Bright Side and the Memories 

I use to live next to a golf course. I would get up and watch people tee-off while eating my cereal. Koda was always trying to escape and because of his size people would scream and run at the sight of him. He looked like a wolf. One day he gout out the sliding door and took off down the golf course. I believe I was in my pajamas running down the fairway trying to catch this dog dazes in disbelief that the dog was faster than I was, and depressed at how out of shape I was. Luckily, Koda stopped to water a bush. If he hadn't I still would probably be chasing that dog. Looking back, I should've called up Glen the Geek (America's Horse husband) and got some information on getting a saddle for the dog. 

I've pretty much laid down the microphone for some of my shows. I got to interview some of my music idols on that show, and I had bands email me how my tips help them sell their music. I'm just not into that scene like I was 10 years ago. 

I've had Partial, Butch, Gonzo, Sarah, Dudley, Teddy, Max, and Koda in my life depending on where I was staying. I never knew what I was going to get, and I am so glad I had the courage to invite a dog into my life, and I urge you to find the courage to start a podcast and build relationships with like minded people. You never know where the road may lead you.

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Aug 24, 2015

As a podcast consultant I should be telling everyone to start a podcast. I do. I believe there is a lot to be learned from starting a podcast. You learn to:

  1. Organize your thoughts
  2. Prioritize your goals
  3. Speak with confidence
  4. Work with people from different cultures
  5. As much as podcasting is about talking, I think the top podcasters are at the top because they learned how to listen.

We Predicated Disgruntled Podcasters in December 2013

There was a time when it seemed every podcast had the term "on fire" tacked on at the end. In December of 2012 myself, Daniel J Lewis, Ray Ortega, Steve Stewart, and John Lee Dumas had a roundtable to discuss what Steve coined "The John Lee Dumas effect." People were starting a podcast, following a formula, and expecting the same six figure result as John. Part of that roundtbale was to point out the hard work, dedication, and insane work ethics that John has (and they being John Lee Dumas comes very naturally to him).  John has always been super transparent about his life, his business, and his workflow, and how long his runway was when he jump into the unknown waters of podcasting (that's why I like the guy). John is an original. Here is the income from the website



Here Comes the Next Wave of "Podcasting is Dead."

Comedian Brock Wilbur made a post and said, "“Podcasts are pointless. Anyone who tells you otherwise is the literal devil. No one is going to get rich or famous or gain any level of following from this medium ever again, because it is hilariously dead. Your idea to share caustic observations about an ongoing TV show? Pointless. Your idea to interview interesting people? Laughably misguided. Your idea to discuss each individual episode of a decade-old CW show? Well… shockingly successful.”

I went and listened to his podcast.

Brock has around 125 downloads per episode (13,767 downloads divided by 110 episodes). If you were a teacher, that would be 5 classrooms of 20.

I’m three minutes into it, and I am now finally getting into the content. You played a song with no teaser. You are hoping that people sit through some song hoping that they make it to the content. As a first time listener, I have no idea who you are, or your guests.

Your audio is right on the edge of distracting. I get it. One microphone with four people, you’re going to get room noise. It's YOUR show. You can record it any way you want.

At 5 minutes you finally introduce your guests. Nobody waits for 5 minutes for someone to get to the point. You then had one of your guests introduce themselves. The average attention span is around 8 seconds now (or something ridiculous like that).

In my opinion 97% of the time improv blows.

Brock typed a whopping 32 words that is not a huge target for Google to find. The Yoast SEO plugin recommends 300 words per post. It's YOUR show, do what you want.

Nothing screams “great content” like four people talking over each other. Who am I to judge, it works for THE VIEW.

In the article you say, “two years ago we started setting aside Thursday nights to have fun people get drunk around microphones in my living room.” It sounds like you’ve achieved your goal.

The one thing that really confused me, is Brock has a great looking website, but instead of adding the podcast to YOUR WEBSITE, you send people to a bad Podbean site that looks like a throw back to bad MySpace page.

