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Andrew Ferebee stated that his Knowledge for men podcast launched November 2013 and surpassed the 400,000 download mark this week.

Podcast Spotlight The Small Business IT Show [2:49]

Dexter was a student in my Podcasting in Six Weeks Class, and we take a listen to his Small Business IT Show ( Find it in iTunes.

Last 5 in 5 [6:10]

Today we get the last five podcasts that Chris from Voices of Candaian Leadership

Nurition Diva

Get it Done Guy

I M Talk


Your Website Engineer (hear my interview with Dustin )

Wordpress Plugins A to Z


You Audience Feels Giddy When You Put them On Your Show [12:00]

I've mentioned that you should always reply to every email and comment, and when appropriate put them on your show. Well last we I played a "Because of my podcast" story from Craig, and as Craig puts it, "I almost fell off the treadmill." That also points out that people listen to podcasts everywhere. 

Fining Places to Network [16:20]

If there are other podcasters who do similar podcasts, you might try searching for their name in iTunes. See if they have been interviewed on other podcasts. If they have, DO NOT go over and say, "I should be on your show." Instead take the time to listen to their show, or leave a VALUABLE comment on their blog as a way to break the ice. 

New Issue of Podertainment Magazine is Out [21:00]

In the new episode of Podertainment magazine, we have more great content from people like Rob Walch, Todd Cochran, Daniel J. Lewis, Jeffery Powers, and many other people on topics like recording your podcast, promoting your podcast, and making money with a podcast. For more information go to

Are Deadlines Ruining Your Podcast? [25:00]

A couple of weeks ago my Dad died on a Saturday. This is the day record and produce my shows. Obviously I passed on the podcasts that day, but returned on Sunday afternoon as a welcome distraction. I wasn't really prepared, but as I had not missed a show over the last 405 weeks I wanted to keep the streak alive. This is understandable, but stupid thinking. What would people say, "C'mon Dave - big deal you're Dad died the show must go on!"

I had a client who had decided to launch his show on a specific date. This is awesome. The bad news is you don't have 100% complete control over your podcast as its getting ready for episode 1. You may have someone who is doing the graphics, or recording an intro. Hopefully these people hit their benchmarks and delivery dates - but they may not. When I was involved much more with music marketing, I was amazed at bands who would plan their CD release party - when they didn't have the CD in hand (you can guess how that ended).

The Pros of Podcast Deadlines

It boosts your over all vision of how things will pan out. "This will be done on the 8th, then this will come in on the 10th, and then we finish on the 15th."

It allows you to put a pin in a date an work backwards to figure out where to start. If it takes four hours to produce an hour long show, and church starts at 6 pm  you better start before 2.

It lets you know if you are ahead of schedule so you can make informed decisions.

It creates a sense of urgency. It puts a fire under your butt. It adds a level of accountability.

The Cons of Podcast Deadlines

You can't predict how long it will take to be listed in iTunes. I would guess three days, but I've seen it take 24 hours, and I've seen it take 2 weeks.

You don't have complete control over ever piece (as I mentioned, graphics, intros and outros).

Not everyone thinks good under pressure

The difference between good and great is often that little bit of icing on the top that gets lost if you're in a hurry.


The Typical Podcast Launch Needs To:

  1. Choose a topic
  2. Choose host(s)
  3. Choose a name
  4. Choose a URL
  5. Purchase web hosting
  6. Purchase recording equipment
  7. Purchase and/or learn production (software)
  8. Order artwork
  9. Order intro/outro - find music
  10. Record a test show
  11. Record another test show
  12. Pick a format
  13. Mix down your recordings into one mp3 file
  14. Get feedback from someone not named Mom.
  15. Choose a schedule
  16. Tag your media files
  17. Order media hosting
  18. Upload them to your media host
  19. Write a blog post and attach your media from step 16
  20. Validate your feed
  21. Write a description that inspires people to listen
  22. Submit it to iTunes, Stitcher, and all the other podcast directories.

Deadlines help take your idea from a dream to a reality, but be sure to set realistic deadlines so they don't put too much pressure on you. 

Get Your Podcast Reviewed [39:50]

If you are looking for some unbiased feedback on your podcast head over to

 Podcast Questions Answered [40:45]

Where can I find a link to my podcast in the Microsoft directory?

