Established in 2005 if you want to learn about podcasting this is the show for you. It's been described by many as the most entertaining and unique of all the "Podcast About Podcasting." Dave Jackson gets to the point and talks about podcasting. This could ways to plan a successful launch that will get you ranking high in iTunes, finding the best gear on a budget, developing content that leaves people wanting more. He has been helping people understand technology and has been called "The Analogy King." His style is "edutainment" and you will always walk away with useful knowledge and insights. Dave Jackson is the original, and if you don't like the first episode you hear - give him two more and he'll change your mind.

Podcasting News:

Midroll Purchased by Scripps - Another shot of legitimacy for podcasting? Ask the Double Rainbow Guy The article mentions CPM (the amount you make per 1000 downloads) of $100. This seems unrealistic to what I typically hear ($15 - $30 CPM).

Honda's 2016 Accord will have the ability to have Apple Car Play, and Android Auto. Full Story

Podcast Rewind:

I recently was asked back on the Coachzing Show  talking why podcasting is here to stay.

I did a webinar with Steve Stewart on Podcast Workflow for his Audacity Workshop its only available for a limited time

I started listening to the Tim Ferriss show, and the one thing that he us just AWESOME at is follow up questions. When he interviewed Rick Rubin he asked how Rick got into the 99 Problems video by Jay Z. At the end of the answer Rick says, "He is one of my favorite people." To this Tim instantly asks, "Why do you say that?". Later when he interviews Glenn Beck he asks about Glenn's dilema of having to hire a large amount of people to build his Blaze network. Glen explains who he hired first. He said he knew within the first three minutes of their initial meeting that this woman was going to be hired. To this Tim instantly asked, "What did she say to make such an impression on you." It's an interesting show, and he has interviewed so many big names, that you can "cherry pick" episodes of just those people you like.

Podcast Microphone Shoot Out

Audio Technica 2020 (condensor XLR/USB $99)

Audio Technica 2100 (Dynamic XLR/USB $59)

Audio Technica BP40 (Dynamic XLR $349)

Electrovoice RE320 (Dynamic XLR $299).

You will hear that all these microphones sound great. I recommend podcasters NOT use a condensor microphone (2020). In listening to the 2005 vs the BP40. The 2100 seemed to carry more bass (odd as they have the same bass frequency). There is a low cut switch on the BP40 if you want to cut frequencies below 100 (these are so low, these are almost frequencies you feel more than hear).

The one thing that hit me right out of the gate is this microphone can double as a weapon. Its super solid, looks good, and just seem heavy duty. I really liked the AT8484 shock mount that is designed to be used with the microphone. It has a super slick lock that allows you to slide it in and out with ease (not that most of us will be switching microphones, but it is cool). As the shock mount is designed for the unit, it holds it well. I have a "off the shelf" shock mount for the RE320 and it seems a little strained to hold it (so here again sticking with factory stuff, even though slightly more expensive might be the way to go).

Test One: Gain

How much gain is coming out of the microphone?

All of the microphones seemed to need the same amount of gain. It seemed like the BP40 did provide a little more (and needed less gain).

Test Two: Tone

The ATR2100 (for me) had the most pleasing tone. Plenty of low and high end. The RE320 was the clearest, and the BP40 had a smooth sound (but didn't have the hi end of the RE20)

What is my first impression?

I love the look of the BP40. It's super rugged. It's super solid. I LOVE the shock mount that is an accessory as it is SUPER EASY to snap the microphone in and out.

Test Three: How much room noise does it pick up?

I put a fan on in the background and turned the radio on lightly. None of the microphones (accept the 2020) would pick up a noticeable amount of room noise. Can you hear it? Yes, but only if you are in a quiet room listening through headphones. Of the 2100, the bp40, and the RE320, it seemed the BP40 seemed to pick up the most room noise (but again, the amount of noise was something you would really have to strain to hear).

For me, for the money and the flexibility I still like the Audio Technica 2100. Now, the ATR2100 is not as durable as the BP40 or the RE320. These are microphones designed to be in a broadcast booth. They (the BP40 and the RE320) definitely have different tones (the RE320 is more clear). Keep mind you want your voice to not be abrasive or distracting. So having too much high end, or too much low end can ruin your tone.  The more I use the BP40, it's really growing on me especially when I run it through my DBX 286 microphone preamp.

Bottom Line:

I couldn't really pick one that was miles above the others. I liked all the microphones, and when run through a mixer where you can boost and cut the EQ I was able to pull out any tone I wanted. None of them had any major proximity effect issues.  I like the look for the BP40 more then the RE320. As always tone is a very subjective, and in the end it depends on how the microphone works with your voice.

Which one did you like?

Ready to Podcast check out

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Today I will answer the questions that I receive on a regualr basis. 


Podcasting News:

Popular Science has launched a Podcast caled Futuropolis listed "On Air DJ" as one of the the top 12th jobs on the brink. Speaking of that, CBS Radio eliminated more than 200 positions in companywide layoffs this week, including an unconfirmed number in Chicago

Ira Glass now owns This American Life. The interesting thing is this artcile mentions that he has 22 employees.  In March 2014, This American Life ended its relationship with PRI, who had served as the show’s distributor since 1997, flexing its muscles in a way that suggested long-running intent towards independence. Speaking of employees on the latest "But wait theres more" episode of Startup, Alex Blumberg states that he has a staff of 19 people to produce three pdocasts and they are making 2 milloin dollars this year (and spending 2 million).  


How much does it cost to start one?