A Farewell To Podcasting

Donovan Adkisson
 was on my show a while ago after completing his first year. He had written a book about it, and was excited about podcasting. Three years later he had created Adkisson Digital, four podcasts and a fair amount of frustration. If you listen to his episode titled "My Farewell to Podcasting" he states the following:

I'm not saying I'm ceasing my podcasting endeavors because I don't get any feedback, but its part of it.

I've realized that it's not interesting. I don't really bring anything of value to the listener. All I do is rant about the things that are happening in the world. I have nothing of value to provide because that is already being done by more higher profile and more successful people than myself.

Podcast consultants make money on selling courses on how to do what they are doing. It's almost like a weird pyramid scheme (but it's not).

It's absolutely not fun.

I Needed to Speak to Him in Person

Donovan was SUPER HONEST and admits that he never really defined his target audience, he had an idea - but it was super precise. He also knows maybe he didn't promote his podcast as much as he should have. In listening to Donovan you can tell he tried everything he did to make his show fly.

While its obvious that Donovan loves podcasting. He especially loves creating lives shows, but to get HUGE sponsors you need huge numbers and Donovan (and about 90% of most podcasters) didn't have that. (To hear about making money outside of the CPM model of podcasting, check out my interview with Glen the Geek)

No Apology Needed

Donovan also explained how he has some legal battles going on in his life, and he has some expensive health issues. In other words, his life's priorities have shifted.

If You Like it - Do it

At one point Donovan admits he loves podcasting. My advice is then do it. If it makes you happy, then do it. Do it for the art and creativity. Do it for the people who listen (Donovan said he got more feedback on his "Farewell" episode than he did on any other episode), but don't do it for the approval of others. Do your best to make a show that impacts your audience (makes them laugh, cry, think, groan, educates, inspires).

Your Life Changes - And So May Your Podcast

My first podcast was started 10 years ago when I was playing in bands. I loved music marketing. I loved playing music live. I'm not in the place anymore in my life, and consequently, I rarely do that podcast. It's a hobby in that case, and I do it because I can. I still have a smaller group that patiently waits for the next episode.

It Takes a Lot of Work, and a lot of Time

I've have mentioned in the past how the TV Seinfeld didn't take off the first season and was almost cancelled. There are plenty of shows that get popular because of this thing called timing.

There was a TV show in 1999 called Action on Fox. It got rave reviews. It stared Actor/Comedian (now podcaster) Jay Mohr. You probably never heard of the show. I bet you have heard of Chicago Hope, Charmed, or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Those are the shows Action was up against. It lasted one season.

Tips to Revive Your Dead Podcast

  1. Always start with your audience. Get their opinion. (see creating surveys episode)
  2. Look at the amount of time you have to create a podcast, and create a realistic schedule that you can keep
  3. Announce when you are taking a leave of absence
  4. Search for your topic. There may be new resources that could help you with show topics
  5. Potentially add a co-host if you are flying solo. Don't be afraid to mess with the format if the only alternative is closing it down.

Lastly, if you are just sick and tired of the podcast, announce your final show, and let go. Seinfeld, M*A*S*H, Cheers, etc all came to an end.

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Aug 17, 2015

Today I share a story about getting outside of your comfort zone, and we talk with the Real Brian about how his podcast has lead to him getting paid to host two more.

Donnie Pushed Publish On His Podcast.

I got this email in my inbox: Hello Sir, I am writing this to simply introduce myself and say a big Thank You! Not long ago I was inspired to begin a daunting task of creating a podcast. I have listened to numerous ones over a varied topic span ever since the beginnings of the podcast. So I decided to bite the bullet and give this a go. With thoughts of what fun this could be and eager to learn some new skills I ventured forth into the "glamorous" world of podcasting. Your show has been a go-to for every topic I can imagine. I glean over past episodes for the struggles I am currently facing and words of encouragement along the way. Simply put, it has been indispensable in this process. With that said, I do need to mention that I already belong to JLD's Podcaster's Paradise and the information there has been helpful also, albeit a little pie in the sky- esque. I am a loyal listener now of your show along with the Podcasters Studio and Roundtable. This week I listened to the Glen the Geek almost everyday on the long drives between day job customers. All I can say is WOW. That episode really hit home. The show I have created focuses on the Craft Beer community. I am based out of Knoxville, TN so my main goal was to break into the local scene. I am around 5 episodes deep in the editing process and have just released my first show to my website and submitted to ITunes this week. I have broken the procrastination mold of not releasing due to trying to 'make it perfect'. I realize we all have to start somewhere and I have finally made that big step. Now to grow and promote, along with get much better every time I am behind the mic. -Donnie

