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Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. This could ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.
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Aug 22, 2016

How Do I Grow My Audience?

  • Know Who Your Audience Is
  • Know What They Want
  • Go Where They Are
  • Make Friends With Them and Bring Value to Your Conversations
  • Tell them About Your Show
  • Make it Is To Find, Share, and Remember

How Long Should My Podcast Be?

  • Don't do the "Dave Jackson Power Hour" if you only have 18 minutes of content.
  • There is no such thing as too long , only too boring (Valeria Geller - Beyond Powerful Radio)

How Do You Handle Headlines When You Have Multiple Topics in a Show?

  • For me, I've just been taking the topic that I think reached my audience the best and use that as the "Main" Headline

Do I Have Any Tips For Doing a Live Show?

  • If you're worried about looking stupid don't go live
  • I use to stream live.
  • Realize you will have people who want to ruin you show.
  • You MIGHT get 5% of your audience live.
  • Live is addicting because it's instant feedback
  • If you are looking for your audience to provide the content, remember when you start you don't have an audience.

Should I put My Face Out There?

  • If you are the brand it might be a good idea
  • I might think twice if I was a woman as guys are creepy

What Do You Think About Regional Podcast?

  • I would love to start a local podcast
  • I think getting local advertisers would be easy

What is the Biggest Mistake When it Comes to Making Content?

  • Guessing What Your Audience Wants
  • Including personal family details
  • You need to know WHY you are doing your podcast. You can talk about what your audience, but if that topic doesn't line up with your goal it could cause issues.

What Are the Beginning Stages of Podcasting Like - What Can I expect?

  • You can answer every email, every comment, every tweet
  • You are "the host" and that carries weight when you reach out to your audience
  • 50% of people get more than 150ish downloads and 50% get more.
  • The average is around 2000.
  • Mentioned The 27 Steps to start a Podcast

What I Started a Podcast About Topic A, and Your Audience Wants to Hear About Topic B?

  • If you want to talk about that subject, and that topic aligns with your goal then follow your audience
  • If the topic is something you DON'T Want to talk about then don't. It will come through to your audience, and if you're not excited about the subject it will come through.
  • When you try to do something that is not yourself it is hard, and you will start dreading creating your podcast.

I'm an Accountant, and sometimes People Don't Want To Hear What They Need to Hear...

  • Not everyone can handle the truth.
  • Those people who like you will like you, and those that don't won't.
  • When delivering not so great information back it up with your research,  and facts that you are using to shape your opinion.

How Do I Come Back After a Long Hiatus?

  • The same way you started. Know what your audience wants, and press record.
  • Don't start off your show with an apology.

Troubleshooting Your Podcast Sound - Separate Your Gear Into Pieces

I have not been happy with my sound for the last few months. I seemed to pick up some hiss along the way. I went direct into my Zoom H5 recorder and the his was reduced. I then knew it was something in the mixer. From there tried using a different channel (it didn't fix it). I then switched the cabled from going to the 1/4" out of my Behringer Xeynx 1832 mixer (into the line in of the recorder) to the XLR out of the mixer into the xlr in of m mixer.

I'm going to be slimming down my mixer as I don't need anything that beefy anymore (I used a big chunk of it when I have the live phone call in show).

What is it Like To Have a Film Crew Come to Your House

The crew from the Messengers Documentary came to my apartment to interview me. It was pretty crazy. The crew is so professional. They hit a snag when their flight got delayed, but they came through running on fumes. These guys have full time jobs and are fitting this movie into their schedule by (more or less) not sleeping at all. They got done filming here and drove to Kansas City to do more filming before flying back home to Florida. Amazing group of guys.

Support the documentary at

I also go to hang out with Angelo from and Daniel J Lewis from the Audacity to podcast. At the North East Ohio Podcasters Meetup the crew showed off some footage and I got to me Scott Sykora from the Beardcaster. Scott does a podcast about professional competitive "bearding". I have got to go checkout a competition they sound fascinating.

Upcoming Speaking Gigs

I will be speaking at Podcast Mid Atlantic (go to to save $10).

DC Podfest in November 4-5

I will also be speaking at Podfest in Florida in February 2017.  I will be having a meetup at Podfest.

Need Podcast Consulting?

Hire Dave for podcast consulting by going to sessions lengths can be as short as 15 minutes (great if you have just a few questions). 

This episode 528 appeared first at

Mentioned in This Show

Beyond Powerful Radio Book by Valerie Geller

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Aug 15, 2016

Today shares his thought on Podcamp Pittsburgh, the death of, and what geese, Ringo Star, and Michael Phelps can teach podcasters.

Comments 888-563-3228

The Messengers Are Coming!

If you live within driving distance of Akron, Ohio you might want to make a trip this Saturday the 20th of August as the Film Crew of The Messengers (a documentary about podcasting) will be joining our Northeast Ohio Podcasters Meetup group from 3-4:30. They are going to share their story, some cool footage, and film out meeting as well. For more information go to If you haven't heard the behind the scenes podcast about the making of the movie, check out

Here is a recent write up about the podcast and movie (and it's not done yet).

Attention Podcasters' Hangout Family...

I'd like to take a moment and recognize Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting for spending what has to be an ENORMOUS amount of time editing and producing a podcast that highlights "behind the scenes" for an upcoming film called The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary.

The film is the brainchild of Executive Producer Chris Krimitsos and I also serve as Executive Producer myself. This film has taken us and the crew - Director , D.P. Willie L. Harper, and Lead Film Editor Saulo Zayas - literally into other countries to highlight the stories of how podcasters have used this medium to make a MAJOR impact in their communities and/or through their audience.

This episode chronicles the back-story of our experience flying down to Guatemala to support and film mobile podcaster Shawn Smith's Now Is The Time Mission, where the organization serves villages living in extreme poverty through building and installing high efficiency stoves, laying down concrete floors inside homes, donating *tremendous* amounts of clothing, school supplies and other goods as well as lead a daily VBS program for all the kids of the villages they serve in... Shawn has been doing this every single year for over TEN years.

At the end of each day, Shawn sits down to interview the volunteers about their experience and as you can imagine, these conversations get raw and emotional. These podcast episodes are then uploaded and shared with loved ones back home.

This episode of our podcast for The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary highlights this trip and some our own experiences -- and emotions.

I hope you take the time to listen to it and enjoy it, and also enjoy the level of production podcasting PRO Dave Jackson has poured into this. Thanks Dave, you are freaking amazingly talented.

Join the email list and get access to behind the scenes footage by going to

Podcamp Pittsburgh

In a slide show of the previous 11 years of Podcamp Pittsburgh, you could see where this event was well attended in the past. This year they had approximately 50 people. NOW HOLD ON, before you judging things just by numbers. For me, my goal is to find individuals who want to launch a podcast. I started off my opening keynote speech asking the intimate crowd how many of them already had podcasts. Very few hands went up. When I asked how many people didn't have a podcast yet, TONS of hands went up. So while this was an intimate group, it was a perfect group for me.

So judging things by numbers only goes back to people looking at producers who love to share their huge numbers. They might think, "I wish I had those numbers" but what you don't know is how engaged that audience is. While there is no spam in podcasting, some people may not be that engaged with the host. For example, I get very little interaction from my Weekly Web Tools podcast. I love the show, and I love my listeners, but it's a fact that my School of Podcasting Audience is more engaged than the Weekly Web Tools audience.

As always I go to events to network with some folks, Saturday night I got to meet some very cool people. I also got to hang out with some of my awesome Libsyn people (Elsie Escobar from and Krystal O'Connor the mind and voice behind all the libsyn tutorials.

Sometimes Different is Better Than Better

In talking with someone at Podcamp Pittsburgh, they asked how not to sound monotonous. The person explained how they did a show where they asked the same questions to each guest. Now I could be wrong, but my knee-jerk reaction was to think that this person might be trying to follow in the steps of John Lee Dumas (who wouldn't? He makes millions of dollars with his podcast), but (and I've said this before) you will never out "John Lee Dumas the actual John Lee Dumas." You see, it comes to him naturally.

I live in an apartment complex with a few lakes. Because of the lakes and the lovely surroundings, we have hundreds of geese. I see them all the time as I walk around my neighborhood getting some exercise. Last week I saw a goose where it looked like they ran out of black paint when they were painting his head. Typically a goose's head is black, with some white coming up from their neck. This goose looked like his head was white, and someone had sprinkled some black on his head (instead of the other way around). I don't know if the geese do this on purpose, but this goose is also separated from the rest of the geese by about 10 feet. When I ran into tonight, they were all by the lake; he was 30 feet away walking down the sidewalk.

Now I see these geese every day. They all look identical. I could see the same goose day after day, and I wouldn't know it because they all look the same.

That goose with the different paint job may be thinking to itself, "I wish I had more black on my head. I don't look like the other geese. I'm ugly. I stand out. "

My point is because this goose is different and it DOES stand out. Embrace your uniqueness. There may another goose in that flock that can fly better, honk louder, and swim faster and I would never know because it looks like all the other geese. I do not notice them. Sure they may be "better" geese, but I don't remember them. The goose with the different paint job I will remember.

I have one more example. Ringo Starr is probably one of the most famous drummers of all time. He has a specific style. These are due to a couple of things. One, he was born left handed but his Grandmother "made him" right handed. He still plays the drums with his primarily with his left hand. Meanwhile he plays drums that are designed for a right handed person. He also plays (as he describes it) with his "shoulders" and this often causes his snare drum to be just a shade late on hitting the beat. Many people say they can tell when he is behind the drums because his "wrong" style of playing delivers a unique style. In Ringo's case, different is better.

So you may be thinking, I'm not like the other podcasters. I can't publish a daily show, I don't have a Heil PR40, I can't, I don't, etc. To this I say, It's not the tech. If you have nothing to say but have a great microphone, it won't matter.

For the record, when John started HE looked DIFFERENT. Nobody had done a daily show for entrepreneurs.

Michael Phelps Competition

I didn't watch much of the Rio Olympics, but what I saw was very inspirational. Michael Phelps is the best swimmer of all time. The media was preparing for his final swim meets, and they were talking about who he would be up against. Different athletes were coming from different countries with different ages and speeds. These were Michael's competition. This was when I thought about swimming. It's not like his competition is in his lane blocking him from swimming. They weren't going to be grabbing his arms, or legs. The only person Michael Phelps had to beat was Michael Phelps.

Podcasting is very much the same way. You are only as good as you last episode (for the most part), and we shouldn't shouldn't measure ourselves against other podcasters. We never have the full story, of what is going on behind the scenes of someone's podcast success. Obsessing over other podcaster's success takes your focus off your audience. is Dead

Here are some comments from their farewell letter

We took a hackathon project that we built in 3 weeks and grew it from 0 users to → 3.9 million users in less than one year.

The average daily user spent over 65 minutes per day on Blab

The problem? According to their farewell letter, "Of the 3.9 million total users, only 10% (~400,000) came back on a regular basis." This is really stupid part of this statement is they provided a download link to the audio and video. People then took these files and put them on YouTube, and their Media hosts like Libsyn (use the promo code sopfree to get a free month).

They also said, "Because the off-the-cuff, unpredictable nature of live streams make for terrible replays." You mean average untrained people are not masters of improv entertainment?

They said, "But the majority of usage came from everyday people “just hanging out”. They weren’t making content; they were making friends." The best ‘content creators’ used it ~once a week, for ~2 hours. The people who were hanging out with friends used it 5–6 hours per day, every day. My team is here for one reason. To build a product that millions of people will use everyday. Another classic line which I respect is "For us; we would rather fail to try to achieve our mission than succeed at someone else’s mission."

Here is another example of someone shooting for perfection (a life changing social network like Facebook), they missed the mark, and ended up on pretty good. Well, that wasn't their goal. To that, I can say I understand, but people hanging out and making friends will be much harder to monetize. In the meantime, I've moved over to and will be playing with

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Aug 8, 2016

Today I'm going to share three things your podcast needs to be successful, I'm also going to share some podcasting news, and a product review on a replacement.


Call the Show at 888-563-3228

Blubrry Launches Adverting Partner Plan

If you are looking for an advertiser for your show, Blubrry was one of the first companies to try to pool a bunch of smaller shows together to attract sponsors. They recently launched a partner plan. Here are a couple of things about the plan

It's for someone who is serious about getting a sponsor

It's for someone who check's their email and values communication

In the past Todd and crew would setup an advertising campaign only to have podcasters pull out at the last minute, or they forgot to let Todd known they had already sold their own spots.

For more information go to

Ask the Podcast Coach Moves to a New Platform

After waved it's middle finger at podcasters, this week we waved back (after last week it just stopped working). The platform I am using is which has the same functionality (give or take) as blab, and its free. You don't get the audio file (just the video). You can always "rip" the audio out of the video file. So far I like it, and will continue to use it going forward.

Because of His Podcast Michael O'Connell Got a Book Deal.

I was interviewed for a future episode of It's All Journalism by Michael O'Connell and he shared that due to his podcast he now has a book deal about podcasting.

The Messengers Documentary Team will be in Akron Ohio on August 2oth

The Messengers Documentary team (doing a film on podcasting) will be in Akron Ohio (Cuyahoga Falls to be exact) on August 20th to film me, and to share some video and film the Northeast Ohio Podcasters Meetup (normally the third Monday of the month, but moved to Saturday this month). The exact location and time will be announced later (more than likely 2-5ish in Cuyahoga Falls - location to be determined very soon). For more information go to to check out Dave's podcast about the project go to

Podcast Rewind

The Biz Chix Podcast episode 26 had a super frank talk about sex after children. Gentlemen if you want to know what women think and feel about sex, now is you chance it starts at the 27 minute mark.

Another new show I've been listening to is the Rhoades to Success Podcast with Jessica Rhoades who has great tips on getting and being interviewed.

The Three Things Your Podcast Needs That Have Nothing to Do With Microphones, Downloads, or Hosting

Today I want to talk about podcast success and the things you need to achieve. Here is the fun part I’m not talking about microphones, downloads, or hosting. While those are ingredients that you need to podcast, without these you are doomed. They are attitude, health, and support.

The first thing is your expectations and/or attitude.

I have people contact me weekly with dreams of getting into Apple’s New and Noteworthy and “making it big” (whatever that means). Per Rob Walch of Libsyn, fifty percent of podcasters get less than 160 downloads, and fifty percent get above. I feel this is mainly due to the thousand plus podcasts launching every week. They are just starting to build their audience.

I come from a training background where if I had twenty students in my class, my hands were going to be full. When you have 160 listeners, that would equal eight classrooms. In the last building I worked in, that would be an entire floor of classrooms filled with people who want to listen to you. People who could consume AM, FM, CD, Sirius, Local and Cable channels, HBO, Netflix, Hulu, Audible, etc. They choose to listen to you.

So how do you get your attitude straight?

You have to be able to answer the question, “Why are you starting a podcast?” For me, I love to help people. That’s what I worked in training departments for 20+ years. Now, let’s not fool ourselves. I like making money as well. However, when I have someone come to me too scared to launch a podcast, and I later I hear them cry over the phone as they see their podcast in iTunes, it is hard to put a price on that. The other reason you need to know you “Why” is so you can create content that fits in with your goal. If the purpose of your podcast is to position yourself as a leader in your field, then maybe you should use a Q&A format.

What if you’re in just to make money. You’re in it to boost sales. Remember when you first start out you don’t have an audience, so if the goal is to convert your audience to sales, the first thing you need to do is focus on getting an audience, and second how to convert them. The length of time it takes to achieve this is why Podcasting is often said to have a slow burn. You have to have an audience before you can sell to your audience.