There isn't a microsoft directory. They have an app for Windows 8, and it also appears in the Xbox. There are plenty of places you can list your podcast. Check the podcast411 website's Directory of directories?

How do I Have a Link That Just Shows Podcasts on my Website?

Add a category to your post in Wordpress. Then later under appearance go to men us and you will see where you can add a link to your menu that goes to all the posts with certain categories. 

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My last podcast spoke about identifying what makes your unique. You have something that allows you to talk about a subject using a persepctive, attitude, or delivery different than anybody else. That perspective is shaped by experience. That attitude is shaped by life and learning. That delivery is shaped by your confidence. You may be thinking about starting a podcast. You may be thinking that there are, "So many podcasts out there already, why should you add to the pile?" Well let's see what we can learn from other industries.

Because of My Podcast

Crag from Mansion Ingles lives in spain and was recognized on the other side of the planet. He explained that he helps people learn english, and someone recognized his voice from his podcast. Craig is helping people learn english. When you get to meet someone, and they had a need, and you filled it, it's a great feeling.

Podcasting Guru Scoptt Herzog - Inside the Studio of the Podcaster

Last week we talked about embracing what you bring the the microphone. That you can bring an unique value and perspective. We talk about the many different ways you can look at a topic. Today we interview Scott Herzog about his new "Inside the Podcaster's Studio" show that will primarily focus on podcasting gear. 

Restaurants Still Open

How many different ways can you kill and cook a cow? I mean really? Throw a burger on a bun, slap some ketchup on it, isn't it the same thing as McBurger down the street? No it's not. This one is flame broiled. This one is square. This one has butter on the bun. They are all variations of the same thing. Aren't french fries just deep fried potatoes? Don't get me started (to me there is only ONE type of French fry and it comes in a red box with Golden Arches on it - there is no room for discussion on this).

Several years ago, researchers at Cornell University and Michigan State University conducted a study of restaurants in three local markets over a 10-year period. They concluded the following: After the first year 27% of restaurant startups failed; after three years, 50% of those restaurants were no longer in business; and after five years 60% had gone south. At the end of 10 years, 70% of the restaurants that had opened for business a decade before had failed. (source) Chef Rocco DiSpirito says that 90% restaurants close in their first year (this has been debunked)

The reason people open restaurants is because more people are using them. a 2009 study showed the industry expanded by .5 percent, consumer spending on restaurant dining rose 1 percent in the past year (source). Yes these are small percentages, but its a $632 BILLION dollar industry. So while thousands of restaurants close every year (even though people are still eating, and in the US they are eating a LOT), people still open up new restaurants every year.

Special thanks to Mike Howard of to making this point on the Ask the Podcast Coach Show

Chipotle - Take an Idea and Mix it with Integrity

What happens if you take the assembly line of Subway (one of the fastest growing chains), mix in some spicy protein, add a dash of conscience (as their pigs and chickens are raised on farms), and a FOCUSED menu? You get a restaurant called Chipotle. The one by my day job as people lining out the door at lunch time. The funny thing is, that line moves faster than the one at the burger joint (even counting the time to get out of your car).

What Podcasters Can Learn From Chipotle

Niche down: Their menu has a few items. You don't have to stare long to see what's available. Ordering is easy.

Consistent Content: They obviously have a well oiled machine behind the scenes. You see one person cooking, one person chopping, and three to four people up front scooping it up and giving it to you. No matter which location I go to, crispy chicken tacos taste the same. I can rely on them. I don't worry about wasting my lunch hour if I'm headed for a Chipotle restaurant.

They Get to the Point: There is no idle chit chat in line. When you get close enough to order, the person behind the counter asks, "What can I get you.? Then they ask about the toppings. They don't ask about me, and I don't care. I'm hungry. They are giving me what I need: food.

They Embrace Their Differences: Instead of looking at the competition and trying to be like them, they stood up for what they believed and pointed out that their pork and chicken is raised different. Now their brand means more than cheap, spicy, fast food, it is a statement. It ties in with a lifestyle. You wear a Chiptle shirt, weather you want to or not your clothes say "I care about treatment of animals."

What Podcasters Can Learn From Ned Flanders

Think about Christianity. Every single church and every single Christian has the EXACT SAME "product." (oh someone is going to get upset with this terminology, but bare with me). They are delivering the story of Jesus Christ. The majority of them say he was the son of God, born of a virgin, died on a cross, and rose from the dead three days later.