My Reply

Donnie, Awesome. You have done what so many people have failed to do, you hit publish. No matter what people say from this point forward, you put it out there, for better or for worse, you hit publish. I'm so glad I inspired you because this email may have just inspired me for my next episode. Do you mind if I read you e-mail on the show? Some steps you can take are to go find your beer peeps. See if there are local brewers (guessing here, not my niche), etc. Be sure to make friends before you start pimping your show (or they won't care). Congrats, and do everyone a favor and put a link to your in your signature. Dave

Keeping My Integrity at Podcamp Pittsburgh.

So I attended a session on basic audio editing. I could see that the audience at this event were brand new to Podcasting. At the end of day one, I asked if there were any open slots (as they just filled one) and they stated they didn't At dinner that night with Krystal, Nick, and Kim, they said I should do a session. It turns out at Podcamps, anyone can speak anywhere. I resisted. As the former director of podcasting for the new media expo, I know what goes into planning and running a show. I just pictured some guy coming up and saying I'm speaking tomorrow at 11 and my brain exploding. Chris Brogan (one the creators of PodCamps) and I asked him if adding sessions was allowed, and sure enough it was. In fact, it was encouraged. But still I resisted. There I was standing on the edge of my comfort zone. I mean that seems like such an ego move. "Hey, I'm here and I'm going to speak!." This is the wrong attitude. It's valid, based on my experience, but I needed to be open for new information. I had just seen with my own eyes how this group desperately needed a podcasting 101 type of talk. Nick continued to nudge, and I thought of my email to Donnie. This meant believing in myself (I've been doing this 10 years, and as a computer instructor I have to be light on my feet and go with the flow on a regular basis), and of course... Nobody was going to punch me in the face.  (thank you Ryan K Parker of ) So I did it I had a group of 7ish, and Krstal from Libsyn parascoped it to another 50ish. I had 9 words on a piece of paper and just used my knowledge. Was I nervous? Sure. I did zero rehearsal. At the end of day two I was thanked by the founders for doing that session.

The Real Brian - Podcasting Has Put Me Where I Am

Brian is the host of Profitcast and he was doing some research

Upcoming Events

Saturday Septemeber 12 Podcast Mid Atlantic  ( I will be doing a Keynote at this event) Saturday Septemeber 12th, New Media Europe

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Aug 10, 2015

Glenn the geek has been podcasting since 2008. He does it full time. He grew his audience by reaching out to leaders in his field and partnering with them. He has a background in sales, and found the right sponsors for his shows. He embraces his audience, and knows that if you want people to listen you have to be entertaining. You might be thinking that if he is making a living from his podcast he must've had some huge podcast launching and rocked the top of the iTunes charts, and lived in New and Noteworthy. While that may be true, Glenn wouldn't know. You see, Glenn focuses on his audience. He focuses on making great content that entertains and educates. It wasn't until recently that he even knew to ask for reviews. He did it the old fashioned way. He earned their trust, and never lets his audience down. Consequently, they don't let him down. As a salesmen, he has made more money in the past. However, he is now making a living and having more fun talking about a topic he is addicted to (horses) and loving every minute of it. Today get a pencil ready as we interview America's Favorite Horse Husband Glenn the Geek from Horse Radio Network.

Podcast Rewind (2:43)

Paul Colligan lays it on the line in the Episode title The Weird Thing About Podcasting For Money

Rob Walch was interviewed on Podcast Junkies on the Truth about Podcast Numbers (the stats start at the 52 minute mark).

Glenn the Geek America's Horse Husband (5:47)

Here are some of the top takeaways

Glenn started with ONE podcast. Glenn put all his efforts into this show. He started with ONE.

He got a sponsor early even though he didn't have thousands of listeners. How? By finding an advertiser who was more interested in promoting their brand than delivering a coupon.

