Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. This could ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.

In today's show we talk about a new  Podcast Award, some weird stuff at, and I answer what I feel is value, the big question how do YOU define value. What value do you get from the podcasts you listen to?

New Media Expo is Right Around the Corner

New MEdiz Expo Coupon sop2015

Academy of Podcasters

A new award has been created from Stitcher and the folks at podcast movement. For more information go to

Daniel J. Lewis Has His Artwork and Copy Stolen on

I wrote about this on a previous post, on a post on how Daniel J. Lewis from had his artwork AND ADVERTISING COPY being used (illegally) by a person on so I talk about what I would use Fiverr for at THIS POST. I do mention Music Radio Creative on the show today and play a clip

How Do YOU Define Value?

On the Feed podcast a called had called in stated he was tired of Podcasting Gurus telling other people how to podcast. I agree. There is no one size fits all. I use the anology of Football. There are: Teams that run the ball well Teams that pass the ball well Teams with tremendous defense Teams with great special teams In the end, it doesn't matter how you get there as long as you end up in the end zone for a touchdown.

How I define Value

I looked at what I consume and found that most of the content I watch, listen, or read: Makes me laugh Makes me cry Makes me Think Makes me Groan Or it entertains and educates me.

Social Value

If you want people to talk about your show, it needs to provide social value. When I reviewed the Sci-Fi Movie podcast I was amazed at the level of trivia they had discovered about the movie they were talking about. If I was at a party full of people talking about Sci-fi, I would be armed with some seriously cool information. I would look good, and when people ask how I know so much I would say, "I listen to the Sc-fi Movie Podcast." This according to the book contagious, by Jonah Berger.

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Use the coupon code sop2015 to save $100 off at the New Media Expo go to


There are those who get into podcasting for the sole reason of making some quick cash. I typically FEEL this is bad idea (cash? maybe, quick? hardly). There seems to be a few different schools of thought on how to get into podcasting. We have all see the "On Fire" clonification of podcasting (I think I just made up a word) where everyone thought if they just did what John Lee Dumas does, they will make $2 million per year like John does. It didn't work. There are others who just do it for fun. This is fine. I recently purchased some items for the kitchen, and nobody is approaching me asking, "Hey you spend $99 on that Power Pressure Cooker XL how much are you making from it." We all have different dreams, insights, desires. Podcasting has many motivations. These include:

  • To be seen as an expert
  • To boost your exposure
  • To build your community
  • To understand your community
  • To reach a global audience
  • To increase awareness of your products and services
  • To interview your favorite people
  • To document your process of understanding a subject (I call this the "journey" podcast).

The Journey Podcast

Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn started a podcast because she wanted to know more about self publishing. She did. She interviewed experts and now, years later, she IS an expert on Self-publishing. She didn't wait until she knew it all, she started and did what she could along the way.

You Don't Have to Be Great To Start - But You Do Have to Start to Be Great

Today we hear from Crag from who mentions how he started with just putting audio on his website, and gradually over time built up his skills, his gear, and now has a top notch podcast. John from Lets Talk Metal and Treasure Hunting who mentions that the podcast How Sound mentions that they feel people should always map out their show. John feel that being an "independent" means you don't have to record like they do. This is true, you can record however you want. In the end it will be the listener who helps you shape your content. As John mentions he didn't care for one podcast because he wasn't interested in the topic. There was nothing wrong with the topic, but he is not the intended audience.

Starting Somewhere My Nomad Guitar

When I was in my early teens I had a paper route. I used the money from the paper route to buy a guitar of my own. It wasn't much, but it was mine. It was what I could afford at the time. You see the paper route wasn't mine. I was a helper for my friend who had his own paper route. Later, when I had my own route I saved up $300 to purchase a Gibson SG. In 1981 (and having a paper route) this was a huge amount of cash. I had developed my taste for guitar playing on the SG knock off, and now was ready to migrate to a REAL SG.