Also, you better be willing to podcast for free, because when you start out, you are. In fact, you’re losing around $30 a month in expenses.

The second thing is your health.

Certain gurus love to tell you to stay up until three in the morning, get up at 6 and go to work. If you really want it, you will do this. If you don’t do this, well then (LOSER) you don’t really want it right? You just need to dig down deeper. After all, it’s not going to come to you; you have to HUSSLE DOWN and GO GET IT TIGER! No for the record, you do have to do the work, but killing yourself to live is not a great option.

I did this for a while. Here is what it produced.

A crappy attitude because I constantly felt “behind.” That I wasn’t working hard enough, and that was I was doing wasn’t good enough, and that I need to sacrifice more.

A crappy product. I make enough typos when I’m awake, let alone when I’m sleep deprived. I was struggling with energy, and creativity because my body wanted something. It was called sleep. I recently lost 30 lbs. You know one of the key ingredients? Sleep. I now get at least 6, typically 7 hours of sleep a night. WHAT? THAT IS INSANE. No, what it is, is a strategy to be more productive because you’re not doing rookie mistakes because you can’t keep your eyes open. I can focus. You have the attention span of a puppy hopped up on red bull.
The other thing it did was mess up my back. Countless time I would wake up at my desk with my head pointing down in some weird position as my body was in some strange position sleeping in a chair. Great, my hustle would now slow me down cause I can’t stand up straight.
I gained weight. Why? Because I was BUSY, I had THINGS TO DO, so I would go get some “fast food” and slam my Double Mystery Meat, Fries, and a Coke. Never realizing by the time I drove to the Burger Hut, waited in the drive through, and got home to eat my luke-warm home slop, I could’ve cooked something much more healthy at home. Eating fast food is like pouring the cheapest gas you can find in your car. It doesn’t burn well, and it leaves a residue in your engine. Well, in this case, you body doesn’t know what to do with strange chemistry abortion called fast food that tricks your mind into thinking it’s not full so it can dump enough sugar down you face to light you up like a Christmas tree. You will notice on ingredient labels they don’t put the percentage of sugar contained in that Starbucks (because your morning Late probably has your over your daily limit already).
Poor nutrition leads to you getting sick, and tired. Which eventually leads you to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. Now instead of being upbeat, creative, and inspired you are tired, unmotivated, potentially cranky, and/or depressed.

Now because you’re tired and cranky (and maybe depressed), you will probably notice your family and friends don’t want to be around you.

Being tired, sick, and cranky leads to:

The third thing you need to have a successful podcast: Support.

When your friends and family (going forward let’s just say family) don’t support your podcasting efforts, it will suck whatever energy you have left in your body. It is often the final nail in the coffin. You can’t demand support. Demanding support often can lead to resentment on the person waiting in the wings. When you FORCE someone to support you, they aren’t supporting you because they believe in you, or they want to. They are supporting you because they HAVE to. If someone puts a gun to my head forces me to say “Soundcloud is the best podcasting platform on the planet” I would do it because I like breathing, but would that really be support?

When your family is complaining about the time, money and effort you are putting into your show it creates stress. Stress is not a great fertilizer for creativity. Some people strive under pressure, but many have a hard time concentrating. They can’t “be in the now” because they are too busy waiting for the shoe to drop.

So those are the problems. How do you solve them?

For Health Do the Following:

Batch cook food. For me, I buy a family pack of chicken thighs and dump them into a pressure cooker. I then package them up and put them in the refrigerator. When I need a quick snack, I throw them into the microwave, and while I’m eating the chicken I microwave a vegetable, and I’m done in 10 minutes. It’s true fast food. The pressure cooker requires no overseeing.

For me, I look at what time I’m getting up in the morning. For me, that is 7:30 AM as I have to be at work by 8:30. If I want seven hours sleep, I have to be in bed by 12:30.

I know I need to exercise for at least 30 minutes that means takes me back to 12:00.

Now Let’s Take This Thought into the Support Area

I need to eat and spend some time with my family. Let’s call that two hours. That would be 10 PM. If I arrive home at 6 PM, I would have FOUR FREE HOURS. Now my family isn’t going to want to eat at 10 PM. So from 6-8PM I enjoy my family. I then spend 30 minutes exercising. It’s not 8:30. I have three hours and thirty minutes to work on my podcast, 30 minutes to brush my teeth and say goodnight.

Realize something in this scenario. Your family gets 2.5 hours; your podcast got three hours and thirty minutes. If you did this every day, your family is going to feel short-changed.

Setting a schedule is also where you need to go back and set expectations with your family. Can you pull this plan off two times a week (giving you potentially 6 hours of podcasting time)? Are they willing to support this? If not, what ar they willing to support? It may turn out that you might want to consider doing a shorter show instead of an hour long show.

In the event you make some money with your podcast, give some to your spouse to do whatever they want. Now not only are you benefiting from your podcast but so are they.

Make family time just that. Turn your phone off and concentrate.
What happens if you run out of time? For me, I have found (unless it’s a deadline of a customer) most items in podcasting don’t have a time limit. The research you wanted to do tonight, can probably wait until tomorrow. That new tool you wanted to play with, can probably wait until tomorrow. 99.9% of whatever you wanted to do will still be there in the morning. I didn’t believe it, but I now can say 100% it is true.

Quit the following actions to boost your attitude:
Quit looking at other podcasters income and downloads. Much like golf or bowling, in podcasting, you compare yourself to your last game.
Realize the gear you have will probably do just fine. Microphone envy leads to people spending money on things they don’t need which leads to spouses resentment. Avoiding resentment leads to people sneaking things into the house. You are developing bad habits.
Obsessing over stats. Looking at them does not make them grow.
Reach out and network with similar podcasts. They know exactly how you feel. Having someone “In the trenches” with you can help.

Here are some tips to help with productivity

Used web-based services like Evernote, Onenote, Google Docs, etc. This way if you find yourself trapped somewhere, you can do that research on your phone or tablet. You can spend your lunch hour doing research instead of reading the outdated magazines in the break room.

I love for keeping track of things with deadlines, and you can easily make items directly from websites (thanks to a browser extension) and from within Gmail.

So set your expectations for your podcast, and set the expectations of your family.

Protect your health by getting enough sleep, eating the right things, and exercising.

Protect your family by giving them the time they need.

If you have lots of energy and support, but your attitude is crap, it will hurt you creatively, and you may lose your motivation.

If you are motivated but are sick all the time, then don’t have the energy to get behind the mic - even if your family supports you.

If you have a great attitude, feel great, but have to deal with an upset family, your podcast may be okay, but your life is spiraling down the drain.

Attitude, Health, and Support. Simple, but not easy.

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Aug 1, 2016

Driveway moments are podcasts that have you so captivated that when you get to home instead of going in to be with your family, you sit in the driveway to finish the episode. This week I had such a moment with episode 206 of the RED podcast hosted by David Hooper. I wanted to get Dave on the line to see what went on behind the scenes of this episode.

Follow Upon on Troy Heinritz - The Story Isn't Over

Troy called me this week (you'll hear the call) to let me know that he has been asked to fly to LA to host a show where he gets to interview the two creators of the television show The Blacklist (Troy does the blacklist exposed). They wanted a "super fan" to interview "the Two Johns" (the creators) about season four. So Troy gets to fly to LA, stay in a hotel, and feel the promotion power Sony Pictures as they promote him on a global level. If you missed Troy's story, you could click here to listen (or subscribe and never miss another show).

Great Content Has These Ingredients

David HooperI tell people that you want your podcast to make people laugh, cry, think, or groan. You want it to educate or entertain (or both). Today we are looking at some of the ingredients that you can use to inspire those results in your audience.

Great content:

Is content you can't get in other places
Is unpredictable - not sure what you’re going to get (as long as its relevant).
Is a dialogue, an open discussion.
Is educational
Is entertaining
It’s often well thought out
Has relevant personal stories
Has a tease to get you engaged to stay or come back.
Always Brings Value

Beware of Inside Jokes

The hurdle I have to get over with this episode is Dave has heard this episode (obviously) and I have heard it, but you haven't (maybe). So I need to give you enough information, so you don't feel left out, but not too much information to be a spoiler.

Dave had an automated phone call that pretends to be from the IRS and threatens to throw him in jail. Dave knew this was a scam and turned on his skype recorder and called them back to investigate the situation (you can hear this at his first attempt kept the person on the line for more than an hour (and he was not happy when he figured out that Dave was playing with him).

Eventually, Dave was able to get someone to "put their guard down" and explain their operation (at the risk of getting in trouble). This intimacy was fascinating. Dave wasn't yelling at the worker but just wanted information. It made for a very intriguing episode.

Then in true David Hooper fashion, he used the experience as a lesson to learn about growing your business.

Episode 206 of the RED Podcast

David Hooper has a very wide skill set. He spent many years doing marketing for musicians (at one point managed his own event for musicians). Dave is the author of NUMEROUS books on Amazon. He has been doing his Music Business Radio program on Lightning 100 WRLT in Nashville (and subsequent podcast) where he has interviewed some pretty big names. He recently started shifting his focus to include other types of marketing outside of music. His RED Podcast is NOT another podcast that interviews entrepreneurs about escaping their dreadful lives into the world of six-figure incomes etc., etc. It's not named RED Podcast On Fire. Instead, Dave has a solo show where he uses his life's travels and ties them to lessons you can use to grow your business.

Just to make it easy, here is the link to Episode 206 to hear the whole "Scam" call go to

In this interview you will hear:

How it took multiple calls to get this hard to believe interview.

Dave ended up with lots of content, but it would need editing before putting it before his audience.

By not judging his guest, the person felt safe to open up and reveal inside information.

Dave stuck to his guns and didn't take advertisers that didn't fit his show, or advertisers that wanted to pay him peanuts to get in front of his audience.

Dave puts thought into his episode, so there is a theme that lends itself to transitioning from one part of his show to the other.

Dave realizes there is a skip button and starts of his show with a tease to keep people tuned in, and includes one at the end to make them come back.

The Power of Editing

I've been called to produce The Messengers Podcast. The Messengers is a documentary about podcasting. I'm making a podcast about the movie about podcasting (yeah, I know). The difference is it's up to me to stitch together the story of what has been going on (with help from executive producer Chris Krimitsos). When I'm done, I submit the rough draft to Chris. At this point, I've put in lots of hours, and I want it to be done. Chris has always come back with ideas. You know what? They are always good insights. I'm too close to the trees to see the forest.

Editing can make a good thing great if you're open to feedback. 

Some people do the, "I just hit record and post it. I'm keeping it real." It's podcasting, and you can do what you want. I'm keeping it real by knowing that every word out of my mouth is not gold, and everything can ALWAYS have room for improvement. So I took an hour today and edit this interview. Here is what got cut:

A bunch of UMs from me.

A tangent that Dave and I took about playing music backward.

Dave was explaining how he is starting a new podcast. His new podcast is not out yet.

I cut out many things I said that were giving a second example of something that Dave had just said (thus I was creating duplicate content).

What Did I Learn From Editing?

I did very little prep for this interview. I knew I was just going talk to Dave about his episode and pull the best. In the end, I don't think I did a good job of letting Dave know why I asked him to come on the show.

I OFTEN take a very roundabout way to a question. This action happens as I've started talking before fully forming the question in my head.

As always, more preparation up front leads to less editing.

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Jul 25, 2016

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At Podcast Movement Kevin Smith said to forget hanging around people who would answer, "Why?" when you said you wanted to try something, and instead hang around people who said, "Why not!" Troy Heinritz is a why not kind of guy. He had spent some time in radio, and start a podcast. In today's episode you will hear how his story has grown and grown, but it started with a single tweet.

It started by reaching out to someone on twitter because the guy had a bible verse

That lead to ABC PR calling to see how they could help the new podcast

Get an IMDB pro account and get all the contact info for people you want to talk down.

Through building a relationship with his audience. someone in his audience knew one of the writers.

Relationships with PR people lead to interviews with more writers

Troy is now seen as the "voice of the audience"

He has received free "Shwag" from companies to promote

He is having a blast.

How he balances Marriage, Children, Work, and Podcasting

He co-hosts the Packer's Fan Podcast and just got a sponsor for the show.

Check out Troy's Podcasts at:


Golden Spiral Media

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Jul 18, 2016

What I've Learned From One Episode of a Storytelling NPR styled Podcast

I recently started a podcast in a narrative fashion about a documentary called the Messengers, as I've never done this style of podcasting before. Here is what I've learned.

You have to know what story you are going to tell so you can add some intrigue, inspiration, comedy, etc.

You need to catalog everything. The Sooner the better. So if I make a phone call, get audio from a video, I catalog everything.

Identify your plot. For my first episode I wanted to tell the story of how and why everyone got involved, with a subplot of some behind the scenes. Then I wanted to build interest in future episodes. Looking back, it might've been better to keep it short and precise.

It takes A LOT of time. This is why shows like Reply All have a team of 15 working on their show. Right now, I'm a team of one. The first 20 minute episode took around 4 hours. That is roughly a 12:1 ratio.

My tool of choice here is the software Hindenburg Journalist. It's $99, and works on both Mac or PC, and you can drag in a bunch of files, cut them into pieces and then drag and drop them into the order you want them. It also auto levels the audio, and in this case I have all sorts of audio.

Get the best audio you can. This is true for every podcast. In my case I had some phone conversations that sounded horrendous next to a skype call. I always judge if a clip is helping the story.

Beware of the creep. What I mean by this is as I'm creating an episode about things that have already happened, there are things happening NOW. You have to think through the ears of your audience. They only know what you have given them.

I'm reading Out on the Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the New masters of Radio which I realize is a bit backwards. I should've read it before I started, but sometimes you just got to jump into the pool.

When is a Remake Better Than the Original

15:15 I saw Ghostbuster this week, and found it very "Meh." It didn't scare me, or make me laugh. It was a shame as there are some really talented people in it. When we try to recreate someone else's magic, it typically doesn't work. I'm sure if we said some old show from the 1920's compared to a show in 1983, I'm not sure of movies that were better than the original. Typically a copy/remake of something isn't as good. With this in mind, don't try to copy someone else's show. Be yourself. Your audience will thank you for it

The Only Thing Stopping You - is You

18:03 Is this you? You know you're a nice person. You're a good person. You're not perfect, but you always do your best. You have things you are proud of, and things you might wish to forget. Does this sound familiar?

I'm going to share something I did this week. I talked at the beginning of the year how 2016 was going to be me getting out of my comfort zone. So I'm going to share a bit about my life, what goes in my head, and how I pushed through, and how you can too. In the end I'm glad I did, and you will be too.

Here is some back story.

  1. I was in training to be a Pastor of a small church. I was brought in to bring in a younger crowd. The church was about 15 years old and over the last 10 years had completely lost touch with their youth at the church. After filling in for the Pastor I was approached to be an assistant pastor with the end goal of becoming the pastor when he retired. I thought about it. Prayed about it, and came on board. To keep this brief, they wanted me to attract younger people doing the exact same thing they had been doing that drove them away. Every idea I had was shot down. They were stuck in the "that's not how we do it" mode, and eventually I got frustrated and I could see how this wasn't going to work. I love those people and rather than lose those relationships, I stepped down. The bottom line was my ego took a hit. My self esteem got a quick uppercut to the jaw.
  2. When my first wife and I had accepted the fact that we would never have children, she became an alcoholic. Have you ever tried to reason with an alcoholic? It's not fun. Bottom line, I couldn't get her to listen to me. I'm glad to hear that years later after almost driving into someone's home, she is now sober. But here again, I was in a situation where I couldn't get someone's attention, and my words seemed worthless. I'm not looking for a pity party. Hang with me.
  3. My second wife was a smart, intelligent, funny person, who I later found out, disagreed with about 90% of everything I said. I could see where she wanted out marriage to go.  I could see the path on how to get there, but I couldn't get her to follow me. When I tried to follow her, well, it just didn't work. Here again, I just couldn't get her attention. As this was marriage number two, and I was right back where I started, this really did a number on me. After all the only constant in my marriages is me.