$91 Mic, Stand, Pop filter

$60 Mixer

$20 Libsyn (use the coupon sopfree)

$8 Hostgator

$60 Artwork

$24 Intro MRC



Xbox One, 500GB Hard Drive $342


What Microphone

The Audio technica 2100, 2005, or a Electrovoice RE320. I hear good things about the Heil PR40 as well. I like the EV RE320 as no matter where my mouth is, the tone doesn’t change (with other microphones the close you get the bassier it gets).


How Long Should it Be?

As long as it should be, and not a minute more. Vallery Geller in the book Beyond Powerful Radio says, “There is no such thing as too long, only too boring.” This is proven by Dan Carlin’s Hardcore history which can run around 3 or 4 hours and published irregularly.


How Often Should I Publish

As I previously mentioned Dan Carlin’s show, you should publish a podcast that consistently delivers value, and impacts your audience. However, if you can establish a schedule that your audience can count on, they will make you part of their routine. My advice is record a few test shows so you can fully understand the work it takes to create a podcast, THEN pick your publishing schedule. While you will hear people talk about doing multiple episodes a week, keep in mind these are multiple shows that deliver value.


Where do I get Music For My Show?

I like Audio Jungle


Can I play Music in My Podcast?

No. Not Legally?

Do People do it? Yes

Will it get you banned from iHeart Radio? Yes


What’s the Best Media Hosting?

Libsyn Great stats, ease of mutli location publishing.

Blubrry - Great Stats, Ease of Publishing your podcast

Spreaker - Good stats, built in audience.

Podbean - OK Stats,


Can I Use my Web Host as My Media Host?

You can, but should you? No.

Listen to SDR Show. It took him 6 weeks to get shut down.


How Many Downloads Should I Have?

Take the value the value you provide and multiply it by the effort your put forth to promote it, and there is your number. For the average Joe, it should be between 10 and 200 downloads per episode.

Here are my download numbers:

Ask the Podcast Coach 250

Jillian Michaels Fan Cast 2000

Building a Better Dave around 300

Marketing Musician 600

Weekly Web Tools 325

SOP 1600

Feeding My Fatih 150

Wost Podcast Ever 10


How Do I Grow My Audience?

Figure out who your audience is

Make content people want to talk about that impact them

Go to where they

Make friends

Tell them about your Podcast

Make it easy to share


Sounds like a lot of work.

Simple, not easy.


If I Write a Review for you in iTunes will you Review Me?

Why are you asking a stranger to review your show, why not ask your audience?


No, I mean I want you to Review my podcast?



Should I Buy?

A Mixer?

Do you have more than one person in the room with you?

Are you adding music and sounds live?

Are you interviewing people over skype?



How Do I Record Skype or Interviews without getting too Technical

Ecamm Call Recorder

Callburner on the PC.

If you understand Skype on a PC, have your guest use Skype on their smartphone.

Worst Case Scenari, (but it will sound like the phone).


How do I find guests for my show

Help a Reporter .com

Radio Guest

Ask your guest. New Releases


How Do Make Money With My Podcast

Create a show that delivers Value

Attract and audience.

  1. Sponsors

  2. Sell Products

  3. Sell Other peoples products (affiliates)

  4. Speaking Gigs

  5. Membership Sites

  6. Donations

  7. Better insights into your audience.


How Do I Get Sponsors For My Show

Provide content a sponsor would want to put their name on.

Get 5,000 downloads (preferably 20,000) per episode

Create a Media kit explaining who is listening, how many there are, and explain how engaged they are.

8% of people have this number

Look into Affiliate marketing, or smaller companies.


Ready to Start a Podcast?

Check out

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In today's episode, (not safe for work) I share clips from a podcast I set out (as an experiment) to be the Worst Podcast Ever. It would:

1. Have F-bombs.

2. Insult the audience.

3. Deliver no value

4. Use Potty humor and be overtly immature

The reason? I had two:

1. I wanted to test (who during the test had a technical issue, and my files quit downloading).

2. I wanted to see what kind of downloads a horrible podcast would get. I've heard from Libsyn that many podcasters get around 200 downloads per episode. (get a free month at Libsyn using the coupon code sopfree )

The worst podcast ever gets about 10.

Rules for Experiment:

1. I could not use my real voice. I didn't want anyone to know it was me. 

2. I could not promote it at all. Not a single tweet.

Doing a Podcast as a Character:

This is not new. "Madge Weinstein" has been doing yeast Radio since 2004. There are people who do not use their names such as School of Podcasting student Stargate Pioneer who does the Legends of Shield podcast. Cali Lewis has always been Luria Petrucci behind the scenese of

You may feel more confident behind the microphone as your character then in your own skin. I say "Fake it till you make it" (you will get comfortable as yourself) but being a character is an option. People like Seth McFarland get away with tons of things on their TV show The Family Guy as the characters are cartoons. The Simpsons is another example of characters getting away with things a real person would not. 

But in the end Seth still takes flack for his characters. 

The down side of being a character is connecting with your audience. I met Paul David Peterson of Entrepreneur Explosion. Paul's show is a parody of all the Entrepreneur shows. Paul is not his real name. If I want to meet Paul at Podcast Movement or New Media Expo, I can't if he is completely incognito. In my case my character on the Worst Podcast Ever was simply named "Grumpy Old Man." What if AARP wants Grumpy to come speak at a convention? These characters don't exist in reality. 

The Stylizer 3000

Today I play a bit that I included in today's show to get you to think about all the different styles that you can use to create your podcast. There are SO MANY ingredients that you can use to create a completely unique podcast. I worry that people will not take me seriously as a podcast consultant if I'm too goofy on the microphone. I guess we will see.