Glenn gets his sponsors involved in his show. He uses them to answer questions from his listeners. This is a great way to promote the brand, make the brand look like an expert, without having a giant commercial.

howtolisten200Glenn KNOWS HIS AUDIENCE. They are addicted to horses and aren't the most technical bunch. You will see on that Glenn has step by step tutorials to help his audience learn how to listen (on every single type of device).

If you know you're going to have a network, promote from episode 1 (even if the network doesn't exist). This way when it DOES exist people who catch your early shows will have the same branding (Glenn was following the model of

Glenn is not a horse expert, but he shares a passion for horses and he plays the role of "Average Horsemen" on the show. You don't need to be an expert to start a podcast.

He used Blog Talk Radio but left due to poor audio quality (Blog Talk Radio just unveiled their upgraded service which now delivers CD quality and allows you to connect directly to the service without using a phone or skype). He now uses Call In Studio, and Mixlr to stream live.

Glenn does use CPM for selling ads. He sells a flat rate per episode. He advises his sponsors to purchase three months of ads to start out (he prefers 6 months).

Glenn used Big Contact to make a player that can be shared on other websites. Big Contact is no longer accepting submissions. You can do this using the Libsyn Player, the Player from (under conntect),, or you can make your own using Wimpy Player.

Glenn only lets products he uses sponsor his show. The only thing you have is your integrity, and he knows his audience trusts him and he never loses sight of how he will lose in the long run if he sells out. Find companies that are already advertising in your space (like a magazine), find out how much they are spending (call to see how much it costs to advertise) and explain how you have their target audience, and that you can put their brand in front of them for less money. 

Become the Official Radio Station of  Your Industry (29:42)

Glenn went to an exclusive trade show for horses and told them he wanted to be the official radio station for their conference. All he wanted was a booth. The first year he had to explain what a podcast was. Eight years later he has sponsors begging to be on his show. He get's great content. He gets access to places others don't (this is not an open conference), and he starts building relationships with future sponsors of his show. This is absolutely brilliant.  The trade show gets free publicity, and Glenn gets access to sponsors and great content. 

Finding The Right Products

Glenn has a $250 pitch fork that the manufacturer was potentially having a hard time getting the word out about his product. Glenn's audience is using a manure fork while they listen. The Manure fork manufacturer now sponsors the show on his most popular segment on Fridays. He has been sponsoring for years (so it's working) 

Making His Advertisers Human

By using his sponsors as experts, Glenn's audience gets to know the sponsor on a more personal level. It makes them human and increases sales. This is why 70% of Glenn's sponsors continue to advertise with him. Glenn built his podcast audience by connecting to people who shared his passion - not through gaming iTunes, or Spamming Twitter. (Amen brother!). 

Make It Easy To Promote Your Show

Glenn sends a note to all of his guests with a pre-written note and a link to the show notes and a link to the mp3 file. 

Good Shows Aren't an Accident

Glenn spends around six hours on an episode from start to finish. The more your prepare the less you have to edit. While only a small portion of his audience listens live, he wants the show to feel live. To do live, you need to be prepared when the recording light goes on. 

The Best Interviews Come From Your Listeners

While you may land a "big/famous" person on your show, often the best interviews and segments come from your audience. A "big" name may not have a ton of time to promote your show, and your audience is often at the places/events where your audience is - and deliver great content. In addition, your audience gets excited to be on their show and they tell other people about their appearance. I did a whole show on getting your audience involved. 

Don't Be Boring (59:30)

While anyone can make a podcast, not everyone should. There may be people who want "just the facts" but Glenn feels you should entertain first, and educate second. By being entertaining you keep them listening. By providing value, you keep them coming back. He wants peopel going away from their show smiling and saying, "Hey I learned something." 

Check out all of Glenn's shows at

Podcasting News

John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire has an article in Forbes Magazine

U2 appeared on the You talking U2 to me? 

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Aug 5, 2015

I attended Podcast Movement last week, and I am busting at the seems to tell you about it. To keep this short, here are my top memories and take always from Podcast movement.