We all have these. We all have something to say. But it is the past that often steps in to stop us from doing really good things in the future. Sometimes when these wounds are still fresh, they can really set you back.

For me, I now work from home. It's weird. I go days where the only person I talk to is the check out girl at the grocery store. I might go to Bob Evans just to have chit chat with a waitress. It's weird. So I went to and signed up for all these groups where people that are around my ago go out and explore the city. I could use some friends. It sounds like a good idea. But I had multiple opportunities to go. I always found other things to go. Here I would love the opportunity to have conversations, and yet I now had all this self doubt in my head. They say the older you get, it takes longer to heal, and that may be the case here.

Sometimes you have to baby step it. Sometimes those babies steps can lead to huge outcomes. I am going to relate this to podcasting in just a second. So I decided to go to a restaurant/bar to hear some old friends band. This was an area in Akron, Ohio called Portage lakes. It was a beautiful night to hang by the lake, listen to some friends, and do this thing called relaxing that I hear people talk about.

Did I mention that there is a female lead singer in the band?

I've known her for years. We always joked how I was married when she was single. She was in a relationship when I was single. Now we are both single.

I walked up behind her and said, "I remember you." Well, the reaction I received was amazing. One would've thought I was a returning soldier coming home from the war (inert divorce joke here). She almost cried. It created somewhat of a scene. Her guitar player (another long time friend) had not seen me in years (all of my friends from my home town have not seen me in about 8 years). I turn around and there was another musician that I had actually played with in one of my old bands. Here is the point. There were people there waiting to connect with me (I did get her phone number by the way). They were all glad to see me. All I had to do was push through and make a little effort. As we often say on this show, "Nobody will punch you in the face" (thank you Ryan Parker of ) and nobody did. So when you push through and you start your podcast, there will be people there glad to meet you.

So why did it take so long? Because I would over think it. What if I met a woman? Where would that go? Etc, I would WAY over think it. I made it way super complicated in my mind. I think we do this in podcasting. We start thinking about our HUGE audience that we are going to have, and we focus on all the technology, etc. We make it super complicated in our head, when in reality its not. You don't have an audience, and by the time you get some numbers you will have had some time to work out the kinks. Instead we focus on the people who may not like us. You know what? There may have been people who didn't like me at this bar because I was drinking water? You know what I didn't notice because I was busy spending time with the people who enjoyed my company, and that's what you can do with your podcast.

Here is one of the coolest things about podasting. In some cases, you are the team. You are the committee. You are the program director. You don't need to ask for permission. When I was at Podcast Movement, it was kind of weird as I had to check in and see what my boss wanted me to do. When you are recording your podcast, no check in is required. You are 100% completely in control. It is YOURS. The only person who can stop you (for the most part) is YOU.

Jump in the Pool

29:02 I'm full of stories this week. I also attended a birthday party for my brother. Also in attendance was my niece and her three children (my great nieces and nephews). I showed up just in time to see my 8 year old great nephew (who had started the day in a life vest) jump off the diving board into the deep end, tread water and swim to the side. Now his first attempt he didn't jump straight, and aimed toward the side of the pool. There is where the experience swimmers (his Mom, and the adults) advised him to NOT jump towards the side because you might do too good a job and bang you head on the side of the pool, which happens to be concrete.

Shortly thereafter his five year old sister did the same. She needed a bit of help to get to the side of the pool, but it was amazing to see someone jump off a diving board when there is a chance of drowning.

Later my Great-nephew said, "I'm proud of myself." Here again, someone had faced their fears only to come out the other end feeling good.

Catching Up With My Listeners

36:02 I got email talking from Orlando about other countries "Catching up" with the USA, and Heather From Craftlit recommendation to go listen to the Voice Acting  Mastering.

Poll of the Week - Podcast Players

43:31 Take the two question survey

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Book: Out on the Wire: The Storytelling Secrets of the New masters of Radio

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Jul 11, 2016

Podcast Movement was a great success as all of the previous events. WOW. The one thing different this year was I was working for Libsyn. I spent pretty much three days talking from about 7 in the morning to somewhere between midnight and 2 AM talking loudly. Consequently, my voice is still kind of raspy today. I had originally planned on playing the talk I did, but to be honest the audio has so much room noise it's unusable. Instead I want to share some quick insights from Podcast Movement. 

  1. Bring a back pack. - I was using a laptop case and my shoulders still hurting. 
  2. If you want to meet someone, you need to set this up in advance. 
  3. Don't be afraid to try things. I did a Q&A. This was new at PM16, and it was in response to customer feedback. I thought my session went well, and I enjoyed not having to working on a bunch of slides. 

Be Careful Extending Your Launch

I love Giordono's Pizza. Every time I go to Chicago I have to get some. It's super-duper thick, and it's quite yummy. They look small, but one piece will fill you up. 

We went one night, as did apparently the entire event. There was a 90 minute wait. We found out that we could order out pizza and they could start making it, and then (hopefully) by the time we got to our table, the pizza could be ready. 

That sounded like a great plan. The problem is what we were told and what was reality were very different. We got to our table and instead of having the pizza soon, we waited another 90 minutes. So all in all we waited three hours for food. Was the pizza good? Absolutely, but did it make me roll my eyes back into my head and make me go "oooooh this is soooooo good..." like the other times I've enjoy ed their pizza? No. Why?

I had been telling people how good it was. That is half the fun of going there is to take someone who has never had their pizza, and watch their face. But after three hours of waiting, unless they threw in a Heil PR40, I don't think the pizza would've lived up to the hype. 

So if you are a person who is getting ready and setting up your auto responder, your squeeze page, your sales funnel, etc. meanwhile you had already told your audience that you would be launching a podcast "soon," by the time it arrives the wait may take away from the over-all experience. With this in mind, be careful when you announce your podcast is coming. You might want to wait until you have a finished episode ready to go. You might want to wait until your show is approved in iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, etc. 

New and Noteworthy Update

I ran into Nicole of the (Business Building Rock Stars). If you count from the top she is currently #81 in "New and Noteworthy" and said she doesn't seem to be getting any major push from this position. She said she is seeing slow steady growth. This segment was recorded using nothing but my phone. 

What it Would've Sounded Like if I had Won an Award

I was honored to be nominated in the Technology category and then the PEOPLE'S CHOICE! (but didn't win either). I had a speech in case I won. It went a little something like this:

Look, I don’t win very often, so I’m going all out on this. OK? I would like to thank:


My listeners. Without you I am nothing. To the members of the School of Podcasting. Thanks for picking me as your coach. It has been a pleasure serving you. A special shout out to the Ask the Podcast Coach chat room. You folks truly are neat.

Thanks to the academy, and to my fellow nominees. It was great to be nominated with you (I’ve been nominated for 8 different awards, and I gotta say it is nice to win).

To my co-hosts I’ve have over the years. Rob Walch, Paul Colligan, Gary Lealand, Erik K Johnson, Jim Collison, and of course my tripod brothers Daniel J Lewis and Ray Ortega. Gentlemen thanks for being great co-host and in some cases competition, but thanks for being even better friends.

To libsyn for hosting all of my files without a glitch, and thanks for the job while I’m at it. Use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month. Cmon, you know I had to go there.

This is really overwhelming. Ask my ex-wife and she will tell you I don’t handle compliments well.

I do want to thank some people, Daniel J Lewis, Marcus Couch, Erik K Johnson, and Steve Stewart who called me during my divorce just to make sure I was OK. As I got divorced 10 days before Christmas, Steve took time out his family time, and called me on Christmas day. I know we like to talk CPM advertising, and income reports, but when you’re spending Christmas with your cat that phone call was worth a million dollars.

Two more quick points. If you’re almost ready to launch your podcast, but you’re waiting on that one thing LAUNCH. An almost perfect podcast will impact 100% more people than the one that never makes off your hard drive.

Lastly, people ask me why I have Jeremiah 29:11 on my website. Well in 2015 I got divorced. Shortly thereafter I was laid off. I was estranged from my family due to some things my ex-wife had said. It was a dark place. I moved back to my home city of Akron where I now have a peaceful house. I called some friends and got a job at Libsyn. After 7 years of not talking to my brother, that bridge has been restored. So when things get dark, remember Jeremiah 29:11 it goes a little something like this. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Tonight I stand here with a trophy in my hand and say this is why I have Jeremiah 29:11 on my website because it's true.

Thank you all

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Jul 4, 2016

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Podcast Movement is Next Week

I will be working Libsyn booth all week except for my Q & A Season on Friday at 10:15-11:00 on the Solutions Stage.  Please find me and say hello. I would love to meet you.

Have fresh batteries in your portable recorder

Have your business cards

Clean of the SD card

Comfy shoes and breathe mints are a must.

If you have a conflict between a session and a discussion, stay in the hallway and continue the discussion and listen to the recording.


Glenn Hebert likes to Hang Out With Journalists

8:13 Today is this third appearance of "Glenn the Geek" from the horse radio network. Glenn is making a living through his podcast, and a lot of hard work. Today we find out.

What mistake Glenn feels he has done, and wishes he could go back and change it

What equipment he is using the create his live show including callers.

He gives some insights into selling ads on your show.

His insights from Magazines, and how Glenn is now helping magazines in his niche get into podcasting. Not only does the magazine bring over their audience, but they also bring over their sponsors.

His biggest hurdle is booking guests

Why you should look at every problem as an opportunity.

Glenn is using Mixlr, Call in Studio, Google Sites, Audio Hijack Pro, Auphonicand he uses three separate computers. You can see when you add "live" to your podcast, your technical skills need to go up.

Glenn embraces the pressure that live brings, and he likes the feel.

Check out Glenn's Network at

Couch Cushion Experiment

43:50 An easy way to cut down on "room noise" grab the cushion from your couch.


You could purchase Milk Crate, Egg Carton Foam or you can just order one already built and save the time and effort.

New and Noteworthy Experiment

51:42 If you go to

Please rate, review, and most improbably subscribe to the Because of my podcast show.

I now have 65 ratings. I have a total of 559 downloads over six episodes with the highest episode being 171 and the lowest being 58

I'm on row 91 of the Technology > Podcasting category. I am still not listed in the "main" new and noteworthy. But I'm noticing a trend on who is.

Jim Norton - comedian

Kathy Smith - "famous" health expert

Chris Hardwick

The Dallas Morning News

Gimlet Media - Ebay podcast that's not about eBay

Michael Kosta- Comedian E! Network.

Mentioned in this Episode

The Messengers Documentary

Jun 27, 2016

I was born in Akron, Ohio. I lived in Cleveland, Ohio for 8 years and now moved back to Akron. So when LeBron James join the Cleveland Cavaliers we were all excited. Last year we came close, but we lost (there is a long history of Cleveland Sports teams coming "this close" to winning only to lose). This year our team was down three games to one. No team had ever come back from that deficit. We were up against the team that had the most winningest season. Again, we all started think about coming "this close," and we started thinking about what we could improve and try again next year. There was one person who didn't that way. His name is LeBron James and that's what I want to talk about today. Because there is a part of podcasting that is mental.

When asked what he did when he was down 3-1 and how he maintained, LeBron couldn't answer specifically, but he talked about previous championship he had been in as a High School Player, and it all came back to preparation, and looking for ways to improve. So he watch film from the gems where his team lost. He looked for things he could do better. One of my montra's is "Constant Improvement." Maybe it is the teacher in me, but I always feel there is room for improvement.

He listened to the right people. While his Instagram would show he didn't 100% tune out social media, during the playoffs he turned off sports radio, TV, newspapers, and anyone else that had an opinion. The opinion he was interested in was his coaches. So if you get a negative comment, or someone shoots you a negative email, put it aside. Get a group of people to be your focus group. Ask them how you're doing. Get a Facebook group going.

He gets his team involved, in some cases telling them what to do. So if you want people to contact you, give them options (email, voicemail, speakpipe) and then tell them. In some cases, show them.

He didn't quit. There was a time in the game when it was tied. The other team got the ball and was running down the court. It was two player against one, this was going to be some easy points. Except for one thing. LeBron James didn't quit. He had been  running down the court with one of the players as hard he he could. He had one goal, and that was to block the shot. If you see the replay you will see where the other player started to take it easy as he went to lay the ball into the hoop. This again, was going to be two easy points. Instead as one player left off the gas Lebron leaped into the air and blocked it. Many feel this was a turning point. He didn't quit. Have you ever had something you thought was hard, but you pushed through? If you want to watch your audience get smaller, quit. That is guaranteed.

My favorite quote of Lebron's from his press conference was "The games always gives back to those who are true to the game." To me, I'd like to tweak that to say, "You audience always gives back to those who are giving value to the audience." Notice I got specific. It's not just giving; it is giving value.

What Happens When You Don't Know Your Audience

Sometimes we think we are giving value but we are missing the mark. When I was married I used to do things for my wife. I thought these were wonderful, romantic, and would be sure to score me points. I found out later in therapy, that they accomplished none of my goal. Instead I found a other items that WOULD. How? By talking with my wife. You need to find out what your audience needs (Facebook groups, email lists, surveys) and give them what they want.

What would you do if your boss said you had to do a presentation in 14 different countries?

If you didn't learn the language, it wouldn't make sense

If you didn't' learn about their culture you could offend someone without even knowing it.

What if instead of rushing in you took the time to know the language and customs?

In this instance your podcast is your boss, and the 14 countries are different social media outlets.

Pick a platform, learn it. Learn the type of information that works on that platform.

Check out Brandi at Big Active Audience for more great information

Survey of the Week

What is your favorite Social Media Platform.  I would love to hear about it in this week's survey. Take this one question Poll

Because of My Podcast: I'm Helping Myself and Others Deal With Grief

Dealing with My GriefDarwyn Dave shares the story about how his father was murdered when he was a young boy. After listening to this show, Darwyn has started working through his own grief via a podcast. His goal, not to make money, not to get 10,000 downloads, but to help himself and others work through grief. Now, barbecue of his podcast he's been asked to create some videos and share his experience. Check out his show at

New and Noteworthy Investigation

People are obsessed with iTunes New and Noteworthy. What is the effect? Well I wanted to find out. I don't think it's much, but I wanted to KNOW. So I started a podcast called "Because of my Podcast." I started tracking items. It seemed so easy to get into New and Noteworthy in the past, so here is what I've found. Maybe not.

The show has 357 downloads (ranging from 43-120 per episode), and 51 reviews. While I'm line 90 of the New and Noteworthy in my category, I am not New and Noteworthy from the main page. Some clients of mine are and here are there numbers:

I do have some clients in N&N. Client 1 is on line 110, they have 4000 downloads (ranging from 166 to 740 per episode). They have 15 episodes and zero reviews. Another is on line 135. They have 3500 total downloads (ranging from 80-400 downloads per episode). They have 20 episodes, and zero reviews.

Other things I've found have been that shows that need to be pulled are not. Rumor Girls Uncut has not had and episode since 2011, and none of their files will download. I will keep my eye open for more shows that might show that Apple needs to prune the tree.

If you'd like to help with the experiment, go to and subscriber, rate, and review. I'll report on the standings as the show goes forward.

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Jun 20, 2016

Answering Audience Questions

Is a podcast a good way to promote a multi-level marketing (MLM) business?