Q: Why do more and more churches open every year? 

A: Because man does not live by bread alone (source)

Q: Why Do So Many Churches Lose Their Members - Especially College Age?

A: Because of their delivery.Ned Flanders is a fictional character on the Simpsons. He is the uber Christian that more than likely would turn down a piece of Devil's Food Cake just because of the name. Then there is the Church "Well isn't that special" Lady from Saturday Night Live. She lived to walk around and remind people that they are all fornicators and that they were going to Hell. In the same way that most people that you say "Man you're in a bad mood today," don't miraculously change into a good mood, telling people they're going to Hell doesn't seem to make them immediately repent.

Now I'm not saying we need to alter our story. Think of the movie Gone with the Wind. This story has been seen on the big screen as well as on VHS, DVD, and now Blu-ray. It's the same message, but different packaging.

The church I attend provides ear plugs for those who don't like their anthems to ROCK! We clap our hands. We have smoke machines (no joke) and cool lights. You know who loves our service? College Age Kids. 

Joel Osteen - The Happy Jesus Man

Let's look at Joel Osteen (or as I call him "Happy Jesus Man"). He opens his sermons with a joke. A joke? Yes, he tells a joke. People laugh in church. Really? It's true. Then he has them hold up their bible and state how they believe it to be true (this sets the stage - people know what they are going to get).

Joel Osteen Niches Down:There are all sort of stories in the bible where God's wrath is shown. There are all sorts of verses about Satan, and Hell. Joel got to know his community, and found them to be poor in spirit. They lack self esteem. They may lack skills on getting along with their family. Joel talks a lot about how God's Favor is waiting to be poured out on you.

Is it working? His "Church" meets in an old Arena used by an NBA team. I think it's safe to say it is.

I'm not hear to argue if Joel Osteen is a good pastor, or to pick apart his choice of scriptures or his statements on same sex marriage. I'm just pointing out that he has the same story as every other church. His delivery, and his ability to influence have allowed to connect with an audience and allow him to grow his church and further his story.

More at


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Today we hear some clips on how you can market your business with podcasting, some podcasting pet peeves, and we talk about how to identify and embrace your uniqueness.


Because of My Podcast [1:50] I'm Getting Paid to Podcast on Another Show

Jonathan Downham of has four episodes into his own podcast when another company approached him to create a podcast for THEM (and for that he is getting paid). 

Dave's Latest Appearances [3:24]

Podcasts Roundtable Episode 27 "Pet Peaves II"

Online Marketing and Communications with Job Buscall talking how to use Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

Engaging Life and Leadership with Darren Dake and Anita Brooks

Podcast Review Show now featuring "Podcast Talent Coach" Erik K Johnson

Embracing Your Uniqueness [12:53]

I've spoken about John Lee Doomis before, and this week we are talking about creating your own style and embracing what YOU bring to the table. Here are some examples in the "Podcasts about podcasting" realm.

Ray Ortega has extensive video knowledge, and he produces a podcast for a living.

Podcaster's Roundtable is purposely designed to NOT BE a "how to" podcast but instead focus on the issues around podcasting. 

Daniel J Lewis has a background in web design and graphic arts. He is very detail oriented. We love to poke fun at Daniel's lists, but those lists are well thought out and create great content. This is why Daniel is the one podcast in the "podcasts about podcasting" world that can see he has WON (not just nominated) a podcast award. 

For me, I have been helping people understand technology for over 20 years. I have a teaching background. I bill myself as someone who can help you understand technology without getting into geek speak. I've also been doing this since 2005 (and not many people can say that). 

Cliff Ravenscraft has an hour long show that goes outside the scope of podcasting and talks a lot about social media, and what is going on in Cliff's life. 

Podcast Help Desk is from Mike Dell. Mike brings his tech support experience to the microphone to identify common problems. 

Scott Hertzdog is focusing on podcast gear (and only podcast gear). 

Can You start Your Own Niche?

What if you are a dental hygienist, and you want to do a podcast about social media. Why not start a podcast about using social media for dentists?

Kathy Kelly does the special mouse podcast. Her son has autism so her podcasts focuses on going to Disney Parks with a person who has special needs. 