Podcast Rewind: Formats on the Podcasters Roundtable

I participated on the Podcasters Roundtbale Episode 53 with +Ray Ortega,+Daniel J. Lewis +David Jackson +Colin Gray +Paul Peterson and+Doug Payton to discuss the various types of formats you can chose for your podcast. Check it out 

Ready To Start a Podcast?

If you're ready to start a podcast SIGN UP TODAY, and rest assured you will have everything you need to learn how to launch a successful podcast. 


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Podcast Rewind:

Spreaker Live show with Rob Greenlee - My Appearance 

Darren Rowse from ProBlogger (now a podcast) on the New Rainmaker - Dareen started getting new listeners to his content less than 24 hours of launching his podcast.

Startup Podcast stated that 50% of customers at Dating Ring (the company they spotlighted this season) came from the Podcast

Serial Brought 341,000 New Listeners to Podcasting

6:00  Serial posted a report on their effect on podcasting

Serial had a 4.6 % of their audience respond to a survey

23% of their subscribers said this was their first podcast.

90% changed their viewpoint of podcasting.

137,000 Newsletter Subscribers

According to CNN (and these numbers are probably bigger by now) 3.4 million is the average number of downloads per episode (as of 12/2214)

If we take the percentages from the survey results and apply it to the download numbers you get this

23% (782,00) Serial was their first podcast

90% (703,800) said it changed the way they viewed podcasting.

89% (695980) of the first time listeners tried out more podcasts.

49% (341,030) of those who tried out more podcasts are listening on a weekly basis.


Free Subscribe By Email Service

12:18 Blubrry Launches Subscribe By Email service. This is a free way your audience to be notified (by email) of your latest episode. So if your audience is not super tech savvy, you can give them an option (for free) to subscribe and be notified when a new episode is available. It doesn't cost you or your audience any more and there are no ads in the emails to your customer. If you are looking for a free service that will always be free, this might be an option for you.

For me, if a listener of mine is giving out their e-mail that should go to ME. I can get an email list for free with a service like Mail Chimp. Eventually if you get a large list you do eventually have to pay for it.

Here is what it looks like

Subscribe by Email

or you can just have a text link that reads Subscribe by Email

Finding Your (Captive) Target Audience

16:55 Promoting your podcast is simple, but not easy.

Here are the steps:

1. Identify who your audience is.

2. Make content that impacts and inspires them.

3. Go to where they are.

4. Make friends and build relationships with them.

5. Tell them about your podcast.

When you make content that impacts and/or inspires your audience they will talk about your podcast

I am working on an article for Podertainment Magazine about growing your audience. This month's article will be based on some stories in the book Fizz: Harness the Power of Word of Mouth Marketing to Drive Brand Growth in the book he mentions how the Bissell swepper company had a sweeper that was quiet (no motor ) and powerful (able to suck up small toys). They needed to get this in front of their target audience (Moms with small children).

They went to the mall and through pine tree needles on the group and swept them up - right in front of the line for Santa where their target audience was. The great thing is the kids got involved and took turns using the sweeper. Mom's took pictures and shared them. They told their friends about it and word of mouth marketing boosted sales by 15% the first year and 25% the second.

Musicians Playing Laundromats

Back in 2008 Dave interviewed a musician who had started playing gigs in Laundromats. The idea was the audience couldn't leave. He built a rapport with them, sold CDs, and eventually the audience started coming to gigs the musician did with his band.

Demo CD

Dave used the service to make sample CDs. This was filled with small clips of audio that secured credibility of the show, and gave great tips that would impact the audience. Dave delivered these to the local Gutiar Center (where his target audience - independent musicians shopped). Not the best use of this idea. The audience is not captive, and there is no way of tracking it (if I ever do this in the future, I will have a special address like  to track the effectiveness).

If you make a demo CD be sure to start off by telling people what to expect, and how they will benefit.

Catermind Sold Out - Waiting List Open

Last week Dave announced a new "group coaching" class called "Castermind" where people who already have launched a podcast could get personalized coaching at a discontented rate (three people in a group).  We will meet once a month and get access to a private group on If you missed it, you can sign up for the waiting list at 

Mentioned on this Show

SDR Show

Podcast Review Show

Get Reviewed

Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World

Ready to Start Podcasting

Check out

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Group Coaching: Castermind Group Coaching

I'm starting something new and I have room for three people. I may expand this in the future, but for now as I test this out there will be three people (four including me). We will meet once a month on a Tuesday night. We will talk about where we we are, and where we want to be. We will talk strategies, measuring our progress, and sharing what works and what does not. I am running this promotion via Joyride, so you can sign up here. Seating is limited.

Podcast Advertising Works

In a recent article about the popular podcast Serial, "81 percent of “Serial” listeners between October and December correctly recalled a season one sponsor. And almost all of them knew it was Mailchimp and what the email-marketing service does."

Podcast Advertising Pays - If You have the Numbers

An article on stated this about podcast advertising (using Midroll). The company’s ads—“integrated, native, often host-read spots”—are hugely effective compared to most internet advertising, so businesses pay good money for them. Podcasts, which tend to run one or two ads before the show and two or three ads during the show, can earn around three hundred dollars per ad if they average at least ten thousand listeners. For the elite circle of shows with over four hundred thousand listeners—generally the iTunes Top 50—a single ad spot can net over ten thousand dollars.

Podcast Idol? WNYC Launches Podcast Accelerator

WYNC has launched what they are calling a Podcast Accelerator.

What is it?

The WNYC Podcast Accelerator will give both established talent and up-and-coming storytellers the opportunity to pitch their big podcast idea and potentially win the chance to produce a pilot.