Brian From ProfitCast - On His Way to Being an Expert

Profitcast is a great show where the host "The Real Brian" interviews experts, but it also is where Brian reveals what he is trying (and if it is working or not). He looked at the podcasting community and saw that one of the biggest things that EVERY podcaster wants is to grow their audience, and in some cases to monetize it. Brian start Profitcast to investigate strategies and tools to help podcasters grow their audience. In the interview we discussprofitcast What inspired Profitcast The Episode where Brian pealed back the curtain and asked if people were getting anything (and how that impacted his audience) How working with the "competition" lead to more leads. How he setup a dual appearance on the Audacity to Podcast. Brian is a great guy, and his podcast can be found at

Can I Podcast For Free?

Podcasting For FreeCan you? Yes. Should You? Oh wait, there is that should word again. I FEEL that its not the best practice, but then again, so was buying a Nomad guitar. With this in mind, I'm doing something strange. I going to teach something I don't believe in (how to podcast for free). I had to step back, and realize that some of these students will take the course (a one time fee) dip their feet in the pool and later decide they are ready to podcast "For Real" Sometimes you want to test the water, and this is an inexpensive way to do it without any monthly costs. Order it today for $29 before the price goes up in March


Are Your Going To the New Media Expo?

Use the coupon code sop2015 to save $100 off at

New Podcast Launched: Missional Man Podcast

Jonathan started this podcast because he wants to help other Christian men. Yes that assumes that these other Christian men need or even want help. He thinks they do. No, in fact he knows they do. Why? Because he's one of them. So actually, he started this podcast mostly for himself. He says, "I need help being both a Christian and a man." Check it out at

Mentioned in this Podcast

Edison Research "Share of Ear" update

Ready to Launch a Podcast?


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Want to join in on the conversation call 888-563-3228 or go to

Today I interview Jeff Chen of the new Podcast Monetization Platform JoyRide. I also share some podcasting news, and my community comes out (thanks to the kind heart of Steve Stewart) and wishes me a happy birthday as I turn 50!.

Joyride has been mentioned in Forbes, Market Watch and many other publications as they just launched in December of 2014.  According to one article, "JOYRIDE allows users to search over 100,000 different podcast shows in a variety of categories, and is seeking to convince podcast listeners to donate a monthly fee to their favorite programs. JOYRIDE is one of several companies GOOGLE is using for its developer program for ANDROID AUDIO, a version of the operating system developed for smart cars.

How Much Does Joyride Cost?

It's free to sign up, and their website states, "Joyride charges 5% in fees plus credit card processing fees of 2.9% + $0.30 per contribution." When I asked Jeff if there was a fee for removing your he replied via e-mail, "Hi Dave. Nope! Those are the only fees we charge!"

With this in mind,  when a listener donates $1 to you take home 62 cents and joy ride takes 38. If someone donates $3 you receive $2.46 and Joyride keeps .54 (that 30 cents per transaction really seems heft when you are only receiving one dollar - so make your rewards good enough to inspire people to pay more).

How Does Joyride Differ from Patreon?

The biggest difference is JoyRide can work on YOUR Site (so you don't have to send people to Patreon currently takes fess on the money coming in, and they also charge a fee when you remove the money. They go into great detail on their website, and as some people pay with paypal, and other use a service called stripe, it is somewhat difficult to understand. I appreciate Patreon trying to give as much as possible, but it seems to add a certain level complication into understand exactly how much you're going to make. I am testing patreon if you want to see my current efforts.

How I Plan on Testing Joyride

On Saturdays (10:30 am) I host the "Ask the Podcast Coach" we do an hour long show, and then typically another 30 minutes "off the air." We are going to start a JoyRide campaign for those who want to hear the additional 30 minutes. I realize, that podcasting is a small niche, but it should be interesting to see how this works. I will be documenting the process along the way.

For more information go to

Happy Birthday Dave Jackson

Thanks to Steve Stewart who rounded up a bunch of my friends to send in birthday wishes. These included:

Steve Stewart from Money Plan SOS

Darren Dake from the Coroner Podcast

Vernon from the Events Supremecy

Dr. Nina Savelle Rocklin from the Win the Diet War

Addie from the Do it Podcast

Hani from the Simple Podcast Press

Jeff Brown from the Read to Lead podcast.