Steph at Capturing Magic takes her love of Disney and Scrapbooking and puts them together. 

Some Questions To Think About

What are you talking about all the time? That you just can't seem to stop talking about? This is more than likely you passion.

What do you bring to the table? You age, perspective, history, experience?

What to Do When Someone Steals Your Content 

Many bands tried to be the Beatles when they arrived on the scene. If you are being "copied" be flattered. Someone thinks your good enough to steal borrow from. Keep doing what you do well. It comes naturally to you. For someone who is trying to be you it won't come as easy. Remember LOTS of people "podfade" because of the work involved. You find it easy to be you, and it will be a chore for them. 

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Today in episode 402 we interview Jordan Harbinger who is the co-creator of the Art of Charm podcast. Jordan has used his podcast to build a seven figure podcast. In this 45 minute conversation we he decided to leave his career as a lawyer and do podcasting full time. We also see how he prepares for each episode, how he protects his integrity, and how he accidentally created a business that new brings in seven figures a year. You can check out their website at


Full show notes at

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 Today we talk about marketing lessons we can learn from a small Zoo I visited this week. We also hear about how families are starting to podcast together. With April 1st right around the corner, Steve Stewart is having fun reaching out to new audiences. We also talk about when and how to bring in additional content. 

Because of my Podcast: I'm Spenind More Time With My Family [2:20]

Mark Dowing enjoys doing a podcast with his family. They do a podcast on Geo Caching. He gets to hang out with his kids, and his kids are starting to take over some of the technical aspects. They've met other people in the geocaching communities and podcasting communities. They are also being asked to appear on other podcasts. The family that podcasts together lasts forever. 

Member Spotlight: Quality Living Made Simple [6:34]

Quality Living Made SimpleToday we spotlight Joshua Rivers and the Quality Living Made Simple podcast where he helps you to create and maintain a better quality of live with simplicity.

April Fools Podcast Promotion[7:44]

Steve Stewart from Money Plan SOS podcast and is switching podcasts with other podcasts. It's similar to guest posting on a blog, it sounds like the regular podcast but then some other host comes on board. So the audience will get the same type of information from a different host. Steve reached out via twitter and facebook, and only a few people responded. Like always the people that you have established relationships that aid in having someone trust you enough to let you spend time in front of their audience. To find out more about this you check it out on Steve's blog at (on April 1st). 

Are Entrepreneur Podcasts A Podcasting Fad?[14:32]

We have spoken about the John Lee Doomis Effect (based on a post by Steve, and later  we did a Podcaster's Roundtable), and we have seen a fair amount of "on fire" type podcasts come on board (as I had predicted they would). We have seen a wave of tech shows, then the comedians, and now we have the entrepreneurs. While podcasting is a fad, I worry that in about three months when people aren't making the kind of money that John Lee Doomis is, they will declare "Podcasting is Dead" and explain how it doesn't work (probably because they don't have the one thing John has - talent and personality). 

One of the key points about John Lee Doomis is when John's show came out he was doing a DAILY show. THIS WAS NEW back then. Now when people do that, it may not be quite as big a deal. You can read the transcript to the John Lee Doomis effect.

How My Trip to the Zoo Can Improve Your Podcast [25:50]

Grizzly Bear Akron ZooWhen I was growing up in Akron Ohio I went to the local "Akron Zoo." Later when it fell upon harder times it was known as the "Akron Children's Zoo" (because it was a glorified petting zoo). This week I did a bunch of computer training there and they have really turned it around? Well they've could've gone, "The Cleveland Zoo is only an hour away, and it's so big you have to ride a tram to other parts of the park." The didn't. While there are many reasons for Zoos to exist (education, and species survival), the instead thought about what people want from a zoo. What do visitors want from a zoo. The answer is somewhat obvious when you think about it.

Visitors from the Zoo pay money to get content they can't get any place else. You get to see animals that you can't see at the local dog park.

But then they took it further. Sure they could've been happy with getting a Grizzly Bear, and a Tiger, a Jaguar. But isn't that what all Zoos have? So again, they thought the the eyes of their audience.

What do Zoo members want?