If your sole goal of a podcast is to generate income, you need to realize a few things:

  1. Nobody tunes into an infomercial on purpose (usually it's that there is nothing else on)
  2. You make money from your podcast by delivering value. This helps people like you because you're helpful.
  3. When people trust you, they may purchase something you recommend or provide.
  4. It takes time to develop the relationship between you and your audience.

So whatever your product is, your industry, if you have tips on running that business, using that product, news about that industry, then it might be helpful. Figure out who your target audience is and make the information that they want to consume.

Starting a Podcast With My Child


On the second leg of a trip home from VT to TN, I spent 8 hours in the car listening to your voice yesterday. And enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks for the great content!

I've been listening to podcasts for years and am thinking of starting one with my 11 year old son. We have a concept and I'm going to put him through the paces of evaluating and starting a business (I've had an online business for 20 years) with the intention that he'd be doing this for the next 8 years at least until he leaves home. So, it's a long term strategy for us (we're doing the project whether we broadcast it or not, so we may as well). And I'm sort of tagging on the biz training for him and see if we can develop it into a part time job for him (I'm launching on another biz that this coincides with as well).

My question for you is this...there's plenty of info out there on the tech side of the equation and plenty of courses like SOP on getting started (which we may do in a few months) and marketing info, etc., but either I'm not seeing or just not looking in the right places for resources on the broadcasting skills side.

Obviously, just doing it is a huge bit of it. But, I'd like to be able to talk him through the skills needed and how to get them in a general way. We're interviewing a radio friend about interviewing next week, but I thought I would ask you...Do you have any resources that you could point us to on developing the broadcast skills needed to make a great show (assuming the content is great and the tech is listenable)?

Thanks for any direction you could give, I appreciate your time!

Michelle -

Marketing Minutes - Brandi Young

Brandi Young is a software developer who has been working with podcasters on some software. Though interviews she has found that many podcasters are relying too much on iTunes when there is a whole other world of tools to Market your Podcast. Check out her website at

New Features Coming to Podcasting

Blubrry will be launching Podcast Sites. This is a free website based on Wordpress.

Libsyn has destination stats, audio files to YouTube, Episode Defaults, Entranced ID3 tags

Spreaker is coming out with a new CMS

Use the coupon sopfree at any of these companies to get a free month (full discloser I work for Libsyn).

Podcast Rewind

I appeared on round 73 of the Podcasters Rountable talking about branding your podcast

I appeared on Episode two of the Membership Coach show with Marcus Couch talking about the Burden and the Benefit of Membership sites.

Check out Paul Colligan's Look back at 10 years of Video with Lauria Petrucci (Cali Lewis)

Last 5 in 5 Cale Nelson

Cale Neslon from the Ham Radio 360 Show shares the last 5 podcasts he listened to.

Everything Ham Radio

Linux in the Ham Shack

School of Podcasting (this show)

Black Man with a Gun

Kenn Blanchard Show

Wealth Steading (howto invest)

Mentioned in this Episode

Feeding My Faith - Does God Have Brain Damage?

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Jun 13, 2016

Because of My Podcast - I Got to Go To The Largest Event in My Niche

2:05 Cale Nelson from wanted to go to world's largest Ham Radio event. He wanted to go, but had these pesky things called kids that need silly things like food, clothes, and shelter. So this didn't leave Cale with money to spend on his hobby of podcasting. Well a few listeners said he should try putting together a funding campaign, and so he did. Did he get the money he needed?

Well he didn't get the 100% needed.

He got 220% he needed!

He did this providing VALUE for shirts, hats, shipping, etc.

The cool thing is Cale had the courage to try a crowd funding. It could've blown up in his face. Instead his audience came through and he got to attend with all of his expenses paid. 

Why You Should Attend Events

I went to Podcast Movement last year. I went to a session to support my friend Steve Stewart. After his session some guy named Glenn Hebert got up to speak. You may heave heard me mention Glenn the Geek from the Horse Radio Network (Glenn has 20+ advertisers on his network). I saw Glenn do an impromptu speach. That lead to me asking him to come on the show. That lead to a relationship where Glenn asked me to speak at Podfest last year. That lead to me being interviewed for a documentary about podcasting. Which has now lead me to being asked to help with the film. The film is going to be AWESOME.

I will be setting creating relationships with people who you will hear on this show. I have found co-hosts. Here are come cool places to go

Podcast Movement - July 5-6 Chicago, (use the coupon sop40)

Podcast MidAtlantic  September 9-10 NJ

New Media Europe - June 18, 19

Podcast Success Summit - Online 89 Speakers

Podfest February 23-25 Orlando

Podcast Bingeing

22:54 The Moose Falulence Podcast (joke)

 I found a new podcast that I'm really loving. It does the two things that I really like. As a teacher, I love to learn. As a human, I love to laugh. When you can have me doing both, I'm a fan for life. I discovered a show called the Pub from "the Current" (itunes). The host is Adam Ragusea and he takes current news, and dissects it uses it as a learning tool. The latest episode had him picking apart an interview of Donald Trump. This wasn't for the content, but to look at the strategy of how the interviewer approached the subject.

He is not afraid to bite the hands that feed him (the media) and backs up his opinion with great insights. He's a Journalist in Residence and Visiting Assistant Professor of Journalism at the Center for Collaborative Journalism at Mercer University in Macon, Ga. He’s also reported for public radio shows including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Here & Now, Marketplace and The Takeaway. Before becoming a journalist, Adam studied music composition, and he creates all the music for The Pub.

If you want to keep up with the media, or if you're tired of all the "Podcasts about podcasting" (but still want to improve your show), you might give this a listen.

Finding Your Audience - Tools

27:10 Don't just Google, go and advanced Google search where you can exclude things you don't want at Check out barndi Youn'gs article on advanced Google Searches

Find People on twitter, but use the advanced twitter.

You can use a tool like You type in keywords and it'll show you what's being read in your space in the last year, two years, etc. Helps Podcasters 

30Cast is a new service launching next month to help podcasters find music to use in your podcast. :30cast offers fully produced tracks that fit any theme, topic, vibe, or feel.Each piece of music is 30 seconds long (not my favorite part of this idea). This is not for a person who wants to be a DJ and play the entire song. Pricing will be

9.99 for a one time use

24.99 for a month

49.99 for three months

89.99 for six months

$129 for a full year. 

During the time your license is active, you can use that piece of music in as many podcasts as you want.

This is not for major label music. This is indie musicians that make professional sounding music. 


From the Audience

As if 35 podcasts weren't enough to keep up with, you gave me a 36th to listen to. Now I'm binge-listening to The Podcast Engineering Show.
As a compulsive gear-head and self-confessed audio snob, it's the kind of show I've been hoping for. Having been podcasting myself since 2008, I'm well beyond "how do you set up a mix-minus?" and "what is gain-staging?"
And because the tea leaves were pretty clear to me 3-4 years ago, I knew that serious podcasters were going to have to step up their audio engineering game. Plus, I love this kind of crap.
So Dave, thanks for adding yet another podcast to my life. I'll have to look through the list of shows and unsubscribe from one of them to restore balance to my life. But don't worry, it won't be yours!
Muhhamad Ali Follow Up
44:07 Last week I did a segment on what Podcasters could learn from Muhammad Ali. I wasn't sure how this would go over. I was a little worried, but it interested me so I went with it. Apparently, it interested you as well as I had a few people email me to say that they enjoyed the episode.
One last thing I have also learned about Ali since last week. One movie I watched explained how he was somewhere with Jim Brown who was basically a Super Hero who played for the Cleveland Browns. He went to Jim and said, "Let's go for a walk and talk to some people." He was always above serving and connecting with his audience.
The Naked Episode
46:23 I had a few people comment on the Naked Episode. This was an episode I did with just the Audio technica ATR2100 microphone and Audacity. This was to show you that you don't need to spend $1600 on equipment. I've had a few people say to me, "I don't hear a difference." This proves my point that we can sit in a room with our headphones squished into our head, but for the person on the bus, subway, walking the dog, etc. Nobody hears these subtle differences that the extra hardware creates. I actually had one person that thought it sounded better

Latest Podcast Reviews

47:49 I subscribed to Dave's School of Podcasting after listening to several episodes of his show. There are other people out there who teach podcasting with a bit more hype, pomp and circumstance, but I don't believe that those methods will produce long term results. What I like about Dave is he seems to actually care not only about people individually, but about the podcasting field in general. Dave will never tell you to exchange reviews. I know this practice exists, and yes, of course I've been tempted to go this route myself, but think about it.... why should you get someone to review your show who will never listen to it? Don't you want REAL listeners to review your show? You will only gain listeners by producing great content and marketing your show to actual potential listeners. Also don't be fooled by Dave's humility. He really knows his stuff and if you spend a few shows listening to him, you'll start to learn it too. I've greatly improved my podcasting skills by listening to his show, and being a member of his School of Podcasting hasn't hurt either because he always answers my questions, usually within an hour of my emailing him. If you are going to pay for a podcasting coach, the value you get from the School of Podcasting can't be beat. - BirdBrain 99

It's not boring and you do learn new things on each episode. - VeronicaMoreno010308

Courtesy of My Podcast Reviews

Your reviews are deeply appreciated. Leave you review today.

Don't Compare Yourself to Others

There is always someone better, and someone worse than you. Today we heard from Cale Nelson, and how he is impacting people (and how he is being impacted). We never mentioned his numbers. Know WHY you want to podcast, and realize that after three months you're not going to have 1000 downloads per episode (unless you name is recognizable). 

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Mentioned in this Episode

56:39 Bernie the Cat and his thoughts on Bernie Sander's losing.

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Best Podcasting Gear

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Ask Gary Vee show

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Podcast Review Show

Jun 6, 2016

This week I am saddened by the lost of my champ Muhammad Ali. When I was growing up there were two things that were constant in my life.

  1. Richard Nixon was President
  2. Muhammad Ali was the Greatest Boxer of All Time

Today there are lesson I feel we can learn from Muhmmad Ali as podcasters.  When I hear name Muhammad Ali there is so much more to a guy that was good in the ring.

He Know Both Sides of Boxing

There are two ways to win in boxing

  1. Don't get hit. He ounce dodged 21 punches in 10 seconds.
  2. Hit the other guy.

As a child Muhammad would have his brother throw rocks at his head. As I was watching old clips of his fights today, one of his strengths was the ability to not get hit. He also had incredibly fast hands. He punched before you even saw it coming.

The Two Ways to Win in Podcasting

  1. Create content that positively impacts your audience
  2. Intelligently promote it to that audience

My equation for downloads is: Value in the episode multiplied by the amount of effort put into promotion = Total Downloads.

He Never Stopped Moving

As I mentioned her was very hard to hit. Especially early in his career he never stopped dancing around the ring. If he did, it meant you were about to get hit with a ton of punches.

Podcasters Need to Keep Moving
If we are to keep up with all the other forms of entertainment that are fighting for the attention of our audience, we need to keep moving, and always looking to be better.

He Was New

Muhammad Ali won the gold medal in the 1964 Olympics (known then as Cassius Clay). He then did something most boxers didn't do. He spoke. He not only spoke, he made poems and boasted about how he was going to to beat his opponent. When most boxers didn't have the intelligent to put together a full sentence, here was one that was fighting to get a microphone in his fave.

He Was Noteworthy

He won his fist championship fighting Sunny Liston. Sunny Liston was a huge favorite with of 8 to 1. Nobody thought Ali had a chance. When he beat the champ, that was truly noteworthy, and people did indeed take note. By the way, Ali later admitted that he feared Liston, but acted so crazy to intimidate him (and he did).

Podcasters: If you truly want to be New and Noteworthy, you need to come up with something new (it's not easy) and create content that is noteworthy. Something that will get your audience. If you want to be New and Noteworthy, be, um, New and Truly Noteworthy.

He Was A Man of Integrity

When he was drafted he refused. It went against his religious beliefs. The consequences, they stripped him of his title, banned him from boxing for three years (during the prime of his career). Later it was overturned by a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court.

Integrity as a podcaster: 

We need to stand up for what we believe in. Can you imagine if someone said "Do this, or we are removing you from iTunes, and every other directory, we are disabling your RSS feed, and we're taking your microphone? We can't sell out to bad sponsors that don't fit our show, and to strategies that are less than transparent. You have integrity when you start podcasting, once you lose it, it is very hard, if not impossible, to get back.

He Used His Authority For Good

He could've taken his money, and retired. Instead he had one of his biggest fights in Africa? Why because he wanted to boost the economy. When he was banned from boxing her was a speaker at colleges. He embraced diversity.

Giving Back as a Podcaster

We can give back by supporting causes like the Podcast Awards, New Media Europe (which are currently struggling). We can use our microphone to help people, and to spotlight those things that need to be in the spotlight.

He Apologized For Crossing the Line

Ali was famous for calling his opponents names. Leading up to one fight he called Joe Frazier a Gorilla. While Ali did this to rile up his appointment and increase ticket sales (and it worked in both cases) he later would apologize to Joe's son, and eventually to Joe and the two became friends before Joe passed away.

Podcasters can take back words. I know I've said things about Audello, and I once made some remarks about an article online that crossed the line of fact related, and got personal. I have since apologized for my words, removed the comments from their blog, and we have patched things up.

Help These Podcast Resources

New Media Europe (and while you're there, vote for the school of podcasting in the education category :)

Podcast Rewind:

Podcasters Roundtable Discuss the Importance of New and Noteworthy with Ray Ortega+Daniel J. Lewis +Dave Jackson, +George Whittam and +Ian Robinson

I appeared on the Super Joe Pardo Dreamer's Podcast Review

I recently heard and used and wasn't sure what to expect. Within a week I had over 15 people who had replied. What was I looking for?  I wanted people who could answer the question, "Because of my podcast _____." I've definitely got some people who I will be contacting in the future.

It is a tool to find guests, and also to be found as a potential guest on other shows.

For more resources check out

The School of Podcasting is Open!

Save time, save your money (by not buying stuff you don't need). If you think you don't have the budget, look at your other hobbies. I looked at a gold course in Kent, Ohio it was $15 for 9 holes. If you did 18 holes twice a month that would be $60. A local bowling leagues was $15 a week. That is another $60 a month. A local bike shop had a clearance sale and the cheapest bike was $410. The School of Podcasting has step by step tutorials, a private Facebook Group (for networking), Live "Office Hours" where you can come and get free consulting, and priority email support. Sign up Today


May 30, 2016

Podcast Rewind: Podcasts on Jeopardy

This week PODCASTS was a category on Jeopardy. This again shows how podcasting is growing and becoming more and more main stream.Awareness over the last year has gone from 48% to 49 % now it jumped to 55%. The percentage of people who have listened to a podcast is up to 36% (90 million people in the US) up from 33% the previous year and 30% the previous year. 


It's OK, You'll Be Fine

So I've been holding these "Podcasting Puzzle" webinars that feature podcasting 101 information. I love talking to people about why they haven't started. You know all the reason why you should start, all the ways you can benefit from a podcast, and yet here you are... no podcast. 

Well I know how you feel. Now you might be thinking, "Dave you have been podcasting for 11 years, no you don't." Well, I'm here to tell you I do. Here is why. I've been planning on using Facebook Ads to promote the School of Podcasting. I watched countless videos. I know all the pros. I know not to promote a post and to use the Power Editor. I have videos that pretty much walk me through the process and yet here I am ... no Ads.


It's new, and I don't want to waste my money. I don't want to waste my time. I don't know what I'm doing. 