Jonathan Chambers from the just luanched Missional Man podcast

Mark from the Oh Beep Podcast

Mike, Izzabella and Zara from Music Radio Creative and the Audio Production Podcast

Ralph Scott from the Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll podcast

Ryan Park from Food Crafstmen

Steve Stearns from Outside Health and Fitness

Wayne Henderson from Media Voiceovers

Ken Castler from Thinking Outside the Box

Elsie Escobar from She Podcasts, and The Feed

 Ready to Start a Podcast?

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There are a few times in your life when you can say, "I don't know," and yet you still have to move forward. One is when you are in college. If you're not ready to declare a major what do you do? When you are having a baby, but you don't know the sex, what do you do when your honest answer is, "I don't know."

Podcast on the New Media Expo Floor on "Podcast Alley"

If you are going to the New Media Expo, we are accepting submissions for people who want to record live "from the floor" if you're going (and you know you should be) go to and submit your show today.

Because of My Podcast: I Am Being More Effective At My Job

Biagio and Joke are the hosts of the Producing Unscripted where they are now training their clients who are now producing better content - and thus they are helping people launch televisions show. Check them out at

I'm Not Sure What To Podcast About: What To Do When You Can't Find a Topic [8:48]

In those situations you take general classes (in the situation of college), and you go buy diapers, lots and lots of diapers, if you have a baby on the way. These are all skills you will need moving forward. No matter what your podcast is going to be about you will need to know the following:

1. How to plug a microphone in, and how to talk into it without having "popping P's"

2. You need to get proper recording levels

3. You could go to (as a temporary play ground - not a permanent solution) and start tinkering around with understanding websites.

4. You can learn how to move files around to position them where you want them.

All of these skills will be used no matter what type of podcast you launch.

What happens if you never launch a podcast? You sell your microphone on ebay. What if your DO launch a podcast, and then later change your mind? There are very popular podcast hosts Mignon Fogherty (known as Grammar Girl) and Cali Lewis of who didn't find their current success on their first attempt at podcasting. Both of their show are their SECOND podcast.

I've had a few podcasts that I tried that didn't work. Do I consider these failures? NO. I learned something from every show. They aren't mistakes, they are learning opportunities.

In music, you can learn three chords (G,C, and D) and play a ton of songs using those basic chords.

Episode Zero Strategy 19:41

You need ONE episode to submit your podcast to iTunes (many people wait till they have at least three to listen to before submitting their show. In the past I've said to tell people about you and to tell them what to expect. That was back in 2005. I've changed since then. Its best to bring the best content you have. To have them going WOW. This will bring you instant credibility. Then they will care about who you are because you help you. Part of this is based on the book Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less that I've spoken about on other episodes. If I tell you my story (unless its a really good story) most people won't care. Move them with your content, then tell them your story.

How to be part of Your Audience's Routine [27:51]

While there are podcasters who are doing well without having a consistent schedule (like Joe Rogan), if you want to be part of your listeners routine, you need to come up with a consistent schedule. Darren Dake from The Coroner Podcast explained how he starts his Mondays with some quiet time with his Bible, and then he starts my podcast (that is a very humbling experience). But I am part of his routine because he can count on my show being there every Monday. 

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Today we talk to Rob Walch the VP of Podcaster Relations from (and co-host of the Feed)and Bryan Orr (from the Wow Small Business podcast ) who did a month long "twitter bomb" test and shares his findings.