They want to get close to the animals. So when they began rebuilding the Zoo, the made exhibits with one thing in mind. Make a great habitat for the animal, and design it so the animal will be close the the visitors. I explained how it was so bizarre as the one day I had lunch with the Grizzly bear. The only thing separating me and the bear was some very thick glass. It was cool. He was big. When I told someone about it and how he was taking a bath, they explained that is why we put the pool there next to the window.  They put all of the animals favorite items (like food) next to the places where people stand to view them. If it's an animal that sleeps alot (like a Lion) they put their beds in a place where everyone can see. They always think through the eyes of their audience, and try to give them an experience they will be talking about (just like I am right now).

They Renamed The Zoo

They went from being "Akron Children’s Zoo"in the 1950's to "Akron Zoological Park" in 1979.

They "Niched Down"

The theme of North and South American Animals was adopted giving the zoo a stable base for our education and conservation goals. For many years, all exhibits and educational materials centered around this theme.

They Go To Where Their Target Audience is, and Make it Easy to Consume Their Content

There are two types of people that enjoy the Zoo. I mean that scream with joy and laughter at the Zoo. One are small children. The other is the people who are laughing at the small children who are screaming at the Penguins. They offer discounts for groups of 15 or more (like elementary school classes) as well as discounts for Grandparents.

They Are Not Afraid to Try New Things

They also try a lot of things. They put up Christmas lights at the Zoo for a few years. It was beautiful, but in the end it didn't go over. They should be proud that they tried something new. Then they looked at their facilities and realized that some people are looking for something different and they opened their Zoo for after hour parties. You can hold your wedding in their beautiful gardens.

The More Niche the Content - The Greater the Value

You can get a behind the scenes tour of certain exhibits. You can tour all five facilities for a gift of $500 or choose three facilities for $350 or one facility for $200. The picture on their website shows someone touching one of the  giant tortoise.

Should I Add More Episodes To My Podcast Per  Week[42:50]

Jackie Ulmer wants to know if she should start a new podcast to house additional episodes. For me, I start to fragment my content into More Podcast Money and the Power of Podcasting. Then my audience said, "Why are you making it hard for me to find your content?" So I brought all that content into this podcast. As all of that content is related (podcasting) it fit. I wouldn't do my weight loss content here, so I made a separate podcast. If you're not sure, use a free tool like Poll Daddy (Owned by Wordpress) and ask them. 

Take the Survey

Listener SurveyI'm trying to find out more about you and what you need so I can give you what you need to move your podcast into a larger audience. Please take a quick second to answer a quick podcasting survey. This is going to help me come up with materials that you need to expand your podcast audience, avoid more technical headaches, and create the best sounding content for the least amount of money. It's only 10 questions, so if you could please help me help you

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Today we take a look back at 400 episodes (you'll hear all the old intro voice overs and the progressions I've gone through), and we talk about when it's ok to tweak your format. We have a discussion with Erik K Johnson the Podcast Talent coach on structuring your show, and writing a mission statement for your podcast.

Because of this Podcast - Rev. Kenn Blanchard [5:50]

Rev. Kenn Blanchard from Black Man with a Gun called in to let me know that he thanks THIS podcast for helping HIS podcast touch people. You can find Kenn's podcasts at and the

Student Testimonial from Gale [9:04]

Thank you for your School of Podcasting. I wish I had found it sooner I would've save myself thousands of dollars. I bought equipment and took a much more expensive class that was helpful, but I could've done it a lot cheaper with you. You taught me some finer points that I didn't learn in that other class. Some of the way things are done would've been better if I had followed your advice. Thank you f or answering my email. I know I've sent you a couple emails and we've gone back and forth, and you're always there and I appreciate it. If I know anyone who wants to podcast I direct them to you. Gale -

Managing Your Content Flow [11:30]

Erik K Johnson of comes on to talk about when it's ok to tweak your format. Dave remembers some occasions at churches when they've bent the format. Erik talks about creating a mission statement for your show. This helps you define what content you will (and will not) cover. If you use different resources, perspectives, and resources to cover your topic. As long as you continue to stay on topic. Should you put your "main" topic at the beginning or end of the episode? Eric feels that if we follow the format of entertainment shows, the big guests come on last. They are the finale of the show. People will wait to hear the big names. If you're worried about people not making it to the end of the show, then you need to redo the content at the front of your show. If you're doing an hour long show, you should probably be preparing for an hour before turning on the microphone. Make sure your content is on topic. Chit chat is ok, as long as it ties in with the mission of your show. Revealing yourself to your audience is critical, but if it's not on topic (like Dave's music today) then it should be left out.