The application period will run from June 25 until July 15. Five finalists will be paired with producers from top WNYC podcasts who will mentor and train the candidates, helping them hone their pitches. The winner gets the chance to produce a pilot episode with a WNYC producer. The Podcast Accelerator is open to anyone able to attend ONA and who is NOT a current employee of NYPR. The conference is $769.

Finalists get one complimentary ONA badge apiece, and benefit from a six-week virtual mentoring and training period, in which leading audio producers will help you hone your pitch, including story lines, character development, sound, texture, voice. In addition, you’ll have two virtual meetups with fellow finalists, ONA’s digital director and a WNYC producer to share ideas and progress. The winner will have a chance to create one pilot episode with a WNYC producer

The President Was Interviewed on Marc Maron's WTF Podcast

This episode set a new record for the most downloads in a 24 hour period ( 735,063 or 30,628 and hour, or 510 downloads a minute). The previous record holder was Dan Carlin with his Hardcore History podcast that had 351,000 downloads in 24 hours)

CarPlay and Android Auto Going into 14 Chevy Models.

While we've heard about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto a while back, they are starting to be installed that normal people can afford. For the 2016 model year, Chevrolet will offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility in more models than any automotive brand. The 14 Chevrolet models include the all-new 2016 Cruze compact car, which will debut on June 24. Cruze is Chevrolet’s best-selling passenger car, with more than 3 million sold since launch. Additional models are listed in a chart below.

New Podcast Stats From Edison Research

A new Edison research report has come out on who is listening to podcast showing how podcasting is continuing to grow.

49% have now heard of podcasting

33% have listened to podcast

17% Have listened to a podcast in the last month.

Listeners are now 50/50 Men/Women

The Smartphone has had a HUGE impact on podcast growth.

Biggest Age Groups Listening to Podcasts:

20% 25 - 34

17% 35 - 44

15% 45 - 54

15% 18 -24

15% 12-17

12% 55 - 64

6%  65+

10% of Americans have listened to a podcast in the last week.

Podcast Listeners Have a Profile on 

77% FaceBook

66% Google +

36% Instagram

35% LinkedIn

33% Twitter

28% Snapchat

27% Pinterest

17% Vine

14% Tumblr

60% use social media several times a day.

Cale Nelson Had a Sponsor Before He Started His Podcast

Fo Time PodcastCale Nelson is an awesome guy living on a farm in South Carolina with his five kids (who are home schooled). He spent a decade in Christian Radio, but with five kids switched jobs to devote more time at home. He missed the microphone. In 2014 he started the the Fo Time podcast (an inside joke for anyone in the Amateur/Ham Radio world). He approached a small "Mom and Pops" vendor of Amateur radio called MTC Radio about sponsoring a show he wanted to do.

As he had never met these people, all he waned for payment was the "Mom" of the shop to do his voice over work. In exchange for the Voice Over, he would mention their website. This would allow everyone to see if this was a good fit. Once this original "trial" portion was over they could meet and examine moving forward.

MTC Radio came on board. Things were going smooth, and the podcast grew fast. Cale states that in a few months his podcast numbers were 7 times what they were when he started. He went back to MTC radio to see if there was a way he could be paid more for the sponsorship. It turns out that MTC gets paid to promote certain products from companies like Kenwood. They took that money, and gave it to Cale to promote those products on his show. Now not only did he get the added funds he was looking for, he got MORE than he asked for.

The manufacturer benefits. MRC Radio benefits (because Cale sends his audio to their website to purchase the equipment). Cale benefits by making some spending cash.


  • You Don't Need Giant Sponsors For Your Show
  • To get a sponsor you have to ask
  • Treating your advertiser like a partner can lead to bigger payouts.
  • Don't underestimate the power of the niche

Mentioned in this Podcast

Ken Blanchard

Ready to Start Podcasting?


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There is a great saying, that those who learn from their mistakes are smart. Those who learn from other people's mistakes are wise. Marc Johansen sent in a voicemail stating how another podcasters who has been on the scene for almost to years stated that Apple created podcasting (they didn't) and many other obvious "untruths." It seems everyone who can press record has now dubbed themselves a podcast consultant. What is a person to do?

Because of My Podcast: Marc Maron

Marc Maron has already interviewed two of his childhood heroes in Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones and today he is releasing an episode where he go to interview The President of the United states. The President of the United States was on a podcast called WTF. Which makes me ask, WTF?

Why Good Podcast Consulting is Expensive

I occasionally get caught up with watching other consultants.  I was listening to a Duo who just launched their podcast course explain how they had to record their episode four times due to a strange white noise they get when using Skype, I want to shout "Turn off the setting to let Skype adjust your volume." Now if they had hired me to troubleshoot their problem that call would have taken 5 minutes (and the way I work, they would billed for minutes - not 15). Currently a five minute call with me would be around $12.50. You might say, "How can that be it only took you a few minutes!" The truth is it's taken me 10 years of playing with technology and working with hundreds of people and their podcasts.

My Podcast Dilemma

If I start calling people out, I look like an egotistical jerk. If I say nothing, there is a chance you might fall prey to their crap. When in doubt, focus on making content that will inspire and impact your audience and let the chips fall. If you truly impact your audience, they will tell others about your show.

Podcast Rewind

I appeared on the Podcasters Roundtable with +Ray Ortega,+Daniel J. Lewis +David Jackson +Jerod Morris +Tawny Fineran and+Pilar Orti to discuss the ins and outs, ups and downs of having a podcast with co-hosts. You can hear it here.

If you do interviews you HAVE To go listen to Erik K Johnson Podcast Talent Coach podcast. OMG! He has been doing a four part series on Interviewing that is just super cool and really gets me thinking. Check him out at

Follow Up On the Haters Episode: Last week we talked about dealing with negative comments and Max Flight had a great comment. He stated when someone sends you an email, tweet, etc that is negative. Ask them for their phone number of skype ID and ask them to have a live conversation. It will truly separate the men from the boys. In the end you may end up with a friend (who knows).