Join in on the conversation call 888-5633-3228

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Staying Focused in the New Year - Avoid Casturbation

Casturbation Defined:

1. Verb: Producing content with no real value for your audience. To record for the sake of hearing one’s own voice. To record for the sake of keeping with a self-inflicted schedule. When asked to answer the question, “That episode moved you to ….” your audience will not be able to answer (or answer, “It moved me to go to another podcast). When Jimmy started the podcast with “Well, I’m not really sure what I’m going to talk about today but I wanted to get an episode out,” I knew I was going to get an earful of casturbation. When Jimmy spent 25 minutes to get to the point, one could say there was a large amount of casturbation in that 30 minute episode. 2. Verb: Participating in activities that provide no real value to your podcast. Jimmy’s stack of 3 microphones, 4 mixers, 6 portable recorders, and three hosting account leads me to believe he has a serious casturbation problem.  Read the full blog post here

Dennis Miller and Emily Morse Hosting the 10th Annual Podcast Awards

New Media Expo just announced that comedian, actor, radio host Dennis Miller and (radio, podcasters, TV) Emily Morse will be hosting the Podcast Awards. With the New Media Expo being held along side of the National Association of Broadcasting, this event is THE event to attend this year. Dennis-Miller-Emily-Morse400 Podcast nominations are now open for the Podcast Awards. You can submit your favorite podcasts at You can save on your New Media Expo tickets by using the coupon sop2015 NMX and Nab Show, Las Vegas, April 2015

Twitter Bombing Defined

Twitter bombing is the act of sending out multiple (in some cases hundreds) of tweets per hour (in some cases from multiple twitter accounts) with the sole purpose of getting people to click on the audio file and drive up "download" numbers. In some cases people will go the extra mile and research popular (related and unrelated) hashtags and use them in their tweets.

What Bryan's Numbers Show

Bryan's numbers increased by a factor of 12X. He went from 150 to 1800 downloads per day. Does it increase downloads? Yes. As we said, in the case of Bryan it multiplied them by 12. Brian's downloads went up immediately and the minute his test was over, the downloads went away. The bottom line his numbers per day pre and post test did not change. Yes he got downloads (more than likely from robots) Libsyn Check out Bryan's full post on the subject.

So Your Spamming Twitter - What is the Big Deal?

The BIG PROBLEM that this causes is when someone takes these artificially inflated numbers and use them for securing advertisers. When the advertiser doesn't get a good return on their investment they not only quit advertising on your show, but they tell other potential sponsors, "Podcast Advertising doesn't work." When your actions move podcast advertisers (and their friends) away from sponsoring more podcasts, you are hurting the podcasting in general. Trial launched this week and this service is an iOs app that allows you to record yoru phone calls. Here are the steps: 1. Install the Ringr app 2. Click the " + " to schedule a call 3. Add the email to the person you want to call. 4. When you recipient gets the email (assuming they have installed the app). They click on a link in the email they recieve that launches the app and takes them to your appointment. It's super easy. When I tested it, I did have a technical hiccup. When my phone went to sleep the call dropped. When I got back on the phone with Rob, we had no problems. When the show was over, the file is processed and it uploads it to where it ties your side of the conversation with your guests side of the conversation and sends you a link to the mp3 file. It does some processing to level the volume levels. There is no Android version at this time.

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Podcasting can help you be seen as an expert. You will hear about how it helped Darren Dake of the Coroner Talk Podcast land a dream job. If you want to join in on the conversation use the options on our Contact Page, or call 888-563-3228. Also don't forget you can be entered to win a free year at the School of Podcasting by taking our Audience Survey. (Contest ends 1/30/15 with the winner being announced on the Ask the Podcast Coach show).

Podcast Award Nominations Open January 19th

If you want to nominate your show, and have your audience nominate your show, go to

Win a Trip To New Media Expo

We are looking for people who will take all the shows that are nominated for a podcast award and score their show. There is a base set of criteria, and we will have a webinar to show you how to go about it. If you review four categories (about 16 hours of work) you will receive a pass to the new media expo (travel is not covered). You can review less than  categories (it is not mandatory).  If you are interested,  go to If you thinking of going to New Media Expo then use the coupon sop2015 to save 20% For more information go to

Because of His Podcast Darren Dake [8:50]