Erik K Johnson Joins the Podcast Review Show [31:00]

Erik will be joining the Podcast Review Show along with my wife. If you are looking to have your show reviewed, this could be a great coaching session. Here is the flow: You pick an episode for us to review. We listen to it, and take notes. We get you online live and play our favorite clips, and part we think need tweaked, with you LIVE. It turns out being more of a coaching call then the previous review. Because we get that interaction with you, we hope to provide better feedback. Check out Erik's show planning worksheets.

The Abduction [38:39]

Dave's show is hijacked by a crazy morning zoo crew "Binky and the Whiz". Yes Corn Nuts is a real product. [41:20] Remember your show is global and try to keep your audience in mind.

The 911 Call [43:08]

Dave tries to get help from a slightly inquisitive 911 operate.

School of Podcasting The Musical [45:25]

For the fans of the television show "Glee," it's School of Podcasting "The Musical." Featuring the hit songs: My Feed is Not Valid Today Mr. iTunes I'm on Fire with John Lee Doomis Libsyn Rocks You'll laugh, you'll cry, it's better than Cats.

The Rescue [46:35]

You should always talk to your audience like you are speaking to ONE person.

The Conclusion [47:39]

You can use sound effects to boost the Theater of the mind. You can bring your stories to life. Dave's plays a clip of a 6 year old David Jackson playing radio. Thank you so much for listening, reviewing the show, for joining the conversation.

Dave Plays the Guitar [ 56:45]

If I was going to play some old music of mine, I wanted to play something that tied to podcasting. I picked the Song "Take Your Pain," as I want to help you avoid the headaches from spending too much money on equipment, and creating content that won't engage with you  audience. If you're looking to join the School of Podcasting, you can do so by clicking here. There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Today on episode 399 we hear how people are getting press credentials with their podcast, we have an interview with Tony from Patreon which is a service that

Because of my Podcast - I have Press Credentials [2:34]

IVYENVY_ITUNES_300Today Corey from Ivy Envy podcast explains how his show on the Chicago Cubs has allowed him to get press credentials from some of the minor league teams, which allowed him to interview the Owner of the Chicago cubs (how cool is that?) Tom Rickets. This is a great example of "scaling/niching down" your content. Instead of doing a podcast on Baseball, do it on the Major leagues. Not just the major league, but a certain division. Not just a certain division, but a specific team. Not only the team, but the minor league team, the PA announcer, and all the behind the scenes information that someone who is truly passionate about that team would love. Corey is going to explain how in the future he got a major league rule changed. COOL. Check him out at or subscribe in iTunes.

Patreon Helps Content Creators get Paid and Build Community [6:35]

patreonAnthony Privitelli is the head of Creator Relations at Patreon. Patreon is similar to a crowd funding tool like Kickstarter, except its ongoing. You can have it set up to have your patrons (your supporters) pay you a monthly contribution. This may have you feeling the pressure to produce content (when you're not feeling creative). This monthly option may be a good fit for those who produce a lot of content and don't want to charge their patrons numerous times per month. The other options is to get paid per post. Your patron can set a limit if they want (so if you put out 30 posts in a month they can cap their support at 5). You post can be audio, video, or anything downloadable. They do not host the media. Tom Merrit (formerly of this week in tech) is making around $9000 a month. He has over 3000 patrons The D6 Generation is making $232 per episode with 74 patrons The Angry Chicken is making $176 per month with 43 patrons. Mike Falzone is making $371 per podcast with 49 patrons (side note he uses podomatic is in a world of hurt as his audience is too big - see I told you Podomatic is the Devil).

Typical Video Strategy

You can create a video and post it on YouTube (free) and mark the video as "unlisted" so that only people with the link to that video can see it (so you give the link to the video to patreon and it displays on your Patreon page - and you specify its for patrons only.

Hot Spot for Amounts?

The average pledge is $7. The hot spot is between $1 and $5 per post.

Anthony Privitelli Video Interview

Here is the Hangout On Air that I did with Tony, and you will see a little behind the scenes of my account.