There have been things I've waste money on (exercise equipment over the years, guitars, etc), there have been things that I've wasted my time on (marriage, diet), but when I look back on those items they aren't really a waste. Here is why:

  1. I came out a better person with a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.
  2. I learned that some things that work for others won't work for me. 
  3. It got my toe in the water of a new thing, that allowed me to carry on. It was the price of a launch

Rebranding Your Podcast

Today we talk with Kathy Kelly of the Special Mouse Podcast. She's been doing it for years, and feels she has said all there is to say on the subject, and is having a hard time recommending Disney due to the rising cost of just attending the park, and they seem to care less and less about people with special needs (way to have integrity!), but she didn't want to quit podcasting. She enjoys her Facebook group, and the relationships she has built with her audience. So what is she going to do?

She is going to create a show for mothers of autistic children. She will keep enjoying the relationships she has built, and quick talking about things she doesn't want to talk about (Disney). 

Because her new podcast is very similar to her old podcast she can rebrand (change the name and artwork) and keep her old audience, reviews, and subscribers. She will make a new feed for her old show (Special mouse) and keep her audience with the new show. 

Where I Will Be Speaking

Podcast Movement July 6-8 in Chicago (use the coupon code sop40 to save)

Podcast Mid Atlantic Septemeber 9-10 in New Jersey use to save 10%

Because of His Podcast: Michael Butler Gets a New Computer!

When Michael Butler found out his old computer needed $600 worth of parts, he turned to his audience who had someone who was able to get him a computer for free. Michael was down to recording his show on his Phone using the Bossjock app. 

May 23, 2016

Because of his Podcast: He Discovered a Niche Who Needed A Product

Got a note from Corey Fineran

I just handed my boss my resignation letter! This podcasting journey started 7 1/2 years ago and it's now allowed me to leave my job and start my own business! You've probably heard me talk about Ivy Envy (my podcast on the Chicago Cubs) more than the one I did for my employer. Since 2012, I've been able to call myself a "professional podcast producer" as my employer created a new position for me to do video podcasts for teachers to play in their classrooms to help high school students with disabilities in their transition from high school to life after high school (primarily through work/employment).

Well, there is a huge need for this type of curriculum and schools all over the state of Illinois have started using that podcast. I saw a need and last summer, I started working on starting my own business, creating innovative and interactive online transition curriculum and marketing it to schools all over the country.

After receiving contracts from school districts and cooperatives, I'm able to leave my job at the end of this school year. Many of the people in this group have influenced me (whether they know it or not) to take this scary jump. +Bob Zerull +Ray Ortega +Daniel Hayes +Nick Seuberling  +David Jackson  and of course, +Tawny Fineran who has been insanely supportive over the last year as I've worked on building this.

If you're curious to check out what I've been working on, you can find it here:

Another Problem with Your Show's Title Headline

As I now work for Libsyn (where you can get a free month using the coupon code sopfree), and I get to see some mistakes that people are making. Now I'm doing a bit of a repeat, and that is people make horrible headlines. In the past I've talked about starting off a headline with the date. What I am seeing now is people putting the name of their show at the beginning of the headline. Why this makes no sens, is any place you can see the headline (your website, a listing in iTunes) you already see the name of the show. Also here is another thing to keep in mind, on the podcasts app from Apple, you can only see 45 characters of the headline if you're not subscribed to it. Once you subscribe you see the entire headline. However, would you subscribe if every headline was: 

School of Podcasting - How to Podcast Today w 
School of Podcasting - How to Podcast Today w 
School of Podcasting - How to Podcast Today w 

You're wasting really, really valuable space. 

Why do we care? I had a client who had a respected media outlet that wanted to put their RSS feed on their site. They tested it and the headlines were horrible, and they wanted the producer to change all of their headlines. 

Want to make great Headlines, check out my Free Headlines Resources

Multiple Websites Question Revisited

Paul said, "

Heard your comments about updating multiple websites. I have 7 x WordPress sites, have used ManageWP for a couple of years now, love it!

VERY easy to update all sites at once, gives you immediate admin access to all sites without login and very simple to add and take new WP installations, with dynamic pricing. 

Daniel said, " I use iThemes Sync]But you should also check out JetPack’s built-in module for plugin updates. Then, you can login to (I think) and update all your plugins from there. It’s not as thorough as Sync or others. But it’s free with no limit on sites.

Is Blab.Im Going Away?

The quick answer is no. However, the CEO stated this week "Blab is not doubling down on broadcaster tools.” They want to focus more on equipping people to hang out. We talked about this on the Ask the Podcast Coach show that I do every Saturday at 10:30 AM EST and here are some theories of what this might really mean.

  1. They can't make it reliable
  2. Podcasters are perfectionists
  3. They are working on other projects (an app for teens)
  4. This is as good as it gets. 

For me it means, I'm not leaving the platform until it doesn't work for me. I will be scouting other options. 

Thanks For the Review

"What a fantastic resource this show has been for me. As a 51 year old professional in the entertainment industry, I knew nothing about podcasting when I decided to have my own show. The School of Podcasting has and will continue to be my GPS (great podcasting source). Thanks Dave for doing your homework! Alan Bruess, Tailgate Entertainer" from AlanB-Tractor Guy. This review was sent to me automatically from My Podcast Reviews (have all reviews from all countries, as well as sticher be sent to your email )

Advanced Podcasting Recording Tools in Plain English

Today I'm joined by Chris Curran of the and who has spent years as an audio engineer in the music business, and is now turning his skills on podcasting. 

Now keep in mind, you do NOT need these items to get started. Next week I'm doing a podcast with just a microphone and audacity. No effects at all. 

Today we talk through 

What is a compressor? What do the knobs do? What does it sound like if I messed up?

What is a noise gate? What do the knobs do? What does it sound like if I messed up?

What is a De-Esser? What do the knobs do? What does it sound like if I messed up?

Thinking of Starting a Podcast?

Check out and 

May 16, 2016

Today on the School of Podcasting we talk content marketing, why podcasting is a perfect tool for this strategy, and how to overcome one of the biggest hurdles for those needing interaction on their website.

Podcast Rewind

2:15 I appeared on the Maximize Excellence show with Joe Hicks. Joe walks you through an Ideology of the four pillars of excellence. I really liked the show, and Joe (a graduate of the School of Podcasting) is doing a great job. Check it out at  or subscribe in iTunes.

Because of Podcasting

5:20 I have read the book, Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less: How to Tell a Different Story, ... and Win More Customers by Marketing Less and it had some great stories of content marketing.

There was a blacksmith that worked with farmers. He would listen to them complain about how mud would get stuck on their plow. He later invented a plow made of steel that the mud didn't stick to. He listened to his audience and gave them what they needed.

In 1885, he started a magazine called The Furrow. The purpose of the magazine was to  educate farmers on new technology and how they could be more successful business owners and farmers (thus, content marketing).

The Furrow was not filled with promotional messages and self-serving content. It was developed by thoughtful journalists, storytellers, and designers, and covered topics that farmers cared about deeply. The goal of the content was to help farmers become more prosperous and, of course, profitable. Now, 120 years later, The Furrow is still going strong. It is the largest circulated farming magazine in the world, delivered monthly to over 1.5 million farmers, in 12 languages to 40 different countries.

Who was this blacksmith? John Deere, he was quite an inventor. You may have heard of his tractors.

1900: Michelin develops The Michelin Guide. This 400-page guide, now with its iconic red cover, helps drivers maintain their cars and find decent lodging. In its first edition, 35,000 copies were distributed for free.

1904: Jell-O recipe book pays off. Jell-O distributes free copies of a recipe book that contributes to sales of over $ 1 million by 1906.

1913: Burns & McDonnell Engineering launch BenchMark. This Kansas City engineering and consulting firm still produces its award-winning BenchMark magazine to this day.

1930's Proctor and Gamble started making radio dramas. This was an extremely successful strategy. It often would feature ads for Duz and Oxydol detergents. Later these would move to Television. Many people refer to them as Soap Operas.

Your podcast could be the next Furrow. You use your podcast to build your brand. You use it to gain the trust of your audience. You build a relationship with your audience. Then later you can capitalize on that relationship. So content marketing is not new, but it can be tricky


Podcasting Boosts Grades

12: 52 Craig from shared a story on the Ask the Podcast Coach on how he had students do extra homework by listening to podcasts. The other in the class did not. Those who reinforced their learning with podcasting had better grades.  He did have one student who originally did not listen to the podcasts (but his grades had improved). Later, he confessed he had been listening to the podcasts.

Using Content Upgrades In Your Podcast

19:08 A content upgrade offers extra value on the initial article or content. It typically is a downloadable, email-gated piece that strikes while the proverbial iron is hot. For podcasters maybe the price of admission is not an email address, but simply a click to get back to your site, where you can then get them to subscribe, click, etc.

Great Example

Scott Johnson does the Computer Tutor Podcast. It is one of my favorites. It's around 5 minutes, and Scott brings cool tips that even as someone who was teaching software for a living for 20+ years, I learned things. Well in his last episode he did something that appears similar to a content upgrade.

He explained that if you type in  that XXX can be a category number that can range from Action & Adventure: 1365 to  Zombie Horror Movies: 75405  while this is helpful, if you don't have the category numbers you're stuck. So where do you go to get those category numbers? You guessed it Scott's Computer Florida Website

So what does this do. You only get people on your website who really want this information. Casual Netflix users may not care. Me? I do a lot of Netflix, so I was all over it. So I went over, and I checked out some music-related categories, and then I went to documentaries. There it was. The documentary Alive Inside. Have you seen it? IT'S AMAZING. Check this out.

So I find this MIND BLOWING MOVIE, and who gets credit? Scott Johnson from the Computer Tutor Podcast.

I challenge you. Yes, you. I challenge you Netflix users to watch the movie Alive Inside and NOT tell someone about it.

When I talk about creating content that makes people talk about your show, that's the kind of information I'm talking about.

Being Real Can Inspire Real Results

33:00 In some cases, just being real can catch people off guard. Our world is one where lies are the native tongue of our politicians. When we hear someone be brutally honest, it can really catch us off guard. On Episode 701 of the WTF podcast with Marc Maron, he talks about dealing with grief as he prepares to go to a funeral and reflects on the death of Prince. He explained how he deals with his feelings, and how it's easy to ignore your feelings. He explained how it's better to deal with your feelings. It sounded as if he was at times fighting back tears. Then on episode 702 he reads a letter on how Marc sharing his feelings, and being honest, allowed someone to better deal with his grief, and to deal with a situation he is going through.

It's not always about downloads and CPM rates. Sometimes, it's about connecting with people and leaving the world a better place.


Money Making Strategy for Those Promoting Kickstarter Campaigns

37:38 If you are ever promoting kickstart campaigns on your show (like Rob Today in iOs) you might want to check out

Here is how it works.

Become a Booster to get immediate access of hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns in the Kickbooster Marketplace that are offering a reward for helping spread the word about their campaign. Choose the ones you want to promote, blog, post, and tweet about them, and get paid for your efforts. You earn 10% on all successful referrals. You can even earn 10% cashback on your own pledge

Mentioned in this Show

Podcast Review Show

More Podcast Money Kindle Book

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Podcasting Puzzle (Podcasting 101 Webinar)


May 9, 2016

In this episode we are joined by Lawyer Gordon Firemark who produces multiple podcasts that include, Entertainment Industry Insights, Entertainment Law Update, and  The Law Podcasting as well as his own course that teachers lawyers how to podcast at

He is the author of the book The Podcast, Blog & New Media Producer's Legal Survival Guide: An essential resource for content creators (amazon) or if you want the pdf of the book go to

Today we talk about:

How Gordon got into entertainment law

How to register a trademark. How a trademark is your brand. Here is the US Patent and Trademark Office Website

Understanding Copyright

When is it OK to play music in your podcast?

How do you avoid being sued for slander?

Fair Use (Gordan has a great video about this on YouTube)

Tips on Negotiating contacts

Dave explains how he got fined for using an image from (so yes, you can get busted)

How to avoid "Defaming" someone.

Release forms. is a free example (email address required).

How he found his co-host.

How lawyers are using podcasting to get more clients.

Affiliate links. dmca agent

Gordon (like Dave) recommends the Audio Technica 2100  microphone


Because of My Podcast

Dave Hooper of Red Podcast- I am Much Smoother on the Microphone when I'm doing promos for my radio show

Ryan K park of was much more confident when he appeared on the local news


Question For the Audience

I've heard about Manage WP and CMS Commander, InfiniteWP WPRemote, iContrlWP,  iThemes Syncbut I've never used any. If you have any insights I would love to hear them. If you have any insights that would allow you to update multiple sites from one location (and I'm not looking to get into WordPress Multi-site ).

Free Podcasting Puzzle Webinars

The  Ultimate Podcasting 101 Live Webinar

I will be holding three webinars as we prepare for registration to open at the School of Podcasting June 1. It's call "Understanding the Podcasting Puzzle" and you can sign up to get the links to the LIVE not pre-recorded) webinars. Here are the dates to attend:

Saturday May 21 1 - 2 PM EST

Wednesday May 25th 8-9 PM EST

Saturday May 28th 1 -2 PM EST

Go to for more information on attending.



May 2, 2016

Because of My Podcast: A Veteran Got a Home

Robert Kerns produces the Living the Vet life. He had a mortgage specialist on his show. He was contacted by someone in another state (again, podcasting is global) and the mortgage specialist was able to get the listener in contact with another specialist and the veteran was able to get his loan with a special VA Home Loan rate. None of this would have happened, but it did because of hist podcast. Check out Rob at

If Podcasting Was A Sport.

I live in Cleveland. A fairly famous sports town. Famous, for not quite being good enough.

We were 1 pitch away from winning the world series.

Two yards away from going to the Super Bowl.

Over the years the Cleveland Browns Football team has taken over leading the pack of bad sports teams in Cleveland. Every few years we fire our coaches and their staffs. Our players get suspended. Our coaches stink when they are here, we fire them, and they win mutliple super bowls.

What does this have to do with podcasting? Stick with me.

In 2014 after having a miserable year the owners of the Cleveland Browns decided to work on the stadium. They installed:

Massive, uniquely shaped video boards,

Escalators that helped eliminate congestion

and a cranked-up audio system

The quote was they hoped these items "Improved the fan experience."

The next year they added more concessions and better lighting. The cost over two years? $125 million

Again they stated they wanted an "improved fan experience."

The best way to improve the fan experience is to put a WINNING FOOTBALL TEAM TOGETHER. The last two years our combined record is 11-21.


At the core of the stadium is the team. A team we come to root for, and a team we expect to win. When they win, the fans brave insane temperatures to pack the stadium in the winter. Everyone is talking about the game on Monday morning. When the team stinks, they don't. I don't care if I can take an escalator to my seat. If the team has no shot at winning, I'm not going. I'm not watching from home, and nobody is talking about it at work, because it is horrible.

Well, we see people investing in a better microphone (when their original microphone was fine). They invest in a new theme for their website (that most of their audience never visits). They switch email list providers. They switch media hosting companies. They get a new player for their website. In a sense they are sprucing up the stadium of a losing team.

They need to put a winning team on the field. They need to create content that will impact their audience. We need to focus on our audience, that leads to great content, and the finally we need to promote that content (and hopefully get our audience to promote it as well).

How Do Sports Teams Get Better?

They prepare.

They watch film of both their opponent as well as watch tapes of their own games and look for mistakes they made to help avoid them.

They Listen

Good players are open to feedback. They listen to their coaches. They listen to their fellow players. They have a mindset of constant improvement. They might take a week off when the season is over, but then it is back to the gym to prepare for next season

They Trade Players That Didn't Work

When a player doesn't meet expectations (Johnny Manzel in my case) and you gave him a chance, you cut your losses.