A1-Me-224x300Darren has been involved in death scene investigating. After podcasting on a separate topic for a year, he decided to podcast about what he knew. He started and his podcast was designed to help others who didn't have access to training to their job better. Being so niche, when people in this field find this show they love it. Consequently, his podcast positioned him as a trainer, a leader, and someone who knows what he is talking about and now he is the director of training for the Association of Deputy Sheriffs for the  state of Missouri. Darren feels his podcast put him in a position to be seen as an authority, as someone who obviously has a passion for teaching, and who knew what he was talking about. He will be developing training tracks and managing the whole training program. He had always eyed this job, but not pursued it. Now, because of his podcast the job pursued him. Darren had a previous show title Engaging Life and Leadership. Because of that show he was a panelist at Podcast Movement. He decided to cease production of that show. They produced 65 episodes, and they "podfaded." When I asked him why, he explained how it just wasn't fun anymore. He and his co-host had said about all there was to say on the subject. He took his experience from Engaging Life and Leadership and used it to create Coroner Talk.

Last 5 in 5 - Darren Dake

Here are the last 5 podcasts that Darrn listened to. If you want to send in your Last 5 in 5, visit our contact page. Be sure to tell us a little about your show and where we can find you. Tech News Weekly This American Life Ask the Podcast Coach Ray Edwards Show True Murder

Get Involved With The Show

Do you have a "Because of my Podcast" story? Want to send in the last 5 podcasts you listened to? Use the button below to record it right now.

Ready to Launch Your Podcast? launch_your_podcast

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Want to get better guests, want to grow your audience? Today's guest Joel Boggess has two words for you to get you going in the right direction.

New Media Expo Coupon

If you thinking of going to New Media Expo then use the coupon sop2015 to save 20% For more information go to

CBS Launches

CBS launched a website to promote all of their content that they are providing as a podcast. The more main stream media starts to embrace podcasting, the more listeners will get comfortable consuming podcasts. That increases the chances of you being found.

Creative Commons Licensing

I am under the thought that any kind of exposure is good exposure. With this in mind, the only restriction I have is you can sell my podcast or materials to other people. You can quote me, etc (the "normal" stuff) but I go with a common sense kind of strategy. That works fine for me, if you are worried about people using your content you may want to investigate Creative Common Licensing. For more information go to Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Joel Boggess of Relaunch Show Interview

I was introduced I was on the Relaunch Show a while and back and had the pleasure of meeting Joel and his wife Pei. I also saw a post that Joel ahd put in a Facebook group showing some pretty impressive numbers. I asked him to come on the show, and he shared some great insights. Approach people when they have something to promote (they will be in "promotion mode" and be looking to get the word out). It may take more than one attempt to get our guest to say yes. (Joel asked someone every day for a full year to get to a "yes"). Joel shares how he almost died at an early age, and this experience has given him the strength to overcome his obstacles How do you get good guests? Joel's advice is ASK. You do need to be diligent. How do you grow your audience? By producing consistent content on a consistent schedule. Joel makes it super easy to promote you appearance on his show. Here is the email I got from his assistant. email_from_joel Clarity + Confidence = Direction (Read more about this in his book). Goal's word for the year is engagement.   Check out Joel's Book Finding Your Voice. Check out his podcast at Check out his community of Ninja Podcasters.  

Mentioned in This Show

Jim Carrey Commencement Speech  


Start Podcasting Today

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Last 5 in 5 with John Wilkerson

John Wilkerson of was on episode 440 discussing podcasting with seven kids in the house. Today he shares with us the last five podcasts he listened to:

Spirit Blade Podcast - Geek Entertainment and Faith

The Sci -Fi Christian - Sci Fi Topics from a Christian perspective.

Scott Sigler's Books - Sci -Fi Author

School of Podcasting's Morning Annoucements _ This Podcast

Homeschooling in Real Life - Telling it like it is in the world of homeschooling


Podcast Rewind: [8:32]

I recently appeared on the Coachzing Show talking about how to Create a Compelling Podcast. on the Relaunch Show I talk about Overcoming Personal and Financial Bankrupcy with with Joel and Pei. The Coachzing show is dedicated to helping coaches, therapists, speakers and authors work less, earn more, and help more people through creative content marketing strategies. The ReLaunch show is a Daily Radio Show for Career Changers, Difference Makers and Those with a Dream. Features interviews of today’s most in-demand experts, thought leaders, and ReLaunch! artists.