Daniel J Lewis celebrated five years with his Noodle Mix network. He did an episode where he shared what he has learned in the past five years.

A Strategy To Help Grow Your Audience: Say My Name

I was driving to Michigan and my GPS had taken my the same way it always does. I looked up to see the see that the road I was supposed to take was closed. Oh no. I started following detour signs, but I was supposed to be going north, and instead I was going south. The sun would be going down, and I was getting stressed. Luckily, one of my favorite podcast from Moondog Marketing came across my playlist. John Buscal has been on this show, and I've been on his. I love the way John breaks down marketing concepts into wording that anyone can grasp. The bonus he was interviewing Andy "Dr. Pod" White. Both these guys rock, and to have them on the same show was like Ted Nugent doing a duet with Eddie Van Halen. The best part, was the stress of being almost lost subsided. I wasn't alone with just me and the woman in my GPS. My buddies John and Andy where with me and I didn't care if I was late getting to the hotel.

Then it happened, they started talking about American Podcasters and before I knew it they were talking about ME. Later on the phone with my wife, I had to tell how stoked I was that my two buddies had said such kind words. I've shared the story before that when I was in Jr. High I had called a radio station and requested a song. They wouldn't play the song I wanted but instead asked me to ask them to play some Journey (or other non-metal band). Later, I heard myself on the radio. While the lack of authenticity some what ruined the moment, I WAS STILL ON THE RADIO!

So I asked the members of the School of Podcasting if they had this type of experience. It's not a huge surprise, but many of us had had similar experiences. When you hear your name of a podcast its a rush. In one case John Bukenas from  lets reverse obesity said he almost crashed his car. Nick Seuberling from told his wife who also got excited. My co-host Jim Collison from the Average Guy TV says he gets a holt every time I mention him on the show. I heard an episode of Ask Pat where the person who sent in the question stated he would "lose it" if he heard his voice on the show. Pat said that "losing it happens alot."

Make it Authentic

Does this mean you next podcast will just be you reading names? No. It's when someone mentions you, and they didn't have to that it maximizes the effect. I donate $10 to the Rock and Roll Geek show and every month Michael Butler reads me name. I am proud to support my friend, but its not the same jolt because he is supposed to read my name.

TANGENT: Let's take a tangent shall we? It has been said that the favorite word people like to hear is their name. I get that, and this episode helps illustrate that. But I do hate the fake use of names when I'm interviewing someone. I ask the question, and they say, "You know Dave that's a good question (no it's not), and Dave when I ...." It's like keyword stuffing. You're saying my name over and over trying to stimulate me. It is a strategy used by telemarketers. Podcating is about being real, and trying to butter me up with my name? I can smell that a mile away.


Doris Smith of the Knit and Pearl Podcast

Jason Bryant of Mat Talk Online

Mike Dell of Podcast Help Desk

Daniel J. Lewis of The Audacity to Podcast

Jim Collison of the Average Guy Network

Nick Seuberling of Podcasters Group Therapy (and others)

John Bukenas of Let's Reverse Obesity

Henry Jasper of Voices That Carry

John Buscal of Moondog Marketing

Andy White from the Podcasting Advisor

Ready To Start Podcasting?

Join the School of Podcasting and get step by step tutorials on topics such as planning your podcast, choosing the right equipment, plugging all your podcast equipment in, creating your podcast website, understanding Wordpress, Understanding RSS, Publishing Your Podcast, Growing Your Audience and so much more. You have 30 days to try it, and if you're not satisfied, you can get your money refunded.

Sign up at

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Quick Tip for Crowdfunding

When you find a tool to help your fund your audience (Patreon, JoyRide, etc) instead of sending those people to their website, use a pretty link and direct them to the page. Why? Because what if a better system comes along? You will have all these past episodes pointing them to a website that no longer is relevant. I lucked out once and I have a link to Audible. Audible change their company that handles their affiliate program so my link changed. By controlling your link, you can simply update what that link points to and your back catalog stays intact.

For Example: My Patreon page is and my Joy Ride page is

They Said I Was Nothing

Today I answer a question I originally Answered on Ask the Podcast Coach. It's from Elsie and Jessica from and they are wondering how to handle haters.

Here are some things to consider.

1. The Source.

Is this person a regular listener? If not, then let them go their way. They are not your target audience.

2. Do they Have a Point?

Is what they are criticizing you about have any validity?

3. Can you implement the changes without changing who you are, and the goal of the show.

If implementing these changes is very unnatural for you, or if it would change the dynamic of the show, then it may not be in the best interest of the show to put them in place. If you try to act a way that is not you, it makes podcasting a chore.

Do the Best You Can Do, and Sleep Well At Night

In my job as an instructor I get put into positions that were not made to conduct training.

Recently I was asked to teach a class on Excel 2010 where some of my students have had Excel 2007, and some has Excel 2013. Some had mouse skills, some didn't. Some could see, and others could not.

I did the best I could.

I try to live without regrets, but that can be a tall order.

Be Yourself

I crack jokes during my class to try and keep it entertaining. I teach a large amount of Microsoft Excel. It's primarily  number crunching program. Not exactly the most exciting. So by interweaving stories, jokes, and insights, it gives my students a "brain break" and makes the class go faster.

When my niece was growing up she was spooky smart. Why? Because she started learning playing computer games when she was 2. She graduate High School with 1/2 a degree from Kent State University. Why? Because she didn't realize she was learning. She was just having fun while Roger Rabbit taught her how to read on the computer.