They Bring in A New Set of Eyes

Tiger Woods has had numerous coaches over the years. The Browns hired a guy from BASEBALL who has a completely new perspective and strategy on choosing players.

How Do Podcasters Get Better?

They Prepare

They Prepare. They think about what they want to say before they hit record. I am writing these notes way before I press record (it's the way I do it, and I find I get better content). They listen to other podcasts. Not to rip off the content, examine why a show works (and what they can learn from it) and what doesn't work (and how they can avoid it). Realize this is all subjective, but if you don't improve, and your show's content does not inspire people to come back and listen again, your show will die.

They Listen

They form a "Focus group" of listeners who are not afraid to give constructive feedback, or they take the time to think through a negative comment to see if there is any Merritt to it.

They Lose Segments That Don't Resonate.
I once had a segment where I would ask the audience to listen to three episodes before unsubscribing. Not a bad idea (I borrowed it from radio talk show host Jim Rome). I made a jingle for it, and it really annoyed a listener. I also started branding myself as an "Acquired taste." In the end, I didn't want to be someone you had to force down to consume. I dropped the segment. I also at one point started spotlighting my back catalog with a "This day in School of Podcasting History." There was only one problem. It bored me.

You Bring in a New Set of Ears

I get hired by people to consult on their show. Why? Because I have a fresh set of ears, and I also have an experienced set of ears. I also want you help to bring out the best parts of your show, and tweak those parts that aren't working. Now there are times when I'm not your target audience, but I can still spot things that you are missing because you're too close to see it. See

Focus and Dedication is Key to a Long Career in Podcasting

Johnny Manzel had talent, but no focus or discipline> Johnny focused on the money. Not serving his audience (the fans).

Josh Gordon was suspended in his College Days for Marijuana, and that continues as a pro. He's been suspended three times (at least) He doesn't get the big picture.

Wide Receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers was suspended without pay because of a failed drug test. His second suspension for the same problem.

You have to stay focused making great content, and looking for smart opportunities to promote your show and create strategic partners.

A Key Point About Making it Into the Pros

According to a Google search:

NCAA senior players drafted by an NFL team: About one in 50, or 2.0 percent. High school senior players eventually drafted by an NFL team: About nine in 10,000, or 0.09 percent.

NCAA senior players drafted by an NBA team: Less than one in 75, or 1.3 percent. -- High school senior players eventually drafted by an NBA team: About three in 10,000, or 0.03 percent

Less than eleven in 100, or about 10.5 percent, of NCAA senior male baseball players will get drafted by a Major League Baseball (MLB) team. Approximately one in 200, or approximately 0.5 percent of high school senior boys playing interscholastic baseball will eventually be drafted by an MLB team.

only 132 out of those 22,000 made it into the top feeder leagues for the NHL (.6%). Of those 132 players, only 7 played in the NHL. .0312%

Those are astonishing numbers.

These are people who have been playing the game all their life.

Number of podcasters who get enough downloads to get a "big" advertiser: 8% (source Rob from (You can make a good living with smaller sponsors see Glenn Hebert Interview)

Special Thanks

Thanks to Kim for playing the part of the female reporter in the skit today. Kim does the Toastmasters 101 podcast at

Podcast Conferences Where I Will Be Speaking

Podcast Movement – Chicago – July 6-8 Use coupon (sop40)

Podcast Success Summit – Online May 16th June 9th

Podcast MidAtltantic – NJ – September 9 -10th

Great Notes From Tim Ferris

His goal is to not make money, but build his relationship with his audience. In this article he says:

"I want to convert casual listeners into die-hard, fervent listeners, and I want to convert casual sponsors into die-hard, fervent sponsors. This requires two things: 1) Playing the long game, and 2) Strategically leaving some chips on the table. As a mentor once told me, “You can shear a sheep many times, but you can skin him only once.”"

Later he added:

Novice podcasters (which I was) and bloggers get too distracted in nascent stages with monetization. In the first 3-9 months, you should be honing your craft and putting out increasingly better work.

The recording gear is better and cheaper every year. It’s extremely easy for me to travel with a small recording studio in my backpack. If you’re on a budget, even an iPhone will do, but–bang for the buck–the ATR-2100 is hard to beat.

My mantra for gear is borrowed from my podcast with Morgan Spurlock: “Once you get fancy, fancy gets broken.” Keep it simple.

Simple Can be Astounding

Here are some songs that are incredibly simple.

Who Made Who by AC/DC The first 15 seconds are one note, and one chord.

Lick it Up by Kiss- Most of this consists of two chords and one note on the bass.

Turn Me Loose - Loverboy - The beginning of this song is one chord and some hi-hat hits

And yet, when I was a young boy, people would run -not walk - to the dance floor to "get their jam on."

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Apr 25, 2016

Because of My Podcast: I'm Getting Married

Today Matthew Cox from Brunch with the Brits explains how he went to a podcast event who eventually became his wife.

Why I Turned Down My First Podcast Sponsor

I had been contacted by a sponsor at I decided to low ball my pricing ($10 an episode) just to see if anyone would jump. An advertiser did. They wanted 10 episodes of my Weekly Web Tools podcast. That would be almost three months and the advertising would pay for my hosting (minus the 20% that advertisecast take). I would take home $96. My hosting will cost me $45 for three months. I might have some gas money. Here are some of the bullet points:

To get started and receive a $50 signup bonus

You’ll earn $1 for every new email lead and up to $200 for every new member you refer from your computer

Has already generated millions of dollars for over 200,000 happy entrepreneurs

My audience is predominant male, and I know I have some entrepreneurs in my audience. So far this sounds like a great fit. Then I went to see what I was promoting.

It turns out the product was a video chat and dating service. Hmmm, that doesn't really fit, but maybe I would do this as an experiment. Then I dug a little deeper. You see this wasn't some ordinary video chat/dating service. It was porn, oh I wait I mean adult chat. Can we just call it what it is? Porn.

Beside my religious beliefs there are lots of non-religious reasons that porn is a cancer that most people feel is "not a problem." Well I disagree. It's an opinion, and we're not here to talk about that. Let's get back to podcasting.

I will not have a sponsor on my show that I can't go to bed at night feeling I served my audience by sending them toward a product I fully endorse. So I turned them down. I also contacted and suggested they put in a way for podcasters to save people time so I can say, "No porn, cigarette, alcohol, etc)

Every podcasters starts with two things in common. Zero listeners, and they have integrity. When you lose your integrity, you may not ever get it back.

Don't Be Afraid To Start Your Podcast and Find Your Voice

When I started college I thought I wanted to "Fix stuff" so I went to an electronics school and got a degree in electronic engineering. The other thing I got was a clear understanding that I wasn't very good at fixing stuff. I fixed copiers, but luckily got an opportunity (based on relationships I had formed in the company) to go out and set up the equipment and train the users. I was a customer service rep. Had I not gone to college to be a technician, I never would've ended up in training.

I later would go back to School to get a Bachelor's Degree in Education. My dream job was to get back to training people on Microsoft Products. I had the most fun doing that in the past, and I was good at it. I could be funny and educational. Because of my knowledge of computers I start to dabble in building websites, and the Internet. That lead to me a guy who had come back from a conference who told me about podcasting.

I started podcasting, and got to know people in the industry. Using my strongest skills of serving and teaching, I created value. I developed relationships with all of the podcasting companies. I remember one day about a year and a half ago when a student asked me a question about combining two features in Microsoft Excel. I explained I had never tried those two features together, to which he pulled out his iPhone and asked Siri. Right in front of my eyes, the phone solved my customers problem. I thought, I'm going to be replaced by a phone. A year and a half later what was once a staff of five trainers, what cut down to one (and it wasn't me). However, because I had been playing with computers, and playing with the Internet, that lead me to podcasting. Those relationships I built over ten years lead me to being employed by (A podcast media company).

Now I would never have though my life would turn out the way it has. Anything that put me into position to help me later began by starting something. Knowledge is only power when you act on it.

Richard Prior is considered by some to the THE best comedian ever. Richard launched his career being very safe, and incorporating a lot of physical comedy in his routines. He was basically trying to be Bill Cosby. There was only one problem. He was Richard Prior and being Bill Cosby-ish was not easy, and eventually Richard walked off the stage mid-performance cause he couldn't do it anymore. But he wouldn't have known that if he hadn't started stand up. You can manage, pivot, adjust, something that you never start.

I Want My Podcast to Be Original

It's hard to really come up with something completely original. Why? Because talking and entertainment and education have been around for a long time. In the movies most plots can be summarized by one of seven plot lines.

Overcoming Monsters - Dracula

Rags to Riches - Cinderella

The Quest - Lord of the Rings

Voyage and Return - Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz

Comedy - Four Weddings and A Funeral

Tragedy - Breaking bad

Rebirth - The Grinch who stole Christmas


Create an Original Combination

As I write this, the musician Prince died last Thursday. Some might say there was nobody like Prince, and that is true. What was original about Prince was his mixing of Genres and styles. If you ever saw him live, he borrowed a lot from James Brown. If you watched him play the guitar, he reminded you a lot if Jimi Hendrix. There was a hint of gospel an blues. What Prince had that was unique to him was his vocal range. He took that range and surrounded with the stylings of James, Jimi, and his own influences. So the way he paired these genres was original. 

Learn From Others Who Are Doing it Well

I've spoken in the past about grabbing people's attention right up front. One of the longest running shows on television does this the best: 60 minutes. They pull at your heart making it near impossible to turn off the channel. Can you incorporate this into your podcast? You sure can.

Podcast News:

Google (Yawn) Play

What should have been a tidal wave of opportunity was a drop of technology as Google Play Music was "Launched" kind of. Here is what's missing:

70% of podcasts are listened on a portable device but Google is using Flash technology which dosn't work on mobile devices.

You can't download the podcasts.

It's not really available anywhere except on the web

The good news is starting today (28th) you will be able to have more stats to obsess over. HOORAY!

Music MTV Is Getting into Podcasting

MTV announced five new podcasts focused on film, politics, pop culture and, obviously, music that will roll out over the next week. The shows will be hosted by a mix of current MTV News journalists including Anna Marie Cox and several new hires.

For MTV, the move into podcasting shows how it’s targeting young people who are staring at their phones, rather than the television. Dan Fierman, MTV News’ editorial director, told Digiday that of its young target audience, 80 percent of all content they consume is on their phones and that the audience has been underserved with podcast options.

Customer FeedBack

Multiple Feeds of a Podcast

How do you handle more than one feed with Libsyn or Blubrry?

WordPress as a Free Website Option

John Wilkerson comments on last week’s show and wondered why I didn’t mention WordPress.

BTW, I have a new favorite podcast because of your “favorite podcast” episode at year end.  Never heard of No Agenda until I heard someone mention it on your end year end show, actually it was last years show i listened to after downloading the transcript.  I know shame on me for being a podcaster and not knowing of Adam Curry’s show until recently, but I have not missed an episode since hearing about it earlier this year and have also sent a few dollars their way. ? it’s exceptionally good given the upcoming presidential election.

Hope all is well and I’m sending money your way too via Amazon shopping.  ?
Richard Warfield, Jr.

Podcast Conferences Where I Will Be Speaking

Podcast Movement - Chicago - July 6-8 Use coupon (sop40)

Podcast Success Summit - Online May 16th June 9th 

Podcast MidAtltantic - NJ - September 9 -10th


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Apr 18, 2016

The Podcast Award Are Open

If you've ever benefitted from this podcast, do please take the time and nominate the show (school of podcasting) in the EDUCATION category.

The Two Most Important Parts of Your Podcast

I was watching an episode of Live From Daryl's House (Daryl Hall of Hall and Oats Fame). He has all sorts of musicians of different styles and genres. There is always a small segment where you hear them getting ready. They have had time to prepare. They know the music, but there are two things you always need to figure out and this is no different in podcasting.

How to start a segment.

How to end a segment. 

Why because the first part is your first impression. A bad first impression can really lose your audience for the rest of the song (podcast in our case). A bad last impression and we've just blown all the positive mojo we just created. 

We talked a couple of weeks ago about the Podcast Interview Wizard software and how it helps you get to the point quicker. It gets you focused on the meat of the interview. 

One strategy is to pick your main point, the one that really inspires people to laugh, cry, think, or groan and come back to that with a tone that signals to the audience that we're moving on, we are done, this is the final thought. Unless you're Jerry Springer, you don't need to announce "here are my final thoughts," you can just say them. 

Likewise if you are transitioning to another segment, just transition. Get yourself some royalty free music, fade it, etc, (or just leave a pause of silence). There was only one person who could get away with announcing a transition and his name was James Brown. Why did he do this? Because his band would launch into a groove, and just repeat it over James's singing. So James would be in the middle of the song and ask "Can we take it to the bridge?" and eventually they would take it to the bridge. In other cases James would "hit it and quit it." 

Announcing a transition is about as stupid as someone asking, "Can I ask you a question?" (cause they just did). At least that is my opinion. 

Because of My Podcast Troy Henritz & Nick Seuberling

Troy does the blacklist exposed (, and recently he's been getting flooded with swag. He got an album (as in an LP) and a Blacklist encyclopedia.

Go to to see swag

Nick Seuberling - First Advertiser Check for Minor League Soccer Podcast

I was able to seal my first podcast/website sponsor. I've been podcasting for 11 years now and this is my very first sponsor. On a podcast that only has 8 episodes produced. I recently launched a new podcast that covers FC Cincinnati ( ), the newest soccer team in Cincy and I approached them about marketing their team store and ticket sales on my podcast. They immediately jumped at it. Today I received my first check in the mail, and I don't even have a signed agreement yet with the team. I'd say they're eager. Just goes to show, if you're in the right niche, you can sell it to anyone no matter how many episodes you've produced - Nick Seuberling

New and Noteworthy Update - Corey Finneran

Corey did a push for iTunes reviews for Ivy Envy. He gained 56 reviews this week. He now has 226 ratings and 191 reviews. He did not budge from #3 when you search "Chicago Cubs" in iTunes. The two that rank ahead of us?
#1 - 150 ratings, 128 reviews and the last published episode was 11/11/2010.
#2 - 7 ratings, 4 reviews.

Promote your show like iTunes doesn't exist. Use it. It's a tool. But I wouldn't put all my eggs in that basket.

Podcast Rewind

I appeared on Creative Studio podcast on narrative podcasting

Glenn the Geek and Jared Easley on Starve the Doubts check out Jared Easley Books on Amazon

Wordpress as a Free Website Option

John Wilkerson comments on last week's show and wondered why I didn't mention Wordpress.

BTW, I have a new favorite podcast because of your "favorite podcast" episode at year end.  Never heard of No Agenda until I heard someone mention it on your end year end show, actually it was last years show i listened to after downloading the transcript.  I know shame on me for being a podcaster and not knowing of Adam Curry's show until recently, but I have not missed an episode since hearing about it earlier this year and have also sent a few dollars their way. :) it's exceptionally good given the upcoming presidential election.

Hope all is well and I'm sending money your way too via Amazon shopping.  😎

Richard Warfield, Jr.

My Podcast Episode is Not Appearing in iTunes!?!?

Here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. It takes up to 24 hours for your show to show up in iTunes
  2. Your subscribers get it instantly
  3. If you have the file on your website, your visitors have instant access
  4. Is your feed valid? Check it at
  5. Is your artwork in spec? 