When in Doubt - Ask Your Audience [14:04]

You can win a free year at the School of Podcasting by taking our Audience Survey.

It would be interesting to see how many times I provide the answer, "Ask your audience." It is what appears to be an obvious choice, but I'm not sure if we don't want to bother them, but we often use an audience poll as a last resort. We might feel that we are bugging them. In the end the people who take part in your survey (1 - 5 % of your audience) are the most engaged in your audience and are doing it to support you . As your audience is made up of adults, it not a bad idea to explain why you are doing the poll, but we will get into that later.

What Can I Learn From An Audience Poll

Demographics (age, sex, income, location)

Expectations (Tell your potential audience the topic of your podcast and see what they would expect to hear).

Find a gap (What is the most common frustration when listening to podcasts).

Help you choose a name or logo when you are launching your podcast.

What language they use to describe your show (this is valuable in marketing material - it is the native tongue of your audience).

Have them rank your segments (you may find there are segments that nobody consumes)

Psychographics (lifestyle, interests, dreams, pain points).

Behaviors (How do they consume your show, how often, how long).

Before You Design Your Survey

What is the objective of the poll? What are you looking for? Write down the objective? (future content, sponsors)

What is the goal of this survey?
Why are you creating this survey?
What do you hope to accomplish with this survey?
How will you use the data you are collecting?

You will use your objectives to help create the questions

Short and To the Point

Survey Monkey research (along with Gallup and others) has shown that the survey should take 5 minutes or less to complete. 6 – 10 minutes is acceptable but we see significant abandonment rates occurring after 11 minutes.

When Surveys are Too Long

People drop out: They simply quit taking the survey.  Having a reward for completion can reduce drop-outs, but you can’t stop it completely.

People stop paying attention
: Remember your Jr. High School friend who just filled in random bubbles during a test? He grew up. If it takes too long to take your survey, he might do it again.

Keep it Clear

To ensure that you collect valid survey results, make sure you include instructions on how to answer the survey.

Each question should be clearly stated so that there is no misunderstanding about what is being asked.

When developing your survey questionnaire, you want to make certain that you are asking the questions in a neutral way, ie that you are not leading them toward a particular answer. This may seem simple, but when you are writing questions you will often find that the way you phrase the question may reflect your underlying opinion. Here is an example of a leading question:

Instead of doing you think this microphone sounds better than the old one? Instead it might be “What do you think about the sound of this microphone?”

Survey Flow

There are some rules of thumb:

1) Questions about behavior (factual information) should be before those about attitude (opinions, emotions, preferences)

2) General questions should be before those that are more specific

3) Potentially sensitive questions should be asked later in the survey, once rapport has been established

Question Strategies

It is best to use non-structured questions when you are exploring new ideas and you don't really know what to expect from the respondents.

Any easy way to get insights is to use a scale. Always use an even number of choices. If I say rank this 1 - 5, people can go right down the middle and choose 3. If they have to rank 1-4, they have to choose 2, or 3. One is a little better then the other.

One key ingredient when dealing with adults is to include the "Why." As easy as it is to click a few buttons, in the end knowing "why" will help them push through to the end of the survey. If they understand that they may receive better content, a better schedule, etc. it may inspire them to answer.

Keep your answers private.

When In Doubt Bribe Them

Even if your survey is short, you might have to provide some incentive to get more people to participate. Amazon gift cards, lottery tickets (is that legal), a free product can be used. The good news is the more you get to know your audience, the better bribes you will be able to come up with.

Free Tools For Creating Surveys

There are tons of plugin (see here and here). There are websites like that allow you to do a free survey (up to 100 respondents with 10 questions).]

The tool I use is Polldaddy. it is owned by the people behind Wordpress and their free service is almost unlimited (1000 responses per month).