Consequently, I try to do what I have dubbed "Edutainment." It's educational and it's entertaining (or at least not boring).

Someone Won't Like Your Jokes

Every now and then I will get a review from my students, and someone will comment that they didn't like something about my style. I'm ok with that, because in every class, in every situation, I try to the best I can with what I have at that time. I can sleep at night.

This week on Ask the Podcast Coach's post show, my co-host explained how he had a co-worker explain how they had found podcasts and were listening to Entrepreneur on Fire. She didn't care for John Lee Dumas (Blasphemy!) . Jim told her to try Pat Flynn's Smart Passive Income. She enjoy Pat's style more. Is John's style wrong? No. It's different.

Want to Start a Podcast?

Go to

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Today I have the joy of interviewing Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar from the Podcast called She Podcasts and now they have launched a specific Podcasting School of Women ($997). This segregated approach lead some men going, "Do we need a special school of Women?" and the answer (according to Jessica and Elsie is yes.

Podcast Rewind - Dee Snider on Radio

2:21 Today I play a small clip from Dee Snider's Snider's Comments podcast (iTunes) who explains how radio is so bad, that people PAID MONEY to NOT listen to it. Satellite radio requires more hardware in a time when everything was going to the phone. My favorite part is Dee asks, "Name me three people in their 20's that are listening to Satellite Radio."Dee's show is on Podcast One, and is available at and iTunes

Why a School of Women?

You may not be aware of this, but Men and Women are different. Men like to get to the point, and Women love details. In today's episode Jessica reveals a story where she asked a man about her show and his answer was to shorten the episode length and do more of them.  When she shared this with her female audience, they told her "NO! Don't DO THAT!"

In some cases Men "getting to the point" with their answer may come across as "salty." It may come across as impatient, and short. When a man answers a question he has good intentions (we love to fix stuff) and yet the delivery of the answer may not connect with everyone.

For the record, there are plenty of women podcasters (the women who are listening need to get their friends listening to BOOST the AWARENESS of women podcasters, as well as shows geared towards women.

Never Forget It's Your Show

Does this mean you need to be more politically correct when you speak into the microphone? One should never knowingly, intently say things to hurt people. However, in a world that is getting more and more sensitive - you're going to offend someone. You are the best at being YOU, and if speaking a certain way doesn't come naturally it may hurt your performance. It may cause you to over think topics.

One of the things I LOVE about She Podcasts is that I AM SO NOT THEIR TARGET AUDIENCE. Case in point, in one episode Elise admits she has a crush on someone. I don't think you'll hear that between Ray, Daniel, and myself on the next episode of the Podcasters Round table. And you know what? That is ABSOLUTELY OK!. You are NOT going to please everyone, and if you try your show will lose in the end.

Elise and Jessica were contemplating letting dudes into their private Facebook for women only. I APPLAUD them for NOT letting men in. It's THEIR group, and they can handle it any way they want. You can always make your own group.

How Did They Start?

Jessica and Elsie met at a business school and often crossed each other past. When Jessica heard that Elsie was podcasting she immediately connect with her. It wasn't long until they noticed there was no "female - podcast about podcasting." So they thought, "We should make one," and they did.

One Passion Different Approaches

When I listen to the show, Elsie (who has a background in Yoga) and Jessica (who may across as "Feisty") compliment each other well. Jessica is always ready with a joke, and Elise has an completely infectious laugh. According to their website, "Jessica Kupferman is an online business consultant who helps small business owners and solopreneurs find their voice, create irresistible  online products and design their business by their own rules. Elsie Escobar is a digital Jedi, working in the mystical paradox between tech and holistic living choosing podcasting and the magic of audio as her weapon of choice." It's a great mix.

What To Expect at the Podcasting School For Women?

podcasting_school_for_womenJessica is using her branding and marketing experience, and uses it to tie into Podcasting. Instead of "how to use Facebook" it is now "How to use Facebook for podcasting."

Elise can help with the Technical end as well as getting the confidence to press record.

Thee are insights into how to handle guests.

Elsie set up the course so that you examine yourself first. This way you can understand who you are, how you will react, and prepare accordingly.

They also go back, and explain what is a podcast so they can explain it to their audience.

The lessons are live, but recorded so you can listen later.

Other Podcasting Resources

If you don't' currently have the budget ($997) for the school, you can join their Private She Podcasts Facebook Group for free.

They will also be doing a full day session at Podcast Movement (save on your ticket to Podcast Movement - the event - using the code sop)

You can also list your show in their She Podcasts Directory

Ready to Join the School of Podcasting?

Get step by step tutorials

Private Facebook Group

Networking/Q&A "office hours" webinars

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Go to

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Today we look at what are the key ingrediants to stories that are used in books, movies, plays, and how some podcasters have used these elements to make engaging content for their audience. If you want to dive deeper into engaging content check out my friend Erik K Johnson at who really know the ins and out of content shaping. 

Last 5 in 5 from Josh Rivers

Read to Lead Podcast with Jeff Brown (business books)

Wordpress Plugins A to Z  (learn about plugins )

Weekly Web Tools (tools for web designers)

Happened to Your Career

Chris Locurto Show

Thanks to Josh for the opening, and for the last five in five. Find Josh at

Stitcher Now in Deezer

Stitcher was purchased a while ago, and now those shows are starting to appear in Deezer. Full story

No Longer Impressed With Joy Ride

(8:35) I interviewed the head of Joy Ride a little while back, and I love their interface and other items. It was nice to see an alternative to Patreon. Well I've been trying to setup a campaign, and you have to jump through hoops. I've email their support twice (will try again, one more time). It just seems (in my opinion) the only way I get any help is to e-mail the head of the company. I will keep you posted.