1400x1400px (minimum)
3000x3000px (maximum, anything in between as long as it’s square)
Under 500kb
Use sRGB color space
Be a JPG, JPEG, or a PNG file

 If so, you can go to and click on your artwork, click Refresh (and then leave immediately - this is a very dangerous place). 
Check out for Dave's COurse
Apr 10, 2016

Feedback from Last Week's Show About Video Podcasting

Hey there! I checked out your podcast today where you spoke about video podcasting. I think the way you explained it makes perfect sense. I  was actually looking for a way to upload videos faster to YouTube and found a specific way to do it where you compress the file.
There is free software called Handbrake that people suggest. (I think it has been used in the past to rip DVDs illegally, but that is not what I am using it for.) Basically, once you create the HD file (which is usually about 1GB for videos I have made that are about 5-7 minutes at 1080p) and then use Handbrake to compress the file. I can usually get it down to around around 100-150mb (yes...MB) and less if the file is smaller.
I was wondering if you thought this was a good option so you can have HD on all platforms. It doesn't seem to lose in quality especially with simple "blog" type videos.
Anyway, just thought I would check in on that. Thanks for all the hard work!
-Derek Daniel

Free Websites For Those Podcasting on a Budget

I had someone contact me this week. They were on SoundCloud, they didn't have a website, and yet, they wanted to end up making a living from their podcast. Their topic was "talking about movies and video games with my friends." Not to say that you it is impossible to do this, but without hearing your show it I would say it is highly unlikely.  Why do you need a website to do a podcast?

1. Easy Clicks If you are going to force people to search for the item that will bring your revenue, you're making it too hard. It has to be easy - peasy.

2. Email List Growth IF you want to build an email list (and as they say the money is in the list, why? Easy Clicks) you have to have a sign up form. No website- no form.

3. Reputation It's $10 a month if you go to and go with the cheapest plans it's around $9. If you drink 5 20 oz bottle of Mountain Dew a month, you have spend close to $10 on soda. Switch to water, and you have the money. Would you buy a car from someone selling it out of a tent (and it looked like they were going to bolt the minute they got your money). You don't date someone who is going to leave it two weeks. You get the point. In a nutshell If you don't have $10 a month (.03 a day) then don't start a podcast expecting it to pay your mortgage. Seriously. In the immortal words of Mick Jagger, "You can't always get what you want."

4. Ease of Listener Subscriptions When you have a website, you can put a link to your iTunes listing, and make it easier for people to subscribe in iTunes, Stitcher, etc. Without a website, you're saying things like "Find my show in iTunes." Have you tried the iTunes search? I've typed in the exact name of someone's show and still had zero results.

5. Easy Contact The one page you need on a website is a contact page and and about page. We all want interaction with our audience. While you can say your phone number and email address in your podcast, when it is a clickable link on your websites, it's super easy and requires no memorization.

I Am Always Open To Other Points of View

So when a client told me they were using Tumblr as their website I thought, "Really?" Then I looked at the website and yeah, that's a free tumblr website.  Now to be honest, he had his graphics made by a graphic designer, and that graphic matches the artwork of his podcast. So if you have 2-3 hours to learn how to adjust a tumblr site, check out their themes, and go from there. Keep in mind, you won't have all the flexibility of a Wordpress site, but you will be saving $9 a month. You can even put Google Analytics code into a tumblr site for stats. So if someone is really pushed for a budget, or they just wanted to test the waters, I would Tumblr is a platform I would recommend.

Time Saving Tip Using Libsyn

If you decide that you are going to use Tumblr as your website, you could use Libsyn as your media host (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month at and Libsyn will automatically publish your content to Tumblr.

One More Thing about $9 a Month

Just so I know we're on the same page, you say you don't have 30 cents a day to spend on your podcast. Thirteen dollars a year on a domain (another .03 a day), and you'll use Canva to make your artwork for free, and you want the product and art you provide enough income to generate enough money to live on. Can you please enlighten me of anyone who has put out no money, and generate a business that provided enough income to live on? Even a lottery player has to buy a ticket, and the chances of you spending no money and generating a podcast that will generate enough income to live on is about the same odds as winning the lottery.

Not Updating My WordPress Cost Me $200

I've always said to keep things simple. Remove any plugins or themes you are not using on a WordPress website. I thought I had done that, but I forgot to do it on one website. I do a show about Jillian Michaels. She has raving fans, and they love to buy her stuff. The best part is most of that is sold through places that have an affiliate program. When her book came out on Audible, I made a four figure affiliate check. You can be an audible affiliate by clicking here. Well on my website for Jillian Michaels I had been using the Thesis theme years ago. I now use themes from Appendipity which runs on the Genesis Framework. I never removed the Thesis theme, and my site got infected with Malware. I got blacklisted by Google. I went to my hosting company who in 2013 DID remove the malware for free, only to find out they no longer offer that. I went to a few different places, and could not find anyone who did a one time cleaning. I ended up going with who (like everyone else) charges $200 for the year. It's a great system, and they keep me more than updated on the status of my site. They even have a security tool to help block hackers. If you're website is healthy now you might look into the plugin Wordfence. It can help keep you safe (and it's free).

Podcasting Pulling in Some Big Names

Tony Robbins (famed motivational speaker and New York times best Selling Author) now has The Tony Robbins Podcast.

Jeffrey Glaser who has quite the TV resume.  He oversaw such hit shows as “Glee,” “Empire,” “Arrested Development,” “Modern Family,” “New Girl” and “American Horror Story” at the network’s production arm, and guided more than 25 shows to syndication. He has been named president of content at podcasting network Wondery, spent 19 years at 20th Century Fox Television, where he oversaw many hits and guided more than 25 shows to syndication. More info

The New York Times has launched a podcast team. Full Report. They launched a Modern Love show that is getting 300,000 downloads a week.  

Podcast Rewind

I appeared on the Podcaster's Roundtable where we talked about Show Prep I appeared on the first episode of the Podcast Producers  Jessica Rhodes is the person behind interview connections, and she has her own Rhodes to Success podcast, Corey is the man behind a podcast editing service.


Thanks for the iTunes Reviews

I was turned on to SOP by Daniel J. Lewis, Cliff Ravenscraft, & Ray Ortega. Dave's content is solidly produced from a technical POV. Great audio as one would expect from a podcast about podcasting. The flow of the show is superior and feels like radio but no commercials :-) As I've made my way through the back catalog I am picking up so much information as I look to take my own podcast, House of #EdTech to a higher level! ~ Chris Nesi Host, House of #EdTech Podcast To leave a review go to (view in iTunes, and then rate and review). Want yuor reviews from all countries and stitcher coming to your inbox? Check out My Podcast Reviews



Go to

Apr 4, 2016

Because of My Podcast: My Audience Fixed My Website

Cale from was having a problem with his website (using Wordpress) when an audience member offered to help out. It turns out the audience member works for the creators of Wordpress.

The DBS 286X vs Aphex 230 Master Channel

Before I even start, you do NOT need either one of these to start podcast. It's a nice piece of icing on the cake. It makes you sound better, but you will not gain a single subscriber by using these. If you have poor content, great sounding garbage is still garbage.

I've got the older version of the DBX 286 (I have a 286A which has now been replaced by the 286S). Likewise I recently picked up a used Aphex 230 Master Voice Channel (which is now replaced by the Aphex Channel Master

What's the difference?

Cost: The Aphex is 999, the DBX is 199. So you are looking at $800 in difference.

The Aphex's gives you more options in regards to inverting polarity, changing the phase polarity. It also offers a low cut filter.

The Aphex noise gate is super easy to set and sounds great. You simply talk and turn the dial until a red light illuminates, and then turn the other knob to scale back any background noise. I love the sound of the gate more than the DBX. Anytime I set the DBX to be aggressive, the cutting in and out was a bit more noticeable. Yes you can hear the Aphex's gate, but to me it's less noticeable.

With the DBX you have low and high enhancers. You have the same thing on the Aphex, but you can choose what frequency to boost. You also have a parametrix equalizer so you can find a frequency that you either want to boost or cut from your voice and the determine how much you want to cut/boost. This is the same for the Aural Exciter on the Aphex. It does what the DBX does with more control. You can "tune" what frequencies you want to boost on the high end.

I never will get de-essers. I know what they are supposed to do, I don't hear any difference on either unit. I swear this is a feature that manufacturers build into units so they can charge more.

While appreciate what the unit does, for the money, I would recommend the 286 for most people unless you really, really want total control. 

Video Podcasting? How Would I Go About Doing This?

I currently don't do any video podcasts, but that doesn't mean I don't think they are worth doing. I just know they take more time. So how would I do it if I did?

Video Podcasting Software

If you're on a mac, try Screenflow or even iMovie.

If you're on a PC check out Sony Vegas or Camtasia.

What Format?

I would create my video for my podcast (downloads)  you are exporting a "LD" version for phones, so you could go 640X480. You can do this in QuickTime if you want to as there are tons of presets. I would try to stick with mp4 if possible as it seems to have less conflicts. You take this format and put it in your RSS feed, so it goes to subscribers. You might put at the begining of the video that to see ah HD version go to your website (and provide a pretty link so they don't have to search for it)

The Format For Your Website

Now you create an HD version (1280X720) that you can upload it to YouTube (it's free, let them eat the bandwidth) and put that video on your website. Now your subscribers don't hate you for sending a 5 gig file to their phone, and your visitors get an HD version that also happens to be on the #4 search engine.

Podcasting Lessons I've Learned From My Cat

I'm a dog person. Always have been. I inherited a cat in my recent divorce, and I love Bernie, but I do hate cleaning the litter box. I actually hurt my back cause I was leaning over so much, and for an extended period of time. I just hate, hate, hate, cleaning the litter box. I did it about once every 5-7 days. I thought to myself, "Dogs are so much easier as I don't have to deal with this." Then it came to me.

What a pain it would be if my dog only got to "do his business" once every 5-7 days. In thinking about it, I would take my dog out three to 4 times a day. So I started treating my cat like a dog, and checking his litter box in the morning, when I got home, after dinner, and once before bed. Now it takes me seconds to clean his cat box and it's not a big deal.

So what does this have to do with Podcasting?

If you wait until the last second to record your show, you're going to have to do all the prep, recording, editing, promotion, at the same time. It's a lot of work, and it can be overwhelming. So instead, start planning it earlier in the week. Start writing show notes during the week and flushing out the best parts of your topic. Then later record it, and edit it. Then publish on another day. By doing a little every day, it's not that big a deal, and it's not so cumbersome of a job. It will avoid burning out and quitting your podcast.

Advertising Platforms is rolling out this week. has been our for a bit. has been around since 2006. has been around since 2004 (you need at least 5K downloads per episode with Libsyn)

Audible Trial

Get the new Gary V Book #AskGaryVee

Earn Money With Audible on Your Podcast


Schedule One on One Coaching

Have a question you need answered? You can purchase coaching in 15 minute increments. For more information go to



Mar 28, 2016

Today I look at tools available for podcasters to help them produce a better show.

Podcast Interview Wizard and Who is Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards is a guy I've known online for years. I loved his "I Gotta Tell you" email list. We are talking back in the day when I was teaching people how to make websites with Microsoft Front page, and making videos with camcorder. I bought one of Jim's products he made with Mike Stewart and I thought they delivered value. I had bought some stuff from other "Internet Marketers" at the time, and thought this was better than some. I've always liked Jim's style as he takes his topic seriously, but always dishes it with a good helping of sarcasm. In a nutshell, Jim has been writing ebooks and making products for over 20+ years.  According to his bio:

Jim Edwards, founder of Guaranteed Response Marketing, LLC, is an Internet expert, marketing entrepreneur, newspaper columnist, author, motivational speaker and elite mentor and coach.
Having gained personal and financial freedom, he shares his proven strategies with self-motivated, hard-working people to help them attain personal and financial independence.

He has written and published dozens of ebooks, several print books and hundreds of articles.

Through his company, Jim has produced some 40 informational products on DVD and many more available in the latest electronic formats downloadable from the Internet. Jim produces and hosts webinars on a weekly basis and has been a frequent guest speaker at numerous international Internet marketing seminars.

What is the podcast interview wizard?

It's a software that works on mac or PC that walks you through planning your interview. It does this by having you figure out what you want to talk about before the interview. It walks you through 16 questions .These questions are then used in  a series of tools used by the software. These include:

Podcast Interview WizardEmail templates to help get the interview

Email messages to setup and remind the guest for the interview. Later you can use it to create an email that you can send to the guest post interview as well.

Email templates for Referrals

Email Templates to say Thank You

Quick or Full Show Templates (complete with intro / outro ext and questions)

Audience Handouts - A worksheet for people to fill out as they listen to your episode.

Show Bullets - Custom Sales Copy for Each Interview

There are 12 different types of interview types

It will generate show notes for your episode

It will generate multiple Titles for your show and let you pick the best one.

Build Ads to help promote the show on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Putting it Through It's Paces

So I took the interview from last week and added the information about my guest Danny Peña to see if I had used the software last week would the interview had been different. The closest interview style would be the "How the Expert Got Started" style.  Now last week's show was different. I already knew the answers to the questions. I knew Danny's story and I wanted to walk him through the parts that focused on building his audience. Using the PIW I did some interesting questions that I could've asked but didn't:

  • What roadblocks did you face early on and how did you overcome them?
  • Did you have any early mentors or did you have to figure it all out on your own?
  • If you had to start all over again with audience growth in today's world, with today's tools, time constraints and other factors, what would you do:
    a. Differently?
    b. More of?
    c. Less of?
    d. Faster?
    e. Not at all?

Under the "Myths and Misconceptions" style of interview I saw "Where are the big opportunities in audience growth that many podcasters might be missing?" or "What are the best audience growth tools every podcaster needs to use and know about?"

Brainstorming By Yourself

Now I realize that the software is meant for you to use ONE style of interview, but if you're looking to come up with good questions, I can see where spitting out multiple versions of the interview might help you spotlight questions that really spur other questions that aren't in the software. Now I realize the "Show notes" and other templates are meant to come from one template not multiple ones. So if you mix and match questions, you are somewhat shooting yourself in the foot, and will have to mix and match to make the additional messages.

On the other hand if one style of questions gives you everything you need, you are golden. In watching a webinar for the software they made a great point. In some cases (for the person who hates to write) it's easier to edit than create.

Going Down the List Of Tools

Podcast show notes - Yes I could see using this in many places (G+, Facebook)

Email announce - Yes, this could be cool and it even says to copy and paste your bullet points

iTunes Episode Descriptions  - YES this gave me 7 different descriptions and slew of titles

Show Title Templates - Yes. Again, a great way to brainstorm with yourself.

Ads - Very Similar to Titles and Descriptions - Useful again.

Email templates - ALL of the templates are great starting points. I ALWAYS would recommend personalizing these but they are focused and to the point. A good starting point.

Beginners Guide Interview Style _ At first this one was "meh" what is the first thing, second thing, but then it had this question, "What is the perfect mindset for a beginner podcaster at this point that would virtually guarantee their success?" and I went, "That's a good question."

Book Review Non-Fiction - Kind of a who, what, why, when and where. Nothing earth shattering, but useful for the absolutely newbie.

Critical Skills Interview - This is a cool template cause it has built in follow up questions. Yes its what's the first, second, third, but it also has you dig deeper. Thumbs up.

Faq - Probably my favorite style. Lots of good questions

Getting Started - A good set of questions. It does what it says it would do (there is a focus here)

Mistakes Style interview - I do plan on having Gordon Firemark ( a Lawyer) on the show eventually, and this would be a good template for Gordon

Myths and Misunderstandings - Here again, at first glance this seems too simple, but it has good follow up questions.

New Idea Interview - Here again, it would work for that type of interview, but this one isn't my typical interview so it didn't hit me as hard.

New Products - Again kind of the who, what, why, When, and how, but more to it. Great for beginners.

Rules of the Road - Probably the worst of all the template it was the same set of questions, but it fits the subject. What is rule 1, rule 2, etc.