1. The Door Key Was Branded

Yeah, you know the magnetic door key. It had their logo on it. I often lose hotel keys and have to ask for another one. I didn't this week. What a HUGE first impression. I told Dan and Jared that there was so much icing on the Podcast Movement cake that you could not get a bad piece of cake.

2. The Michelangelo Line from Lou Mongello

Lou Mongello is one of my favorite people. Lou is so authentic (you will see a theme here). In his keynote he just kept saying things that made me want to stand up and go "Preach On Lou!" (his talks was on Sunday). He said a line like,  "When people came in to look at a new painting from Michelangelo they didn't go, "Great Painting - What brush did you use?"

3. Ejecting Bad Guests - Jordan Harbinger

Jordan is like a Lioness guarding her cubs when it comes to his show. It's HIS show, and if you try to mess with HIS show he will kick you to the curb. Try to keep pimping your stuff on his show when he explained up front that the pimping (if any) would be done at the show and he will shut down the recorder and send you home. It's HIS show.

4. Aisha Tyler - It's MINE.

This one really hit home with me. How many things are truly 100% YOURS. Aisha has like 37 roles on TV, movies, etc. Yet, she records, edits, tags, uploads, and writes notes for her podcast. Why? She admitted she is an workaholic (transparent), and she said with all of her roles, her podcast is the only thing that is 100% hers. When a listener said she talked too much when interviewing a guest she advised him to get his own show (where he could be a mime for an hour).

5. Great Content - Different Angles

The combination of Lou Mongello (The Dean of Disney) and Aisea Tyler (a fanatic of the F word) was a bit of a whiplash, but it was AWESOME. Why? Because they both were hitting the same topics. Why? Because they are best practices. Don't get in it for the money. Be unique. Follow your heart. Make and learn from your mistakes.

6. Nice Flip Flops - Marc Maron

I'm standing in the Stockyards restaurant and in walks Marc Maron. I felt like I was on his TV show. There he was in cut off jean shorts and flip flops. Marc is Marc. He's authentically Maron. What you see is what you get. What you get is funny. I apologized for him having to be interviewed in Cleveland where the DJ had his staff vomit in the studio (Marc refused to go in the room). He laughed.

7. Embrace Your Audience - Marc Maron

There were tons of podcast "Celebrities" at this event. When Marc walked in, celebrity went to a new level. I felt honored to shake his hand. Later I saw where he took photo after photo with people who know like and trust him.

8. No Recording Devices  - Really Sarah Koenig?

You come to a podcast event and tell us to NOT record you? This left a bad taste in my mouth. It just seemed out of place. It seemed so ....RADIO. Afraid someone might post it to YouTube and you can't do the same presentation over and over? WOW.

9. Pat Flynn - How To Top A Delorean

Pat Flynn did got me. At one point I actually thought the mighty Pat Flynn had lost his place in his presentation. Then an English accent came out of the speakers. I found out later that each time the English voice (inside Pat's head) was created by Pat pressing a button. This was hugely entertaining. Once it was over, and you just realized what you saw, the magnitude of preparation had to be insane.  I once saw the band Genesis. Phil Collins and Chester Thompson did a 15 minute drum solo. Both men were completely 100% in sync. The longer it went on (with the beats getting more complex) the more mind boggling it became. Once it was over, you just kept asking, "How did they do that?" Pat, how did you do that? Pat entered the room with a movie and a Delorean at the New Media Expo.

10. I'm Getting Your Banner - Gary LeLeand

I've always needed a backdrop for my office. Part of the icing of PM15 was the banners outside the doors. They looked awesome. Call me weird, but I really like the one with my name on it. So I asked after the last presentation if I could have the banner with my name on it.  I asked different folks and they had to check some things. Later I was walking down the hallway and there was one of the creators of Podcast movement Gary LeLeand working with the banner. I asked him was he was up to and he said, "Getting your banner, do you have a screw driver on you?" I expected some hired hand to do this, not one of the co-founders. It was important to me, so it was important to them.

Listening to what your audience wants, and giving it to them. That's good old Podcasting 101.