If you want to see Dave's Patreon page, go here.

Patreon Podcasts Popping Up

(10:45) Official Patreon Podcast (itunes)

Unofficial Patreon Podcast. (itunes)

Podcast Listening Party - Dee Snider Launches Podcast on Podcast One

Dee Snider is the singer for Twister Sister, he has many successful radio programs and now is launching a podcast on podcast one. It's call Snider Comments. It has a super long intro, but Dee comes in attitude a blazin'. It should be fun.

Anatomy of a Story

A great book that looks at some of the best presentations and breaks them down and examines WHY they worked. Why they connected with their audience. The book is called Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences

Stories are often the same layout

1. A relatable likable hero

2. The Hero encounters a roadblock(s)

3. The Hero emerges transformed.

In some cases the hero was reluctant to take on the responsibility. They finally decide to take on the roadblock, you think they may not make it (but they do). Then you see them after they have made it through the storm/roadblock.

Entrepreneur On Fire Questions Use Many Of These Elements

I was on the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast on episode 263, and looking at John Lee Dumas's questions they use elements of story telling

1. Intro

I will give a brief intro about you and your business, and then turn it over to you to elaborate. - introduce the hero.

2. Success Quote

Here you will share a success quote/mantra you enjoy & how you have applied it to your life. - transformation

3. Failure / Challenge / Obstacle

What failure/challenge/obstacle have you overcome and what were the lessons learned? - roadblock.

4. The “AHA” moment

Discuss an “AHA” moment you have had and how you turned that AHA into success. - transformed

Have you had an “I’ve made it moment?” - transformed

5. Current Business

What is one thing that is really exciting you in your business right now? - transformation

6. Lightning Round:

What was holding you back from becoming an Entrepreneur? - roadblocks

What is the best business advice you have ever received? - transformation

What is something that is working for you right now? - roadblock

Do you have an Internet resource, like Evernote, that you can share with our listeners? - insights..

What book would you recommend to Fire Nation? - insights into you, and great monetization strategy

Imagine you woke up tomorrow morning in a brand new world, identical to earth, but you knew no one. You still have all the experience & knowledge you currently have, your food

and shelter is taken care of, but all you have the next 7 days? - more insights into you.

Behind the Scenes of a Podcast Launch - Clammrcast is Now in iTunes463

Clammrcast Top 20 CountdownAfter recording a few episode I've now released Clammrcast into the public and into iTunes and Stitcher.

I didn't think people would download the back catalog (three episodes) but they did.

This did land me at the rank of 1150 in New and Noteworthy (subscribe, rate and review to help bump us up)

You don't need to have multiple episodes to be in New and Noteworthy. You can be new only for 8 weeks, you can be noteworthy ANY TIME. (so you don't only have 8 weeks)

I got 47 downloads of the first episodes, 31 downloads of episode 2, and episode 1 got 27 downloads.

I will be launching a new podcast that will not be an ongoing show. I will use it answer common questions (best microphone).

Mentioned in This Show

Best Podcasting Gear - Dave's Amazon Store of Podcasting Gear

More Podcast Money: Turn Your Passion into Profits - Book about making money with your podcast

Thanks to Henry from the Voices that Carry Podcast for the Review in iTunes.


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Today I talk about David Letterman and what we can learn from his retirement. We also talk a little Podcast Movement (use the coupon sop to save at Some people are NOT going to Podcast Movement because they invited Glenn Beck. How cool is it to be so hated that people will bite of their nose to spite their face?

Because of My Podcast I'm Reconnecting With My Brothers

Daniel Herrick creates the five lights podcast. Due to his podcast he is connecting with his brothers.

Last 5 in 5

What were the last five podcasts you listened to? (from Daniel Herrick) Flat out Fever Podcast (formula 1) On the Limit Podcast (formula 1) UK Podcasters (podcast conference) Judge 13 Podcast (F1 podcast) Around the NFL (NFL Podcast) School of Podcasting (Podcast about podcasting)

Punch You In The Face T-shirts

I had dinner with Ryan K Parker of who is now famous for his line "No one will punch you in the face" (about your podcast schedule). He had said people had told him to put it on a shirt. So he did. I ordered mine. How about you? Orders are printed and shipped when the time expires (May 31st). You can expect your package to arrive around 7 days after printing starts. Domestic orders are mailed via first-class or priority mail (USPS). Shipping costs $3.99 for the first item and $2.00 for each additional item. If you want to make your own shirt, Ryan is using TeeSpring. I spoke about TeeSpring on the More Podcast Money show. punchin-face  

New Businesses Pop Up Around Podcasting

We have seen people jump into the podcasting world to help podcasters. We are seeing people who will create your shows for around $50 a show, and now there are people who will help you make a media kit. Hank at is creating a single page media kit for $25.  I am talking with Hank about getting a coupon code (I'll keep you posted) Ben Kruger has a service for small businesses where all you do is record the content and they do everything else. The cost is $697 a month. The Show Notes Guy charges $200/month for a 30 minute weekly show. Podcasting Press will assemble your weekly show for $97 a month. There are new classes, courses, coming out on a daily (almost hourly) basis. Be sure to check the About page. In some cases, there isn't one (just a form to give your email address).

Earn Commissions Directing People to the School of Podcasting

With so many people coming into podcasting, you may be thinking of launching a course on podcasting yourself. Let me tell you its a lot of work. You need a lot of passion. Here is what you have to look forward to. Recreating videos every time a new update comes out. Helping people retrieve their password again One word: Paypal Phone calls from people who are blind to the idea of time zones (if you supply a phone number). The joy of working with computers (meaning it works on my computer, but for some reason not on yours...) You can earn recurring income by partnering with the School of Podcasting. When you refer a person to the School of Podcasting and they join you earn commission for every month they stay subscribed.