Take Our Poll and Win a Free Year at the School of Podcasting

Mentioned In This Episode

Podcasting Good to Great: How to Grow Your Audience Through Collaboration

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COMMENTS? Call 888-563-3228

 I started this last year and I want this to be an annual event. I ask my audience, "If you could only listen to one podcast what would it be, where is it, and WHY do you listen to it. Thanks to everyone who sent in their answers. I want to thank Ray Ortega for alerting me to a post from Seth Godin that sates, 
“There’s no such thing as a niche that’s too small if the people care enough. If you think you need a bigger market, you’re actually saying that the market you already have doesn’t need you/depend on you/talk about you enough.You might not need a bigger niche. You might only need to produce more value for those you already serve.”

With people choosing the following podcasts over all others, one can assume they are delivering tons of value.

My Favorite Podcast Is

Nick Seuberling from "Inside the Jungle" who love the 606 Podcast. Its information he can't get in the US.

Ben From Modern Self Protection loves the Survival Podcast podcast because its energy, and inspiring.

Bill from the Media Fiasco  I would definitely pick the Mike O’Meara Show,  it always puts a smile on his face.

Cain from the Adventure Frequency podcast Adam Carolla show consistent, funny.

Daniel J. Lewis from the Audacity to Podcast and My Podcast Reviews likes the Business of Marriage because the topics fits Daniel like a glove.

Dr. Dave from Shrink Wrap Radio Psychology Podcast loves Mac Break Weekly to get up to date tips and news from experts.

Al from Whats Up On Earth loves the Podcast because its funny, and appealing and keeps him up on pop culture.

Erik from Podcast Talent Coach loves the Solopreneur Hour for their unique interviews that aren't like everybody else.

Fred from Skills in Screencasts and Podcast still loves the No Agenda show for its behind the scenes look at the Media

James loves the PFW in Progress is where James gets in depth information about New England Patriots football.

ValueJennifer from the Delightful Life podcast loves Live Your List Show because the hosts are entertaining, and its inspires you to be a better person.

John from  Writers Authors on Fire from Loves Entrepreneur on Fire because it keeps him positive and motivated.

Johnathon loves the Moment with Brian Koppelman. He loves in the in depth interviews that make him think.

Ken Casler of the Thinking Outside The Box podcast loves the Spark podcast. It entertains him and keeps him up on technology and he loves the hosts voice.

Kim from On the Table podcast loves Get it Done Guy (she also loves Starve the Doubts) for the entertaining stories.

Matt McWilliams from the World Changers Show loves Ray Edwards because its unique slant on business, faith, productivity, and family.

Randy Cantrell of Leaning Towards Wisdom loves Serial for the excellently produced masterful story telling. (recently parodied on Saturday Night Live)

Remi from the Sci-fi Movie Podcast loves the hosts from Bald Move Network who talk about numerous topics, and he follows their shows. They are fun, honest, and objective.

Rick from the Evolution Talk podcast loves Mysterious Universe podcast (he pays for their premium content) it allows him to escape and relax.

Scott from Karate Tournament Tips and Tricks loves The Unexplained with Howard Hughes its really interesting without being over the top.

Scott from Computer Tutor Podcast loves Dave Ramsey because he knows what he is going to get, and yet you never know what you're going to get. It's entertaining.

Stargate from the Legends of Shield podcast loves the Star Wars Minute for the behind the scenes, entertaining stories,

Terry from Discovering America loves the Jefferson Hour


As I listened to theses clips, I listened and made notes. When I put it all together, here is how it broke down. These are the qualities that people mentioned most. These numbers indicate (according to the 50ish people who replied) how important the following topics are.

If you combined funny and entertaining, that would be 47% (for me if I'm laughing I'm entertained). That would mean

49% Value (things I can use, easy to understand)
47% Entertaining/Funny 
32% Personality (objective, chemistry, authentic, objective)
32% "Deep Dive" (in depth information)
15% Behind the Scenes (info you can’t get anywhere else)
11% Inspiring (encouraging, kept me positive)
11% Stories (people love stories) 
9% Voice ("I love their voice").

I have said (since 2005) your podcast is not about you, it’s about the audience. If you are a radio station, your call letters are WIFT (what’s in it for them). Find out what they want and deliver it in an entertaining and encouraging fashion, and you will connect with your audience.

A HUGE thank you to all my listeners, but a special thank you to everyone who called in with their responses


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