11. A Quick Handshake out the Door - John Lee Dumas

I was watching a keynote on Sunday when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around and there was John Lee Dumas extending his hand. He said, "I'm taking off it was great to see you." I am a big fan of JLD. He is the energizer bunny of podcasting. His combination of talent, charisma, dedication, and delivery have served him well. He is the poster child of, "It is possible to make money with podcasting." If I had a nickle for every time someone said the words "John Lee Dumas" at this convention I would be rich as well, John Lee Dumas. I had wanted to hang out with him at the Stockyards, but silly me, there were two additional rooms that I never discovered (and all of my friends apparently were in those rooms). When I was an award winning customer service representative I discovered that its the little things that mean alot - like a handshake out the door.

12. Life is Like a Box of Chocolates - Glenn the Geek

I will be interviewing Glenn next week. Glenn is the man behind and while Glenn was not even supposed to talk, he did an impromtu speech on Friday that blew me away. I can't wait to interviewing him, and share his story. He has been podcasting for 8 years, and it is his full time gig. I can't wait for you to meet him.

13. UBER

I went to lunch with David Hooper and Mark Johansen. I was courageous enough to take up Dave's offer to get an uber for us. It was a great experience. Paul Colligan heard me tell him about it, so he sent me a link to get me $20 off my first ride. This proved again that you pay with things in two currencies money or time. It would've cost me an extra 20 to take Uber to the airport, but Paul's coupon took that away and instead of waiting for the shuttle, to then wait for the shuttle to fill up, I got to sleep more.

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Jul 27, 2015

Podcasting News:

Midroll Purchased by Scripps - Another shot of legitimacy for podcasting? Ask the Double Rainbow Guy The article mentions CPM (the amount you make per 1000 downloads) of $100. This seems unrealistic to what I typically hear ($15 - $30 CPM).

Honda's 2016 Accord will have the ability to have Apple Car Play, and Android Auto. Full Story

Podcast Rewind:

I recently was asked back on the Coachzing Show  talking why podcasting is here to stay.

I did a webinar with Steve Stewart on Podcast Workflow for his Audacity Workshop its only available for a limited time

I started listening to the Tim Ferriss show, and the one thing that he us just AWESOME at is follow up questions. When he interviewed Rick Rubin he asked how Rick got into the 99 Problems video by Jay Z. At the end of the answer Rick says, "He is one of my favorite people." To this Tim instantly asks, "Why do you say that?". Later when he interviews Glenn Beck he asks about Glenn's dilema of having to hire a large amount of people to build his Blaze network. Glen explains who he hired first. He said he knew within the first three minutes of their initial meeting that this woman was going to be hired. To this Tim instantly asked, "What did she say to make such an impression on you." It's an interesting show, and he has interviewed so many big names, that you can "cherry pick" episodes of just those people you like.

Podcast Microphone Shoot Out

Audio Technica 2020 (condensor XLR/USB $99)

Audio Technica 2100 (Dynamic XLR/USB $59)

Audio Technica BP40 (Dynamic XLR $349)

Electrovoice RE320 (Dynamic XLR $299).

You will hear that all these microphones sound great. I recommend podcasters NOT use a condensor microphone (2020). In listening to the 2005 vs the BP40. The 2100 seemed to carry more bass (odd as they have the same bass frequency). There is a low cut switch on the BP40 if you want to cut frequencies below 100 (these are so low, these are almost frequencies you feel more than hear).

The one thing that hit me right out of the gate is this microphone can double as a weapon. Its super solid, looks good, and just seem heavy duty. I really liked the AT8484 shock mount that is designed to be used with the microphone. It has a super slick lock that allows you to slide it in and out with ease (not that most of us will be switching microphones, but it is cool). As the shock mount is designed for the unit, it holds it well. I have a "off the shelf" shock mount for the RE320 and it seems a little strained to hold it (so here again sticking with factory stuff, even though slightly more expensive might be the way to go).

Test One: Gain

How much gain is coming out of the microphone?

All of the microphones seemed to need the same amount of gain. It seemed like the BP40 did provide a little more (and needed less gain).

Test Two: Tone

The ATR2100 (for me) had the most pleasing tone. Plenty of low and high end. The RE320 was the clearest, and the BP40 had a smooth sound (but didn't have the hi end of the RE20)

What is my first impression?