My Amazon Account Has Been Banned For Life[31:18]

I wrote about this earlier in the week. My advice would be to NOT redirect your audience to Amazon through any kind of special link. In listening to some of the "bigger" podcasts, they all tell people to go to their website and click the banner. Its not as easy, but they are still associates and I'm not. You can read more about this here I still have affiliate programs through BSW, Same Day Music, and BNH so I will be updating my site.

How to Avoid Podfading - Dealing with Negativity[42:14]

When you put yourself out there, not everyone will like you. That can be a hard pill to swallow. Here are some tips to help you with negative comments. 1. You can't please everyone. 2. Label any positive responses you get via email. Print these out and make a folder. You could hang these on the wall. 3. Remember you are in control of the podcast. In some cases the person may have a point. HOWEVER if they want you to steer your podcast into a direction that you don't want to go, it's YOUR podcast. If they leave, that's OK. 4. George Hrab shared on his podcast how one of his listeners explained how his day was going horrible, and he listened to George's show and his show cheered him up. That's huge.

New Edison Research on Podcasting Stats

Pandora is top dog for online streaming radio. iHeart Radio is making a dent. Most people still listen to the radio in the car, but portable media (phones, mp3 players) are still growing in this area). 500% increase of Smart Phone ownership 78% of people 12-24 own a smart phone. 68-78% of people have a smart phone. More and more people are listening on portable devices and NOT on their computer. The computer went from 64% down to 46% while smart phone consumption went through the roof. 39 million Americans listen to podcasts a month. That's just Americans. The average podcast listener listens to 6 a week. Podcast continues to grow every single year.

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If you missed the conversation with John Lee Doomis on the Podcasters Roundtable, here is a pdf of the conversation. 

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Today in this episode we continue our discussion with Chris Christiansen of as he is the developer behind which is a great way for businesses and potential guests to find podcasters/bloggers. You can find it at

Because of my podcast [3:13]

Jeff from the Once Upon a Time podcast is now doing a podcast with his wife on the Television show Once Upon a Time. He has had actors from the show call in, and he went to watch a shooting of the show where he got to meet the actors and have lunch with them. He is now having an adventure with his wife.

Do You Break Up Interviews into Two Parts? [10:15]

If you have a long interview should you break it into two parts? For me there is no such thing as too long, only too boring. If the interview can be broken into two complete segments I think that's ok. I hate when I'm in the middle of a great conversation and the break in and say I have to wait until the next episode to hear the rest. As my interview with Chris went long last week, I cut this portion about blogger bridge from the interview and I'm using it today.

Blogger Bridge Helps Connect Podcasters With Businesses[11:55]

Blogger Bridge is a website that helps connect companies with relevant bloggers, writers, podcasters, videographers and other content creators. Some people should not work together. Find the right match of skills, approach, content and style for your brand. For more information go to

Podertainment Magazine is Live

You can order your subscription by going to (affiliate link). It's $12 a year or $2.99 per issue.

Should I podcast if I have a Accent? [19:05]

Lode of asks, "If English is a second language, should I podcast in English?" This will be completely subjective based on each person, but for me your accent is fine. I would recommend buying a domain and pointing it at your blogspot site.

What About Using Libsyn as a Website [24:55]

Bill from the ywam podcast ( asks about using as a media host and website like Rob Walch does on ?

This would be a way to save $7 a month that you would normally pay to a company like HostGator. Its a basic looking website, and you will need to know html to be able to edit it. I would use libsyn for hosting, and something like (IF YOU MUST GO FREE) for your website and submit the libsyn feed (not the Feedburner feed) to iTunes (and get feedburner out of the picture). I spoke about this back in 2008.  You can get a free month at using the coupon code " sopfree."

Phone System Checks [33:25]

I'm not testing a magic jack as I have tested Uberconference (I said ubercast on the show), and it works fine on its own. It drops callers left and right (as does Blog Talk Radio and . So we will see.

Patreon Helps Content Creators Get Paid [37:15]

This is a system that like a campaign that is on going, or you can set it up to be paid every time you release an episode. I will have a representative from Patreon on the show next week. You can see my example at and support the show.