JVZOO - One of the Top of the Line Affiliate Management Tools

I recently switched to JVZOO as my affiliate tool. They put a few steps into becoming an affiliate (including having a code sent to your phone). This ensures that you are a real person (and not a bot). I want real people, with a real understanding of podcasting to promote the website. Here is a video that show how to sign up at JVZOO.

Spotify Embraces Podcasting

This is good news for the future. Right now Spotify is doing a very limited beta. According to The Feed podcast, This is only the initial launch, available to about 1% of Spotify customers in only a few countries. While we are all enjoying the good news, I know some are bummed that its not a wide open door to entry into Spotify. I understand this point, but I also understand that there are a lot of podcasters, and that is a big door. By limiting the amount of podcasters, Spotify can ensure that their system can handle the traffic. Spotify will be handling the bandwidth. This does mean you will need to check your stats in multiple places. If you are using Libsyn, there will be a special section to check your stats. Spotify is a growth opportunity. Will they run advertising on my show? Probably. I don't care. My show points people to my website. A website that helps me get more consulting and members for my website. You can share any of my free material anywhere you want, as long as you point back to the School of Podcasting. In the same way that I didn't mind Stitcher and iHeart Media spreading my message, I don't have a problem being on the Spotify platform.

Spotify Facts

The average listener on spotify listens 148 minutes every day We're the talk of the town. Our listeners share tracks, artists, albums and playlists. 2/3 of that sharing extends beyond Spotify, spreading out into social networks. Our mobile audience has grown dramatically in the last year. So more people take us more places. And you have more ways to reach them

  • Paying subscribers: Over 15 million
  • Active users: Over 60 million*
  • Ratio of paying subscribers to active free users: Over 20%
  • Revenue paid to rights holders since launch: $2bn
  • Number of songs: Over 30 million
  • Number of songs added per day: Over 20,000
  • Number of playlists: Over 1.5 billion created so far
  • Available in 58 markets – Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, Uruguay and USA.

Lessons Learned From David Letterman

I remember growing up and hearing my older brother talk about David Letterman. This was when he came on at 12:30 in the morning after Johnny Carson. Later when I moved into my brother's house, we would stay up late and watch (I worked 1-9 at a grocery store). It was a fun time, and a special time with my brother. When I watched the last Letterman show, I watched a chapter of my life close and realized I would never see it again (except for reruns). While Letterman will always point to other people, it was the adlibs from his desk that made me laugh. Here are some interesting (to me ) stats.

Letterman facts

In the 1970's Letterman was a weatherman in He received some attention for his unpredictable on-air behavior, which included congratulating a tropical storm for being upgraded to a hurricane and predicting hail stones "the size of canned hams." That line is classic Letterman.

His first show was in 1980 and won two Emmys, but failed in the ratings and was cancelled in October 1980.  NBC kept him under contract and then in 1982 his Late Night with David Letterman show was launched. He did things like mounted cameras to his dog, a monkey, a rail over the audience.

He once used a bullhorn to interrupt a live interview on The Today Show, announcing that he was the NBC News president while not wearing any pants.

His show moved to CBS in 1993. The bad news his show wasn't just like his old one and it was geared to be just like his old show. Letterman eschewed his trademark blazer with khaki pants and white wrestling shoes wardrobe combination in favor of expensive shoes, tailored suits and light-colored socks. The monologue was lengthened. Paul Shaffer and the "World's Most Dangerous Band" followed Letterman to CBS, but they added a brass section and were rebranded the "CBS Orchestra" as a short monologue and a small band were mandated by Carson while Letterman occupied the 12:30 slot. Additionally, because of intellectual property disagreements, Letterman was unable to import many of his Late Night segments verbatim,[59] but he sidestepped this problem by simply renaming them (the "Top Ten List" became the "Late Show Top Ten", "Viewer Mail" became the "CBS Mailbag", etc.) The Late Show lost nearly half its audience during its competition with Jay Leno.

In 2000 Letterman had quintuple bypass surgery and had to step away from the show an allow others to guest-host. In interviews on Howard Stern, I've heard it mentioned that he was more personal to work with (where before it sounded as if he was a tyrant to work for). The final episode of The Late Show with David Letterman was watched by 13.76 million viewers. In it Letterman spent most of his final talk to thanking his staff.

What Can Podcasters Learn From David Letterman?

  1. He was humble. He didn't handle compliments well.
  2. His irrelevance for the "Same ol' Same ol" made him stand out. Nobody else was make a suit of velco. We all watched and thought, "I can't believe he is doing this on network television."
  3. If it ain't broke don't fix it. I knew when I tuned in to hear the World's most dangerous band and found the CBS orchestra that we were in trouble.
  4. If you provide good content consistently, you become part of people's routines. People don't like to interrupt their routine.
  5. Comparing yourself to others is not a great use of your time. BE YOU.
  6. Its all about relationships. When you provide good content, people will go to bat for you. The Foo Fighters cancelled a South American tour to be on Dave's first show coming back from surgery. That cost them money, but that act got them called back again, and again. The last time in front of 13.8 million people. They provided the soundtrack to the last minutes of his show. When Howard Stern was on, he complained to Letterman that Dave had been talking with Jay Leno (Dave and Jay go way back). Why lose a friend because of entertainment shows? Move on, and apparently he did. For a guy that did some pretty immature stunts, that a pretty mature gesture.

Thanks Dave.


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