I love the look of the BP40. It's super rugged. It's super solid. I LOVE the shock mount that is an accessory as it is SUPER EASY to snap the microphone in and out.

Test Three: How much room noise does it pick up?

I put a fan on in the background and turned the radio on lightly. None of the microphones (accept the 2020) would pick up a noticeable amount of room noise. Can you hear it? Yes, but only if you are in a quiet room listening through headphones. Of the 2100, the bp40, and the RE320, it seemed the BP40 seemed to pick up the most room noise (but again, the amount of noise was something you would really have to strain to hear).

For me, for the money and the flexibility I still like the Audio Technica 2100. Now, the ATR2100 is not as durable as the BP40 or the RE320. These are microphones designed to be in a broadcast booth. They (the BP40 and the RE320) definitely have different tones (the RE320 is more clear). Keep mind you want your voice to not be abrasive or distracting. So having too much high end, or too much low end can ruin your tone.  The more I use the BP40, it's really growing on me especially when I run it through my DBX 286 microphone preamp.

Bottom Line:

I couldn't really pick one that was miles above the others. I liked all the microphones, and when run through a mixer where you can boost and cut the EQ I was able to pull out any tone I wanted. None of them had any major proximity effect issues.  I like the look for the BP40 more then the RE320. As always tone is a very subjective, and in the end it depends on how the microphone works with your voice.

Which one did you like?

Ready to Podcast check out

Jul 20, 2015

Today I will answer the questions that I receive on a regualr basis. 


Podcasting News:

Popular Science has launched a Podcast caled Futuropolis listed "On Air DJ" as one of the the top 12th jobs on the brink. Speaking of that, CBS Radio eliminated more than 200 positions in companywide layoffs this week, including an unconfirmed number in Chicago

Ira Glass now owns This American Life. The interesting thing is this artcile mentions that he has 22 employees.  In March 2014, This American Life ended its relationship with PRI, who had served as the show’s distributor since 1997, flexing its muscles in a way that suggested long-running intent towards independence. Speaking of employees on the latest "But wait theres more" episode of Startup, Alex Blumberg states that he has a staff of 19 people to produce three pdocasts and they are making 2 milloin dollars this year (and spending 2 million).  


How much does it cost to start one?

$91 Mic, Stand, Pop filter

$60 Mixer

$20 Libsyn (use the coupon sopfree)

$8 Hostgator

$60 Artwork

$24 Intro MRC



Xbox One, 500GB Hard Drive $342


What Microphone

The Audio technica 2100, 2005, or a Electrovoice RE320. I hear good things about the Heil PR40 as well. I like the EV RE320 as no matter where my mouth is, the tone doesn’t change (with other microphones the close you get the bassier it gets).


How Long Should it Be?

As long as it should be, and not a minute more. Vallery Geller in the book Beyond Powerful Radio says, “There is no such thing as too long, only too boring.” This is proven by Dan Carlin’s Hardcore history which can run around 3 or 4 hours and published irregularly.


How Often Should I Publish

As I previously mentioned Dan Carlin’s show, you should publish a podcast that consistently delivers value, and impacts your audience. However, if you can establish a schedule that your audience can count on, they will make you part of their routine. My advice is record a few test shows so you can fully understand the work it takes to create a podcast, THEN pick your publishing schedule. While you will hear people talk about doing multiple episodes a week, keep in mind these are multiple shows that deliver value.


Where do I get Music For My Show?

I like Audio Jungle


Can I play Music in My Podcast?

No. Not Legally?

Do People do it? Yes

Will it get you banned from iHeart Radio? Yes


What’s the Best Media Hosting?

Libsyn Great stats, ease of mutli location publishing.

Blubrry - Great Stats, Ease of Publishing your podcast

Spreaker - Good stats, built in audience.

Podbean - OK Stats,


Can I Use my Web Host as My Media Host?

You can, but should you? No.

Listen to SDR Show. It took him 6 weeks to get shut down.


How Many Downloads Should I Have?

Take the value the value you provide and multiply it by the effort your put forth to promote it, and there is your number. For the average Joe, it should be between 10 and 200 downloads per episode.