Start Podcasting in Six Weeks is Postponed [38:11]

I'm moving the School of Podcasting to a VPS server to make it faster. Basically I'm getting more traffic than my current shared hosting can handle. I'm moving to Host Dime ($60 a month). It's not going to be fun, and it  will be time consuming. In general, I need the next few Saturdays to get things moved and in place so I can put future plans in place for the School of Podcasting. We still have the self paced tutorials running, but you can go to and sign up for the email list to be notified.


Mentioned in this Show

 Same Day Music - No tax, and you can pay for things in split payments

Podcasters Rountable Live Streaming Episode live streaming

Kenn Blanchard - Black Man with a Gun

Ivy Envy

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Today we interview Chris Christensen  of the  Amateur Traveler podcast. He has been doing since 2005, and has won awards for his podcast(s) and been featured in national magazine's and newspapers. You can see all the places he's visited by viewing his episode map on his website. He is also the developer of Blogger Bridge which helps bloggers and podcasters get guests (more on that next week).

In Today's Interview You Learn:

Chris uses Linkedin to find guests and places to promote his show

Chris started in one direction and changed later. So don't feel bad if you change your format. Your podcast can often be a work in progress.

Chris networks with other people in his niche (traveler podcasts) and they often appear on each other's shows

He has a clearly defined audience profile that he uses to determine what will (and will not ) make it on his podcast.

His podcast is used to help people learn English

Chris takes action to find sponsors. In the beginning they didn't come to him

Dave's Tour of Duty [42:45]

Scott Johnson from the Computer Tutor Show sent in a comment after listening to the Podcast Review Show on the One Word Go Show. You can hear this example of a podcast Dave does not connect with at

In general great content does not happen by accident. Keith and the Girl explain how they have always taken their podcast serious. They take four hours to produce a one hour show. In my interview with Keith and the Girl, Keith said that even though they were podcasting in a spare bedroom, they planned out their show, and didn't treat it like "just a podcast."

The Serious Hobbiest

I did some research and if I joined a bowling league in Rocky River Ohio, my local alley would charge me $4 a game. If we bowled 4 games a week that would be $64 a month. It would cost $184 to by a ball, shoes, bag, cleaning rag, etc. It costs me $20 for media hosting, $9 for website hosting, and $1 a month for my podcast. That means it cost me $30 a month. This is HALF of what it would cost to be on a bowling league. I can spend $50 on an ATR 2100 microphone and be good to go using free podcasting software like Audacity and Garage band.


If You Must Podcast For Free (Please, Please, Please Don't)

Scott Boyd wants to know how to podcast on the super cheap. Here is his website. He uses Absolute RSS Editor ($30) to edit his RSS.  He uses Filezilla to upload your files.

You can build your website using a site like Tumblr, or Blogger. You can use as a media host. You can use for stats. Then you would have to use Feedburner (a really bad idea in my book) to add your iTunes information. We hope that doesn't slow down your downloads TOO MUCH when you get busy. We hope that feedburner is still around if you have to move your feed (when you finally decide to "do it for real).

So why don't I promote podcasting for free? Because I don't believe in it. I think anything worth doing is worth doing well. If you are so strapped for cash that $30 a month is too much money, then go to and listen to Steve Stewart tell you how to manage your finances. I'm pretty sure just cutting out soft drinks, coffee, or your TV cable would give you enough money to pay for your podcast.

When I was younger I moved from a small apartment to a bigger one. Then later I moved to a house. If I had to do it all again, I would've stayed in the smaller apartment and saved my money and moved to a house sooner (and without the hassle of moving three times instead of twice). I have come up with the least expensive way to do a serious podcast. I don't recommend places that want to charge you $70 for a domain. I recommend Name Cheap and Godaddy for your domains (around $10 a year). I don't recommend web hosting that's $30 a month. I choose Host Gator for $9 a month. You can get 25% off using coupon " podcastcoach " .  I show you how you can podcast in mono and save 50% on your media hosting bill. All these tools allow you to grow. They are a solid basement to build your house on. Free websites, hosting, and other tools are not. They are good for that person who isn't sure if they want to podcast. They want to record one episode and see how hard it is.

Keep in mind, you spend more than $30 if you take your wife to the movies and you get popcorn - and that's for one night. Podcasting is $30 for a MONTH of activity. 

See my previous episode on Podcasting for Free.

Start Podcasting in Six Weeks Start 3-29

If you are looking for some personalized training we meet every Saturday from Noon to 2 EST for six weeks.

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