State of union - I could see using these. I can see this tool helping you to never say "Oh how could I have forgotten to ask.."

Ste by Step Roadmap - This is a distant cousin of the Rules of the Road. Not my favorite.

Tips and Tricks - Here again pretty basic, and not earth shattering. I do like on some of these that kind of have repeat questions, there are additional questions at the bottom of the list.

How Much Does it Cost?

Right now as I write this Podcast Interview Wizard is $197 at (and yes that is an affiliate link). In addition to the software you get something called the Podcast interview wizard Blueprint which just walks you through using the software. There is some additional training on conducting interviews and I've only watched one of the videos, but was pleasantly surprised at how in depth Jim Edwards gets in this.

While anything more than a cup of coffee sound too expensive for software, there are people charging $85 per episode to write your show notes. So the software would pay for iteself with three episodes.

Key Tips On How I'm Going to Use This

Make sure your podcast is a conversation and an not an interrogation. Just because you have your next question ready, don't forget to listen, listen, listen, because the best question to ask MAY NOT BE ON THE PAGE. Use these questions as a game plan, but be ready to call an audible. I've been interviewed where I'm pretty sure the host isn't paying attention to what I'm saying because they have their 7 questions, and they are just waiting for me to be quiet so they can ask the next questions.


Don't forget to be you. You can use this tool to help you come up with an angle to help you QUICKLY get to the meat of the interview that is going to connect with your audience. There are going to be things that won't fit into a template, and that's where YOU come into play. This software doesn't know your audience. Last week I asked my audience what they wanted to know from Danny and they asked about how he works with his crew. That would not be in any of these templates.

Because of My Podcast - I've Met People From All Over the Globe

Becuase of their podcast Gary and Margaret of the Kiwi Mana Podcast (all about bees) have met people from all over the globe.

Check them out at

Congrats to all the New  Hall of Fame Inductees

Dawn and Drew 

Gary Leland   (hear Gary on a previous episode)

Mignon Fogharty (Hear Mignon on this show)

Rob Walch  (Hear Walch on a previous episode)

Podcast Rewind

I appeared on round 63 of the Podcasters Round Table where we were talking Podcasting hacks (great episode)

I appeared on Business Mistakes Episode 35  talking about mistakes I've made.

Eric K Johnson did a great episode on critiquing your own show, and he mentioned last's week's episode.

Don't Be Afraid to Try Something New

So last week I was in a bit of a pickle. I knew Danny Peña had a great story. I had known it for a long time, but I never made the effort to have Danny on the show. I always known I would get around to it. Well in my laziness he appeared on the New Media Show, and Podcast Junkies. Now this is not a big deal, but I wanted to really bring Danny's story before anyone had really heard his story (that wasn't in the gaming world that is). So now I was going to have Danny on the show.

What could I do to make my interview stand out?

Danny's story needs no help. It's awesome, but still I wanted to stand out. 

So listened to those interviews and tried to figure out what I wanted to have on this show, as well as anything that could make it stand out. There are no "bad" parts of Danny's story. This made it tough. So again, what could I do to be different. I never want to be like everyone else. So I added sound effects.

How did I know these would work? Because I had not heard the sound of a 56 K modem in a very long time and when I did it made me smile. When I heard the sound effect of pacman, the MTV theme, or the others sound effects I used they made me smile. I realized anyone under 30 wouldn't get the subtle joke, but those who did, would hopefully have the same reaction I did. They smiled. 

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Mar 21, 2016

Danny Peña got his first video game console from his Grandmother and his life was forever changed. Little did Danny know (who goes by the name of Godfree on his show) that he would someday be getting paid to fly around the world and play video games on his podcast Gamertag Radio. Did he think he would end up working for CBS and be featured next to podcasts like 60 minutes on Probably not. Today you will learn how Danny started building his audience before there was podcasting. Danny continued building his audience before there was iTunes. Through everything he does, Danny cares about one thing: the audience.

There are sooooooo many lessons to be learned today.

Interview starts at 3:38

Free Doesn't Last: Danny got his first check from a site that was "Too big to fail" just like MySpace (and who knows some day Facebook?).

The party of the year took a year of planning: You don't get these kind of results by "winging it." Check out this video of the party and you can read how the Miami New Times  called it the Best Super Bowl party in South FL.

Know more about your audience than their age and sex: Danny brought in musicians who his audience liked. The musicians brought in their audience who probably liked to play games.

Be straight with your audience: Any perks Danny and his crew have received has always been communicated to their audience.

TRUST is everything: It takes a long time to earn it. It's very powerful, and can be lost with one bad decision.

Let your audience be part of your journey: Anywhere Danny goes he invites his audience to come along.

Ten years to get on CBS Radio: Patience ins a virtue, and it took Danny 10 years to get to where he is. He took advantage of every opportunity he saw.

Time Management Tips: Set a schedule and stick to it. Danny has a full time job, a girlfriend, and his podcast.

Having the right people on your team is essential and keep everything transparent so you are all on the same page. 

Danny is real. When Danny says, that's a good question, that's because its a good question. Some people on my show do it just to stroke my ego.

Danny's Community Created Events That Drew the Attention of Main Stream Media

Check out Danny's Commercial on the Discovery Channel

Watch his acceptance speech as he is inducted into the Podcaster's Hall of Fame


Here, Danny made the news by accidentally spilling the beans on the Microsoft release.

In this article, Gamertag radio is mentioned in Forbes magazine.


Save $40 Off Podcast Movement

If you plan on attending Podcast Movement, you can save $40 off your ticket when you use the coupon code sop40.

This is THE podcast event. I will be holding a Q& A session and I am really looking forward to it.

Coming Next Week

I have a on of people ask me about Podcast Interview Wizard from Jim Edwards. Well I'm going to buy it and play with and let you know what I think. If you want to check it out, go to (affiliate link)

I will also be talking about the Cool Cast Player which makes really pretty players for your website

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Mar 14, 2016

I went to a couple of weeks ago and I saw a person do a presentation that offered to help people launch their podcast for $8999. Just for that weekend there was a sale and they would only charge you $3990. This is America and if you can get people to pay for $4,000 for your advice, then GO CAPITALISM. I feel bad for your customers, because without an intimate knowledge of your product, my gut instinct says they over-paid. A couple of episode ago I said the snake-oil sales people are coming, and now I'm here to tell you they are here. So get your boots on cause the poop is getting deep.

Podcast Review Swap - Trying to Cut in Line in the Apple Charts is Bad For Podcasting

I was in a private Facebook group when the owner of the group (the same guy selling a $9,000 podcast course) places this post:

Is it ok to post your show via iTunes link? and ask for rate and review swaps?
something like hey everyone, wanna do rate and review swap?
Here's my show
--show link removed by Dave--
Let me know when you've done it and I'll go do the same. Extra points for screenshots or copy paste of review smile emoticon
'Hey guys check out the most bomb, amazing spectacular show on the planet - insert link. and subscribe please...
example #2
Hey guys this week we talk about how we are the real deal, and we discuss it in such an amazing way. ARen't we awesome! - link to youtube.
**Please don't F'ing do this! I am considering kicking you out if you do this more than 1x. and I won't tell you, so don't do it at all.
"Anyone opne for rate and review swap: here's my show"
"Just left review for TAG PERSON - great show, here's what I wrote - insert message - THEN say - here's my show can you hit me back too"

The people lined up DROVES. The post was growing like a weed. This was like a unicorn. I had heard of them, but had never seen one, and it was depressing. After no less than 20 people I had put in their link I chimed in as asked why we were asking people who had never heard your show to give us a give star review. As always, I'm open to other sides of the story so I asked, "Why are you doing this? If you can't get your audience (who has heard your show) to review it, that is a red flag that your content is not resonating with your audience. Please shed some light on this. He repled:

The idea here is that people can listen, rate, and review and not be stranger. As artists we need a place to be ale to get feedback to share on our show, and this is a thread for people to be able to do that.  We are not encouraging people to be strangers here and in a podcasting group it only makes sense to have a place where people can openly asks for reviews and feedback. 

There is a place for podcasters to get feedback and share it on your show. It's called your audience. It's called comments on your website, facebook, email, voicemail from people who can help shape your content for the better. They are called YOUR AUDIENCE.

The answer is a lie. They are trying to game the system, jump up the charts, and boost their downloads. I get that. Who doesn't want a bigger audience? Do you remember William Hung from American Idol. This poor kid couldn't sing or dance, but he was so bad we shot him on the charts. William produced an album, and that's the last I heard of him. He doesn't have the talent to remain on that stage.

More and more professional content creators are getting into podcasting (radio people). They have paid their dues, and they have had lots of practice. They have found their voice, and they know what their audience wants. So now when we shoot your inexperienced probably not great  podcast to the top of the charts, you look like William Hung. Your audience doesn't stay, and your career is over.

Don't be a Flash in the Pan

Never week Danny Peña will be on the show. He is a hall of fame podcaster who started out on caseete tapes. His main focus is on his audience, and he now works for CBS. He gets paid to play video games because he did the work, listened to his audience, and promoted his show endlessly. He didn't cheat, he didn't cut in line, he didn't spam anyone, and the guy is a rock star in the gaming world.  Back in 2005ish Dr. Joe Vitale start podcasting. His first episode was all about him, and how great he was and why you should listen. It did nothing for the listener. he had a huge email list, and he must've sent out an email for people to vote for him on Podcast Alley (this was pre iTunes). They did. Joe went from 0 to the top of the charts. His episode was awful, and the next week he was completely off the charts.

Apple is Not Going to be Happy That Your are Negative Effecting Their Product

By "gaming" the iTunes charts the results are not entirely accurate. Apple went to a lot of work to build the system, and I'm pretty sure they are not going to be happy that you are playing it for the fool.

More "Bad" Advice Coming Out Daily

A recent article focusing on how to get to the to of iTunes New and Noteworthy came out and suggested this:

The article (which I'm purposely not linking to) states, "Fact: Once your show is approved by iTunes, they (Apple) give you an 8-week window to rise to the top in the "New and Noteworthy" categories. This is your best opportunity to strike podcast launch gold." To this I BEG you SHARE YOUR NUMBERS.

I've asked my audience to share their pre, during and post "New and Noteworthy Numbers" and the only people who have had shown that with over 1000 podcasts being added to iTunes each week ( that the impact of New and Noteworthy is not thousands of downloads like it was in the past. If you can show me differently, I would love, love, love to see it.

Set a Date for Your Podcast Launch

I have seen so many people make really bad mistakes because they don't know what's involved with a podcast and they will pick a date. Even if it is six weeks out there is so much that go wrong with:

The Internet
Recording Gear

That to pick a date that you will launch is a pretty risky move. It is better to pick a day that you plan on having everything you need to pick the actual launch day. To this people freak out and state the 8 week rule. This is BS. You have 8 weeks to be NEW, you can be NOTEWORTHY any time.

Use Template to Contact People

The article states to use a personal approach and then states that he uses templates (that you can get if you give him your email list)

Be Ready For Your New and Noteworthy Screen Shot

It then states to be ready to take your screen shot (after bugging everyone you know, and as we have seen above - people you don't know) so you can climb the charts. If you're going to game the system, do it smart. PHOTOSHOP. Now I'm not saying this is a legit strategy, but it takes a lot less time, and nobody can check the history of New and Noteworthy. So if you're going to cheat, cheat smart.


The author states, Back when I launched my show in the summer of 2014, I set my alarm clock for middle-of-the-night and early morning hours. I didn't want to run the risk of missing my moment in the number one spot.

The more I work with podcasters, the more I see a trend. The people who spend hours OBSESSING over stats, don't have impressive numbers. Why? Because instead of obsessing over their audience, they are obsessing over download numbers.

If you obsess over the audience, the stats will come.

The article states ,"The more frequently you release your shows, the more likely you are to stack up downloads, increase your visibility, and maintain your number-one spot in the "New and Noteworthy."  The author forgot one important FACT. The Podcasts app STOPS DOWNLOADING your show if you have not listened to the episodes. Most people will not be able to keep up with you firehouse of information and thus the downloads will stop. How often should you publish? Don't ask me, ask your target audience!

The Bottom Line

the more we align ourselves with Scammers, Gamers, Liars, the more we - podcasters as a whole - risk losing our integrity. If our stats are rendered meaningless by the twitter bombers and the Review Swappers, nobody will sponsor our shows. Really? Ever heard of an endorsement deal getting pulled when the celebrity behaves poorly? Exactly, so knock it off.

Why Dave Believes What He Believes

Scott Johnson Computer Tutor Florida - People WILL download your back catalog

Henry Jasper Turned into a Fan Boy

Because of My Podcast

Henry Jasper is now starting to make money by helping companies with their social media using skills he learned from the School of Podcasting

Podcast Rewind : Starve the Doubts

I appeared on the Starve the Doubts Show with Jared Easley and Dan Franks. Check out Jared's new book. Quit Chasing Influencers

What were the last 5 that Clive from the Future Past Podcast listened to?

Six figure side gig


Unmistakable creative

the Robcast

The Ray Edwards Show Ray Edwards New Book How to Write Copy That Sells

Mentioned on This Show

Glen The Geek from Horse Radio Network

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Mar 7, 2016

You will notice that I am in pursuit of people who have been able to make a living with their podcast. Today we interview Jim Harold who does the Paranormal Podcastt and the Campfire Podcast.

Podcasting News

In a nutshell, use to submit your podcast to iTunes, but don't mess with anything else in that platform for now (you can really shoot yourself in the foot).

Understanding iTunes and Podcasting

iTunes is somewhat confusing. You submit an iTunes RSS feed to iTunes and in return, they give you a link to your listing in iTunes. iTunes is like a giant phone book of podcasts.

The interesting thing is when someone goes to iTunes and subscribes to your show, iTunes sets the original feed you submitted in their software. This can create confusing.

When you publish a new show it will not show up in the iTunes Store immediately because they have to refreshed your listing. However, anyone who is subscribed to your show gets that show because they are looking at your original feed.

My advice here is to subscribe to your own show. This way when you think there is a problem because your show is not "showing up" in iTunes, check your show using whatever app you use. If the show appears, then it just means the iTunes store has not refreshed your listing yet. Wait at least 24 hours.

Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast is Paying the Bills

(interview starts at 9:51 - recorded with a Zoom H5 recorder and two Audio Technica ATR2005usb microphones )

Here are some bullet points from our conversation with Jim Harold from the Paranormal Podcast

Jim wanted to be on the radio, but ended up in radio sales.

Jim loved reading about the Paranormal growing up.

He sputtered at the beginning of his show, but his fans wanted more. Why? Because nobody was talking about this like Jim was, and he delivered value.

After 6 months , Jim was offered a sponsorship from Audible, and that helped him get more serious about his show.

Jim has multiple streams of income. He has a plus club (membership site), he has multiple books, and he has advertisers. Jim uses Wishlist member to manage his membership site

Jim's first book was "traditionally" published. It was cool to see it in Barns and Noble, but Jim later purchased the rights to that book and sold it on his own. Check out Jim's books at

Podcasting has opened door for Jim

His podcast grows about 10% every year.

His podcast is named well. It's called the "paranormal podcast." He went with the obvious name for his show. When people Google "Paranormal Podcast' his show comes up.

There is a difference between radio ads and podcast ads.

Jim explains how he feels like he knows me because he listens to my show.

Podcasting advertising has great impact because we care about your audience. Jim has rejected ads that didn't fit his audience, or that he couldn't endorse.

Jim is currently using a Heil Pr40, a Mackie Mixer, and a Behringer Processor.

Check out Jim's shows at as well as his TV You Grew Up With podcast.

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