Here are my download numbers:

Ask the Podcast Coach 250

Jillian Michaels Fan Cast 2000

Building a Better Dave around 300

Marketing Musician 600

Weekly Web Tools 325

SOP 1600

Feeding My Fatih 150

Wost Podcast Ever 10


How Do I Grow My Audience?

Figure out who your audience is

Make content people want to talk about that impact them

Go to where they

Make friends

Tell them about your Podcast

Make it easy to share


Sounds like a lot of work.

Simple, not easy.


If I Write a Review for you in iTunes will you Review Me?

Why are you asking a stranger to review your show, why not ask your audience?


No, I mean I want you to Review my podcast?



Should I Buy?

A Mixer?

Do you have more than one person in the room with you?

Are you adding music and sounds live?

Are you interviewing people over skype?



How Do I Record Skype or Interviews without getting too Technical

Ecamm Call Recorder

Callburner on the PC.

If you understand Skype on a PC, have your guest use Skype on their smartphone.

Worst Case Scenari, (but it will sound like the phone).


How do I find guests for my show

Help a Reporter .com

Radio Guest

Ask your guest. New Releases


How Do Make Money With My Podcast

Create a show that delivers Value

Attract and audience.

  1. Sponsors

  2. Sell Products

  3. Sell Other peoples products (affiliates)

  4. Speaking Gigs

  5. Membership Sites

  6. Donations

  7. Better insights into your audience.


How Do I Get Sponsors For My Show

Provide content a sponsor would want to put their name on.

Get 5,000 downloads (preferably 20,000) per episode

Create a Media kit explaining who is listening, how many there are, and explain how engaged they are.

8% of people have this number

Look into Affiliate marketing, or smaller companies.


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Jul 13, 2015

In today's episode, (not safe for work) I share clips from a podcast I set out (as an experiment) to be the Worst Podcast Ever. It would:

1. Have F-bombs.

2. Insult the audience.

3. Deliver no value

4. Use Potty humor and be overtly immature

The reason? I had two:

1. I wanted to test (who during the test had a technical issue, and my files quit downloading).

2. I wanted to see what kind of downloads a horrible podcast would get. I've heard from Libsyn that many podcasters get around 200 downloads per episode. (get a free month at Libsyn using the coupon code sopfree )

The worst podcast ever gets about 10.

Rules for Experiment:

1. I could not use my real voice. I didn't want anyone to know it was me. 

2. I could not promote it at all. Not a single tweet.

Doing a Podcast as a Character:

This is not new. "Madge Weinstein" has been doing yeast Radio since 2004. There are people who do not use their names such as School of Podcasting student Stargate Pioneer who does the Legends of Shield podcast. Cali Lewis has always been Luria Petrucci behind the scenese of

You may feel more confident behind the microphone as your character then in your own skin. I say "Fake it till you make it" (you will get comfortable as yourself) but being a character is an option. People like Seth McFarland get away with tons of things on their TV show The Family Guy as the characters are cartoons. The Simpsons is another example of characters getting away with things a real person would not. 

But in the end Seth still takes flack for his characters. 

The down side of being a character is connecting with your audience. I met Paul David Peterson of Entrepreneur Explosion. Paul's show is a parody of all the Entrepreneur shows. Paul is not his real name. If I want to meet Paul at Podcast Movement or New Media Expo, I can't if he is completely incognito. In my case my character on the Worst Podcast Ever was simply named "Grumpy Old Man." What if AARP wants Grumpy to come speak at a convention? These characters don't exist in reality. 

The Stylizer 3000

Today I play a bit that I included in today's show to get you to think about all the different styles that you can use to create your podcast. There are SO MANY ingredients that you can use to create a completely unique podcast. I worry that people will not take me seriously as a podcast consultant if I'm too goofy on the microphone. I guess we will see.

Podcast Rewind: Formats on the Podcasters Roundtable

I participated on the Podcasters Roundtbale Episode 53 with +Ray Ortega,+Daniel J. Lewis +David Jackson +Colin Gray +Paul Peterson and+Doug Payton to discuss the various types of formats you can chose for your podcast. Check it out 

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